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> CoO and GoS
Don't own a handheld, dislike emulation and my PS3 catches fire I fear the second I turn it on. Praying for a re-release later down the line ... someday.

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Don't own a handheld, dislike emulation and my PS3 catches fire I fear the second I turn it on. Praying for a re-release later down the line ... someday.

Have you tried Ps Now? I think you have the option of downloading the games. But yes, a port would be better.

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>PS Now
Royboy!? Jests aside, what did you intend next. I know you did GoW1 VH NUR+ and PAIN. That's about all I recall from you, however. You done a thing with GoWII or GoWIII yet?

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I haven't touched GoWII on their vanilla VH modes yet, which should be next honestly. Currently relaxing in JRPG land and Zoom Maternal though.

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I'm doing PS2 emulation. I'm against the Minotaur right now, so I think I'll stubbornly try to finish the Hard mode. I've died quite a few times, but I don't mind, so far. I'll probably use magic against the clones.

I've never recorded any gameplay. Also, I would feel impolite to ask a question you would have already answered somewhere else. Is there a set of comments or posts you would particularly advise me to read first ?

I'm in a phase in which I think I'm using way too much the grabs, making fights unnecessary lengthy. I know that Artemis Blade's circle attack is quite powerful, but the weapon seems dangerous to me with its range and different block. I mostly use it when I want to throw enemies over a cliff, or into water. It works well on isolated enemies as well.
I'm also curious about collision damage, or more precisely, if there are some variations in the collision damage, depending on the enemies, the kind of walls or floor, the attack provoking the collision...
I vaguely remember seeing a post of yours about this, but I don't remember where (hence the impoliteness...)

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Roy: >Zoom Maternal
I wonder if SBK is fucking around with the new content I've been seeing YT trying to recommend me.

>JRPG land
Well, when you come out of this slump, I'll be around to sober you up.

Tyr: >against the Minotaur
Which one?  Which entry? We talking about (Lower) Pandora's Guardian?  With talk of PS2 emulation and acting like it is a big deal, that seems likely.

>probably use MP against Clones
Not like you've got much choice.  You're not going to be doing the alternative approach in your first run.  Get that dream out of your head now.  You need to have lvl5 BoC and lvl2+ PR and AoH by the time you get to them.  If you need tips on exploiting for EXP (even if just at Ares1), I can help to that end.  I'll explain the approach if need be, but you should be allowed your chance to feel around in the dark a bit.

>never recorded
And thus never uploaded.  Not to say you can't, however?

>answered elsewhere
My advice isn't typically copypasta.  I do it fresh time and time again (even as others recommend and ask for a key/legend to be made to that end).  YT remove comments, videos, uploaders, etc. with time.  It can be a pain to search for things, too.  Even if you know where they are (by URL, no less), you may still not have access.  A real bother.  My comments are all over the higher (and older) runs.  I have a decent presence at GS/GFAQs, too.  Less so elsewhere (gow3forums is long gone among others).  The internet isn't so permanent as kids imagine.  Archives aren't much better.  No, just ask away.  Part of the process is learning the jargon which includes the names of attacks (and the naming system for those without something official).

>too many grabs
GoW1 is the only entry that does stats in the fashion it does.  While Enemy Power % is the same as ever, Power % on Hard is not normally touched (GoWII and beyond).  Here it is 75% (like VH elsewhere).  Not as bad as 50% (GoW1 VH), but still a small dip.  Power % does NOT affect everything.  Grabs are not subject to it.  Collisions don't scale with that to begin with (rather, Enemy Power %).  Spells tend not to scale with it (exceptions exist like AQ in GoWII).  Friendly fire is a thing (not in every entry), so enemies hitting harder helps them break statues for you.

Another major departure?  Orbs.  They are worth more at base and have more ways to be had (even destructibles can give them in a few places).  More than that, their worth (in percent) is NOT adjusted by setting at all (only costumes do that in GoW1).  This is a pretty notable boon for the arcane inclined.  Aggro does scale up, which is mostly a matter translating to how long you have to wait for them to try something (gaps in their attacks can be exploited, but frequency of attacks can also work against them *taunt provocation is effective as they can't defend during them, so bait them out though that is more for GoWII*).

As noted, your grabs will be as strong on VH as they were on Normal.  Makes them seem stronger relative to your nerfed self though the gap is smaller as you are on H.  On E, they would seem weaker (relative to your doubled Power) though 25% cheaper.  In GoW1, the focus on quick kills was especially strongly felt.  The basic minotaur jobs to a certain number of throws, but that number is equal no matter how advanced the version you face (takes the same percentage of their life away, thus they are much more powerful).  Also, many grabs are easy mode infinity friendly with bounces or even armorless wake-ups to punish (especially with cued up quick launchers).  Just get them in the sky and spam the throw until they die (very quickly).

Very few throws are weak, but they do exist.  Cerberus Breeders are controlled well by them, but the damage is atrocious (think it takes 20 to do them in).  Satyr OH is weak, the air OS does NOTHING (bug) and the ground OS is a lot of work for too little in this entry (better balanced in GoWII and actually strong like it should have been here in GoWIII *for a different type of these goat foes*).  Sometimes, even if the throws are strong enough, your output is strong enough (especially with upgrades to weapons and magic) that it still isn't the best idea to focus on them.  That much is true.  Why trouble yourself with the set-up when you can quickly freeze a few troubling foes and shatter them in a moment when you have MP to spare (and chests aplenty after getting MAX extensions)?

>Artemis Blade
It is tied for the objectively worst weapon (along with CoH in GoWIII), but is also tied for my favorite (along with SoD from GoWII).  It has serious problems you have to learn to deal with, work around, compensate for, etc.  You note the block.  It is delayed AND there is no parry.  Attacks you would have timed right to at least block can tag you with it, so you have to block earlier.  Against Ares1, you can get guard broken in away that doesn't happen to the Blades at all (unclear why this is).  You cannot air block with it at all.  That's a pretty big weakness even before not having access to air OS or OH.  Hell, regular OS is beyond you without dizzy/wander cases to strike (can cause problems if they die before the grab starts aside from the delayed death glitch).  If you switch the weapon, you're golden on getting those tools back, sure.  That you have to is the problem.

How to make-up for the defense issue?  That is an advanced solution not really meant for a first time runner.  Tricking and canceling are the solutions we'll be going over.  Roy brings up the R1 thrust (multi-hit) that can chain into light, medium or heavy enders.  It is solid (it's true).  Still have to have a sense for when and how to use it.  The thing has infinite loops in the strings, but it isn't like things beyond fodder will just stay locked.  Good for chopping down LPG from the sweet spot, but you only want to be doing that if the dps is better (and it probably won't be in vanilla).  BoC have stronger modifiers that lets it outpace the alternative pretty quickly, I'm afraid.  If talking NUR, that is another story.  For a vanilla run focused on Artemis for attacking, you would still have a reason to level the BoC to at least lvl2.  Why?  RotG.

RotG will double your Power % while active (taking the damage beyond the limits).  The other properties are nice, too (immune to petrification, activation breaks out of statue state/some grabs, armors through attacks, debuffs Enemy Power %, etc.).  Artemis will NOT get new moves.  It will NOT go through Magic Legionnaire shields nor even gain a way to break them.  Upgrading doesn't give a huge boost to the weapon (still okay), nor perks nor even new moves.  Mostly cosmetic, I'm afraid.  The strongest version of it is locked behind the Ares2 fight (BotG is it, with minor adjustments).  That is the strongest weapon in the series (ignoring the 0DMG air heavy and babby jump).

Artemis has 'Lifts' for some juggling utility, but also movement value (keeping over trouble and maybe getting over an obstacle).  This referring to stringing air light string (s1 into s2) to the heavy (o1).  Cute.  Homerun techniques are the other big boon.  Spike can be used for collisions, but then you don't need the launch for air t1 to do its thing as in the fight for Hades Shield in Challenge of Atlas.  It can bug out in a weird way that mostly happens in CotG10 (makes them skip like a rock across water).  Mainly Punt (bounce to launch) and Homerun (double launch) are in question here (bugged hit property stacking).  What should be a super launch becomes one with forward momentum.  It doesn't just make it great for RO, it is able to do the impossible/unintended like going over low invisible/visible walls that would otherwise deny that option.  Still won't let you (even with a super state like rage) send a cyclops flying, but we can't have it all.

But, yeah.  Range and block.  To overcome, you would need to make it safer to use.  Many cancels exist (some having higher priority and being more advantageous than others).  The top is spell canceling.  The draw animation for Zf and MG are the fastest and are free (except in the air *need lvl2 for MG to do it*).  Even some specials for Artemis can be canceled (unlike the case for BoC) this way, which makes them more usable (still not great).  So you can be safer with canceling, but more than that is exploiting Sword Summon.

The animation for calling in the weapon (not Sword Sheath *putting it away*) has i-frames throughout (pretty big window).  Use that in place of a block to negate attacks (even break the AI if rapidly spammed for non-boss, non-archers).  Canceling out of Artemis and back always goes through SS, thus the idea becomes (when using it) to pull out Zf/MG for an instant and release them to go back to Artemis (timed to neutralize the threat).  If using the BoC and wanting to exploit this, you just switch to Artemis.  Blades benefit from being able to render air threats harmless in the same fashion.  How nice for them.

