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The Evil Within 2

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301The Evil Within 2 - Page 7 Empty Re: The Evil Within 2 on Fri Oct 26, 2018 8:17 am


To note, a new patch was just uploaded with.... actual things:

  • AKUMU mode
  • infinite stamina cheat
  • super strength cheat
  • invincibility cheat
  • minor bugfixes

I am as amazed as you guys are, cannot wait to put this game in again this weekend and toy around with it. Sadly Akumu isn't a 'mode' to switch on like the others (so no Akumu Classic). And it probably really is just shoved in (so the firewalk won't be balanced with it in mind). Still, very excited to play this again!

302The Evil Within 2 - Page 7 Empty Re: The Evil Within 2 on Fri Oct 26, 2018 8:46 am


You're kidding! I thought they abandoned this game. A sign of things to come perhaps?

I might give akumu a try. Hopefully they remix enemy placements. So much potential for crazy shit like putting the laughing freak in chapter 3's open area or something.

But yeah I think it will be more a lazy one hit kill mode than anything else.

303The Evil Within 2 - Page 7 Empty Re: The Evil Within 2 on Fri Oct 26, 2018 8:57 am


The only way to get the new features is by signing up for a Bethesda 'group' or something, so it reaks of a quick way to get our information for newsletters and stuff. But I'll gladly sign my spam-mail up for something like this. Seriously cannot believe I am going to play this gem again this weekend, perfect for Halloween (even though I don't celebrate that here).

304The Evil Within 2 - Page 7 Empty Re: The Evil Within 2 on Fri Oct 26, 2018 9:43 am


I might boot it up as well. Tonight. I'm really curious as to how they've done Akumu mode.

305The Evil Within 2 - Page 7 Empty Re: The Evil Within 2 on Fri Oct 26, 2018 9:47 am


Let me know what it's like!

306The Evil Within 2 - Page 7 Empty Re: The Evil Within 2 on Fri Oct 26, 2018 10:29 am


I'm loading it up now. Will likely take a little time to get to some combat but I should be able to tell you something within the hour.

307The Evil Within 2 - Page 7 Empty Re: The Evil Within 2 on Fri Oct 26, 2018 10:50 am


Awesome, let me know! How did you sign up, can you do it from inside the game?

308The Evil Within 2 - Page 7 Empty Re: The Evil Within 2 on Fri Oct 26, 2018 10:50 am


I'll give you my eternal thanks if you can quickly setup a Stream using the Share function on PS4 so I can watch from work.

309The Evil Within 2 - Page 7 Empty Re: The Evil Within 2 on Fri Oct 26, 2018 11:00 am


My connection doesn't work with it for some reason. I've tried in the past.

It's making me install some 14GB something. The actual update was only around 900mb. No idea what it's doing now but I may have uninstalled the game at some point and forgot about it. This is going to take around 10mins.

310The Evil Within 2 - Page 7 Empty Re: The Evil Within 2 on Fri Oct 26, 2018 11:52 am


No problem. Everyone in the galaxy is going wild about Red Dead Redemption 2, and here I am screaming about a new rushed out the door mode for this game haha!

311The Evil Within 2 - Page 7 Empty Re: The Evil Within 2 on Fri Oct 26, 2018 12:06 pm


Got to chapter 3 and ran to the gas station.

While I didn't see everything, the enemies in that large area near the station seem to be the same. Looks like it's simply a one hit kill mode. The AI seems as limited as before. I had no issue running into a bush a short distance away and losing them.

The description says a single hit is deadly and skills that prevent you from dying no longer work.
Stealth kills are still instant death, at least for the regular guys.

You can activate any of those infinite abilities at any time in the menu. Being on Akumu doesn't stop you.

312The Evil Within 2 - Page 7 Empty Re: The Evil Within 2 on Fri Oct 26, 2018 12:39 pm


Was there a white-witch girl by that house? Or was it just a regular mook? Because that's an indicator of Nightmare Mode enemy layout. Same goes for the first house where you have the forced encounter, was there another zombie by the door?

> infinite powers work regardless of the mode

Well everyone in the galaxy can get the Platinum now then haha.

313The Evil Within 2 - Page 7 Empty Re: The Evil Within 2 on Fri Oct 26, 2018 9:55 pm


I might not be familiar enough with the enemy layout but I'll try.

