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God of War 3 Run Notes

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1God of War 3 Run Notes Empty God of War 3 Run Notes on Wed Oct 30, 2019 1:43 am


Just posting this thread here, so I don't forget.

This is really just going to act as a status update, and for general questions regarding my second run of God of War 3 Remastered. As of right now, I've gotten the Hermes boots, and just arrived at the labyrinth.

2God of War 3 Run Notes Empty Re: God of War 3 Run Notes on Wed Oct 30, 2019 2:28 am


Good, keep us posted! What difficulty are you playing this run on?

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Roy: He noted it was a repeat run to me. Vanilla H. Desire was to learn about the various weapons (specifically them, not so much spells, relics, items, etc. though maybe that was not the intended takeaway). I recommended strongly against attempting to learn them all at once (instead, a MIN and a MAX for each weapon at least *NG+ Glitch helping with having more of the game to try the MAX versions*).

As for upgrade suggestions, it was a simple thing given it is GoWIII and this is a newcomer in a low-level run. BoE. That's it. After it is MAX, feel free to do whatever. Like using X? Upgrade that. Whatever. I can advise on the merits for each option, but the simple truth is that Cestus gets very little from it. CoH gains some power (not enough), but can't keep pace. NW isn't buffed much, but the high base, good specials and tirades make-up for it.

Being an advanced weapon meant more for set-ups (not so much knockback for collisions and ring-outs versus launching for juggles and grabs) than just landing safe enders from range or slapping away ground-to-ground. That's the sort of thing you learn after you have a feel for the setting, really. Like a repeat playthrough of VH (during a weapon focused run, really).

There is much de-rusting for me to do if I'm to advise competently (especially in higher runs). I can only hope my old notes pretty well cover my old knowledge (for reminders) as I don't too much fancy having to re-watch random runners for my old posts (if YT hasn't deleted them for language they don't care for, the player didn't delete their videos as Bick loves doing, the uploader didn't shut down, etc.). It would be a pain in the ass to check on the Gates of Tisiphone for talk of how I suggest controlling the fight, for instance. Or, moving on to another entry, spawn rules and how they are exploited with Pantheon of Atropos (GoWII).

Firmament: >Hermes Boots
Such a goofy fight with his RNG falling during wall flips (should have been able to control this if only with an attack landing as he tries it), unblockable high damage slaps, the quick dropkick (great if you can react and reverse in time) we can't reliably bait, etc. No healthy fight, just chasing him until we get...this. Not too unlike the treatment of Helios. Better than what Apollo (and Artemis) got. To think they favored trash like Skorpius so much (while failing so spectacularly with the design on so many fronts). I should like to hear some details here and there. How about your handling of this simple enough bit for starters?

NOTE: The boots have some utility with their charge (for launching), some glitching (even style) antics with the upgraded version, an okay movement (and cancel) with ground activation and so on, but the star is clearly the air evade. Don't recall it having i-frames, but it is quite quick and the rate you can spam it in succession increases depending on the weapon equipped (NW was tops as I recall).

Worst boss isn't too far off, then. Mind you, it should be pretty comfortable in these conditions. It really starts to bare its teeth as you get to higher runs (my notes enumerate many faults, suggested ways to easily fix it, etc.).


So then, has it been decided how you would like to do things (at least, for the moment)? You mentioned being unable to record, thus write-ups are how it has to be. Being that this is currently just a vanilla H run (not even VH), I don't see that you need to necessarily fill a run skeleton with coverage (for each section). It can be a bit more laid back as you denote what you want, ask questions, etc. I'd rather things start picking up the pace (with practice for higher run detailing during even vanilla VH) next time around.

We going to be doing weapons focus testing (to accomplish your original aim of learning them)? BoE MIN (sample of NUR), BoE MAX and so on for the others (though BoA only has one state)? I'd like to think you'll keep to the spells tied to a given weapon during their run, too. Give CoH a chance (to find its strengths and many weaknesses *a learning experience*). Perhaps save challenge runs as with the basic NUR for later? We can get to run rules and the like when it suits you.

NOTE: Until I know you're ready for it, I don't know that there is good reason to link to my coverage or give a form to fill (prior to needing it).

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True. I'll start asking more in-depth questions once I start on Very Hard mode, albeit vanilla. I'm definitely not experienced for No Upgrade Runs yet. Until then, I'll just take your advice to just focus on learning the Blades of Exile above the others.

5God of War 3 Run Notes Empty Re: God of War 3 Run Notes on Thu Oct 31, 2019 9:50 am


>more questions during vanilla VH

>not experienced enough for NUR
It isn't so bad (even NUR+), but you will at least need VH under your belt, first.

>learn the Blades
While each variation of the weapon has its particulars, there is (of course) much in common, so that can (to an extent) help with each other entry (until Nu-GoW).

NOTE: Run progress?

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