NOTE: There is a time and place to learn the weapon.  This probably isn't it.  Even during VH NUR+, you won't have a big reason to learn all the tricks.  Just a few.  Artemis PAIN is when you'll want to get your act together with it.

>variation on collision
In GoW1, the rules are simple enough.  An AGENT (tossed party) never takes the bonus damage in question.  It is always the TARGET.  A collision can be either half (like all those caused by knockback) or full in value.  The former is 5 and the latter is 10 at base.  Enemy Power % adjusts this.  On Hard, enemies are at 250%, thus x2.5 (12.5/25 between half/full).  As for what a given instance will be, that is specific to the instance.  Was it 360 toss?  The leg toss of a bull?  OH?  No clear logic at play.  It is always what it is, but you have to test to know what the game consider that situation.  Rare are the times enemies can friendly fire each other even for hit properties, but one case comes to mind that has knockback (orbs of sirens).  If it hits one of their fellows (for instance), they can be sent flying.  If they impact another, that is a half collision (for you, a bonus 12.5DMG).  To note it, your lvl1 (1.0 at 75% Power for H) s1 (light starter) deals 1.5.  The trusty PoP ender (Plume *t0*)?  That is 4.5.  Anyway, damage values is its own discussion.

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Finished this game last night - felt it was about time I gave such a high profile action series a shot. Overall, I found it a pretty enjoyable game. I went into it almostly completely blind, outside of playing the demo as a kid, so I wasn't aware of any strategies or tech going into it, just had to figure out what I could as I went.

- I was pleasantly surprised by how big Kratos' toolkit gets by the end of the game. I didn't know Kratos had more than one weapon in this game, so I was pleasantly surprised to get the Blade of Artemis, which I used quite a lot. The 4 magic powers are fun toys to use, even if some were a bit situational (see cons). I feel the reputation of the "square square triangle" combo, and the game in general, is quite harsh. It did get a fair bit of use, but I found that most of my moves got used. The fact that animation cancelling between your different strings is quite liberal helps to make most moves more useful. Assuming the other games in the series are similarly designed, I think it's unfair that it has a reputation in some circles of being a thoughtless button masher. It's really not that dissimilar from other action games that have some moves being much better than's very common across the genre.

- This is both a neutral and a pro - I was surprised how few real bosses this game has. There are quite a few enemies who are arguably mini-bosses, but there are only 3 genuine boss fights, with the traditional big health bars. The pro is that the game didn't really need any more than it had. There was enough enemy variety in the game to stop most of the encounters feeling repetetive.

- The pacing of the game is pretty good. There's a good balance/ratio of combat, exploration and puzzle solving. I liked how there were always alternate paths and hidden treasures not too far away, wherever you were. I enjoyed the puzzles but expect that on a repeat playthrough I'd wish I could skip them.

- I didn't know whether I should pick Normal or Hard for my first run. I'm glad I went for Normal, as some of the fights in this game are insane! There are plenty of fights that can be passed easily but there were times when they cranked shit right up to 11. I didn't have too many game overs, but I scraped my way through quite a few fights on low health and had to pull myself together. Good, healthy amount of challenge in this one. I bet the higher difficulties can get wild.

- In the final sequence, "Press O to hug your family" made me laugh way more than I imagine it was intended to. That was a tough fight, though. I passed it first time, but barely.

- The game seemed a bit buggy in places. There were some oddities with hitboxes/collision detection (not sure if these are bugs or just badly programmed) and for some reason I lost the ability to grab the toughest variant of the Minotaur, even with the giant circle prompt on screen. I managed to do it once, I think, and then couldn't get his grabs to connect for the rest of the game. Also, after completing the game, I tried the Challenge of the Gods mode and couldn't get past the first challenge as I needed to kill 8 enemies, but I couldn't ever get more than 6 to spawn. Maybe I was doing something wrong, but it seemed to be a bug. Not sure if these bugs were present in the original PS2 version, or if they crept in during the porting process. I actually dug out my PS3 to play this (man, I really dislike the DS3 controller) so it wasn't an emulation issue. I noticed that the frame rate could quite easily tank when a lot of effects were on-screen, but generally the dips would happen when you didn't have direct control of Kratos, so this wasn't too big an issue.

- Some enemies were just not fun to fight. Maybe I didn't find the right strategies for them. I found it was pretty tough to be aggressive against the Cyclops, unless you wanted to sacrifice some magic. Chasing around Harpies wasn't exactly fun, and the kamikaze-style attack they can do made one of the lategame fights a real chore for me (the one just before you find Pandoras Box with the moving floor panels).

- This is probably not an issue on the higher difficulties, but on Normal, magic and the Rage of the Gods ability are way too strong. I only used ROTG twice after the first time you unlock it, as it just melts everything. Magic was more balanced, but some abilities were very situational. I found that Poseiden's Rage and Army of Hades were very strong for any general encounter. I only really used Zeus' Fury to get rid of archers from a distance (and there were a few encounters that fully expected you to do this), and I expected Medusa's Gaze to be good, but I found I was stood still for too long trying to use it. I'd imagine I probably just needed to pick my moments a little better with that one.

- Having to mash R2 to open doorways was a bit tiring. I started GoW2 this morning and noticed they changed it to mashing Circle. I'd prefer not to mash at all, but this is a definite improvement, especially on the PS3 controller.

Overall, pretty enjoyable game! Feels a bit rough around the edges, which is acceptable for the team's first action game, but it was a pretty ambitious title for it's time and there's a lot to enjoy and admire. It's definitely got that PS2 charm going for it too, with all the unlockable bonus content, the "you beat GoW - now try hard mode" message after the credits, and the general presentation. There were a few fights that would put me off doing a replay, but I probably just need to learn better strats. I've started GoW2 and heard that's considered by many to be the best of the series, so I'm looking forward to seeing how that one turns out!

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Good notes, fun to read a fresh take on the game!

Some random replies haha:

- the higher difficulties are more about knowing how to tackle fights. The game really expects you to know how its grabs work (which deal % damage flat, so they scale with higher difficulties) and use the magic more smartly. There's some fights you can breeze through on Normal which are an absolute beast on Very Hard.

- Cyclopses are pretty dull, though a buffed Medusa can nuke them.

- Army of Hades, when fully leveled, is absolutely CRAZY and can (and will) mostly OHKO the final boss fight even on the hardest setting.

- you can cancel nearly every animation by doing Zeus Lightning, very strong.

- switching to the Artemis Blade is fully i.framed, should you ever replay this is a fantastic tool.

- the 'clones' fight is infamous for its difficulty and pretty near impossible on harder settings for some.

- about the hard parts, I really liked how on Normal the game still has bite for newcomers. There's fights that really test you and push you further, as well as some pretty devious puzzles (by action-standards).

Also can we talk about just how beautiful and epic looking this game is for PS2. Climbing on top of Cronos is just almost gen-defining.

> undeserved reputation

Honestly have no clue where it came from. The game is, as noted, pretty brutal in some places and mashing SST won't get you very far.

Which fights would you say are putting you off from a replay?

> GOW2
Everyone loves it, it's fantastic. I do prefer GOW1 and 3, but 2 is without a doubt the most polished.

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Random replies to your random replies:

- I did use Army of Hades on the final boss, which almost completely trivialises him. Is AoH considered to be the best magic attack in the game?

- The clone fight was crazy! It was so crazy that I thought it was one of those scripted fights that I was meant to lose for story purposes (like the Halo Reach finale). I just kept on going, spamming ROTG and magic where I could and eventually noticed the clones weren't infinitely respawning anymore. At the end, I had the family health at around 30% and Kratos' was probably around 5%. Just scraped my way through. I was like "oh shit, I actually needed to beat that!"

- Didn't realise you could cancel more stuff using the Lightning stance. I'd imagine that's very helpful on the higher difficulties. I got caught stuck in the animations of my L1 attacks plenty of times

- It is a very good looking game for it's original hardware, very grand in terms of scale. Did the PS2 version target 60fps or was that a PS3 enhancement?

- The fights I can remember that put me off a replay were:
 . The section where you drag a caged soldier up a hill to sacrifice him, holding off undead soldiers (the attempt where I beat it seemed simple, but I had a few attempts before it where the enemy spawns were really unkind, couldn't find time to move the soldier)
 . The fight against multiple Cyclopses (think there might be a few of these but particularly the one outside the Architects tomb, after a platforming section with saw traps)
 . The fight outside the Pandora's Box room (moving floors, exploding harpies, archers, OHKO environmental hazards)

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Be sure to experiment with grabs (ground to air, air to air) in GoW2 as it really is the meat of the game btw, forgot to mention that.

> medusa
It's especially powerful in GoW2 where it can just nuke entire sections if you're managing your meter correctly.

> Army of Hades
It's basically a win-button haha

> PS2 version
30FPS, but surprisingly stable. The game is pretty buggy though for sure.

> harder fights
Those are all the 'run killers' for a lot of people yeah, wasn't surprised by their inclusion. The other big nasty one is the Satyr-bridge, which sounds easy but on challenge runs becomes a nightmare. A lot of those fights have methods of handeling them though, but they are very tough.

