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Resident Evil 2 Remake

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101Resident Evil 2 Remake - Page 3 Empty Re: Resident Evil 2 Remake on Thu Feb 07, 2019 8:16 am


If you want to kill a zombie headshots can still work since it has critical% to it, but with the handgun that chance is abysmally low. Shotgun has 85,7% chance though.

> creavity isn't needed on Normal

I've had this discussion with God of War so...many...times. It is just an endless circle at this point. I'm bold.
"Game is lame, just square square square"
"Yeah but DMC Is just triangle triangle triangle"
"Nawh man u sux you can do sick combos look"

 "Okay, but you don't need to. Here, video of SpiralRC spam"
"Nobody plays like that that's lame"
"Nobody plays God of War square square, that's lame"
"Nawh man you can only play that way"

"Yeah but I don't need to game is easy"
"What difficulty did you play"
"Easy duh, play for the story"

> shiny graphics
It, and the 45-60fps, smooth ass, hunky Leon, and just general hive-mind mentality (which is already working off) is helping the game a bunch. Bit disappointed by the gore though, we're nearly 15 years later and nothing still has beaten even the most mild of RE4's death scenes.

> Last of Us
The game is way too scripted and lineair. It is a typical example of a game built on Normal and then higher difficulties just up the numbers. There's a few fights where you have to get caught, if you don't, enemies will respawn infinitely. Having enemies auto-walk towards you when hiding is a bit dumb too. It's a perfect example of a pump-and-dump game. Play it once, praise it and move on.

> RE3
If they were smart, they'd remake it as an big stand-alone $20,- expansion of RE2. Just an extra campaign, have Nemesis be a beefed up Mister X that doesn't care for saveroom doors, maybe add a dodge button exclusive to her (combat training or whatever as excuse) to reference the original. We'd be able to see what made the hole in the wall where you put the valve in RE2make (probably Nemesis). Rearrange the levels a bit, expand on the street section. A lot of the materials are already there.
It was never a real game to begin with, just an expansion to RE2. CVX is the real sequel.

But I honestly think they'll just remake it as a whole game and give Nicolai and his gang their own story as well, while of course shilling the hell out of the Jill costumes as paid DLC.

Resident Evil 2 Remake - Page 3 All_outfits_of_jill_by_ismaeluchihasan_d8zygde-pre

Only $50,- for the "jerk-off-pack" DLC. Pay extra for "double cleavage size".

NOTE: what the hell happened to her face after Revelations? And since when did she get growth hormones? Or is it the heels?

102Resident Evil 2 Remake - Page 3 Empty Re: Resident Evil 2 Remake on Thu Feb 07, 2019 4:04 pm


The sad thing is that I’ve seen you have this discussion multiple times just in the last few months, I can’t imagine how many times it’s happened in the last...however many years. People are very convinced that there’s nothing to GoW I guess.

>Last of Us
The game’s a big joke. They hyped up dynamic AI and other things that are no where to be found. The stealth is more basic than games from 1998, and some fights just drag forever on higher difficulties. This is really a game for people to watch, and even then it isn’t interesting.

Part of me wondered if RE3 was going to be the secret mode for this game that Capcom wouldn’t talk about. Like you said, it was more an expansion than anything, so it would make sense. But something like that is still far too much work to be dlc, so a stand-alone thing would be more feasible. The fact that the upcoming Ghost Survivors is free makes me wonder how much effort was put into it.

>costume pack
Yeah but you can buy the Deluxe version for only $80! For extra money, you get a slip of paper inside your case with a code on it. Nice!

103Resident Evil 2 Remake - Page 3 Empty Re: Resident Evil 2 Remake on Fri Feb 08, 2019 8:24 am


> Ghost Survivor
Worst case scenario they are all using the same map with the same enemy lay-out, just a different intro text - kind of like how Tofu and Hunk have the same map and enemy lay-outs. I'm honestly afraid it will be like that.

> GoW discussion
Not nearly as much as SBK and GMG have done the good fight, or 5does. Hell, it even took place on this very forum once. The annoying part of it is that you generally aren't really having a discussion, it is always the same rotation that ends with "let's agree to disagree" where a guy gets absolutely mauled and retreats.