If you mean the house with the woman and kid where you first get the gun, there was a single zombie smashing on the door who breaks in when you try to leave.

I know the part by that house with the white lady and I think I saw her in the distance. Other than that no idea.

Something weird happened though. I approached the gas station then heard something like an explosion behind me but it sounded distant. Then most of the zombies and that tall screaming thing all ran away in the same direction, to the far left towards the road where against the far left wall you'll find a gas puddle (and I think a car). Past that you go into the area with houses. I found them all huddled together behind the house. Wtf was that?

I've also noticed severe framerate drops even when nothing major was happening. Might just be my old PS4. I don't remember having it slowdown like this before though.

Is there an Akumu trophy? Wouldn't be much point if you can cheat for it.

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314The Evil Within 2 - Page 7 Empty Re: The Evil Within 2 on Sat Oct 27, 2018 7:46 am


There isnt a trophy. Also the explosion is normal. Just a jump scare event. Other than that it seems to be NightmareMode with one hit kills. Only weird thing I saw happen was that an axe didnt kill a Lost. It broke. Really weird.

315The Evil Within 2 - Page 7 Empty Re: The Evil Within 2 on Sun Oct 28, 2018 12:55 pm


Play some more on Akumu, doing a 100% sweep of Chapter 3 and 4 so that takes a while (want that max Gel, you can get around 100.000 in those two chapters alone combined). The biggest change I've noticed so far is that on Akumu the molotov-Lost are very dangerous. If you stealthkill them it is a basic 50/50 chance you take damage form the fire and die instantly. This means that you have to take these guys out using guns, which I don't really like. Using shotgun > stomp is also dangerous, since you still risk dying in flames.

On another note they fixed the disappearing boxes glitch. Triggering the ghost events in Chapter 3 could despawn certain key boxes that held loot (like a weapon upgrade part). The only way to get those back was to reload the game after a save-trigger. They now fixed it. Can't believe they fixed something this minor but left some of the more big parts in tact. The enemy AI is still absolutely abysmall in a hilarious sense.

Think the whole run will, again, revolve around preparing for the Fire Walk segment. I can see that part being near impossible without the right load out. As such, I also don't see handicap runs working on this mode, it just isn't made for the game I feel. A No Upgrade Run should be doable all things considered, but doing True Survivor, Handgun Only or let alone Knife Only is entering the realm of impossibility.

Should be noted that you'll be swimming in gel in the Akumu run later-on since a solid 50% of the talent tree is now useless.

316The Evil Within 2 - Page 7 Empty Re: The Evil Within 2 on Mon Oct 29, 2018 2:03 am


lol@classic mode with cheats.
I wonder why they allowed this. Did a lot of people complain about this mode and the trophy?

They would have to consider it broken first though. I remember complaints about the first game but don't remember if AI being too good or hard to escape once seen were among them.

No upgrade is the most possible, but then I don't know.

What are your plans with this mode? Playthrough? Challenge attempt?

317The Evil Within 2 - Page 7 Empty Re: The Evil Within 2 on Mon Oct 29, 2018 8:06 am


Yeah the cheats work universally. The Classic Mode got a lot of complaints since it was such a hard one for casual players, kind of the point like with Akumu. You can also just completely steamroll Akumu with the cheats enabled for whatever reason.

I feel this again shows it was just a quick addition. If they'd put some time into it they'd have just disabled trophies with them, or only allow them on difficulties you'd already cleared.

> Challenges
I doubt I'll touch this game again for a while after this, other than PERHAPS a True Survivor Run. Just anything that sees me skip Chapter 3, 7 and most of 13. The open world is already getting me down. I like the area, and I know the good routes, but it is getting very tiresome. When I do it I don't want to half-ass it, so I have to kill everyone, which takes a long ass time. I'm nearly fully upgraded now though. But I'm more itching to go back to FotNS after this before Smash hits in december.

318The Evil Within 2 - Page 7 Empty Re: The Evil Within 2 on Mon Oct 29, 2018 8:25 am


I cant play it again either.
Horror games often lose their value to me after experiencing them.

My first run through this game was absolutely terrifying. Something about exploring those empty houses that may or may not be inhabited really creeps me out. I have nightmares about this sometimes. Like I'm going house to house on my street looking for items and the sky has this gross yellow color. Not sure why, but it ain't good.

I also have this strange fear of American diners. When I came across the one in this I froze and didn't approach it for a while.