I do like how GoW attempted (sometimes not so succesfully) to switch combat encounters up with these semi-puzzles in between or stage hazards.

Let me know how you end up liking GoW2!

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Phoenix Wright

Phoenix Wright


For the time being, I'll post my reply here (so as to not hijack Birdman's topic). As for your suggestion about serious runwork, I suppose I could make a separate topic in the future, either here or in GameFAQs.

I'll address your previous post, as I said.

>softlocking the game if you defeat Medusa
Must be why they gave her a high HP pool.

>later variant

>tactics for her
Sure, now that I finished the game, it should be okay.

>don't get surrounded during traversal combat
Yeah, this is definitely what you wouldn't want to happen.

>exploit like PR into HJ to invincibly attack and get back to the rope

>using the ballista against the bulls
Can you make it in time to get the red orbs they drop before they disappear? But then again they might not make much of a difference (later on you get a lot of orbs from chests, and while a very late game fight, Ares 1 drops a ton).

>try fun things with Wulf's code
I'll save it for later.

>In this entry the 'armor' (Enemy Power % is actually being nerfed rather than our defense being buffed in reality, so collisions are weakened while in that state *get that perception adjusted*) scales with the weapon upgrade level.
In this entry? So that means GoW1 is the only game to do this? Also, does this mean that collisions get stronger in harder settings (assuming Enemy Power% gets buffed *and I don't see why it shouldn't*)?

If I got this correctly, the more you upgrade your weapon, the less damage you take?

>enemy attacks that don't scale with that stat are unaffected

>false OS

>clearing and failing QTEs builds the Rage meter on another entry
Noted, and is that entry a good one?

>Sadly, this entry does NOT allow you to turn it back off once turned on.
This to say that future installments let you do this?

>no way to slow down the drain from RotG
Even in future games?

>NOTE: I'd be interested in seeing (maybe even doing) a run trying to use RotG for EVERY fight (seeing how frequently you can keep in that state and how far it can take you).
Assuming you would need cheats to pull this off? Or is there a way to fill it up all the way from one encounter to the other (assuming you used it in the first and gimped most of it with RotG)? Maybe instantly fill it up with the press of a button (so as to not make it infinite, which I suppose that's not what you want to see), and only use it at the start of the fights.

>Plume's and Spirit's AoE is lost while in Rage
It doesn't have the little 'explosion' that happens while using either of those normally, so I guess you're right (hadn't noticed to see if the AoE is truly lost).

>Plume is t3 (while in Rage)
>Spirit is t0

>chain Plume right into Ascension
Think you could do this outside of Rage as well with Spirit.

>need to test for myself
Got it.

>can't break shields with RotG uniques
Another thing I hadn't seen for myself. Wonder why they made it as such. At least you can still do direct damage, as you said.

>hope this helps
All of this is a huge help, even when we chose to discuss some other details until after I finished the game (or after a VH run? Probably both, for different things). Thanks a lot for taking your time to teach me these things.

>invisible walls
Does the 'Homerun' lets you bypass some of these?

>friendly fire with DMG in statue form
I see, didn't know about that particular bit. Normal friendly fire is pretty apparent, on the other hand.

>Got some gripes with their design (one I'll hold off on until I confirm you're further in).
Tell me about them.

>MG isn't bad, it is just complex and tough to master effective use of (extremely solid).
I wish to know more about this.

>The PR equivalent (in CoO) is okay as a panic button, but you have to think more when trying to get the most of it (as it has the unfortunate attribute of pushing foes outside the AoE).

>I'll post the concept art when that time comes.  Let you see what it was trying for (even the Blades were different).
The time has come.

>Very Easy
What you said about the combat does sound easy as is (especially if the gap between E and N is as big as you say), but yes, I could see children being frustrated at the platforming bits. I wonder if children from back then would've minded gore. Not sure if it happens a lot nowadays, at least relatively speaking.

>Zim's findings
Enlighten me.

>One is fine.  Just that it is advised you taste vanilla VH a second time with a better understanding of things to try for mastery (but also to dabble in alternative tools and strats overlooked).
Sounds reasonable. It took me a pretty long time to finish the game (but a large part of it was out of my control), but when knowing puzzle solutions, the bare basics, the enemies, etc., this should take a lot less time to complete. Most likely shorter than something like KH.

By the way, can you skip cutscenes on higher difficulties?

>No, he's stuck in a run on GoWII.  He hasn't really done much in some entries, either.  Hotel was most active in GoWIII.
I'm not sure if he does this on purpose, but he still keeps claiming that Blades' Plume is safe (in Ascension), after you told him otherwise. At this point, I believe he's just poking fun at SBK. All of this is happening recently, not even a month or a few weeks ago.

>Lots of jargon, shorthand, etc.  Good to ask questions.
SBK already explained what t0 is (not sure what the 'zero' meant, or why it would be denoted as such), and held inputs being written in capitals. s,s,s or t,t,t was pretty straightforward to understand without an explanation, but without context it was a bit hard to deduce what t0 was. The only other questions I have is what are the general rules for NUR, NUR+, PAIN, (as well as other stuff outside of the noted, like NBR *I think I know what that last one means, but don't know what's the name of the other restricted runs or what they'd stand for outside of NUR or PAIN*), etc. as well as elaborating a bit on Power%, such as what exactly it's tied to, and the inputs needed to do some of Artemis' attacks (specifically the ones not named in-game).

>happily pay 10K orbs to skip a rhythm minigame in GoWIII
Is it that bad?

>Ares passing through is just for show
Yeah, I thought he'd play a role (regardless of importance *or even if it'd be beneficial for us*) in these combat scenarios, but no. Felt a tad disappointed for it.

>talk of things betwixt
I'll try to recall what I did to the best of my ability, with the help of some things I noted as I played.

After defeating the Cyclops and the shadow-y enemies in the Rooftops of Athens, the barrier disappeared and I could progress, and that's when I saw that one memorable part I mentioned a long time ago (the one where an arrow knocked me into a pit), which had one pillar (that's the one element I recall pretty clearly). Think one gets Zf a bit further in.

As I mentioned earlier, the Oracle 'puzzle' (putting one statue on top of the other) was, for some reason, the one that took me the most time to figure out. That's not to say that others weren't relatively complex, but didn't take as much time to solve as this one. Saving the Oracle took me a couple of tries.

The Sewers, as I said earlier, was when I dropped the game the first time I played it. Can't recall why exactly I did so. Anyway, I recall that this part was a bit tricky, since there were archers on ledges, as well as some big enemies. Pretty sure that I realized that Cyclopses dropped more orbs if you succeeded at the QTE.

The desert took me 2-3 tries to clear, as the third Siren I found was accompanied by minotaurs, and I didn't understand her too fully (she attacked a bit fast for me to react to her attacks, and don't think I've fully learned her in later combat scenarios, so feel free to tell me about how she works, if you want). Most of the time, when I attacked her, she used some kind of magic to hurt me. And pre-emptively blocking after hitting her a couple of times wasn't very reliable. Further encounters with Sirens got somewhat easier, if only because I became a little familiar with them, but obviously not to the point of mastery.

Later in the Rings of Pandora, the encounter that stood out the most for me was when you took Hades' Shield, and you had to defeat a lot of enemies before a wall crushed you. I mostly used PR and 360 toss (when available), but I did die a few times before being able to clear it. Remember using RotG in one of those attempts, and couldn't clear it still.

What I remember about the Challenge of Poseidon is a new mob introductions (small and big dogs). Small dogs were annoying and didn't let me attack at a reasonable pace, so I took care of them first with bounces (to give myself a bit of breather room *and slam one into the ground, if I managed to stun all of them*). The big dogs were simple to deal once the smaller ones were out of the way. Not the best tactic, but since the arena was big, I could get far away from it, whiff some attacks as they were approaching, and hit them with Spirit. Then I grabbed them whenever I was able to. I never got hit by doing this, though certainly there should be a more faster tactic to beat them. Also, not sure if this was the part where a new mob was introduced (humanoid, red 'eyes', immediately counterattacks if you attempt to grab them by using a stab attack).

For what little it matters, I liked the cage push 'puzzle', if only because Kratos grinned at the exact same time as I did when I realized what was the goal. The underwater part where you have to swim quickly enough before a wall crushes you was tight in terms of timing.

As for the centaurs in the Challenge of Hades, they were the mobs I had the most trouble with (but only if they fought in groups). They often use ranged attacks, while one could use an unblockable attack. But PR was a really good option for them.

I spent a lot of time in the big room with the flaming boulders, because I hadn't noticed the doors on the sides (was too focused on not letting the boulders run over me to look at something else). But I have to say that GoW1 keeps a lot of things fresh by having you open a door normally, and then in this circumstance (to give one example). Wonder if underwater combat would've been well executed.

>Guessing we didn't go over damage values. Is that something you want to do now?

>Relatively short string for a decent hit property on a safe and relatively strong move. Decent for crowd control, some set-ups and even stunlocking (with varying success).
Sounds good enough for lower settings (except maybe for some tougher fights like the Clones, but I didn't do that myself to see if it works *assuming it's just Plume spam and nothing else*).