Also, did a No Item Box run on Hardcore. Honestly, almost feels like the way was supposed to be played if that makes any sense. Gave me a new appreciation of the level design and item-placement. A lot of items are very well places like certain gunpowders to really give you that choice of "save them for shotgun ammo" or "use them now for handgun bullets". A bit disappointing that you cannot discard certain weapon upgrades (ended up picking them all up, skipped Magnum entirely though). And backtracking all that stuff just to get rid of a T-tool was annoying haha.

Really considering doing this for each character. Final time was 3:11 with 13 saves, didn't really do any planning outside of 'on the fly' stuff. Think if I'd do it again S+ is easily doable if I bothered.

Here's the run for those interested, edited out most of the pointless walking and looking at the map. Enjoy a sexy Leon thumbnail:

EDIT, some new notes:

Some new notes on RE2make coming in. If you shoot a zombie in the head in the exact frame that the cursor zooms fully, you get a OHKO. Sounds cool on paper, barely works thanks to a wiggling framerate on consoles and the insane timing of it.

Damage calculations are also done...backwards..ish. A weapon doesn't do 40% more damage on a critical, it starts at 60% base damage and the longer you hold your aim the more damage it will do. A fully aimed shot can do 150 damage for instance, while a random shot will do 90.

Some guns have other modifiers or have them changed. The Matilda gets a modifier boost if you give it the stock for instance.

I'm a bit on the fence on all these hidden mechanics. Cool on the one hand, but that's a lot of gameplay mechanics unexplained or made very cryptic.

Enemies sometimes also have damage resistances. G1 takes less damage to the head compared to his body (wut) while G2 is reversed.

Overall damage formula is: Shot Damage = ((Base * Reticle%) * Location%) * DifficultyMod

104Resident Evil 2 Remake - Page 3 Empty Re: Resident Evil 2 Remake on Sat Feb 09, 2019 1:56 am


Resident Evil 2 Remake - Page 3 15496710

This felt surprisingly great to do. I completely just made stuff up as I went once I got to the lab. I did some things I didn’t even plan on, like skipping the magnum and putting the Matilda away once I got to the sewers. Once you know how to cheese the G adults that flesh tunnel becomes a joke. G2 gave me the most trouble, but I saved all my flashbangs for that fight and super tyrant so they weren’t too bad.

>no item box run
Sounds like a lot of fun, I’ll give that a watch tonight. I really liked the more limited inventory on Hardcore so that seems very cool.

>g1 and 2
Wut indeed. Some things in this game still are so strange to me.

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105Resident Evil 2 Remake - Page 3 Empty Re: Resident Evil 2 Remake on Sat Feb 09, 2019 8:45 am


Congratulations! I had the exact same feeling, especially that ad-hoc notion of "okay, how am I even going to do this" - feels much better than just googling a speedrun like most people.

Curious to hear you dropped the Matilda, I tend to like it for the quick damage burst (3 rounds) but I can see why you ditched it. Still curious though!

> G adults
I have my methods, how did you deal with them?

> s+
Where did you save?

106Resident Evil 2 Remake - Page 3 Empty Re: Resident Evil 2 Remake on Sat Feb 09, 2019 3:55 pm


I mostly dropped it for inventory reasons. When I got to the sewers I knew I was gonna need spots for three chess pieces, the tool, the flamethrower, and another RGB herb, so I just ditched everything but the shotgun and a grenade. I ended up using such little shotgun ammo it didn’t matter.

>G adults
I bait out their attack where they slam the water and then run. Or you can just hop up on a ledge and wait for them to dive in the water. When I came out of the room with the king and queen pieces I just stood there watching the one closest to me and saw him go underwater do I just cheesed it. Did the same thing for the last one right before the ladder.

-After G1, at the safe room on the 1F east side.
-At the first typewriter after regaining control of Leon.
-Before G3.

My second save was way too soon, but the sewers ended up being easier than I imagined.

Did you grab the magnum/flamethrower?

107Resident Evil 2 Remake - Page 3 Empty Re: Resident Evil 2 Remake on Sat Feb 09, 2019 6:15 pm


> sewers matilda
I can understand that, that area usually has me running around with nothing but a grenade and a shotty too haha.

