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---------------- ADVANCED TECHNIQUES----------------

> Boost Dodge
Start by boosting, then immediately dodge. This costs 0 ARS bar and doesn't trigger the stop to regenerating ARS. By doing this you'll cover more ground and pair the invincibility.frames (i.frames) of the two moves together.

> ZigZag
A variation of Boostdoging. Boost to the right, and then dodge to the left (or vice versa). This will spread the i.frames and will generally have shots miss you as they'll track your boost-direction. Especially great against 5-3 boss on God Hard.

> Boostclapping
Tap the boost button to get the 'clap' animation in which Sam spins his legs. This move reduces the hitbox on Sam and gives some i.frames, generally considered inferiour to Boostdodging.

> EMP-Slide
Throw an EMP while sliding makes it explode instantly.

> Reload canceling
While reloading, once clicked immediately switch to another weapon and back, free reload. Great for keeping up pressure.

> Smoke canceling
Same as above, but instead of switching weapons you pop a smoke and walk an inch to cancel the smoke - works in cover only but is slightly faster.

> Fire canceling
You can cancel machine-gun fire into another gun firing animation. So for instance hold down the fire-button with the Heavy Machine Gun and switch, while still holding the fire-button, to the shotgun. Great for pressure play.

> Sniper Run
You can move a lot faster by using the Sniper-melee and canceling that using a dodge and canceling that with a Sniper-melee. This is the fastest way to move generally speaking, you do lack i.frames during this way of movement though.

---------------- GENERAL TIPS ----------------

> Throwing
Never, ever, throw a grenade while walking; this triggers a unique animation which is a lot longer.

> Counter
Shotgun melee can be charged and will automatically counter an incoming melee-hit. Great against Romanov foes and sometimes BIA's if you're feeling fancy. Does not work against all melee-moves however.

> Choose melee
The strongest melee, outside of a fully charged Shotgun Melee or fully connected Assault Rifle melee (both of which are really hard to land on the tougher foes) is the Boost-melee.

---------------- SCORING SYSTEM ----------------

> Score System Explanation

> Score Bonus
The game has a small scoring bonus if you beat the act under a specific time-constraint. This bonus is a maximum of 5000 points. It is generally considered a challenge run to aim for this bonus, but can get in the way of highscores as you can't farm enemies this way. This timer is really strict btw.

---------------- THE PLAYER ----------------

Here is a short overview of Sam Gideon's stats and abilities.

---------------- WEAPONS ----------------

Here is a short overview of Sam Gideon's weapons.

---------------- ENEMIES ----------------

> BIA 
Generally considered to be the hardest non-boss enemy in the game so don't worry if you're having difficulty with them. What makes them hard is that they have two forms - each of which has their own type of a.i. and tells. You'll generally want to keep a look out for their signature scream.Don't bother aiming for their weakpoint as it's generally considered a waste of time. Melee'ing them is really asking for it unless you have cover nearby.BIA's are weak to the LFE-gun and can be looped to death. LFE shot > melee > LFE shot > shotgun/rpg > LFE Shot > melee is a true combo and will hurt them bad.Firing while boosting away from them using a heavy-machinegun also works wonders if you don't have an LFE. You generally don't want to get near them as they have a few instant-kill moves.If they throw their orbs towards you which turn into miniature drones and LFE or shotgun shot will deal with those best.
This topic has some solid tips too:

> View Hound (Choppers)
An EMP will instantly kill them if they are in their flight-mode.

> Bogey
Bogey's have several voice-clips, each one means a certain attack is coming:
* "Aim Carefully" means over-heat satalites will be thrown
* "Let's go" means they will rush you with with a 3 hit melee attack.
* "How about now?" means he'll throw grenades.
* If you hear a loud zing-sound, that means a sniper-shot is coming.
Headshots with the Shotgun can easily stun them and this can be abused to loop them infinitely.

> KNRB0 Spider Mode
* If you hear a sort of vacuum like sound, that means a mouth-canon shot is coming your way. Dodge accordingly.

---------------- EXPLOITS ----------------

> Death count reset
You can keep a 0-death count by choosing "return to title screen" when you die instead of "reset" or "checkpoint". It's considered 'cheating' by some - but a bit timer saver by others.

> Infinite Melee
A glitch in the system, if a melee connects to certain pieces of enemies it won't trigger a full ARS drain. An example is boost-melee'ing against a Buzzard's side-shields, still deals damage but no ARS drain. If you hit an UNKNOWN's armor it also won't drain.

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