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319The Evil Within 2 - Page 7 Empty Re: The Evil Within 2 on Mon Oct 29, 2018 9:23 am


Don't get me wrong, I love the game, but like I pointed out in my article, it is more a Math problem now. When do I shoot, when do I save bullets. How do I use each axe perfectly etc. So there isn't really a 'threat' anymore. Especially now that I know how to knife everything haha.

I agree that first run was the best. Opening doors (love how you could open doors while aiming for a unique animation), not knowing if there's something inside. Great stuff.

320The Evil Within 2 - Page 7 Empty Re: The Evil Within 2 on Tue Oct 30, 2018 6:48 am


I agree that first run was the best. Opening doors (love how you could open doors while aiming for a unique animation), not knowing if there's something inside. Great stuff.
It truly was. Deadly Premonition was sort of the same. I can't play it again because it's long and I know everything that's going to happen. The exploration thrill is totally gone.

There's no remedy for this sadly, though it doesn't happen for every horror game I play. RE, Fatal Frame and Haunting Ground don't suffer from this and are infinitely replayable for me, and are shorter and more linear.

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321The Evil Within 2 - Page 7 Empty Re: The Evil Within 2 on Mon Dec 17, 2018 7:56 am


Apparently an artist at Tango put some weird TEW-related artwork on her Twitter before getting hit by a huge NDA locking her Twitter down.

More info from here: Interesting notes:

In short: Ikumi Nakamura was art director for The Evil Within 1, previously had done some work on Bayonetta. She did a lot of awesome concept arts you can see in art book for the game and I think she also came up with characters and locations (don't quote me on that).
It seems like her involvement in The Evil Within 2 was minimal. She is only credited for additional art. Like, what does that even mean? It might as well mean that the hospital flashback scenes had some of her art in them. I wonder what happened to her? Few years ago Shinji Mikami was talking about how Nakamura, someone else and Madworld creator were all good contenders for game director chair. So she went from being an art director, to being a possible game director to "additional art"? Looking for information about this on the internet I came across this thread on gamefaqs.

One of the posters says:
"Mikami's pick for the director's chair got fired by bethesda lol! I wonder how he feels about the sequel"

Other posters reply:
"what the hell? i just had this gut feeling that TEW2 was a bit western, for a game with Shinji's involvement, even in a producer capacity. I just knew it."
"i can't find links about it. anybody got the links?"

Original poster replies:
"It's not covered at all in western publication. Ikumi Nakamura was her name and she was the main character designer for the first (and I think) Mikami's original pick for the director of the sequel. Mikami was grooming 3 people for the director's chair. Johannes, Nakamura and the director of Mad World (I think he worked on the third dlc of the first game). Nakamura was fired for undisclosed reasons shortly after the first game wrapped up development. Nobody really knows why but apparently she tweeted some concept art of Leslie possessed by Ruvik? I dunno, her twitter account doesn't exist anymore. She used to tweet a lot during the development of the first game. Either way, she now works with Capcom
this pretty much also explains why the sequel is so different. Even the enemy/boss designs aren't as striking as the originals"

I looked deeper to see if I could find a reason as to why her account got deleted. I could not find any Twitter archive for her profile, but I found this on some dead The Evil Within themed Tumblr blog:

The Evil Within 2 - Page 7 Fcpe7fk2bq421
The Evil Within 2 - Page 7 2m1omcbyaq421
big if true
Is this what I think it is? Concept art for original (possibly canned) version of The Evil Within 2? Is that fucking Leslie possessed by Ruvik? Wait... there's more.

The Evil Within 2 - Page 7 Pj1zehebbq421
Old Sebastian

The Evil Within 2 - Page 7 Kvmwlaidbq421
Old Sebastian cosplaying Max Payne

Lets think about this. There is some SERIOUSLY weird stuff going at Tango/Bethesda. Why did she post this? Was this just some of her fan art, or official artwork for the game? If it's not then why her Twitter account got removed? Does she still work at Tango?
Worst case scenario:
Bethesda got heavily involved in The Evil Within 2 development forcing John Johanas (the american dude) to direct the game to appeal to westerners, Nakamura stopped working there and dumped some artwork for the game breaking the NDA and her Twitter account got removed for this reason.
Best case scenario:
Ikumi Nakamura still works at Tango Gameworks and is currently working on The Evil Within 3 continuing Ruvik's story/ or working on other projects, while John Johanas directed The Evil Within 2 to finish off Sebastian's story.
Fact to back this up:
- Shinji Mikami wanted Tango to work on multiple projects at a time: "Mikami says he still wants Tango to become a studio that produces multiple games at a time" Source*:*
(from the same article) "Following Bethesda's acquisition, Mikami says he still wants Tango to become a studio that produces multiple games at a time, but it's not his decision alone."
So it could go both ways...
- Ikumi Nakamura is still on Tango Gameworks website, but it has not been updated in recent time.