> saves
I haven't done Leon S+ yet (only ClaireA), but I'm thinking of making my first save at the point you 'return' to the RPD. Once you clear Birkin1 there isn't really any dangerous situation going on thanks to the dog-ai being absolutely shit. Though this does depend on the ammo. You need 12 Handgun rounds and at least 2-3 shotty shells to clear out the area safely (handgun for the dogs in cages, shotty for the zombies in the mortoarium).

Then the second save will be before G2 and the third of course before G3.

> magnum
I'm planning on skipping the Magnum but picking up the Flamethrower.

108Resident Evil 2 Remake - Page 3 Empty Re: Resident Evil 2 Remake on Mon Feb 11, 2019 7:13 am


Those saves probably make more sense than what I did. I panicked as I entered the sewers and blew a save. Oh well.

They’re the least threatening dogs in the series I think. Shooting the ones in the cages makes that’s section a joke.

Just finished my 8th playthrough, decided I needed a break so I booted up RE4. I was playing the game like it was RE2; shooting legs and running by, skipping a ton of items, getting super close to use the shotty, etc. By the time I got to the castle I realized what I was doing and it was very strange.

109Resident Evil 2 Remake - Page 3 Empty Re: Resident Evil 2 Remake on Mon Feb 11, 2019 11:51 am


I think that RE4 had a very simple motivation to actually kill foes, namely that they drop something be it money, grenades or ammo. So if you know what you're doing you can kill moves foes with a single bullet or less and get good resources in return. In RE2make the only decision is if you want to go past this foe more than once and if he is worth wasting healing items on or defence items.

> RE4
A game I really fear reviewing for the site one day, no idea how to tackle such an iconic game. Also has a lot of locations I don't like looking back (5-1 being one of them). RE4 is a bit ruined for me now because of my knife-only run so I basically just use those - I just love hoarding ammo. I remember having a PRO save where I have nearly 3 whole clips for the Striker (so 300 shotty rounds). Insanity.

110Resident Evil 2 Remake - Page 3 Empty Re: Resident Evil 2 Remake on Tue Feb 12, 2019 7:48 pm


There is something very satisfying about gathering as much ammo as possible. I’d have runs where I would get the most pristine inventory possible, with the ammo types and weapons being in a perfect pattern.

>reviewing RE4
Would be difficult, indeed. It seems like a cool thing to hate on the game now, and even though it’s an all time favorite of mine, I think TEW outdid it in a few ways. As far as unlikable locations, I’m not a big fan of the island aside from sections with regenerators. I don’t even like Chapter 1 very much, more of a fan of the castle.

111Resident Evil 2 Remake - Page 3 Empty Re: Resident Evil 2 Remake on Wed Feb 13, 2019 10:01 pm


> doesn't like Chapter 1
Get out. Jokes aside, I have a ton of games where I just play that part. I really just liked the horror of it. It felt so real, a weird village against you. Regular farmers, no super soldiers, just ... people. Loved it!

112Resident Evil 2 Remake - Page 3 Empty Re: Resident Evil 2 Remake on Wed Feb 13, 2019 10:55 pm


more of a fan of the castle.
I love the castle. Really reminds me of Haunting Ground's castle. I just love exploring castles in general.

113Resident Evil 2 Remake - Page 3 Empty Re: Resident Evil 2 Remake on Thu Feb 14, 2019 3:46 am


>chapter 1
I don’t dislike it, it’s just not my favorite. Chapter 2 when it’s dark and you start fighting plagal is awesome though.

>playing one part
I always feel weird because I do this with a lot of games. This happens a lot with modern games, where there’s always forced walky talky and other stuff no one likes to replay. Even games I really love, like Doom 2016 and TEW, I skip large chunks of the games on “playthroughs” because I just...can’t be bothered. In TEW, I skip the first two chapters, and chapters 11-13. And honestly, unless I’m doing specific runs, I mostly just play the Hell levels in Doom. Just about every game from the sixth gen and older, I rarely do this.

I will say, there’s really no part of REmake2 I hate replaying. The middle section in each scenario is so short that they don’t bother me very much. Also, I got the platinum, which I know means nothing, but it was still fun. Curious about this update coming in a couple days...

