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Castlevania Netflix Creator Reveals Devil May Cry Animated Series

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Gabriel Phelan Lucas

Gabriel Phelan Lucas

Their giving it another try. If they’ve managed to make a exceptional show out of (which doesn’t have much plot to begin with), then I’m sure they’ll do DMC justice(unless they don’t get Rueben Langdon, which they have no reason not to).


I hope they put more time into the animation.

Castlevania was really good in a few scenes, but largely quite stiff.

Gabriel Phelan Lucas

Gabriel Phelan Lucas
If its going to be a few episodes to start, then that means more money/time is spent on each episode. We don't really know much else about this(whether its canon or not, the studio/staff, plot, if its Reuben Langdon as our boy, release date), but i'll give them the benefit of the doubt and see where it goes. I'm sure if animation is to go by, we are in good hands.


>whether its canon or not,
I doubt it, considering how much Shankar likes his Bootleg Universe bubble it's most likely not canon and not gonna be faithful to the original material much like Castlevania.

>Castlevania series.
I feel like I'm in the minority here when I say those series were utter garbage and I can't feel the minor shred of respect to the original material(that's to be expected considering it's a Netflix show), the most important aspects of the series go into weird directions and there's this massive anti-religion view being shoved down people's throat because Shankar wants it being there despite that going contrary to the OG material. The characterization is completely off and it more than often goes into 180 degree changes that makes you wonder who the fuck are you staring at, Hector in particular is bad to the point that even though they BAMEd Isaac for no reason he still somehow closer to the original character(not a compliment) than Hector who is basically a potato. The easter eggs are cool I guess? Too bad they're basically there to lure people into thinking that there is any respect to the series when there is none.

I've got 0 expectations for the DMC series but considering it's just gonna be more western fanfic nonsense I don't really care that it's being made since I can just not watch it.

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