New info provided by AlexinChains87 in the comments here:
So she still works at Tango. I wonder why her role on this game was so minimal. I think Bethesda might have still meddled with development somehow, but it proves that the Gamefaqs user has got some fake info. Hopefully she is directing The Evil Within 3 or another project. TEW1 art direction was just perfect. And what's with this concept art she posted on her Twitter? Might be some unused content I guess, or sequel stuff, but if it was sequel stuff then why would she be allowed to reveal it this way? This whole situation is confusing.

322The Evil Within 2 - Page 7 Empty Re: The Evil Within 2 on Tue Dec 18, 2018 7:22 pm


That Leslie pic is interesting.

There has to be a third game. Why else would they give such an inconclusive ending in TEW1, then add even more BS in 2 like Joseph and the computer at the end?

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323The Evil Within 2 - Page 7 Empty Re: The Evil Within 2 on Fri Aug 16, 2019 4:41 pm


In my endless game-hopping adventures, I gave this another playthrough over the last couple days. What an underrated gem. Played around with weapons and stuff too and had a ball. Going to attempt Akumu in its entirety instead of just the first three chapters haha.

324The Evil Within 2 - Page 7 Empty Re: The Evil Within 2 on Wed Aug 28, 2019 7:44 am


I gotta say this game was a fantastic horror experience the first time through, but only works once. Just like Deadly Premonition.

325The Evil Within 2 - Page 7 Empty Re: The Evil Within 2 on Wed Aug 28, 2019 8:51 am


Great to hear Infinity, Akumu is pretty fun here too since you can reliably avoid all damage. Only the fire-chapters are a tad annoying but if you don't hold back you can absolutely demolish the entire game.

326The Evil Within 2 - Page 7 Empty Re: The Evil Within 2 on Mon Jun 29, 2020 11:03 am


I am taking my time in Chapter 3 just exploring. I remembered to avoid the Anima item until later, and I did the crow after reading about it here.

I will keep this first post to things I like and things I consider improvements. Starting with positivity because there is a lot I don't like.

-You can crouch and shoot.

-The stealth, though overpowered actual is functional this time.

-Union is a well designed map, and enough benches to save at so it isn't frustrating.

-Separating weapon and gel upgrades is a nice idea. The red gel and advanced parts system keeps you from just dumping everything into the OP stuff right away.

-The sprinting feels a bit better, especially when going backwards. The penalty for running out is just a slower Regen, no more out of breath animation. Default amount is much longer.

-I like the coffee system, you don't have to waste healing items if you just take a cheap hit or two while exploring.

-The weapon menu pauses the game instead of the slow down, love this change.

327The Evil Within 2 - Page 7 Empty Re: The Evil Within 2 on Mon Jun 29, 2020 11:35 am


Note that cover-aiming counts can be used to lure enemies for a corner-kill. They can't 'spot' you, but they will go 'huh what's over there'. Great addition imo.

> stealth
Mostly love how it doesn't have 'gotcha' moments of enemies doing wacky turn arounds to catch you. You can legit stealth the game if you want, even bosses. You can see if an enemy is aware of you by their eyes. Bright red means they know you are there and thus cannot be stealth-killed. Dull-red is killable.

> union
I really like how optional it all is. If you want to explore there's a *lot* to do so. Tons of optional enemies as well if you want extra Gel. You can get the shotgun early, stack up on supplies, get the laser-pistol, work towards getting the revolver. Or you can skip it entirely and be done with it in 5 minutes. Well designed imo. Also you can kill all the enemies before the first bench which is pretty fun.

> sprinting
Note that you can use the cover-dash to cover distance really fast and can cancel it at any time.

> Coffee
There's also a free coffee at the slideshow in the office, you can use it once per playthrough, pretty neat.

