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God of War 3 Run Notes

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1God of War 3 Run Notes Empty God of War 3 Run Notes Wed Oct 30, 2019 7:43 am



Just posting this thread here, so I don't forget.

This is really just going to act as a status update, and for general questions regarding my second run of God of War 3 Remastered. As of right now, I've gotten the Hermes boots, and just arrived at the labyrinth.

2God of War 3 Run Notes Empty Re: God of War 3 Run Notes Wed Oct 30, 2019 8:28 am



Good, keep us posted! What difficulty are you playing this run on?

3God of War 3 Run Notes Empty Re: God of War 3 Run Notes Wed Oct 30, 2019 6:33 pm



Roy: He noted it was a repeat run to me. Vanilla H. Desire was to learn about the various weapons (specifically them, not so much spells, relics, items, etc. though maybe that was not the intended takeaway). I recommended strongly against attempting to learn them all at once (instead, a MIN and a MAX for each weapon at least *NG+ Glitch helping with having more of the game to try the MAX versions*).

As for upgrade suggestions, it was a simple thing given it is GoWIII and this is a newcomer in a low-level run. BoE. That's it. After it is MAX, feel free to do whatever. Like using X? Upgrade that. Whatever. I can advise on the merits for each option, but the simple truth is that Cestus gets very little from it. CoH gains some power (not enough), but can't keep pace. NW isn't buffed much, but the high base, good specials and tirades make-up for it.

Being an advanced weapon meant more for set-ups (not so much knockback for collisions and ring-outs versus launching for juggles and grabs) than just landing safe enders from range or slapping away ground-to-ground. That's the sort of thing you learn after you have a feel for the setting, really. Like a repeat playthrough of VH (during a weapon focused run, really).

There is much de-rusting for me to do if I'm to advise competently (especially in higher runs). I can only hope my old notes pretty well cover my old knowledge (for reminders) as I don't too much fancy having to re-watch random runners for my old posts (if YT hasn't deleted them for language they don't care for, the player didn't delete their videos as Bick loves doing, the uploader didn't shut down, etc.). It would be a pain in the ass to check on the Gates of Tisiphone for talk of how I suggest controlling the fight, for instance. Or, moving on to another entry, spawn rules and how they are exploited with Pantheon of Atropos (GoWII).

Firmament: >Hermes Boots
Such a goofy fight with his RNG falling during wall flips (should have been able to control this if only with an attack landing as he tries it), unblockable high damage slaps, the quick dropkick (great if you can react and reverse in time) we can't reliably bait, etc. No healthy fight, just chasing him until we get...this. Not too unlike the treatment of Helios. Better than what Apollo (and Artemis) got. To think they favored trash like Skorpius so much (while failing so spectacularly with the design on so many fronts). I should like to hear some details here and there. How about your handling of this simple enough bit for starters?

NOTE: The boots have some utility with their charge (for launching), some glitching (even style) antics with the upgraded version, an okay movement (and cancel) with ground activation and so on, but the star is clearly the air evade. Don't recall it having i-frames, but it is quite quick and the rate you can spam it in succession increases depending on the weapon equipped (NW was tops as I recall).

Worst boss isn't too far off, then. Mind you, it should be pretty comfortable in these conditions. It really starts to bare its teeth as you get to higher runs (my notes enumerate many faults, suggested ways to easily fix it, etc.).


So then, has it been decided how you would like to do things (at least, for the moment)? You mentioned being unable to record, thus write-ups are how it has to be. Being that this is currently just a vanilla H run (not even VH), I don't see that you need to necessarily fill a run skeleton with coverage (for each section). It can be a bit more laid back as you denote what you want, ask questions, etc. I'd rather things start picking up the pace (with practice for higher run detailing during even vanilla VH) next time around.

We going to be doing weapons focus testing (to accomplish your original aim of learning them)? BoE MIN (sample of NUR), BoE MAX and so on for the others (though BoA only has one state)? I'd like to think you'll keep to the spells tied to a given weapon during their run, too. Give CoH a chance (to find its strengths and many weaknesses *a learning experience*). Perhaps save challenge runs as with the basic NUR for later? We can get to run rules and the like when it suits you.

