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{Game Pitch} BLAME!

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{Game Pitch} BLAME! Blame-10

IP: Blame!|Manga

{Game Pitch} BLAME! Blameg11
Game Pitch: Videogame adaptation of Blame!

Mechanics: Blame! will play out using a modified version of Metroid: Other M's game engine. It will use a holographic map that will detect and track certain enemies as done in Etrian's Odyssey [DS].

I've also thought due to how abruptly quick characters can get surprise attacked/struck down in the Blame! universe, you'd need a SenseMove dodge input system ala directional-input to match that instantaneous action. After you initiate that, which we can call a "super dodge", you have to rest your character before being able to perform it again.

Controversially, it will have a slight whimsical element/small joy of obtaining balloons that allow Killy to escape and for traversal purposes, possibly even used to prevent fall damage. Balloons are pumped up by mashing a singular button. They are risky to use when traveling to uncleared upper areas and are best used somewhat sparingly as they are hard to come by.

Aesthetics: Blame! (videogame) would be in black and white.

Going around "the next corner" or transitional space is something I think a fixed camera system or the camera system seen in Metroid: Other M would work best for. Additionally, those type of camera systems would naturally show off the immensity of the environments by letting the camera regularly point upwards without user input.

Request: Forum member(s) to post arising game design conflicts or points of interest in a question format. Post marketing and sales concerns in question format.

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