Game is also insanely customizable for challenge runs which is why I love it so much. Had the most fun in my self-titled 'true survivor' run:

- no coffee - no stealthkills (knife cinematic kill is fine, bottle-stealth kill isn't) - no crafting items - no DLC - no upgrades (to both Sebastian and weapons) - no keys - no open world (meaning no collecting in open world areas like chpt 3, 7 and 13). - New Game, on Nightmare

> Flaws
I personally don't have many. Enemy remixing could've been done better and some enemy types could use a boost. Too much 'zombie but with a gimmick'. Would've liked some more interesting enemies to build off of it. Stefano boss is also kind of poor compared to the rest mechanically speaking. Also not a fan of the big 'walky talky' moments especially near the start.
Game does feel a tad rushed and some moments like the FPS segment are headscratchers imo. Also feel like you really need to do challenge runs to get any sort of challenge as the main game is pretty easy even on Nightmare / Classic.

328The Evil Within 2 - Page 7 Empty Re: The Evil Within 2 on Mon Jun 29, 2020 1:36 pm


>lure enemies for a corner-kill

That is good to know. I am pretty sure the Kidman DLC had a lure enemy button, they should have put that in.

>it doesn't have 'gotcha' moments

This is why the stealth is OP. They really linger before they turn around and with max movement speed you have plenty of time.

It is janky as hell. Seb flips out and his body twists all crazy when I aim a lot. Climbing up on ledges you often just fall of or glitch out and are stuck for a minute. Tons of wonky stuff.
Ultimately the shooting feels worse than TEW in every way.
Enemies don't react no matter where you shoot them, even running.
Even things like kicking doors, shooting them while climbing should be 100% reaction and they do nothing. I had to go straight for max pistol critical for the shooting to feel ok.
I understand it is a different game, if enemies were easy to down like they were on TEW1, you would never stealth.

Does melee damage upgrades affect axes? Also does upgrading make it easier to get the knife kill animation? I could see that being useful when getting rushed, a couple pistol shots and go for a stab to finish?

I have been recording all of the janky stuff and want to make a video like this one.

329The Evil Within 2 - Page 7 Empty Re: The Evil Within 2 on Mon Jun 29, 2020 1:54 pm


I disagree that separating gel/weapon parts was a good idea(unless you’re strictly talking about red gel, which I still don’t like). In pretty much every instance I find it better for a game to have one form of currency/resource for the most amount of freedom and decision making. Locking upgrades behind those stupid high grade weapon parts made it so that you could get pretty few max upgrades in a playthrough. I don’t think it making it OP is an issue since the game is so easy with the stealth anyway.

>weapon wheel pauses the game

One of many ways the game was easier. Don’t like how you can sprint and heal at the same time, takes away from the risk of trying to set up a stun to heal. Seb also doesn’t slow down when he’s low on health. I get why people prefer these changes but I love how much the first game just didn’t give a shit about being brutally hard, all of these little things added up made this game feel so much easier.

>upgrading melee make it easier to get knife kill animations

I don’t have any concrete proof but that’s what it seemed like to me, I would get them almost every other melee once I had it upgraded.

330The Evil Within 2 - Page 7 Empty Re: The Evil Within 2 on Mon Jun 29, 2020 2:31 pm


> kidman
I think it was a bit intended like that since the Kidman DLC was made by the same director. You can also shoot a lone zombie with the silenced pistol to lure just him. Very gamey, love it.

> stealth
I do like it as a result, since it's actually useful and allowed them to make some really dangerous enemies like the Witches that will just chop you up in close combat should you fail stealth.

> shooting
Honestly never had this issue personally. Did a handgun only run for fun and it lacks some stagger but you can trip up enemies quite easily iirc. The stopping power of it is low though for sure, especially the default pistol without Cascade.

> jank
300+ hours played and not a single one. Only glitch I had was walking in air at one point and of course the PC exclusive fps-glitch. Oh and the infamous Classic Crash in Chapter 7. Not sure what you're doing but yeah, can't say I had that experience.

> melee upgrades axes
Yes they gain the damage boost.

> knife kill animation
It is purely a cinematic that triggers at random IIRC when a foe is killed with a knife during a specific part of their stagger animation. Even on my knife-only run I rarely saw it. You get it if you knife them immediately after a regular slice, so a double slice basically.