NOTE: Until I know you're ready for it, I don't know that there is good reason to link to my coverage or give a form to fill (prior to needing it).

4God of War 3 Run Notes Empty Re: God of War 3 Run Notes Wed Oct 30, 2019 10:13 pm




True. I'll start asking more in-depth questions once I start on Very Hard mode, albeit vanilla. I'm definitely not experienced for No Upgrade Runs yet. Until then, I'll just take your advice to just focus on learning the Blades of Exile above the others.

5God of War 3 Run Notes Empty Re: God of War 3 Run Notes Thu Oct 31, 2019 3:50 pm



>more questions during vanilla VH

>not experienced enough for NUR
It isn't so bad (even NUR+), but you will at least need VH under your belt, first.

>learn the Blades
While each variation of the weapon has its particulars, there is (of course) much in common, so that can (to an extent) help with each other entry (until Nu-GoW).

NOTE: Run progress?

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Holy fuck. I am an idiot. I basically just ghosted you for a year after I got distracted from God of War 3, and forgot about this whole thread.

Anyway, I probably ought to restart this whole hard mode run.

Tried to cut out the non-combat footage. If you just want the gameplay to be raw though, let me know. Note that some of the Leviathan footage is very jerky for some reason, and it LOOKS like it's been cut, even though it hasn't been.

7God of War 3 Run Notes Empty Re: God of War 3 Run Notes Sat Nov 28, 2020 3:27 am



I wouldn't even recall (you're hardly alone in this *one among many students*). I'd have to read my previous statements to refresh said memory.

>distracted from
As I from GoW:A (or DS2 *which I never came back to after losing my notes*).

>restart on vanilla H
We're that early into things, are we?

>cut non-combat
Suits me. Not a lot of point to the rest (not like it is fucking you up *might more be the case in GoW1*).

I'll add it to my History for review when I've got the time. I'd like to think the old video(s) isn't deleted (and I can refer back to it to know where we stood/left off).

8God of War 3 Run Notes Empty Re: God of War 3 Run Notes Sat Nov 28, 2020 4:55 am



>Vanilla H
Yes we are.

Anyway, I'll try to get in a new part every 3-5 days. I'll also be taking a closer look at whatever other advice you give to others on this game, even if they're for challenge runs. Will still prove useful.

9God of War 3 Run Notes Empty Re: God of War 3 Run Notes Sun Nov 29, 2020 12:37 am



>we are
So be it, then.

>new part on the regular

I suppose this is a repeat run, so that isn't too strange. Just that you shouldn't bother much with VH high level videos when they exploit boundaries for AI abuse (taunt exploitation, leash points, etc., but mostly concerning the matter of aggression and how it relates to getting them stuck gesturing uselessly for openings and control). Not while you're on H. The aggression is high enough that you'll get only very light use of such a thing, but it isn't quite what it is on VH.


Who are you looking at? When the time comes to learn about non-weapons, I'd probably recommend Zaser's 'No Weapon' run (seems an obvious choice). Probably good to look into when the time comes for NUR+ as Items will compare favorably at their base to the base weapons (for utility and even leaning on *especially pre-Cestus*).

Not sure I can think of someone (off the top of my head *without checking around*) with good showings of MAX tool usage (or even weapon focused runs, really). This regarding videos. Even MIN other than BoE tend to be rare. BoA at least gets occasional shine (with the slight differences between them). Just that it is in a run where a lot of its unique qualities are sealed away (for being Relic and magic related).

10God of War 3 Run Notes Empty Re: God of War 3 Run Notes Sun Nov 29, 2020 1:07 am



>Don't bother with VH high level

>Who are you looking at?
The Ultimate God of War Union forum on GameSpot, the comments of  Aesphiran's PAIN run, as well as Shinobier's NUR+. But seeing as you mentioned that I shouldn't focus too much on those at this level, I'll put those away for now.

If you don't mind, could you make a sort of dictionary for the jargon that's used? I've been somewhat piecing it together, based on intuition, wiki-running, and your occasional explanations. So far, this is what I remember off the top of my head.