>Ask Raeng about OLUT spam
I'm aware of it, most if not all of which comes from DMC combo fans. Same thing with mashing X and Triangle to win in KH2. Not sure if anyone would be able to beat CoR Nobody Wave 3 at any level (and I guess at lower settings, but don't quote me on that) if you do nothing but press these other buttons (as in, no healing, no dodging, no blocking), otherwise they'd be using more than what they claim it's all you need to reliably defeat anything.

Or Faust (in 5), or items. But they don't matter because they're not cuhrayzee enough, and/or you won't get SSS ranks with them (except for Faust *but I believe SSS was removed from 5, only S remains*). Nevermind the fact that neither of those things have been a requisite to win the games. But we're supposed to roll around with it because DMC is DMC, right?

>not going to keep up with the Blades on the damage front
Guess it's mostly useful for Homeruns? Also, I accidentally discovered that summoning the sword has i-frames (but not sheath IIRC).

Either way, if you would (and if you think it's okay), tell me about Artemis' strengths (if there's something other than Homeruns worth discussing).

>Being blockable hurts the appeal in a big way.

>Never understood the limitations here.
I don't know about these things, but is this a decision of the developer (how many slots could be available to the player) or does it depend on if the software allows for it? The numbered KH games (not sure about 3, but it probably works the same way) have 99 save slots, which is pretty handy if you want to redo a certain story boss. Don't remember about any other game having that much slots, even if it could be excessive (unless you reserve a third of those slots for three different kinds of runs *restricted and/or vanilla*, just to name one example).

>have answers provided about damage values
Fair point.

>explain the ins and outs of the giant minotaur
Please, go ahead.

>The CS mini-game completion is worth half the bar as I recall.

>NOTE: If you ever do a Cheats run, you can see what AoH lvl3 does to him for laughs (maybe air PR spam on him while you're at it).
I will keep this in mind. Is it enough with Wulf's code, or is something like a Gameshark needed?

>Or just get high Power % and RotG lvl5 BoC TotF all over the bull after skipping to S4 (unless you want to slap away at the armor for kicks).
In other words, it's possible to do what you're hinting at without cheats?

>alt lv3
Randomly selecting between the alt version and the original? Also, are you supposed to have max health at that point in the game (specifically in the room where you get AoH)?

Agree with these. Though do you think it would outperform PR, or would it still have some strengths to keep it relevant (panic button, i-frames)?

>Really, letting them get beat the fuck up is part of the plan if wanting to blow through the encounter.
You mean the NPCs? If so, guess you have a point (killing them means less time spent on dealing with them).

>Also, not knowing the boss
Yes, something I intend to fix on the next playthrough.

>Platforming takes some practice to feel out.
Even so, got any particular advice for the spiked columns?

>Minotaur Tormentors
I will also have to learn each mob's official name, instead of referring to some of them with a common name (like the dogs).

Oh... d'oh.

>Catching them between attacks with light slaps can make them flinch. This is your cue to cancel into something like 's,t' where the latter (t1) has a second hit with bounce properties, which will open them up. 
Okay, will keep that in mind.

>Just doing it runs the risk of them saying 'no'.
Have to attack them in a specific point during a certain animation?

>When spawning or in the air, they lack this protection. Knockback works as you would expect.
Oh, this will surely come in handy.

>Between N and VH? There is a very noticeable difference there.
There is? I must have misunderstood something, then. Assuming this means more than just increased damage?

>then vanilla VH
Got it.

>exploiting Ares for EXP
How? Deliberately failing the final part of the QTE, maybe? Wouldn't it be risky on VH?

>Could also focus on Artemis (suffering against gorgons *and to a lesser extent others* when so new) with MG.
Yes, I need to learn both of these things properly.

112God of War 1 General Discussion  - Page 3 Empty Re: God of War 1 General Discussion Sat Mar 26, 2022 5:40 am

Phoenix Wright

Phoenix Wright

Finished CotG and unlocked the costumes. Some notes about each challenge:

Stage 1: Realized that using 360 toss doesn't 'kill' enemies by itself (only from Ringouts, which is the point of the challenge). Pretty simple to do after knowing this.

Stage 2: Used RotG to benefit from Athena's Blessing to get a free AoH use, and quickly killed everything as fast as I could with Spirit and Valor, and then used AoH again at the final big platform where the enemies were. Took me about 4 tries to complete this.

-Stage 3: Figured that using Hermes Rush after one use of L1+Circle proved to be effective. Still, this took me more tries than Stage 2 for some reason.

-Stage 4: Ran around the arena until a Minotaur was alone, so I launched it to slam it to the ground a couple of times to kill it off, did the same thing with the remaining three.

-Stage 5: This required some timing. When the mobs were on the top right corner of the arena, I'd move the left stick down to shoot an arrow at them. Took some tries to clear this challenge, because as I said, this required some timing.

-Stage 6: One of the most frustrating challenges, at least for me. After 10+ tries, I accidentally pressed R1 twice and jumped (don't ask, it just happened), which almost made Kratos fall, but he could get a hold of the floating platform. After getting up, I saw that the archers were no longer aiming their arrows at me (likely due to the camera resetting them), so I did this every other time afterwards. I ignored the first archer, just went past him and jumped to the next platform. Then I prepared myself to block the incoming attack from the second archer, but left him alone after that; the clock was ticking. I tossed the third archer, and anxiously waited the last two platforms to line up (this part was the most difficult one, as the four archers could just say 'no' and send me straight to the pit), and after a lot of tries, I managed to clear this. Curious that they made a challenge focused on the one aspect I recall the most about my first time playing the game (an arrow stopping me on my tracks and killing me).

-Stage 7: As with Stage 3, I ran around the arena to gain some distance, so I could use Spirit when enemies weren't near me. Got cocky against the final minotaur (which I wanted to launch and slam against the ground), but he blocked my first hit, and attacked me just as I was falling down. Repeated the same thing (running around) but this time I still used Spirit from a distance instead of launching the Minotaur.

-Stage 8: This was when I gave up last night, as I had no idea if I was doing something wrong or not, because the enemies just kept coming, there was seemingly no end to it. Took me a few tries, but only because I wasn't about to start it all over again. The Gorgons could petrify the soldiers, but I didn't take much advantage of this, as I was constantly on the move to avoid getting petrified myself. But when I could, I rushed to the soldiers and shattered them (as more often than not they'd petrify a group of soldiers instead of one or two). Felt a bit relieved after Gorgons were the only enemies appearing, but I still was focused to not screw it all up.

-Stage 9: Despite being one of the last challenges, this was really easy, beat it on my first try. Surprisingly, Satyrs weren't too much of a distraction, and I could kill all the Cyclopses with Spirit, and I think I had plenty of time left by the time I killed the fourth Cyclops.

-Stage 10: As expected of the last challenge, this was pretty brutal. Took me about 25 tries. Pretty sure that going back to the previous platform resets your current elevation. I used Spirit from the platform you start in to hit as much enemies as possible, so I could safely jump to the platform they were in to start knocking them out of said platform. Counterattacks weren't reliable, as 8 times out of 10 I'd eat an attack from a Satyr or a dog, which mostly meant falling to death. I focused on using the s,S attack to knock as much enemies as possible, and used RotG when I managed to kill a good amount of monsters. A Satyr almost impeded my way to climb to the bigger platform once it was within my reach, but I could make it. Again, this was pretty brutal.

Now that I finished that, I can start playing on VH.

113God of War 1 General Discussion  - Page 3 Empty Re: God of War 1 General Discussion Sun Mar 27, 2022 3:44 am

Phoenix Wright

Phoenix Wright

^ Before that, I wanted to confirm what was actually the exploit mentioned for Ares 1 to drop red orbs. My thoughts were confirmed, you can indeed fail the QTE and get as many orbs as you want from him. Moreover, he also drops quite a lot of HP (and MP) orbs, so there shouldn't be a problem on VH if I'm careful. And I didn't max out the HP or MP bar in my previous playthrough (just short of one extension, I think), so with a maxed out health bar, I don't think he'd kill me in one hit if I fail the QTE, but that's just speculation on my part.

I want to do this because I want to upgrade and use the mechanics I neglected in my previous playthrough, namely MG and Zf (not expecting a lot from the latter, but I still want to have first-hand experience with it). With the Ares exploit, I should be able to max out the necessary stuff to reliably beat the Clones.

114God of War 1 General Discussion  - Page 3 Empty Re: God of War 1 General Discussion Sun Mar 27, 2022 7:00 am

Phoenix Wright

Phoenix Wright

Started VH. 360 toss is still pretty effective for the initial fight. Beat the first Hydra battle without getting hit, as well as with the flying enemies (this surprised me, to be honest). Got hit once by a bite from the second Hydra that caught me off-guard. Another surprising thing was how the archers didn't hit me at all (but they destroyed the box thrice). Didn't think my first time getting critical health would be during traversal combat, so I used the HP chest located at the place where the archers were. Enjoyed the Hydra fight way more than my first attempt. Took no damage from the smaller Hydras, but the bigger one managed to hit me once. Didn't matter though, as I was able to not only recover the lost HP, but I could also beat it faster than what I could do on Normal. Used PR when it was about to bite me, and immediately attacked afterwards, which caused it to flinch. Repeated the same thing until it died, the fight was shorter than I had expected, but glad that you can beat it this quick on VH with the help of PR and melee. Saved the game in the Docks of Athens.