> red gel

It is smart imo since it allows for some balancing around the end-game abilities, at least putting a little gate in front of it, same with the super-upgrade pack thingies. Allows them to make those a lot more OP than have them be gained asap. On the other hand, I would've prefered 1 single material too, easier to manage and you're broken enough as it is, who cares if you get even more OP.

> brutally hard
I'd say TEW1 was more consistent in difficulty, TEW2 has lots of leaps and bounds. It starts of decently hard, then eases up for a bit, then you suddenly have Guardians everywhere, then it's easy again. Then flamethrowers everywhere and then Fire Walk which is honestly the hardest segment in the series imo. An escort mission in a bubble that gets smaller with enemies that are on fire. Jesus. And afterwards it is basically easy mode again.

> sprint and heal
Less of a fan of the auto-heal perk, though thankfully it is a perk. Most of the game's buyable abilities really feel like handholders i.e. bullet-time, auto heal and dodge%. Can't say that I mind the wheel-change.

> seb doesn't slow down when hurt

There are differences though. Grabs gain different animations based on your damage%. A regular grab becomes a different OHKO skull-squash if you're under 25% for example, even if the regular grab wouldn't have killed you. It also influences your stamina-regeneration iirc.

331The Evil Within 2 - Page 7 Empty Re: The Evil Within 2 on Mon Jun 29, 2020 3:44 pm


The PC port is one of the worst I have played, so maybe that is contributing to the jank.

It isn't really the shooting itself that I have an issue with, it is purely the pistol.
Compared to TEW it is a step down in every way. Just like RE4, TEW pistol allowed you complete control over the enemy.
In the first game on chapter 3 you could take on 4 guys at once, and 1 well placed bullet and match could kill them all.
I have not seen any videos of anyone fighting more than two lost with the pistol on chapter 3 TEW2, because it is suicide. Everyone just runs away, breaks sight, then goes back to stealth.
I just realized the reason the pistol doesn't down an enemy with a knee shot is the stomp is invulnerable. You could run around the map and knee, stomp everyone.
With this in mind I understand the change. I would have preferred the kept in matches, but mainstream reviewers couldn't handle a complex system like that.

That being said the pistol is a million times better with the critical upgrade, so now I just go for headshots and problem solved.
I maxed it out so quick in chapter 3 and it is 60%, TEW 1 was only 50% IIRC.
The shotgun seems to work pretty good compared to the pistol, enemies react and topple it seems.

Do you play with the slow mo move much? It looks like cheating from the game play I have seen.

Also everyone hates on the laser pistol because of the zoom, but on PC you can change the FOV soo it looks identical to RE4's FOV. It is awesome.

This clip of TLOU2 looks better than anything I have seen done in TEW2.
She knee shots a runner, grabs it, and the clicker kills it.
This alone has made me want to play this more than anything I have seen.

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332The Evil Within 2 - Page 7 Empty Re: The Evil Within 2 on Mon Jun 29, 2020 4:22 pm


It’s always interesting reading people’s views on this series. Things vary quite a lot just with two games, but for me personally, I can say that it’s a testament to how damn good these games are, when I can find the sequel inferior by a bit but still find it to be one of the best games of the generation.


Yeah headshots are much more tempting in TEW2 than 1 I’ve found(not that they weren’t good in 1), I liked that synaptic focus was another use of the stamina meter, even if it was crazy broken. Is there any benefit to using the revolver? I used it just for aesthetic reasons.

>chapter 7 crash

I was so worried about this happening to me on classic but I got through it with no troubles.


The red gel does gate off OP things but they could have made the really busted stuff cost a lot of green gel, that way if you want to shoot for synaptic focus right away you can get it in a first playthrough but you would be sacrificing firepower/health/sprint, kind of like if you were to go for the fire harpoon in TEW1 right away. Having to do replays just to get high grade weapon parts and red gel annoyed me I think.

>fire walk

Dem shock bolts always were my go-to there. Never did any kind of challenge run aside from just doing Classic, would be curious to see how I would go about it.

>PC port

It runs at 60FPS right? Will probably pick this up too when I get my PC.

>TEW1 pistol

The ways you can dominate enemies with it is pretty crazy as you pointed out. Great for picking off dynamite/Molotovs too. Also can be used to shoot far-off enemies that always have a tiny amount of health if you don’t want to use sniper rounds(like those guys shooting the spikes in chapter 6). The shotgun in TEW1 was also devastating with its massive spread and crit chance. Blowing off 3-4 heads at once is magical.