114Resident Evil 2 Remake - Page 3 Empty Re: Resident Evil 2 Remake on Thu Feb 14, 2019 8:16 am


Don't worry, I have that in a lot of games too. Parts that make me go "ugh". For Resident Evil 4 it is most of 5-1 and some smaller parts near the start like the swamp area, never liked that area much. Same goes for some chapters in Ninja Gaiden even. I detest the Military chapter in NGB and really don't like chapter 3 in NGII (god I want to play that game again).

> Village
Don't know there was just something about it. It being daylight, feeling safe. You enter the village, something is immediately weird. The "no sex discrimination here". The people going along their business while someone is being torched. It all feels so well down, spaced out. Modern games would just slap a cutscene in there, not RE4.

> Nighttime
I remember that cutscene after Del Lago giving me nightmares as a kid. I was...what? 14 when I bought that game or something. Shit.

> RE2make
I don't really like the 'return' to the RPD to be honest, but it is over pretty fast. Same with the NEST (way too short still imo).

115Resident Evil 2 Remake - Page 3 Empty Re: Resident Evil 2 Remake on Thu Feb 14, 2019 4:09 pm


That’s the chapter in the city during the rain right? I plan to really dive into this game, after Sekiro I’m going to get back into this as well as MGR.

Funny you mention about slapping a cutscene there. When I was younger and I played the game, I noticed some little things it did that other games needed to take note of. I loved that when you would kill a gigante(besides the first one), there would be not cutscene or anything, it would just die and potentially fall on you, and you’d go about your business. It’s one of the reasons I love the Souls games so much.

>Return to RPD
My problem with this section is that there’s nothing new that really adds to the experience. You can’t fignt Mr. X so you don’t exactly get a new perspective on combat, and your routing stays amost identical. NEST is definitely a little underwhelming.

116Resident Evil 2 Remake - Page 3 Empty Re: Resident Evil 2 Remake on Sat Feb 16, 2019 8:37 pm


Well, Ghost Survivors is predictably lame. Same areas. Same weapons. A couple new enemies that are just zombies again. The stories don’t even mean anything since they’re “what if’s”. I don’t even think I’ll finish them.

Also, the training mode makes no sense. Some enemies don’t even spawn, so how am I supposed to practice the section?

117Resident Evil 2 Remake - Page 3 Empty Re: Resident Evil 2 Remake on Sat Feb 16, 2019 9:32 pm


> NG2
I keep forgetting you haven't dived into that game yet. Yes that's the city in the rain.

I like that it is more 'licker central' and that you can do a few more things, and that you can never enter all rooms (heart and spade key). I just wish Mister X was more interesting. He's supposed to be this big threat but honestly, I don't see it anymore. He's more a "ugh, got to bait his attack to get on my way" now. Really think they dropped the bomb by making engaging him not have some reward.

> ghost survivors
I like the concept of it. But it again plays to the almost autistic mindset this game seems to aim towards. Aka, go left, go right, bait that one, shoot that one. There isn't a lot of freedom. The dispensers give choices, but honestly there isn't any. Each room has a clear single way to get through and there isn't a whole lot of room for creativity. Note that there is a fourth one you can unlock by beating the original three (can also be done on training-mode).
Training Mode as you note is pointless. It's fun since you can actually play more 'action' style, but not having the same enemy spawns is a bit ridiculous.

Also not a fan that they are non-canon. Especially since the reasoning behind it are dumb. There is no reason they couldn't be canon with some very minor changes. As such they feel very empty. I did really like the fourth one though, it's the star of the show easily.

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Really think they dropped the bomb by making engaging him not have some reward.
Haunting Ground did this well I feel.

You could attack the stalkers either yourself, with items and with Hewie, and it was possible to temporarily knock them out. It's super risky because just being near them causes the panic meter to slowly rise, and if you get hit, you're screwed, as damage limits your movement. Panic makes you go crazy, causing Fiona to stumble, or run into walls though that's more because when you're running in panic mode and she starts to stumble and you're forced to do so in a straight line.

When you knock out a stalker, you can check their bodies and get items. Some only they have. There's also a rank for doing this, requiring you to KO them a certain number of times, and every time you knock out the same one you get something different. Eventually you relieve them of everything they have.