115God of War 1 General Discussion  - Page 3 Empty Re: God of War 1 General Discussion Mon Mar 28, 2022 5:20 am

Phoenix Wright

Phoenix Wright

Played a bit more, but didn't progress too much. The soldiers near the ship weren't much of a threat, same as the basic minotaurs. However, I got too careless and died to one of the two Cyclopses. When I tried to kill one via the QTE (near a cliff), the Cyclops did not die. It shrugged what just happened off and continued fighting. Thought it was going to be immortal for some reason, but no, it was still able to be killed. Really weird. Besides that, I defeated the other Cyclopses this time. One of Medusa's (or should I say Gorgon?) counters is pretty fast, and I died thrice, since the attack can kill me in just two hits. But I just learned to adapt and defeated her. This time, I intend to use MG and probably Zf more, which means I'll upgrade them both soon enough.

Saved the game near the ballista.

116God of War 1 General Discussion  - Page 3 Empty Re: God of War 1 General Discussion Tue Mar 29, 2022 6:06 pm

Phoenix Wright

Phoenix Wright

Played some more.

I wasn't careful enough to not get surrounded during the wall climbing segment, and got surrounded. Died once as a result. Also, don't remember being able to smack an enemy onto the wall a few times before dropping it down, which can hit other enemies nearby.

Realized that you can continuously use OH on the Medusas (and most other things, I guess) if you use T, and not t1. Used this against the two Medusas near the rope.

Right after that, I got to fight a Medusa with a Minotaur, and she petrified the latter.  Shattered the Minotaur. Used OH on Medusa.

Petrified the soldiers and shattered them. But got carried away and got critical health.

Died 2 times owed to critical health in the rope segment. Remembered an HP chest where the 2 Medusas were. Got wounded, but eventually recovered most of it from grabs.

Killed the 4 Minotaurs with the Ballista. Ignored EXP loss.

For the Minotaur puzzle (the one where you have to Petrify him), since I was close to having enough orbs to upgrade BoC to Lv 2, I abused the MP chest to repeatedly petrify and shatter the Minotaur a few times. Now I have Lv 2 BoC and Lv 2 MG.

Not much to comment for the road to Athens Town Square. Went for the archers first so I could kill a Medusa with OH.

A Cyclops managed to kill me once, even though Athens' Square is filled with people to get HP orbs from. For this new variation, I paid close attention to what he did (he got a new quick attack) and made sure to not attack him with a non-cancelable attack (unless he used the swipe attack which he does a couple of times, this is when I used Spirit from a distance). Noticed that the soldiers with shields could be grabbed (after you destroy their shields, evidently) without having to deal a certain amount of damage, instead of the soldiers seen when you get off the ship in the Docks of Athens. Destroyed all of their shields, and then used 360 toss.

Really starting to appreciate OH usage to send enemies against other enemies. Cool stuff. I'm going to redo CotG 8 when I get the chance.

Saved the game in the tunnel passage.

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Phoenix Wright

Phoenix Wright

On the Rooftops of Athens. Wraiths are a bit annoying to handle on VH now, but only if you let your guard down. Grabbed them, and used OH twice on one and nothing else, just to ensure that I wouldn't get hit while I was vulnerable. Repeated the same thing until everything was dead. Climbed up the stairs, and used MG on the Wraiths above. Proved to be really effective, was able to defeat all of the Wraiths before the Cyclops came in. For the Cyclopses themselves, same tactics, use non-cancelable attacks to be able to react to whatever they do by dodging.

Still hate arrows knocking me down into pits.

Got Zf. As noted, I'm going to try to use this more, along with MG.

For what little it matters, I noticed that there's a visual cue to let you know when those flying enemies are going to attack you (besides the obvious mini AoE dive).

In the Sewers, and those archers are more annoying in VH, in combination with the undead soldiers and Minotaurs (still nice when they hit their own allies with their arrows, but not sure if that deals notable damage). So I tried to dispose of them first with Zf. Then I focused on the soldiers since their spinning attack is too distracting, and can almost never use finishers with them around. For the Minotaurs, I launched them and grabbed them in the air to toss them to the ground repeatedly. I had enough orbs to upgrade both Zf and BoC, so now I have Lv 3 BoC, Lv 2 MG, Lv2 Zf, and Lv 1 PR. This place is sure filled with a lot of HP/MP restoring chests, at least in comparison to other areas, and not that far from each other. Petrified the Cyclopses and killed them, then used Zf on the Archers, and did the same thing to the Minotaurs and soldiers.

Saved the game in the Desert.

Note: Perhaps it would be a good idea to stop my updates temporarily to give you less to address. I'll still keep track of it via a .txt file.

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Phoenix Wright

Phoenix Wright

^ Figured that it would be better for both of us if I just posted all of it, since I think it's going to take a while for me to respond to your future post. I already finished the game, and as I mentioned, I kept track my progress via a .txt file.

The Sirens were tricky to deal with, especially when paired with Minotaurs, if only because they have such a high tendency to evade attacks. Though when they went back to singing I'd use a charged Zf, which I'd say it dealt good damage, as it was somewhat faster than using melee (and at the time I had Zf leveled up but not PR *but I didn't see if Lv 1 PR is still more or less on par with Zf, not just in terms of damage*). Did the same to the other Sirens you see a bit further in.

For the Cyclopses, I used Spirit from a distance, and finished them off with a QTE to get orbs. Used the same tactics for the soldiers and Wraiths, use cancelable attacks and block whenever I see an attack coming my way, perhaps use OH or 360 toss if I was given the opportunity (which did happen).

In the fight against soldiers + Gorgons on the Challenge of Atlas, used 360 toss to get rid of the normal soldiers, and OH against the Gorgons and the armored soldiers that were nearby. I wanted to use Zf against the Gorgons while I was on the upper level, but the projectile collided with the floor beneath me and did nothing (as the Gorgons were directly below me). Won the fight against the soldiers when you get Hades' Shield on my first try, surprisingly. Mostly abused 360 toss, launched the soldiers to use OH, just to proceed to use 360 toss again. The pitfall trap did take a couple of tries (the one where you fight against soldiers and Sirens), I used OH as much as possible. The fight against the dogs was pretty tough. Not sure why the smaller dogs transformed just as I threw them to the floor. Fight was mostly out of my control once the arena was filled with big dogs, so I just decided to not let that happen, if possible. Fortunately, it was possible. I petrified the big dog at the start and shattered it to focus on the others, grabbed the smaller ones and redirected them at other small or big dogs. Surprisingly, I only faced two big dogs this time, and only had to throw small dogs against each other, the fight was significantly easier.

For the Cyplopses, I used Spirit from a distance, again. Archers, just advanced, the big rock didn't protect me from the exploding arrows. Against the smaller dogs and Archers, used 360 toss for the latter, and spammed circle for the dogs. The red-eye soldiers were easily dealt with via OH (if it wasn't already obvious, I love this move now), same as with the Minotaurs. Used the same antics for those soldiers in the cage push puzzle (the one where you have to sacrifice a soldier).

The fight against soldiers and Harpies (the one near the underwater section) was pretty tricky, but manageable. Wish I had Lv 2 PR by this point, because petrifying a horde of enemies frequently attacking wasn't an option, and Zf isn't good against crowds. So I used RotG for the first time in the run (as using only cancel-able attacks was taking too long).

Centaur sacrifice was a bit tough, used Spirit to bounce two or three of them inside the circle, launched one, and used an air grab until the circle prompt appeared, then launched it again, and repeated the same cycle for all 8. Upgraded Zf to Lv 3 and used it on the room where a Gorgon and Centaurs are in (where you have to kill all enemies to open a door), where their AI didn't allow them to come to where I was.

For the enemy arena after the rope section, I weakened the soldiers with Spirit and used 360 toss on them. Petrified Minotaurs and Centaurs. Used 360 toss on more Centaurs and Minotaurs when archers appeared.

I fought Pandora's Guardian in the upper level as that was more safe than on the lower level, as his attacks were really predictable. Just attacked immediately after parrying his attacks, and ran to the left when he was about to grab me.

Soldiers didn't stand a chance against AoH and a bit of melee usage. Satyrs were more durable, and can't be infinited with OH or an air grab. When two Satyrs came up, I used AoH twice while using OH as they bounced. Used AoH on the soldiers that are a bit further in from were the Satyrs were fought at, so the 'phantoms' could deal with the archers (and there was a MP chest nearby, so there was no problem with using AoH for that). In the cave, used OH multiple times against a Satyr, as well as the other one a bit further in. The advice about Minotaurs being able to be launched as they're spawning definitely helped to get rid of two, as they're now a bit too block happy to be dealt with normally. Watched as some Satyrs hit themselves near the place where you need to put two necklaces, but got bored, so I approached the archers and killed them, then knocked the Satyrs off a cliff.

On the Architect's Tomb, against the big dogs (couldn't kill them in time as the Cyclops was a threat), I launched them from behind the 'AI barrier' and they floated for a couple of seconds until they fell down. Made OH usage annoying. In the Conveyor belt fight, approached the archers and tossed them, did this to every archer, just to be able to focus on the Harpies via Spirit or air PR (somehow Kratos was carried away by the conveyor belt when using PR on the ground).

