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Those types downplay games for gameplay.

Might as well watch on YT.

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I'm curious why one would say these things. To me they got worse! Nearly each and every one of those points he mentioned.

The seventh generation had a ton of long games thanks to two Elder Scroll games, two Fallout games, multiple Final Fantasy releases etc. While not my cup of tea, this generation's games seem to be aiming more towards the middle end I'd say, 40-50 hour games with some exceptions of course i.e Witcher 3 and RDR2, but far less frequent. Game-size still isn't what it used to be in the hayday of PC-gaming like Daggerfall, and when games do try to reach that they tend to feel like large open blocks of nothing. Loading is still bad since we dumbed cartriges in favour of disc, not to mention Bluray making things worse.

Detailed animations is a no as well, they are more realistic thanks to motion-capture, but facial animation has taken a huge (huge) step back as a result becoming far more uncannyvalley. Complex gameplay makes me laugh my brains out. We'll be lucky if a game this generation is as deep as a 1991 arcade game.

That said! I do think it would help you if you played your cards in paces. You immediately go ham, and especially on Reddit that will just see you get ignored. Gotta play it smart.

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>Kof Shill
A lot of it was simply to spite SFV which is one of the most controversial fighting games out there in the market, people wanted to KoF to make it as big or even take SF numbers from the FGC(little they know that based Tekken would be the one to do it later on and KoF niche wouldn't break past South America and Asia.


>Based retard comparing souless 2k19 vydias to the apex of gaming.
They aren't even comparable to 2k9 games which had way more emphasys on small details as detailed here by our boy Crowbcat Let alone touch the shoes of the best each genre has to offer like Super Metroid, Castlevania Sotn, Chrono Trigger, Mario 64, etc.  Too lazy(for now) to read any other post besides the OP one..


>Furry Fightan
Good stuff, I played the GC version enough to unlock Fang without looking guides up. Really wish they could kept the series going or in the very least the Superior Nardo games(that weren't shit like Storm) that were in the GC and Wii.

>downplaying gameplay
While shilling vydia story shit that at it's best is comparable to a decent comic, and without realizing how much the narrative vs gameplay issue affects the product quality(consider that the most detailed vydia stories comes from pseudo/full blown VNs or really heavy text rpgs) while yet still insisting on mixing both(while asking for more emphasys on the narrative).


>I'm curious why one would say these things.
Books are too hard for them lot to absorb. Some of them have even trouble absorbing info from mangas and western comics and will often just stick to shilling interactive movies.

>To me they got worse! Nearly each and every one of those points he mentioned.
Indie games are great and are saving the industry, however yeah AAA games in general have been without exception been getting worse and every generation, it probably has something to do with the fact that the more we advance the more expensive vydias seem to get to make so devs seem to be cutting corners in most of their games while trying to pass to the masses that their games haven't been suffering from this issue. We end up seeing more and more content gated behind paywalls and games keep looking more and more shiny(while devs push for stretching out the game main campaign as much as possible to appease all the "how long is this game" folk) but when you crack these games open they're just soulless husks.

>but facial animation has taken a huge (huge) step back as a result becoming far more uncannyvalley.
I still love some of the ps2 facial animations the most like DMC3 and Onimusha 3. Even DMC4 which is still by far my favorite still looks better than DMC5(and it doesn't matter what people say, Vergil and Trish look horrible).

>You immediately go ham, and especially on Reddit that will just see you get ignored. Gotta play it smart.
Yeah pretty much, if you wanna go against the opinion of the masses in the reddit you're posting in you gotta act like you care about their opinions(and even their well-beings) while shitting on the other poster opinions with kind but passive aggressive comments. Chances are you'll still get downvoted but by a lesser margin.

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Hurts the soul. Many such cases. Even Harvey knows our pain.

>Reddit retards

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Where's the original source he was talking about?

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>the source
He screencap'd a PM exchange as I recall.  As for the topic(s), I'd have to check on that.  Give me a moment.

NOTE: Spoiler tags to help collapse things helps for organization purposes (less overwhelming to look at *especially while just passing by*).  Technique I used to use a lot on GameSpot (for TUGOWU topics like Tactics/Tips).

Various topic links:
(Unrelated) TC asks for help, gets it and isn't thrilled:

NOTE: Had a lot of experiences like this there (aside from people just disappearing).  Only one or two with people taking the help offered (though none went beyond that).