This is probably my biggest issue with this game from the first one. The match system was so brilliant and the stomps are more of a typical kill button. Not anywhere as dynamic or interesting. I don’t hate it or anything, but I miss the matches every time I play TEW2.

>slo mo

Oh it breaks the game in half, it’s absolutely absurd. Like I said, it’s cool that they got another use out of the stamina meter but it’s very busted. Fun to goof off with on a power-trip run.

>TLOU2 clip

Huh, didn’t expect to see anything cool from that game.

333The Evil Within 2 - Page 7 Empty Re: The Evil Within 2 on Mon Jun 29, 2020 5:21 pm


>It runs at 60FPS right?

No. Check out the digital foundry video on the PC version. It stutters all the time when running around, even the highest of end systems can't hold 60. Even when it is "60 fps" it suffers from horrible frame pacing, like bloodborne, where it always looks and feels like a choppy mess. If this was any other game I would have stopped playing because of it, it honestly makes me a little sick it is so stuttery. I haven't played the console versions to say if its better, but it is rough. Action is usually smooth enough luckily, it is just the exploration that gets choppy.

The first game may have launched rough, but ran amazing for me.

Edit: Finally done with chapter 3 going into 4. Finishing up the target practice and will be going into chapter 4 with cascade, that sounds like a lot of fun. I don't want the slow mo, that just seems unnecessary.
Target practice is much easier switching to mouse, the final level of chain attack is pretty tough though.

334The Evil Within 2 - Page 7 Empty Re: The Evil Within 2 on Tue Jun 30, 2020 9:16 am


> PC port
Oh my. Yeah that version is very buggy. You can clip through walls just by pressing back and forth iirc, it isn't pretty. Game also had very specific issues per graphics card from what I remember.

> pistol
It is more a light damage tool in this one and used for luring than actual combat. I feel the stealth really is a bigger factor while things like the Shotgun and Crossbow are so much more important. You get them so early and with enough ammo for a reason imo. End-game it's a lot less viable. Stealth really is one of the more prevalent functions here.

> stomp
Shotgun into stomp is a true OHKO against nearly everything which is really neat.

> slow mo
Absolutely breaks the game, fun for the final boss and derping around.

> Cascade
Note that you can do some funky stuff with it. There's the 'cabin fight' where you can keep firing at your ally to build up Cascade into the thousands with the assault rifle on NG+. SBK did damage testing on this, there's no real fall-off on the damage% increase iirc. You can really just nuke things.

> TLOU2 combat
Neat, but it is easy to grab one cool moment from a meh game combat wise and compare it to a cherry picked bad combat moment of another. That said TLOU's melee combat was always interesting. Brick was way too overpowered for its own good but still fun.

>  fire walk
It's probably the most stressful encounter since there's so many things going on. You really need the bottles for the 5 OHKOs generally speaking and the second the girl loses HP the bubble shrinks a tad iirc, making it even worse. Sniper shines there. Not a fan of the enemies having 100% damage reduction while spawning there.

> match system
I think this is a good example of the 80/20/5 rule:

Ask the majority and the match system wasn't enjoyed. Only a small core enjoyed it seemingly, which is understandable since it is such a complicated mechanic for something so simple somehow. I think the stomp is fine too, though having it be a straight up OHKO might have been a bit much. I'd rather have seen round-house to return. That said I think the Axe is great. You really can plan routes around it, making it fun for future runs.

335The Evil Within 2 - Page 7 Empty Re: The Evil Within 2 on Tue Jun 30, 2020 11:52 pm


>Ask the majority and the match system wasn't enjoyed.

Then they catered to the majority in TEW2 and the game still sold like shit, at least the first game sold enough to get a sequel green lit. It is like dmc selling worse than DMC4.

Is there a use for herbs besides healing items? With bottle break you have to go out of you way to take damage. I miss shotgun haunted.

336The Evil Within 2 - Page 7 Empty Re: The Evil Within 2 on Wed Jul 01, 2020 9:02 am


> catering to a majority didn't work out
Only time it did was God of War 2018 to some extent. In this case I can't blame them for making the choice since the amount of players that enjoyed TEW1 at launch were very, very slim even by action standards. People like yourself or Infinity were like a whisper in an ocean of screams. Hard to gauge what's right or wrong in this time of information (which sucks, wish developers would just stick to their guns instead of ruining games).
I can agree TEW1 is mechanically better, but I really enjoy TEW2 a billion times more from start to finish.