Blade column wasn't as hard this time around, got through it on my second try. The Satyrs were pretty tough. What I did to win was use s,t to make one of them bounce (managed to catch both sometimes), and use OH on them and repeated the same thing, while slamming one of the Satyrs onto the other. Used AoH thrice in the fight to make things easier, but what I did for the most part was s,t, and OH, while keeping an eye to block incoming attacks if need be.

Ares 1 was kind of tough, if only because I wasn't fast enough to react to him using the shockwave+axe combo (other than the start of the battle, as he always uses it). At the start, I used AoH and used s,t,t, then immediately rolled out of the way to evade the shockwave, then used Hermes Rush to approach him quickly again. If he flinched, I'd use t,t,s immediately after using Hermes Rush (Spirit is not cancelable, which is why I used Valor instead). If he blocked it, then I'd attack him for a few times until he let his guard down, or until he used a counterattack, which I'd parry, and block any further attacks, while being near him so he wouldn't use the shockwave attack too often. After a basic two hit attack, I'd attack him immediately, see if he'd flinch or block, and repeat. This was basically how the fight went down, every time he'd move in a way that was different from the flinching animation, I'd immediately hit the block button to parry his attacks. When he dropped more orbs than usual (changing phases), I'd use AoH. Every other time, I pressed right to switch to PR just in case I was caught in the shockwave and couldn't do anything to evade the deadly axe attack, other than use said spell.

The Clones were really tough. On Normal, AoH did basically most of the work, but on VH, that alone wasn't enough to win, far from it. Sometimes the clones would act like they weren't being hit at all and kill the family. Heck, Athena's Blessing + AoH + PR wasn't enough by itself, either. I had to use s,s,t to keep the clones from attacking, and I'd only use the mentioned spell combo after the clone with Zf appeared. Then once the Artemis clones appeared, I'd use AoH (without RotG) to (hopefully) keep them busy enough to heal the family and get a full Rage meter back, so I could spam AoH and PR again. This took me at least 12 tries.

Ares 2 was as tough as my first time, but eventually I figured to just roll away whenever he ran at me (as he'd most likely use the guard breaking thing he does, which is a guaranteed death), and if he did a normal attack instead, I'd use R1+square (though depending if he blocked R1 I'd just get away instead of keep pressing on) and get back to keep some distance from him. When he was about to use the four rock pillars attack, I'd once again use R1+square to deal some damage and then quickly get out of harm's way. Reversals helped me a good deal in this fight again, but I was more in control of the fight compared to my attempt on Normal.

And that is the end of my first VH run. Had a lot of fun with it, can't believe I dropped this game years ago.

I want to check a couple of videos (a speedrun, Raeng's, Taz's and your channel to see if I can learn any interesting tactics I may have missed) to apply that knowledge to a second VH run, and then proceed to do a NUR. Though I'll wait for you to clarify the rules for NUR, NUR+ and such (vaguely remember something about the former allowing health/MP extensions, which I found a bit odd since I'd imagine that counts as an upgrade, which is what I was expecting to be doing *playing without these*).

119God of War 1 General Discussion  - Page 3 Empty Re: God of War 1 General Discussion Mon Apr 11, 2022 6:35 pm

Phoenix Wright

Phoenix Wright

I saw your Artemis video, GMG (the one titled Homerun techniques). Really interesting stuff, I knew I was underestimating Artemis.

Currently watching Taz's run. Plan on watching your playlist about GoW1's exploits as well.

120God of War 1 General Discussion  - Page 3 Empty Re: God of War 1 General Discussion Fri Apr 22, 2022 4:54 pm

Phoenix Wright

Phoenix Wright

Completed a second VH run, as well as CotG twice (so that makes it three times that I've cleared it). Thanks to the videos I have seen, I learned plenty of good stuff to apply on my recent run, and as such I was able to minimize the amount of deaths compared to my first attempt, though not so much about certain platforming bits (though interestingly enough the blade tower at the end is no longer an issue for me, I was able to get through it on my first try). Beat Ares 1 and the Clones on my second try (the latter was due to a slip-up where I fell off the arena). Ares 2 is now easy for me to handle. It's good to know how much I was able to improve.

As for CotG, I was also able to minimize the amount of deaths, but not so much for CotG 10. Sure, I was able to beat it with fewer tries than in my first attempt, but it was still pretty tough. I'm able to correctly use a counter after parrying to knock out some foes off the arena, as well as make the s,S attack come out faster by using s,s,S instead, which does help.

My third try at clearing CotG was supposed to be an Artemis exclusive attempt, but I was not able to get past... CotG 2. The armored soldiers move away when I'm about to use L1+hold triangle+triangle, and if I wait for them to attack me so they become easier to hit, the Harpies or an arrow interrupt me, usually in the startup animation, or they simply send the soldiers back to the ground. Harpies are really annoying, as they interrupt a lot of things I'm about to do, which also includes pushing the soldiers with shields off the arena. I didn't want to use AoH, as I wanted to only use Artemis.

So I was only able to complete Challenge 1, 4, 7-10 (not sure if it's possible to beat the 3rd challenge with Artemis, and 5-6 aren't challenges where you need to use Artemis or BoC to complete them).

Think I'm ready to attempt my first no upgrade run in an action game. But I need to know the rules on what counts and what doesn't (exploiting enemy AI, skips, magic, extensions, etc).

121God of War 1 General Discussion  - Page 3 Empty Re: God of War 1 General Discussion Mon May 02, 2022 10:38 pm



>exploiting enemy AI
You are obviously allowed to use boundaries/safe spots to your advantage. You can also use rapid tricking with Blade of Artemis to momentarily break the AI.

Don't perform any major exploits like the regenerating magic glitch at the Medusa's Gaze trial. Mandatory encounters shouldn't be skipped at all.To note it, the basic high jump was intended in this game (combat devs kek'd the level designers).

I take it you are referring to using it as efficiently as you can. In general, Medusa's Gaze should be your priority. Zf is there for animation cancelling (or damaging the desert sirens when you don't have enough MP to pull off the triple petrification trick). Poseidon's Rage isn't very good at LVL1. Army of Hades is another story, however. Already a potent tool at LVL1, works great on Ares 1 and can set enemies up for OH set-ups (a good example would be using it on the satyrs before the Cave of Madness for easy ring-outs). Should you wish to view visual examples, you can advise my ND NUR+ (

For HP/MP bars? Only NUR allows them (while disallowing red orb spending). NUR+ and beyond is a more faithful 'No Upgrade' environment (No red orb spending and No bar extensions).

122God of War 1 General Discussion  - Page 3 Empty Re: God of War 1 General Discussion Tue May 03, 2022 5:26 am

Phoenix Wright

Phoenix Wright

Welcome, Zimnas.

>what is allowed for NUR+
I have a better understanding of the rules ever since I typed that, but I still appreciate the information. I was going to ask if Artemis happened to be banned in NUR+, but one of your NUR+ videos gave me the answer.

Still, I'd also like to address these:

>breaking the AI with Artemis
I did not know about this. Thought 'Artemis tricking' referred to the i-frames you get from Sword Summon (not Sheath). How is this done? Got a video for this?

>Mandatory encounters shouldn't be skipped at all.
I'm planning to kill everything in my way, and ignore the mobs that aren't directly in my path, such as the hole in the wall in the lower docks of Athens, but I do plan to kill stuff which would make progressing through certain areas more difficult if they are ignored, such as the archers you see after clearing the area where you first meet the Wraiths.

>To note it, the basic high jump was intended in this game (combat devs kek'd the level designers).
News to me. That's hilarious.

So, what is one example of using this to my advantage, that doesn't obviously entail getting over barriers to skip mandatory fights?

>I take it you are referring to using it as efficiently as you can.
When I said that, I wasn't familiar with the rules of NUR, NUR+, and PAIN. For starters, I thought extensions were not allowed in NUR, as well as magic in general and chests being banned from NUR+ onwards (so my question was more along the lines of if magic was allowed in NUR+'s). But now I know what NUR+ entails.

>Medusa's Gaze should be your priority.
I figured. Your other Lv 1 options didn't seem all that great, except for AoH, of course.

>use AoH against the Satyrs before the Cave of Madness for easy ring-outs

>your NUR+ ND playlist
Of course, I will watch it.

Zimnas, do you happen to have a GameFAQs account? I told GMG that I planned to post my run coverage on there, and not both places. But now, I suppose that if you don't have an account and still wish to comment on it, I could also respond to any suggestions/pointers you may have in this topic.

For anyone interested, I have started doing a NUR+. Here is the link to the topic:

123God of War 1 General Discussion  - Page 3 Empty Re: God of War 1 General Discussion Tue May 03, 2022 2:55 pm



>thought 'tricking' referred to Sword Summon I-frames
That's precisely what 'tricking' is. By "AI break", I meant utilising Zf spell cancelling to repeatedly Summon the Blade of Artemis (done by having BoA equipped and pushing (L) to any direction while spamming the hell out of L2) to make enemies passify (they will still follow you, so it's not really a case of complete de-agro).