Lowercase s or t - Tap square or triangle

Uppercase S or T - Hold square or triangle

CG - L1 + O(?)

CR - Cronos Rage

CoH - Claws of Hades

NC - Nemean Caestus

NW - Nemesis Whip

s, or t(x) (x being a number) - Refers to the input in a certain string; Example, t2 refers to the second hit of the ttt string.

11God of War 3 Run Notes Empty Re: God of War 3 Run Notes Sun Nov 29, 2020 3:33 am



A fine place, but somewhat troublesome to find all one wants. However, a lot of history didn't get to take place there (GS, GFAQs, alt.TUGOWU, Vet Board, GoW3forums, etc.). GoW1 and GoWII (to an extent, CoO) should be fine (GoW:A's stock increased majorly upon my return, but it still had SBK before that), but GoWIII and GoS? There won't be a lot there (and the former is what you're working with).

>some guy's PAIN
Don't know him anymore (though apparently I once did). Can't speak to his tactics (without going over things again), if he followed the rules (so many *upon review* violate the rules during Box 6 in particular), if it was PAIN or PAIN+ (people often don't name things correctly), etc. At a glimpse, it is PAIN+ and I only did a very light evaluation of these (very) early tactics.

>Shin's NUR+
I often advise caution when emulating him owed to his habit of relying on his skill over good tactics. He got better towards the end, but usually I still suggest Taz instead.

>put away for now
You're mostly focused on taking advantage of Power % (as you are on H, you are still at 100 *not 75*) and upgraded modifiers for your default weapon. You won't really be getting a ton of 't,t,t' (or 't,t,s') from either (as they don't have it). They can't use any counters (besides Return *well, Shin can*), either. You need to take advantage of the options you have (including the lazy early face-tanking option that is Rage of Sparta *when out of better resources and wanting to rush for victory while allowed to do so*). Shin will hardly make use of MP (if he hasn't *as usual* opted to rule out its use beyond the rules of the run) let alone spam it effectively to make things easier (so many chests to work).

With HCB, I imagine both launch (Shin probably using the Boots *you should probably switch to the whips for their t1*) Satyrs for air OS though keeping the one from S2 barely alive for S3 (so they can quickly kill it there to prevent x2 satyrs backing the mini-boss for long). I don't see Shin dumping MP on HCB (and the goat) a bit during W2 to speed it along and again in W3 (with RoS to seal the deal *to be left with just fauns*). You have the ability to power through things to a greater degree. While it is true Nemean Roar scales with Power % (so it should be a solid choice here *if you upgrade it to measure up against AoS from BoE*), the panic button AoE type is good enough for hitting everyone nearby in this case. You should have plenty of orbs to spare after MAX BoE, so it is entirely your call where to put the rest. There will be chests after the fight, so go wild (especially on H as orbs are just nerfed to 75% rather than 25% *and enemy strikes are at 250% instead of 500% while they attack about half as often in your case, so tanking with your super state won't lead to as much damage needing to be soaked as a concern*).

>make a dictionary
A 'legend' of sorts? I'll probably never really do that, but I can answer some things ahead of time (and as they are brought up).

>what you recall
Mostly correct. Not sure why CR is there (other than calling Nemesis Rage *Nemean Roar also shares NR* projectile CR-lite).

>second hit
Second input, rather. There will be cases like s4 in the BoE light string. That move hits twice on a single target and is the fourth part of that dialed up combo (s5 is the same, but with vertical instead of horizontal strikes).

CG is Combat Grapple which is a generic for all L1+o moves in GoWIII. For BoE, the move's proper name is Hyperion Ram (but you won't see much talk of HR). The generic grab was named officially in this entry. The hug became Orion's Snare (OS). GoW1 had already named the ground-to-air grab Orion's Harpoon (OH). As of GoWII, there was the option to hold the input for another version of 'Slam' type OH on most foes. This was called alt.OH, but it isn't really much of a factor in GoWIII (only exists on harpies who are not a big part of the game *not like collisions are all that they used to be, either*).