(Unrelated) More positive outcome example:

(Unrelated) This is just schooling fools at random about the various weapons with one fellow realizing he was in over his head after talking a 'big' game:

Here we are:

NOTE: I was not aware I had this reply for a long while, so I sought to use a PM to reply (as I don't tend to like letting things go).

Before I get on to the PM exchanges, there is this instance of his angrily seeking me out while I was looking to help another (got thrown off during PM exchange when he replied to me here as may become noticeable when reading through below):

NOTE: Reddit rapes my beloved format unless in special conditions owed to the coding there.  I didn't bother looking into a way around it without making a change.  No option where PMs are concerned, sadly.  I'll have to attempt edits to make things more readable (but his reaction is partially based on Reddit having altered the form, so keep that in mind).

With GoW proper. I'll be your professor. Hold the applause, student of mine. Now, let's begin.

Learning the Ropes (GMG):
>full blown God of War It should not be capitalized in this instance.
>ellipsis without full stop Another blunder.
>full God
He's not the Abrahamic deity. This is not a proper noun. We've not even gotten started with the basic facts, but you're looking quite ragged.

The comma deserves better.

>holding BoO makes him a full deity
It doesn't (and would be irrelevant were it the case). Shall I spell it out for you at length?

>actually know about GoW
Speaking of which, run history to share? Regale me with your background with the series, why don't you? Or perhaps you wish to start light with some talk of mechanics. How about collisions (foe made to impact with another for special damage type)? Detail for me how they work (preferably in each entry, but feel free to keep it light with just GoW1 for starters). Or is it that you're the sort that keeps just to story (while somehow not understanding it likely not even appreciating what a terrible person Kratos was throughout much less embracing him for it).

NOTE: To think, some know-nothing, casual would be foolish enough to speak out of turn at a vet among vets. What could you have been thinking? I suppose I ought to have expected as much from Nu-GoW's ilk (could have saved yourself trouble by just reading what Daddy GMG said instead of uselessly responding to it as you have). Or maybe you just wanted private lessons. That how it is?

Pacemaker - Reply 1:
The fuck are you on about. I've been playing gow since 2005, and I really don't give a shit about capitalizing letters. You're kind of pathetic.

Gears? Proper capitalization isn't so difficult as you make it out to be.

>casual since 2005
Riveting. You should have ascended by now, but no worries. Your benevolent benefactor is here to get your mind right. Now then, you ready to stop "playing" and start getting good? I can make it happen. You can be more than you. Don't believe in yourself, believe in me, who believes in you. I'm great.

You seem to have evaded talk of collisions. Could it be (even when defined) you don't know what they are (much less details about them)? I'll give you a little more to go on. The base damage of an agent impacting a target (via whatever means Ex: Knockback) is 10. A case like a knockback is worth half as much. Might you know of something that adjusts this value in GoW1? A stat, perhaps?

If this (little) is all too much for you (as with attempting to address your failure to understanding the basics of the lore as with Kratos just being a demi-god as of GoWII's reveal of the obvious), we can just skip to run lessons. How about your history with the franchise, then? You've been playing since 2005, so you should have some experience worth noting. Which entries have you played? Of those, what was the highest setting cleared (E, N, H or VH)? Did you complete the challenges of that particular entry (CoAr, CoAth, CotG, CoH, CotT, CoO and CoE)?

Oh you're the dumbass who said he isn't a full blown God and they forgot their history. Funny your entire lecture is on how to capitalize something instead of debating my points. He's a full God, he was made one at the end of the original GoW (happy?) if you recall. Want a recap since you think you know what the fuck you're talking about? After he uses pandoras box to obtain the power to kill a God, he then kills Ares and when the Gods say they can't (or won't) take away his nightmares he tries to kill himself. Athena stops this and makes him the new God of War, hence why he's a full God. He then poured all of his godly power into the blade of Olympus because Zeus tricked him. Yet... He reversed his fate and gets the blade back. Are you actually this dumb? Zero retcons. Get fucked.

Kevin Pacey:
Holy shit you are cringe. Legitimately cringey. Love how you can't talk about anything but capitalization. You're autsim is showing. I alps love how you act like any of this has anything to do with the fucking story or him not being a God anymore. You're fucking retarded. I've played all of them, psp titles included. Again, experience isn't what the point is about dumbass. Your lack of the lore is what the point is. You act like gameplay mechanics have anything do with knowing what the fuck you're talking about, they don't. Kratos is a full God, you're a full dumbass.