I find these days devs take an old mechanic like this and dumb it down to the max. But knowing gamers these days, no one would survive Haunting Ground. I still see complaints pop up now and then blaming everything other than themselves and the fingers fly full force into the ears when I explain how to do everything with no damage or panic for the whole game.

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119Resident Evil 2 Remake - Page 3 Empty Re: Resident Evil 2 Remake on Mon Feb 18, 2019 7:43 am


Played some more Ghost Survivor. It is fun when you view it more as a (bad) puzzle. But honestly there is some unforgivable design going on here. Let me grab the first one, Kendo's, as example:

- the training mode is supposed to offer you a way to train the mission so you know what's coming and so you can prepare a good strategy. Except the most important fights are different. There is no Licker appearing out of nowhere for instance near the start.
- the final room is impossible to do without at least a single defensive item or loads of ammunition since it is a literal long and thin hallway filled with zombies. Thankfully the item-vendor just before it gives a an option. The designers purposefully screwed you over there if you didn't pick the grenade option.
- okay so the mode is based around replays until you get it right, except you cannot restart. You either go back to the Press Start screen or you have to die.
- a mode built around a specific setup and run-route is made worse by the fact that the whole game is RNG based. Even the ammo you craft is RNG so you can't even min-max it to perfection.

And that last part is the whole mode to me. You just have to play it until you know the layout. There is no skill involved in the slightest, only knowledge of the map. Which, I feel, is just boring design. The first five-six runs are void by default since every room you have to think "okay how can I avoid this entirely".


> dumb it down to the max
And even then we get complaints. People just want to sit their ass down, play a game with flashy visuals and go on with their lives to the next big thing Big Brother told them to play. I'm honestly surprised I haven't heard complaints about RE2 being a '30 dollar game' or 'what only 2 hours' etc.

120Resident Evil 2 Remake - Page 3 Empty Re: Resident Evil 2 Remake on Mon Feb 18, 2019 9:00 am


30 dollar game' or 'what only 2 hours'
I did see a few, but not many. More about Mr. X.

What are these DLC? I don't want to watch them. You make them sound like some kind of Mercenaries mini-game or challenge room.

121Resident Evil 2 Remake - Page 3 Empty Re: Resident Evil 2 Remake on Mon Feb 18, 2019 11:10 am


They are a free update, not DLC. Just part of a patch.

One other note, there's a challenge of clearing the last map with just 60 handgun bullets used...but enemy HP is randomized. Aka if you have to use more than 12 rounds on the first 4 zombies you might as well restart.

122Resident Evil 2 Remake - Page 3 Empty Re: Resident Evil 2 Remake on Mon Feb 18, 2019 3:11 pm


You pretty much said everything I feel about Ghost Survivors and why I dislike it so much. The point about knowledge of the map is big because of how inconsistent almost everything in this game is. The homing and range on a grab from the new zombie type is absolutely absurd, and seems to change every time I play.

Honestly, after 10 playthroughs and a lot of thinking, this game sort of....misses the mark for me. As we’ve discussed, the enemies and weapons are so poorly designed in some aspects it brings the game way down. Part of me is always comparing these things to TEW, but I don’t even need to go that far: these were done better in the original game! The weapons are far more consistent, and can all mostly be used for any enemy type(why is the shotgun so worthless against lickers in this, again?) and Capcom got really lazy with the enemies. Can’t include spiders because they didn’t have a similar enemy on this engine yet, and they made the plant enemies to move and behave like the molded from RE7. Part of me wonders if this game really had the budget everyone thinks it did.

Also, those new zombies in GS(I think they’re called pale heads) are a joke. Their sporadic movement and grab range, which are just dialing up a values from regular zombies, is an extremely lazy way to add difficulty. But to really see how lazy these things are, just shoot them with the magnum. They go into slow motion stagger because they couldn’t just design a different animation. Eh.

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123Resident Evil 2 Remake - Page 3 Empty Re: Resident Evil 2 Remake on Mon Feb 25, 2019 10:40 am


I'm "officially" done with this game. I really tried to get into it but yesterday I was finishing up my kill-all/ no healing run and just got so bored out of my mind with this game's predictable enemies and one-note bosses. The whole notion of having to do the game again for another run I had in mind made me think it would be best to shelve the game for now.

