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God Hard: Shotgun Only notes

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1God Hard: Shotgun Only notes Empty God Hard: Shotgun Only notes Mon Jul 03, 2017 8:48 pm



A bit late, but stuck on 5-3 now (the second to last checkpoint). Having a big amount of trouble dealing enough damage to them consistently. I believe I need to get one Bogey down to around 10% for the end-game to start, my record now is 40%.

Trying some stuff but here are some finds:

> if they say "let's go" a grenade-slide works wonders. THey'll rush you and run right in the grenade for some nice damage (bonus damage if you shoot the grenade). After that they bounce out of reach though.

> if they rush you the attack is best dodged by either:
- putting your back to them and dodging backwards (hard), this way you can start a new offensive really easy.
- dodging forward underneath them (easy), but this way you need to turn again to start an offensive.

Focusing on the Red Bogey right now as he doesn't move as much as Blue does, his sniper shots are less dangerous at close range and he's just a lot easier to see as Blue blends with the environment (at least to my eyes).

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Managed to get it done..dear god that was intense. Played near perfectly only to screw up at the end and almost die. The ending QTE saved my ass.

Going to edit the videos today and hopefully edit them all next week.

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