"I'm autistic as fuck and learned all the stats and played the games on all the difficulties" Cool, doesn't mean you know everything about the story since you literally won't talk about that.

>you're teaching me
Das rite.

>making the same mistake twice
Could it be intentional now? Out of spite (to cover for embarrassment though I should think this is only digging the hole deeper)?

Going to have to teach you about absolutes (and how they're absolutely tricky business only takes one exception to bring them down), too?

You have none. You're arguing against facts. Foolishness.

That I can have another slam dunk like this? Not really. There is no sport in it. Still, if it is a whoopin' you're wanting, I'll be your Huckleberry.

>want a recap
By all means. Keep on with it. You'll be in the holy land of the weebs before you (like so many before you) flee in shame rather than taking the generosity of your most superior master.

Know, rather. Write it down on your hand, if you don't trust your head.

>I don't believe in the apostrophe
But why?

>say they can't or won't
You having a laugh? It was just Athena. And it was clearly stated the promise was only ever about forgiveness of sins. Kratos is an idiot (as are the people who bat for him in his ridiculous delusions). Greek Myth offers so many options, but he just keeps findings ways to break his situation harder. Like he gets off on it (before long, turning his sadness outward as anger was all that kept him going before his next attempt at suicide).

>he's a full deity
He was, yes (not 'he is' as this is entirely correct for the past, not the 'present' to be). Allowing for the GoS retcon, she gives the title before the powers, but no need to fret about such details for this bit of education on light-lifting like story in vidya (especially Action).

>reversed his fate
He didn't. He was still drained. The other him on the ground, too (and that one died, but the creators forgot about the loose end). The powers were in the BoO. Holding it didn't suddenly make him able to use his deity powers (like Olympian state). This before getting in GoWIII. For fun, let's hear you cover this one's events (relevant to the topic you've chosen to die for most ingloriously).

>zero retcons
There was already retconning at work (just for this matter) prior to Nu-GoW (with its own). Today, you will be reminded.

>get fucked
No hitting on teacher. That's forbidden love.

>love how
You don't. This phrase was always pretty shit (and used by those found wanting).

NOTE: You seem upset about something. Can't imagine what. Your lord and savior has come to teach you about unimportant shit like lore while offering you a grand world (gameplay expertise), but you're prattling on like a child who doesn't like his failing grade (it is only natural that teacher keeps you after to get you right for the next grade else you'll never become a fine adult). You mouth off like this throughout schooling? I should like to think not (but such is the nature of spoiled youth).

>multi-post without hitting character limit
Come now.

>I alps
Explain further.

>playing them all
That's the first part of the run history addressed. The next being the highest setting cleared on each (E, N, H or VH). By all means, the floor is yours.

>isn't the point
Did you just wish to admit you're a know-nothing casual and leave it at that? It would be a waste, but I suppose I'd have to accept this about you. Wouldn't you like to be more? Through me, many things become possible (even for one such as you). Take my hand, won't you? You'll be doing higher run work before you know it. I've taught many throughout these many years. Why not join the ranks? I can even teach you English while we're at it (it'll be educational and fun the perfect combination).

>your lack of the lore
Consider revision.

>act like
Comprehension not your strong suit? No matter. I'll keep you on the straight and narrow.

>they don't

>I'm a full casual
There was never really any doubt it would be so, but it need not remain that way. While it is (for a child) fun to play without a real goal (using cheats, going through lower settings, etc.), there comes a time when you must grow up. Seek mastery.

NOTE: I sure hope you're not a scrub, too. You're not, right? Though it seems likely you don't even know what that is (you'll think you do, but you'll be wrong at best).

>gameplay mechanics
Speaking of which, shall I take it you're not at all familiar with collisions in any of these entries? The answer was very simple. It inversely scales with Enemy Power % (not ours). For GoW1 and one other entry. Works a bit differently with others. Care to take a swing or did you plan to be struck out without having so much as attempted a bunt, lad? Got no fight in you?

>won't talk about it
I already had (in the post you originally responded to, but failed to understand else you would have just seen the error of your ways and thanked me, though I have no need of it). Indeed, I have again. Try to keep up, won't you? No need to run away (even as you are being torn down). This is for your sake. I do this for you, not to you.

Yeah, I'm not reading this. You're legitimately autistic. Get fucking help. You're wrong about the lore which is all that matters. Fucking idiot.

Also hilarious how someone with such a hard of for correct capitalization sends a message riddled with errors. You're not smart. Your very autistic brain may think it is. It isn't.

