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Devil May Cry 1

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1Devil May Cry 1 Empty Devil May Cry 1 on Sun Sep 30, 2018 12:45 pm


Despite the site practically being an ode to the game, I never truly dove into the first title. I beat it on DMD in the HD collection years ago by spamming items and never looked back. Slowly trying to pick it up again as a side game since it is so short. Started my Hard Mode run on my original PS2 copy I snagged a while back. Was surprised to see such a weird controle-scheme. Triangle for jumping huh?

I do still like the game, some of the fights are pretty wack but the enemy-lore menu is good at informing you on little hidden weaknesses and tells so you can adapt. I do still play it pretty lame with my Alastor+E&I combination, would've liked to use more of Dante's arsenal but it just feels so unbalanced. Sparda is technically better if you're out of DT, but you rarely are. NightmareBeta doesn't see a lot of uses either.

2Devil May Cry 1 Empty Re: Devil May Cry 1 on Mon Oct 01, 2018 3:24 am


I'll just add this to the list of your gaming crimes.

I used to play this extensively in my early 20s. It was all I had along with Onimusha and Chaos Legion.

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