> herbs
Purely for healing

> bottle
I meant throwing them in their face. If you throw a bottle in a mooks face you can stealth kill them even in combat.

337The Evil Within 2 - Page 7 Empty Re: The Evil Within 2 on Wed Jul 01, 2020 9:11 pm


The ice cream chaisaw lady boss was ok. A lot of options in the arena and plenty of room to move. She dies very quick though. I think it only took a spear, a sniper shot and a few shotgun, pistol shots.

The obsucura boss is just messy, maybe on akumu there is tension. All you have to do is run around her over and over again until the timer runs out. You should be able to kill her for extra gel.

Stefano is probably my favorite part. I love the idea of a serial killer getting unknowingly put in stem and him just going wild.

Nothing has been scary yet at all, all of the horror moments are far too scripted to be scary so far.
Stuff like running from Laura. the hosiptal chapter with the invisible guys, the first game creeped me the shit out.

The "battle music" also has a gears of war stinger when you kill the last aggroed enemy, so you are never scared of what else is around the corner. Bad choice imo.

Some really great art design in places, the giant eye ball in the sky is cool.

I have a ton of ammo and with bullet cascade the action has become much more enjoyable, maxed critical shotgun is great fun.

I think Johanas  has some weird long leg lady fetish with obscura and the kidman dlc light head boss lol

338The Evil Within 2 - Page 7 Empty Re: The Evil Within 2 on Wed Jul 01, 2020 9:20 pm


> chainsaw
You can also skip the boss which is pretty cool, you lose out on Gel but you get a quick and different entrance to the house. To skip her you run to the left and blow up some stuff to access a backdoor. You really need to rush otherwise she catches you. Fun fight and really shows all the possible ways to play I feel. Knifing her is really fun too, knifed her on Akumu which was really tense until I found the loop.

> Obscura
You can actually kill her for bonus gel (a ton might I add), but you really need a serious DPS output to make it within the timer. Poison paired with spears help. If you want to beat her you can just kite her around a table like I always do haha.

> horror
It is less mysterious, but the horror to me was more "will I get spotted" i.e. the tension of stealth. I agree it isn't really scary. More bizarre at times artistically. Really good art-design as you noted and it honestly only gets better.

339The Evil Within 2 - Page 7 Empty Re: The Evil Within 2 on Wed Jul 01, 2020 9:44 pm


> Obscura

Ok nice, I browsed a Jigzaw_Killer kill everything run to see if it was possible and he didn't.
I guess people didn't know at the time. It looks like way too much damage for a new game though, I already have all of the skills I want really so not gonna waste the ammo.

Is there any videos of someone killing her on NG? I could not find one.

Without spoilers is there anything coming up you can't kill? I assume the anima stuff is just running away?

Saw thew chainsaw skip on Seraphim's video, I am glad this game has options like that, that was a great part of TEW1. Being able to stealth kill that first sadist, or killing laura. You would never expect that on first play troughs.

The Skykes fight was the first difficult thing so far and was great fun. I actually felt like I was playing TEW,
I hope for more wave based arenas like that. That part also showed me how weak the default explosive bolts are, gonna be upgrading those next.

340The Evil Within 2 - Page 7 Empty Re: The Evil Within 2 on Sun Jul 05, 2020 10:22 am


> obscura
I think she was killed pretty quickly on an Easy NG+ run soon after launch iirc. You can do it on Fresh Nightmare too but you need to have done upgrades in a specific way for it. You'll either need Fire Arrows or Poison Bolts iirc. Upgraded Stun works too but slowed.

> can't kill
Anima and scripted sequences (like running) aside, no. There will be a few fights where you might think it though.

> Sykes fight
Really fun one, fully agreed. That entire section is pretty cool with the hidden Chainsaw enemies too. Lots of little nooks and crannies.

> explosive bolts
When fully upgraded they are a riot haha.

341The Evil Within 2 - Page 7 Empty Re: The Evil Within 2 on Wed Sep 23, 2020 11:52 am



Someone found a NEW easter-egg. Apparently there's a hidden crow that when killed gives a ton of Gel, not to be confused with the huge crow. How to make it appear is still..unknown. Guy thankfully managed to record it.

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