Boundary Abuse tends to refer to going to a spot foes are limited (or even unable) at. Be that they unexist while you are there, die instantly, AI breaks, they 'leash' (slowly make their way back to where they belong), physically CANNOT go there, have limited attacks, just like to taunt at you or whatever. Sweet spots are part of this (areas where enemies aren't quite able to fight back). Taunt provocation is more for VH, but you can still get use out of fighting from places the enemy cannot follow (moving away from this, just changing the venue can offer other advantages like opening up use of a hazard, restricting movement for them, giving more mobility to us, etc.).

I-frames are invincible (mostly) parts of an animation. 'Tricking' is exploitation of them (especially used to refer to non-evade instances). Just a damage negation matter. Learning the various names of attacks relevant to the run might be good. As you are not fussed with Items, I'll put them aside for now. Likewise, Relics. With BoE, s6 is Valor (of Hercules *this entry dubs the long-way to enders through the light string Olympic Fury, but that is mostly trivia as it is not able to help us name the parts along the way*). Spirit (of Hercules) is the 'Super Plume' t3. Plume (of Prometheus) is t0 (both t0 and t3 have a fake second hit that can register *in some entries there isn't one and in others the extra hit is real*). T is (Olympic) Ascension. A later entry dubs t1 as Bravery (of Hercules).

CoC (Cyclone of Chaos) is pretty whatever (though the improved ground version is cute for the lowest level foes) as the dps just isn't high enough to justify the risky dedicated animation. Hyperion Fury is a poor man's RotT BoA s3 playing at being GoW1 BoC's Might (of Hercules). Don't believe it offers the option to go right into 'Fury' (ender without the build-up slaps). Needed that and to be stronger (to go along with the better coverage). Certainly can't get fancy and work the build-up into a heavy input (for another path to Spirit unlike with MoH). Athena's Wrath is crap. Tartarus Rage is okay, but there isn't much of a good reason to use it (though the improved version has a small time to shine if able to get the air version stuck on a big target or mob beneath you *tons of bonus hits and probably not being hit back*). Doing an air input just before landing can also give an on-demand explosion (the ender), which is something. These are still dedicated (not able to cancel normally as with blocking, evading, etc. *though sometimes GoW allows things like rage, spells, etc. to do the trick*) moves, so...

Army of Sparta (AoS) is your spell with BoE. It will mostly be for clearing out mobs when you don't feel like fussing though it can also be used to lazily speed up some boss bits (doing damage while not at risk). Panic button implying the use of long i-frames to get a break in the action. Can't especially count on it to set-up RO (ring-out *sending things off cliffs* or PP glitch, though possible). If feeling less lazy, you can often weaponize the most basic foes using their grab option for running around with them called Battering Ram (BR) by the devs. To cover it (now), PP glitch is Partial Petrification (stoning). Normally enemies need to be fully petrified to become statues with their own HP value (different from their total, not altered by how much you hurt them up to that point or previous sessions with the statue even). You beat on them to shatter them (or manage it in the air and they break on-landing). GoWIII has no friendly fire on statues (where it used to be that enemies lose their normal protection from each other's strikes in that state *making it easy to weaponize them against each other*). The balancing of the mechanic is not as good (weaker than before), but this bug works for them (and against us).

In our case, it isn't so great to have a little build-up while in the air meaning you will die instantly upon hitting the ground unless doing certain things (like gliding *which works even on a full statue in this entry*). Could just blow off the concern with RoS activation (the state is immune even to build-up aside from breaking out of full petrification or some grabs we can struggle during). Enemies? If they are in the air (not in a flight state, mind you *I don't recall harpies with build-up doing bomber and exploding on impact*), get a little on them (probably not going to come from you *would need upgraded CoH and a lot of MP to spare*) and have a gorgon variant at the ready to douse them. Just a bit while they are off the ground in most situations (sliding knockback into wall splat being one exception) will lead to their instant death upon hitting the floor. Even a cyclops can get this treatment (anything that can petrify so long as it is found off the ground). Catching it in the air isn't going to happen in this entry, so you have to cause that (which is a trick unto itself). Usually this is just about using hit properties like knockback, bounce or launch on foes open to them and having a little of the stuff touch them before they land.