I think the biggest reason was that I popped RE3:Nemesis in just recently and suddenly fell in love with the game. In one moment in that title I suddenly experienced something I hadn't yet in Resident Evil 2 - the tension of choice.

I was in an alley-way and went the wrong way, I turned around and saw two zombies come from the direction I had to go into. I walked towards them with my handgun and thought:
"Okay, I can hit them with my pistol and hope for a stagger...but that's a low chance. Maybe get out my shotgun, waste of a shot but it saves a healing item. Wait! He's turning to the side. An opening!" and I run through. So many options going through my head that RE2make just doesn't have since enemy attacks have too much tracking and gunplay is too easy.

RE2make for me falls short mostly on the details. It nails the bigger picture and I believe on a first playthrough it might even be the best one out there, but the more you zoom in the more things are just out of alignment. You get two upgrades for the same weapon right after each other (shotgun) for instance. Damage values are all over the place as are enemy resistances and weapon balance (Acid rounds are pointless outside of G3 boss). Some enemies constantly breaking rules. Mister X having nothing to him outside of 'run from him'. Gunplay not being important at all. Bosses being boring. Delimbs underused.

I do have to say playing with Claire is a lot more fun, not only does she have more Lickers (the only interesting foe in the game) her weapons have more interesting setups.

Really curious where the series will go from now on.

124Resident Evil 2 Remake - Page 3 Empty Re: Resident Evil 2 Remake on Mon Feb 25, 2019 9:57 pm


>boring gunplay
The weapons and enemies having almost a 1:1 weakness system kills a lot of it for me. Zombies=shotgun, licker=acid round, G adults=spark shot/magnum, and ivy=flame round or flame thrower. A really shallow way to handle the weapons. Why not have the enemies have some varying weaknesses while still making the other weapons very viable, and varying zombie types since they make up 80% of the enemy count?

Always loved this one. The motivation to kill Nemesis is something this game was severely lacking with X.

>homing grabs
Not only that, baiting is so inconsistent. I’ll have so many times where I’ll try to bait a grab, only for them to walk to the side or away from me...and then they home to me anyway. Really just incentivises point blank shotty blast and almost nothing else.

G1 is especially bad. Circle around a room, use 50+ handgun bullets, punish his overhead swing, rinse/repeat. The fight with Super Tyrant is pretty lame too.

>future of the series
Capcom can’t decide what style they want to go with, so who knows. I can’t imagine RE3 remake will be much different from this, and I can see them doubling down on the stalker behavior of Mr. X.

125Resident Evil 2 Remake - Page 3 Empty Re: Resident Evil 2 Remake on Tue Feb 26, 2019 3:30 am


Rental it is.

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126Resident Evil 2 Remake - Page 3 Empty Re: Resident Evil 2 Remake on Wed Jun 05, 2019 1:32 am


Still haven't got around to renting this yet. Any updates since my last post or have you all moved on?

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127Resident Evil 2 Remake - Page 3 Empty Re: Resident Evil 2 Remake on Wed Jun 05, 2019 8:27 am


I have totally moved on, I played RE3 afterwards and it showed me just how 'meh' the Remake was compared to the classics of the series. Don't get me wrong though, RE2make is absolutely one of the best games of this generation looking back. It is just that the gap in quality of gameplay is so huge now between modern day and the past.

If you can snag it for a good 20 bucks, it is a fantastic ride.

128Resident Evil 2 Remake - Page 3 Empty Re: Resident Evil 2 Remake on Thu Jul 18, 2019 8:40 am


Finally got to play this. Rented it overnight a few weeks back but forgot to post about it.

First impressions weren't good. I might like it if I played it longer, and I do want to finish it, but I'm not going to keep paying out on a rental and it's still way too expensive for a game I don't feel much motivation to continue.

First, the street section at the start on your way to the police station was so much smaller. No gun shop guy. I'm guessing you've heard that one a million times already. I guess we got to explore the gas station a little which was originally just a cut-scene, but it's not enough.

I remember when me and my friend were first playing this, and we got the hell out of there when the zombies broke in, but then there's these hidden options we found out later like if you leave the shop early you hear them break in, and if you can run up and quickly get the shotgun before the zombies can get up from feasting. All that discovery is gone.