Dude you are pathetic. Gonna message him as well acting like some sort of teacher? Legitimately get help. You're the definition of gatekeeping and cringe

>not reading
That (and not listening) could have something to do with how you found yourself in this situation, boy-o.

>remind me about GoWIII
If you insist. Kratos the demi-god holding the BoO lost it, got it back, realized (in a retcon) he had the power of 'Hope' still, activated it and won the day (BoO only helped in the battle pre-Fear Zeus another retcon). He then spites Athena (misinterpreted as a sacrifice for humanity like he suddenly cared about them) one last time by offing himself (like he tried in the past). All the power inside him (possibly the blade as well, but that isn't explicitly stated) sent uselessly out across the ruined Greece. Humoring your kind (making such a basic error), were he a deity at the time, he would cease to be after this (much less losing the weapon in question). But it isn't that way. The power of a god taken was still in the weapon the whole time (and Hope was what it dispersed as if humanity even knew of it, much less had a way to gather it up and use it...or still lived in those lands).

>hard of
You taking the piss?

>riddled with errors
By all means. Have a go.

>message him him
What's all this now?

Who's acting?

>get help

NOTE: I already am.

By all means, define it (and try to apply it here). I've (not yet) done nothing of the sort. Rather, I'm helping you be more (and be better Nu-GoW kids should appreciate that reference).

NOTE: I take it you don't argue against your being a casual (and a scrub this referring to one who makes house rules and the like to spare their pride against losses with cries of cheap, for instance). Acceptance is the first step. Next, make the call. Do you forever doom yourself to his lowly fate? What say you?

Your use of the term is as such, yes. Try not to so limit your vocabulary (like an autist hohoho).

NOTE: The answer to the other entry that worked like GoW1 in terms of collision scaling with GoWII. Should probably have deduced as much via the combat designers, really. You even trying? Apply yourself. I'm still not seeing notation on the highest settings cleared on each entry. You bashful? Shy? Ashamed, even? Don't be. If you're like so many other underachievers (knowing precious little of the story while confusing order of importance and being completely ill-equipped to have even basic conversations on tactics where gameplay is concerned), that's fine. Just know Daddy GMG's offer still stands. I can make a vet out of you. Help me, help you.

There's a reason you've been on reddit for half a decade and have negative karma. You're a gatekeeping wanna be know it all.

Holy autistic batman! More useless information! You're retarded lmao

You've been on this platform for half a decade and nobody fucking likes you and you still consider yourself important. You're not. In real lie or on the internet.

NOTE: By this point, he took a screencap (I believe of the time I made an edit upon realizing he took the conversation somewhere outside the PM exchange *didn't want to derail the TC who was looking for help*).  Should be in one of the links I provided.

>there's a reason
Indeed. It is Reddit (proper noun), after all. Certain practices net Karma (more a mark of shame than honor). Nothing to be proud of (just the opposite). Sucking up to certain people, chanting along with certain lines, etc. A glorified echochamber. Fortunately, there are gentlemen and scholars like myself willing to take these meager hits (and get work done).

>negative karma
Means I'm doing my job. Got to make you kids learn (drag you kicking and screaming to the promised land).

>can't define and apply gatekeeping
Like you couldn't with the other terms. You don't know what you're talking about, do you? Did you just hear this word in some context and felt it sounded like some neat insult to lob around carelessly?

>wanna be
Rather, I'm the real deal (the only one this place has really had where vets among vets are concerned one student of mine drifted through, but he had more runwork to do before he can be seen as more than a regular vet). Raeng/Royta is about as close as you've got to an alternative. He'll play to the tune of this system of sensitivity (easily gaining the garbage currency you now deflect to), but I will not.

But enough distractions. Let's start from the start (seeing as how you've given up on yourself already in the department of getting good we'll revisit that before long). I noted how the regen displayed in Nu-GoW was not something he had in the past (much less from birth) else he would not have jobbed to the pillar toss in GoW1. You made no argument. I denoted how he never again uses Olympian powers (like the huge state he stomped around Rhodes with) even while holding BoO. Nothing from you (of substance). Even poked fun at the BoC retcon. You were just a petulant child speaking out of turn before your better (and you remain so).

Have some samples of what it is to be helpful to the community (much less in it for a poster than offering up some trash tribute video, but that's no big concern) in the most meaningful way (mastery of gameplay in a video game series):

>still multi-posting
You daft? Touched in the head?