NOTE: Don't fret over L1+x attacks. They are terrible. The only useful case is one with a flailing from the whips when you use a 'swap' trick to have Cestus do that instead (against Onyx shields for a quick triple hit *enough to shatter them in one go*). An advanced maneuver you can attempt to learn (for laughs) another time as with CG poking (using Cestus), Cestus glitch (applying its properties to things that are not it), Cestus 'Homerun' (glitched CG), etc.

I'm sure aggro needs no explanation (nor even enviro). Collisions with respect to how the term will be used here is just in reference to when you make a foe collide with another foe in some meaningful fashion (though it can also be a thing with an object into an enemy or enemy into a wall). If you knockback, slam, toss, etc. one fellow into another. In GoWIII, there are three different cases for when this happens. Agent ONLY (rarest), Target ONLY (most common) and Agent/Target. If I remember right, there are full (10) and half (5) instances of all (except that agent/target only has half cases). Walls are just 1 (as I believe is also true of object instances like rapid pushing something into an enemy). Here, an "agent" is the thing acted upon by us with the "target" being what the former is made to collide with (collider and collidee respectively *if you will*). Often we'll be referring to those we can BR with our ammo, too (smart for higher runs to keep them alive until fully used up as a resource for damaging other enemies of slightly more worth *oftentimes*).

NOTE: Despite not really caring about Items/Relics, you should still probably learn a few names. We'll get to that before long. As before, I usually tackle things as I go (and as questions are asked *showing participation from the one being evaluated*).

12God of War 3 Run Notes Empty Re: God of War 3 Run Notes Fri Dec 04, 2020 5:36 am



Managed to get another part in. May have gotten a tad overzealous cutting this one.

A lot of missed parries, and a few failed experiments. I've always sucked at parries in these games despite how lenient they are.

13God of War 3 Run Notes Empty Re: God of War 3 Run Notes Fri Dec 04, 2020 6:34 pm



>Lenient parries

There isn't a lot of emphasis on timing (zoomed out camera, large mobs, subtle telegraphing). Projectile won't even do that much damage (to you or when repelled), so you shouldn't stress too much about it.

14God of War 3 Run Notes Empty Re: God of War 3 Run Notes Fri Dec 04, 2020 10:28 pm



Noted. By the way, I've noticed that you've commented on both of the videos so far, thanks.

15God of War 3 Run Notes Empty Re: God of War 3 Run Notes Sat Dec 05, 2020 1:18 am



Firm: >another one
Noted. I trust the 'key' is of some assistance. Though, I guess it'll need a 'test run'. Soon enough.

>missed parries
>lenient timing
As Zaser says, really.

>failed experiments
During the recording? I suppose I'll see them as we go.

I believe he did much the same for Bick. Perhaps others, too.

Zaser: >subtle telegraphing
Fucking Guardians/Sentinels are ridiculous in Box 6. Just imagine if they had put those cunts in the actual dark. Audio and visual tells just aren't there and the attacks come at a decent speed.

>projectile damage
Yes, they do not tend to scale with Power % (not so much the case with GoW:A's Siren Sibyl for the overhead). Likewise, grabs are in the same boat (some of which are on-hit types we can parry or even block). Not all have activation damage, but even if they do it is just 'high' base not scaled up (thus looking pretty mediocre or even weak compared to normal hits). Skorpius is a glitched exception with the foul tip (or any in S2P1) of its grab attempt (acting like an unblockable version of you losing the mini-game *then scaled up*). GoS allows grabs to scale, which is a nightmare (Tyrants one-shot with grab activation alone as I recall).

NOTE: I wouldn't be surprised if things that appear like projectiles, but are not open to Return (as with Chimera's Lion x3 fireball) acting like a normal move (thus scaling). I don't tend to just let things hit me to that end outside testing (which I hate doing *with regards to taking a blast to the chin*). I'd be more willing to put up with it to archive findings using Wulf's tools (just displaying the values).

16God of War 3 Run Notes Empty Re: God of War 3 Run Notes Wed Feb 03, 2021 6:00 pm



Ah, right. This was the vanilla H run. Never heard back about the 'key' presented. I trust this will be sufficient for a start.

And why I didn't see any videos on the account. Got them in History.

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