>video showing AI breaking
Two good examples would be using it against the 11 Hades Satyrs for a specific strat ( and the Gorgons in Challenge of Atlas (

>way to use HJ to your advantage
Here are some:

>will watch the run
Shall I take it we'll go over some things in greater detail?

Would need to make an account (and I basically never visit it, so I find no reason to). I can post the notes here.

124God of War 1 General Discussion  - Page 3 Empty Re: God of War 1 General Discussion Wed May 04, 2022 9:13 pm

Phoenix Wright

Phoenix Wright

>tricking and AI breaking are different things
Oh, I get it.

>use Zf to repeatedly Summon Artemis in order to passify enemies
Noted. Will use this when I get Artemis.

>Satyrs video
I see you jump back to the previous platform and repeatedly Summon Artemis, but I'm afraid I don't see the purpose (at least when you use it on that platform). Could you please elaborate?

>Gorgons link
I can understand using it there. You used it to be able to safely use Artemis' Ascension followed by triangle, while surrounded by multiple Gorgons, right?

>High Jump applications
Thanks. Guess I'll use a few of them during my current run, such as during the conveyor belt part or to pick up that one shield.

>Shall I take it we'll go over some things in greater detail?
Yes, when the time comes, I will let you know.

>post the notes here
That works for me.

125God of War 1 General Discussion  - Page 3 Empty Re: God of War 1 General Discussion Wed May 04, 2022 10:16 pm



>could you please elaborate
To make this as clear as I can, I'll first explain how the GoW1 satyrs function. For starters, their moveset is rather varied and they can't be juggled forever (will perform a flip and land on their feet). In addition to that, they LOVE to block and parries are very common. Mind you, said parries will damage you unless you are poking them from max range with something like s1. Recovery from launch/bounce is an attack, air OS does 0 DMG and their OH is really weak (however, they are open to an advanced loop with it).

Now for the actual fight, using T from the previous platform tends to get blocked by them (it's a pain in the ass since you need to hit both for this strat to work). By doing the AI break, they either have a reduced chance of blocking or straight up never do. Hence it's much easier to hit both and capitalize. Also, trying to face them head on and punt them to another dimension is pretty luck-based owned to their parry (regarding 'No Damage').

>BoA air t after AI break
It's exactly as you said.

126God of War 1 General Discussion  - Page 3 Empty Re: God of War 1 General Discussion Thu May 05, 2022 3:42 pm

Phoenix Wright

Phoenix Wright

>parries damaging you
Now that you mention it, can you do this to other enemies? I noticed that there are blood splatters when I parry something (it probably
was a Minotaur).

>OH is weak
I did read about the air OS doing 0 damage (why though), but hadn't noticed this option was weak.

>AI break reduces the chances of them blocking your attacks
So that's the reason behind it. Good to know. Could this be used against certain variants of Minotaurs?

127God of War 1 General Discussion  - Page 3 Empty Re: God of War 1 General Discussion Thu May 05, 2022 5:18 pm



>can you do this to other enemies
Get damaged by a defensive option? No. The Minotaur's shove is cutting it close, but it doesn't damage you.

>why though
It's a bug.

>could this be used against certain Minotaurs
I take it you are referring to Minotaur tormentors (seen in Challenge of Hades and Cliffs of Madness). It isn't really useful for them (can't be launched with T if outside of the spawning animation **can only be bounced**) since s,t into air OS infinities is the way to go. You can also use MG since we are talking NUR+.

Note: AI break to avoid blocks is more effective when using single-hit launchers (multi-hit stuff like s,t can kek you).

128God of War 1 General Discussion  - Page 3 Empty Re: God of War 1 General Discussion Fri May 06, 2022 5:24 am

Phoenix Wright

Phoenix Wright

>Minotaur Tormentors

>not useful for them

>MG allows for MG usage
You're right, that also works.

>AI break to avoid blocks is more effective when using single-hit launchers
Makes sense.

I'm past this section in my current run, but just for future reference, what is the approach for Sirens in PAIN? Chip away at them with s,t? Both the Desert and Temple Sirens were the most tedious fights to tackle, owed to their high tendency to evade attacks. At least there's a way to survive the trap in the handle room (Challenge of Atlas) if said trap gets activated. I used PR to deal damage (since this draws them closer to me instead of pushing them out, and they can't dodge it), but not sure if there's some way to win this encounter without resorting to the alternate way to survive the trap.

129God of War 1 General Discussion  - Page 3 Empty Re: God of War 1 General Discussion Fri May 06, 2022 10:09 am



>PAIN strat for the galls
Regarding the desert sirens, I prefer to hit them with t0 from a distance while they sing (won't agro). OH redirection collisions from Minotaur hammer grunts are very unlikely (though not impossible). For the third siren, I came up with a way to work half colissions with Valor by getting her stuck on the ruins ( starting at 3:18). I must note, there is a loop you can do with T, but I haven't figured it out (GMG might be able to elaborate on the matter).

Temple sirens aren't as tedius as the desert ones. 100HP. Redirects wreck them ( Just be careful not to get interrupted while going for OH.

>not sure if there is some way to beat the Atlas handle
It's more than possible for both NUR+ and PAIN. Weaponsing the legionaries and MG should be more than enough. BoA does have it's place for shredding the sirens in a 1v1. PAIN will see you focusing purely on collisions.

Run coverage:
>no solid tactics for the sirens
Already went over PAIN. In a NUR+ environment, MG should be your focus (as ever). They don't take long to petrify (nor break **1sHP**), but they break out in 0.5 second. You have to press square the moment you see the white flash when they get petrified.

>Not enough DMG to shatter Desert Kings
You absolutely can break them. 2 reps of s,t suffice.

>Challenge of Atlas hole room interior archers
To note it, you can kill them with PR from below.

130God of War 1 General Discussion  - Page 3 Empty Re: God of War 1 General Discussion Sun May 08, 2022 3:41 am

Phoenix Wright

Phoenix Wright

>t0 from a distance
Will keep this in mind for future reference.

>getting the third Siren stuck on the ruins so half collisions can affect her
Very clever. Will do this myself when doing future runs.

>OH redirections wreck Temple Sirens
I clearly need more practice. Attempted to do this myself, but interruptions were pretty likely to happen.

>BoA against Sirens in a 1v1
Should have thought of using this.

>possible to shatter Sirens despite them breaking free almost immediately
Never would have imagined it. This is pretty valuable information.

>You absolutely can break them. 2 reps of s,t suffice.
Oh? Then I must have done something wrong. Do you need to cancel the first t1 with something so the next t to come out after the second 's' isn't Plume?

>To note it, you can kill them with PR from below.
Taking notes. Really appreciate your pointers. As I mentioned earlier, I need more practice. Hope I can iron out my shortcomings for my second challenge run and onwards.

Also, regarding the Centaurs, is there no way to prevent Kratos from facing the wrong way right after air OS? This kept happening to me in the Centaur sacrifice.

Going to fight the Satyrs next (but that will have to wait until Monday). Punt will most likely make short work of the first three that you encounter. Or MG. Maybe it is enough to petrify two of them.

131God of War 1 General Discussion  - Page 3 Empty Re: God of War 1 General Discussion Sun May 08, 2022 10:36 pm



>future runs will see the ruin strat used
Just know that it can be a little annoying to set up. However, I feel it's worth it.

>do you need to cancel the first t1 with something
I prefer using Zf. It's objectively better and faster (though you can still break them without using it).

>without chaining into t0
Make a slight pause after t1 (don't go for s2) while pointing the left stick to any direction.

>next GoW1 run
What will it be? PAIN? NUR+ v2 (with improved tactics)? Maybe NGR+ NUR+?

>OS on Centaur Archers
A pretty buggy interaction. Spamming the hell out of 'O' eliminates the issue.

>MG on the first satyr fight
Unnecessary, really (that, and trying to petrify a satyr with 2 of them around is a pain in the ass **too mobile and the other can interupt you**) . You should either use 'punt' (as you said) or the bridge for RO (be it Valor or OH redirection). MG will get a workout in the cave with 3 satyrs and trios of FL bros.

132God of War 1 General Discussion  - Page 3 Empty Re: God of War 1 General Discussion Mon May 09, 2022 3:21 pm

Phoenix Wright

Phoenix Wright

>worth setting up the ruin tactic
I think the same way.

>not necessary to use Zf for cancels to shatter the Desert Kings
>it is still objectively better and faster

>what will my future run be
I was considering PAIN, but I would not be against NUR+ v2 to get back to it with improved tactics. Not sure if I'm prepared for NUR+ NGR+. I've been relying heavily on grabs. Will have to watch your videos to see what's the method to clear Hades' Shield trap without spamming 360 Toss.

But I am open to suggestions. What is the better route to take?

>Spamming the hell out of 'O' eliminates the issue.
Will have to try this the next time I fight Centaurs.

>petrifying one Satyrs with two around can be troublesome
Makes sense. Went for the ringout option.

>cave with 3 Satyrs and FL
I abused a 'sweet spot' on the lower and upper levels to make everyone stop attacking me. I tried petrifying the Satyr and FLs all at once, but the Satyr kept running around in circles, which made the noted pretty difficult to do. So I just settled to kill the FLs with collisions while still inside the 'sweet spot', and petrified two of the Saryrs, since ringouts weren't an option (had to reset the fight to get my MP back).