Now, now. Don't go spiting yourself to get back at your teacher. You already knew this was a proper noun (and how those are to be handled).

Mind that excitability, sport.

Knowing the meaning of words (that you're using, define you, etc.)? How to play a series you claim to be a long-time and knowledgeable/capable fan of? I just wish you well. Why fight my kindness? Don't resist. It's love, not hate. My good-will should be met with Good Faith. Were you not taught proper manners? I suppose I'll have to cover for your parents, as well. Truly, I'll be your Daddy GMG.

This ain't your blog. What year do you think this is? Have some respect for yourself if not your dear teacher.

NOTE: You didn't finish your sentence. Was there more you wished to add?

>repeating lines
Poor showing.

>nobody likes you
Didn't we go over absolutes already? Try to keep up.

>consider self important
Ah, but I know I am. I'm just considered as such by others (in authority and elsewhere). That you're such an outsider to the community you don't know of me (by this name, anyway) is telling enough. This is fine. There is plenty of time to become intimately acquainted as I work you along (by the numbers all the way to relevancy yourself then you will be able to help people as I do so graciously).

>in real lie
You sure do botch with typos a great deal. Consider proofreading, why don't you? It is bad enough you have so many errors that aren't merely mechanical in nature.

Yeah, I already saw that in the thread. Prove some more how "smart" you are.

>prove some more
I wouldn't want to brag now. I suppose if you enjoy boasting so much, have this, too:

Just look how dear daddy ("GMG") has his praises sung even in an FAQ for glitching (when my primary area of focus remains challenge running). Should I take it you've given up on even defining terms you brought up (and didn't actually know how to use)? Not too important. We'll just move on.

So, I take it you did nothing of any importance with the GoW series (since 2005). Shall we start with vanilla VH in GoW1? I can provide a run skeleton (write-up) if you like. Or have you the means to record? Do tell.

Nobody gives a shit about you for something a decade old. You are beyond delusional and pathetic.

There we have it! You're a little whiny baby who can't get over the evolution of the series. Ascension showed how archaic that formula was. But legitimately hilarious that you think you speak for series fans when everything you write gets down voted... Well before the game ecn came out. Lol. Also, there's no comments on that link. You posting something doesn't make you relevant. You're just a sad person stuck in the past. "betrayal to me because I'm autistic and can't cope with change" more like it.

NOTE: The topic was made for sure by this point (as a means to cope through like-minded people agreeing with him).  Not sure about the order here, so I've got two in a row.

>just posted evidence to contrary
>still carrying on
Not that it matters, but are you going to be okay?

NOTE: What made you think arguing about Islam here was a wise course of action? About as good for karma as telling the Nu-GoW kids what a shitty betrayal the newest entry is to series fans.

Calm yourself.

>devolving is progression
You should know better. Must I teach you everything?

>GoW:A showed
You couldn't begin to attempt an argument on the matter. Your being a know-nothing casual creates this situation. However, if you swallow your (misplaced) pride, I can raise you up from the dirt (you eat). Perhaps then you can speak with one so great as I as perhaps even an equal. It isn't entirely impossible (if you apply yourself in your lessons).

>speak for proper fans
Of course.

>I downvote your every message
It goes without saying. You're upset, but this emotional display will pass. As for others, is it not the obvious outcome (when you come into their hugbox to shit in it they'll take issue no matter how right you are). These are non-fans (of GoW) in a board that is GoW is name alone (Nu-GoW focused). My karma was positive prior to giving the children a taste of truth (got them so worked up they would find topics where I helped people just to lash out and downvote as you are now, as it so happens). Imagine being so cross with words on a screen. For you, the imagining isn't much of a stretch, I take it (you're living their reality as we speak).

>before the game game
A bit generous.

You what?

>no comments
Are you somehow unfamiliar with how FAQs work? That what you wish to communicate?

That would be a fine thing for you to do (rather than seething so much as you're made to kneel before your master). Fret not, for I am kind.

NOTE: You're still forgetting commas. Is is that difficult for you?

About the only way you could sink lower would be text-based emoticons at this juncture. Are you proud of this display? We're no gathering of 16-year-old-girls discussing boys. Now, let's get back to business. Run skeleton or recording (for the vanilla VH GoW1 run)? Or maybe you want to start light with going over how you approached things in the past. Is that what this stalling is about? Want to show your moves form your singular playthrough where you struggled on through lower settings just to feel accomplished with a mediocre showing (and ingest a story through about the worst medium for them)?