Licker scene is gone. Does it happen later? I knew it was gone from reading about it but still sucks to walk through that hallway and nothing happens.

To combat.
On normal, I shot a zombie a total of 8 times in the head with the reticle fully focused. And I'm pretty sure he still got up. I remember reading, here I think, that it doesn't matter where you shoot them, but still, this is dumb.

And this is exactly what I was talking about with the design. They remake a game that had slow moving enemies as the main fodder, but going with modern free aiming. Works when the enemies are more mobile like in RE4/5/6, The Evil Within, or Dead Space, but not when they aren't. This is obviously why they went with this damage mechanic and it kind of sucks.

I knocked out one zombie and when it came to, it knew exactly where I was in the next room. I find this stupid, not because it was hard but because it just felt weird. It's more scary to know it's lurching around out there and I could try sneak by it but no, it has GPS on me.

The facial animations are pretty insane though.

Not going to say it's a bad game, but I have issues as it stands.

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129Resident Evil 2 Remake - Page 3 Empty Re: Resident Evil 2 Remake on Thu Jul 18, 2019 9:11 am


The gun-shop is still in the game, but it got relocated to a mid-point in Leon's campaign. They generally checked all the 'fanservice' boxes in that regard. My dislike of the intro though is that it serves no purpose gameplay wise. You get an auto heal if bitten in the gasstation and there are no items to be found in the streets, making walking around there pointless.

The original immediately had some things going for it there, since there were a lot of risky item-grabs that could taunt new players to their doom.

The game as a whole is a (big) step back compared to the original, but when viewed apart it is a solid survival horror title, especially when enhanced with the original OST through DLC.

The damage mechanic really is a cop out. There are a lot of differing ways to make the zombies dangerous despite free aiming. I.e. low health but no stagger, low health but high numbers, lots of jerky movements. Instead they did all of those and it results in enemies that just make you run past them since it is far easier and safer. Doing a 100% kill run is fun though.

130Resident Evil 2 Remake - Page 3 Empty Re: Resident Evil 2 Remake on Thu Jul 18, 2019 12:14 pm


>Gun shop
So you go back into the streets? How do you end up out there again?

>intro dislike

>on it's own
Yeah I'll definitely say it's solid but I can't help compare every step of the way.

>DLC music
Is it free? I'll never pay for this. No excuse for not including it unless they were going for 'realism', that thing I DON'T play games for.

>damage mechanics
When I first heard of this remake I knew it was going to end up like this. I actually felt sorry for whoever was at the helm.

Will definitely play through when the rental price goes down or a sale.

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> the streets
They relocated the shop sadly, you go to another 'street' so to speak. The gunshop owner even had his own little DLC tale which is, strangely, non-canon. Never understood why they went out of their way to make those tales non-canon.

> on its own
Its a problem the entire series has at this point, with so many excellent entries i.e. REmake, RE2, RE3, CVX and can't escape the comparisons. And I had the same problem, with a lot of things, even mechanics like gunpowder, I kept thinking "so much less deep than before" or "much less well considered". Can't disregard how good the game looks though. Fantastic engine (though less happy of its usage in DMC).

> damage mechanics
We all saw it coming yeah, RE4 and beyond had the advantage of 'smart' zombies in the story. I think they really could have played with the delimb system more and use that to combat the damage values. Maybe they had it in but it got ditched because it was too difficult for casual players, which I would understand since even Ninja Gaiden II's community by and large doesn't understand it and its usage, let alone a more casual horror title's fanbase that just wants to go 'pewpew bang bang'.

> music
Came with the deluxe edition, think it is like 5 bucks now. Absolutely ridiculous.

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I dont think I'll be touching this again.

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What set your mind?

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Damage system, walky talk and their shitty dlc practice.

It's not good enough gameplay wise to get around those issues. I feel empty when I play it.

I don't think they did Tyrant well either. He just comes at you and you run. No hiding mechanics or interesting ways to avoid him (that I know of).

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The Tyrant was my biggest disappointment for sure. Lots of other things could be avoided or ignored mechanicswise, but he is just "walk past him". Beating him gives no hidden bonusses or items, there's no good ways to hide. He's basically just an annoyance. Such a waste, and even moreso because they absolutely nailed these aspects nearly 20 years ago.

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