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Vanquish: The Marriage Of Two Genres

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At long last the article has arrived. I wish everyone a happy reading experience and if you like it, be sure to spread the word!
Really proud of this piece, took a lot of work but managed to get it done.

Imagine a bookcase filled with old magazines - dusty and scratched. You grab one on games and relish in the old memories that come with it as you read its quality articles. Slowly your eyes settle on a single word next to a review: “genre: shooter”. Back then games were seriously categorized with their brothers. Painkiller’s gothic extravaganza was every much a “shooter” as Delta Force’s attempt at realism. While games have always dabbled with combining multiple genres, like with the original Metroid, it wasn’t until Deus Ex and Metroid Prime that the term “shooter” just wouldn’t suffice anymore. This took another step in 2010 when director Shinji Mikami wished to make a modern iteration of the “arcade shooter” after having completed God Hand’s ode to the classic “beat ‘em up” genre. Looking to other modern titles for inspiration he quickly noted that they ‘lacked speed’ and that he wished to break these rules, subconsciously having his game represent both “action” and the classic “shooter”. He had tried to revive the “arcade shooter” before with P.N.03 with little success and wished to take those lessons learned to realize the vision anew with a bigger budget and wider deadline to back it up. The result is Vanquish.

Vanquish: The Marriage Of Two Genres  Vq100819_009

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Gabriel Phelan Lucas

Gabriel Phelan Lucas
Good job Roy I'll read this soon.

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