133God of War 1 General Discussion  - Page 3 Empty Re: God of War 1 General Discussion Wed May 11, 2022 7:13 am



>what is the better route to take?
Usually, the route is N, VH, CotG, NUR+ and PAIN. It's up to you.

Too bad they aren't encountered anywhere else other than CoH. I feel some Satyr/Centaur encounters would be much more interesting than fighting CDK.

>cave sweet spot
Sensible choice.

134God of War 1 General Discussion  - Page 3 Empty Re: God of War 1 General Discussion Thu May 12, 2022 6:34 am

Phoenix Wright

Phoenix Wright

>Usually, the route is N, VH, CotG, NUR+ and PAIN. It's up to you.
NUR+? And here I thought it would be weird to jump into NUR+ without having tried NUR first. But I guess it makes sense.

I have completed the run, but as I have mentioned, I want to play GoW2 next. I will leave PAIN and others for later.

Also, I have tried the Clones, but unfortunately couldn't do anything of note in the fight, even when I tried applying everything you have told me about the fight (and trying to somehow emulate what I see in videos). Definitely need more practice, but I'll leave that for later, as noted.

>I feel some Satyr/Centaur encounters would be much more interesting than fighting CDK.
Now that you mention it, yes, I'm curious about how combining these two would play out.

135God of War 1 General Discussion  - Page 3 Empty Re: God of War 1 General Discussion Thu May 12, 2022 9:53 am



>NUR first
Unnecessary. I've never seen anyone do one.

Enjoy collisions scaling with settings.

>PAIN for later
Noted. Should you wish to check strategies, you know where to look.

>Clone War
It takes time and consistency to master the technique.

>combining these two
It could be a buffed variant of the Centaurs sniping you down while dealing with Satyrs, or managing both at once. Maybe throw some stage hazards to use (or get killed by). To not make things a walk in the park, I'd have saws that damage them heftily (50-60 damage) and insta-kill Kratos.

136God of War 1 General Discussion  - Page 3 Empty Re: God of War 1 General Discussion Thu May 12, 2022 6:47 pm

Phoenix Wright

Phoenix Wright

>collisions scaling with settings
Do they get stronger?

>check for strategies
Of course. If I have time this weekend, I'll finish watching Taz's NUR+ playlist, and yours as well (including PAIN, Artemis PAIN, and your recent NUR+ NGR+).

>buffing the Centaurs or managing them both at once
>throw some deadly hazards
Like these ideas. Are you thinking of something akin to the saws in the challenge of Atlas?

137God of War 1 General Discussion  - Page 3 Empty Re: God of War 1 General Discussion Thu May 12, 2022 8:22 pm



>do they get stronger
Only the case with GoW1 and GoWII. Base value on Normal is 10 for fulls and 5 for half collisions. VH sees enemy Power% at 500 (basically five times the base) so you get 50 for fulls and 25 for halfs. Numbers don't change for the aforementioned entries.

I forgot to mention this, but the Barbarian Hammer is the GOAT. Make sure to use it (can be combined with RotT for incredibly effective tanking strats). Animation cancelling is also a thing for GoWII (hold the analog stick in any direction and tap 'aim' with TB/EH momentarily and continue on with your rampage **hammer heavies are by far the best example**).

>saws in CoA
I was thinking about the saws at the Architect's Tomb. I much prefer their aesthetic compared to their ones in CoA.

Note: Thinking about it, a costume/mod that permanently buffs enemies (like an 'enraged' mechanic in MGR:R **Sam's DLC** or Bayonetta) would be pretty cool. Give even basic fodder the ability to armour through a few attacks before staggering. Increased Petrification resistance, statue HP and DMG dealt (probably double it). Archer's arrows would have a bigger explosion AOE (while the arrows themselves would become unblockable).

Note2: I'd LOVE having 'Dominus' (Blue tattoo Kratos) as a costume in GoW1 (with blue BoC **pretty sure I saw modding vids having them**). It could be a reward for completing VH. We should also be allowed to toggle skin perks on and off while selecting them in the main menu.

138God of War 1 General Discussion  - Page 3 Empty Re: God of War 1 General Discussion Sun May 15, 2022 1:14 am

Phoenix Wright

Phoenix Wright

>5x collisions on Very Hard

>make sure to use Barbarian Hammer
Will do. Just unlocked Cronos' Rage. Don't know anything about the game besides what I have played (and what you have told me), so not sure at what point I'll be getting that hammer.

>animation cancelling is also a thing
Good to know.

>saws in Architect's Tomb
Ah, yes, these. Somehow didn't think of them when I typed that.

>mod that permanently buffs enemies
Kind of surprised they haven't done this. Some PS2 games have gotten mods (that go beyond simple aesthetic or number tweaking) prior to a PC port being released. That aside, I agree, definitely sounds cool and something worth playing around with.

>would love having blue tattoo Kratos as a costume
Forgot this was part of the character graveyard. Did they even finish making the model? Don't remember the details. If so, yeah, would have been good to play as this alternate version of Kratos.

>toggle skin perks on and off while selecting them in the pause menu
You mean in general, or just for 'Dominus'? Also, still baffled about costumes being unusable in VH.

Note: Regarding part 13 of your NGR+ NUR+ video (watching them out of order *for now*, just wanted to see how you'd tackle the arena with Minotaurs and Centaurs (and others), as well as Pandora's Guardian. I keep learning new stuff, didn't think of jumping back up to use the platform as a safe spot to use MG on the Centaur. Pretty clever way to avoid dealing with said Centaur and the Minotaur at the same time (and risk taking damage). Also, I thought you couldn't use the lever at any point prior to leaving Pandora's Guardian on critical health. Definitely worth keeping in mind.

One more thing, have you finished your Artemis CotG?

139God of War 1 General Discussion  - Page 3 Empty Re: God of War 1 General Discussion Sun May 15, 2022 10:45 am



>PS2 games getting mods
I remember GoW1 and GoWII had big downloadable mods for emulators. Something among the lines of "infernal/vampire edition". Purely cosmetic mods, but I feel like it's a start. Maybe next time we'll get something that spices things up.

>finished model
It was in the game in "the making of" vid (and some other cut content vids in the treasure menu).

>in general, or just for 'Dominus'?
In general. I feel like it would be a nice addition. As for 'Dominus', I'm not sure what his perks would be. Probably something similar to General Kratos in GoWII (half DMG dealt, double DMG taken **buffed enemy power% so collisions would be doubled** and different orb values **red orbs being increased significantly while HP/MP orbs are garbage**). Maybe give him reduced MP cost for spells. Tycoon already covers the double DMG taken part (same with red orbs), but his damage is doubled as well (laughably overpowered).

>tormentors/centaur bout at CoH
Quite a few things you can do, actually. The thing that should remain the same is taking care of the bulls spawning at the bottom right of the plaza (I prefer MG or air OS as redirection/homerun can kek you in the specific spot).

Regarding the alternative approaches, you can either abuse 'funneling' near the chest for MG, homerun them anywhere other than the above-mentioned spot, 360 toss archers, redirection for RO or jump to the platform I did and use MG from there (would need to test if Gorgon Rage can reach them from there **would be swell when combined with Athena's Blessing**).

>LPG logs
Just don't pull off this trick immediately after reaching his final phase (doing it while he has too much HP will give him glitched invincibility).

>Blade of Artemis CotG
Uploaded the last part a few hours ago.

140God of War 1 General Discussion  - Page 3 Empty Re: God of War 1 General Discussion Tue May 17, 2022 10:54 pm

Phoenix Wright

Phoenix Wright

>Dominus' perks
Sounds good. While we're at it, make costumes available for VH. Assume that collisions would be buffed considerably, by stacking the 5x multiplier you get from said mode with the 2x modifier you'd get from a costume.

However, I wonder if this would hurt our ability to shatter enemies with relatively high statue HP.

>can approach the Tormentors/Centaurs in more than one way
Always great to hear this.

>test if Gorgon Rage can reach enemies from there
Since you're doing a No damage run where you allow for upgrades, it would be a good time to test this out (but I have yet to watch all of the videos, so not sure if you've even upgraded MG or if you're already past that section).

>don't use the lever trick too soon or the fight will be unable to end

>last part of your Artemis CotG
Saw it. Great showing as usual.

141God of War 1 General Discussion  - Page 3 Empty Re: God of War 1 General Discussion Yesterday at 10:21 pm



>shattering enemies with high sHP
I'm really into the idea of reduced MP cost for Dominus (with trash HP recovery to embrace my No Damage obsession). Zf could get some shine here (not affected by Power%). PR could also work but it doesn't really have a wide AOE at lvl1 (where breaking multiple foes is concerned **Zf would be the better choice for 1v1s economically speaking**). Blade of Artemis R1 could also work.

>allowing upgrades
An understatement to be certain. Being a v2, I decided to grind the harpy puzzle for MAX BoC and Zf (to actually show what lvl3 Zf can do). Could have abused Athena's Blessing and my RP farming method (false OS off of objects) for infinite orb farming, but it would be incredibly slow.

>gorgon rage reaching from above at the CoH plaza
It doesn't work. However, I'll still use the platform for something else...

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