Whine more about how you hate the new GOW please. It's cute. You're legitimately pathetic. You jack off to these books you send that nobody fucking reads? Jesus you are seriously mental.

Gears? I have no particularly feelings about it one way or the other.

>these books
You ain't seen nothing yet. Have a gander:

NOTE: And that was going very light on responses to the nonsense they often offered up (aside from tidbits they had taken from the vet community two years after release).

>Jesus you
Your message is unclear. There is a punctuation mark that might help, but do you suppose one comes to mind?

NOTE: I'm to take it you wanted to go with the newest offer. I presume you were playing on Normal (no trophies in the PS2 days, so no reason to push yourself in Glorified Normal). What were you tactics for the Deck Hydra? Should be an easy one to go over. Lay it on me.

Also, the fact that your entire identity is tied up with how much you played the old games on God mode is insanely pathetic. Have you accomplished real world goals? Fucking hilarious dude.

>entire identity
Not quite, but I did put a fair amount of time in. It would not be an exaggeration to say 50K hours playing (and as much discussing it, helping other runners, etc.). Even now, I still help people with their runs (YouTube, GFAQs, etc.). It is rare, but sometimes I remember to drop by here and sift through the trash to find some poor soul in need. It is my (good) nature. A saint, really (wouldn't want to toot my own horn unreasonably, so I won't go further).

calls it God mode
Ignoring the capitalization error, the dubbing choice is the real concern. You know no better, so I'll be gentle. These names change largely without meaning between entries. Go by what they are (Easy, Normal, Hard and Very Hard). Now you know (half the battle already won hold your thanks, I've no need of it).

NOTE: This before having a chuckle at your thinking merely VH play would ever suffice for mastery. Truly, you have much to learn. Fortunately, I've much to teach.

>cites IRL
What next? Talk of 'a life'? By all means, define it (see how that goes for you given your record with such a task thus far, I can already see a dust trail kicking up though it may be for the best).

You don't seem amused. Not sure why you got so bothered about being corrected. Probably shouldn't leave your nerves all over the ground (just there to be stepped on). Consider this well.

Gears? Gears? Hey dumbass, of is in gears of War as well an isn't fucking capitalized. You are actually austitic.

NOTE: nobody gives a shit what you have to say.

NOTE: you're a pathetic man child whose only accomplishments are besting games on the hardest difficulty. I'd bet big money you still live with mommy and daddy huh?

I love how you actually act like beating the games on God mode is a real world accomplishment. I'm married with two kids, a house and a great job. You've done nothing of note in the real world and are upset that the new game is so different gameplay wise from the old one that you likely suck at it now.

>born in vice, say it twice
Born in sin, come on in.

>dumbass of is in gears
Want to capture this, too? *hohoho*

>isn't capitalized
It sure wouldn't be were it not for its elder (God of War). Now it is cucked into being something so unsightly (alternatively, the likes of 'GeoW', 'Gears', etc.). More is the pity (for them). As for us, you know you're supposed to denote it as "GoW", but you keep botching as if it is too much of a hassle to let go of Shift in the middle? Daddy GMG is not impressed.

I'm unfamiliar with this term.

>nobody cares
You do (even without reaching out to others). You care very much (getting upset isn't the same as not caring, if you weren't aware). Indeed, you hang on my every word (it would seem). Just remember not to get sexual with your advances when those feelings flip (as they are doomed to should you find the inner strength not to run away from the instruction sessions at hand).

>still going on about vanilla play
Truly, you are small time.

You didn't mean to make this a question, but you did anyway. I asked before, but I suppose you didn't need to admit to being ESL (for it to be answered clearly).

>love how
You clearly don't. But you will.

Who's acting?

>I'm 'various'
Look at what you've done to yourself. Did no one teach you any better? Were there no mentors (father figures like me) around to get your mind right? Also, I'm not seeing any run coverage. Did you even beat the Deck Hydra on Vanilla Normal? I'm beginning to wonder if you didn't just read one of those trash tier wikis that are filled with incorrect information from your fellow know-nothings.

NOTE: You say all this, but you've time to keep up with someone on their day off (or did you wish to suggest you've time enough set aside to have a go with your better while ignoring the family, even)? Allowing for this, get the family. I'll teach them to get good with GoW, too (wouldn't be hard to make them better than you).

>hyphens frighten and confuse me
Evidently so.

>likely suck at it
Fortunately, I had multiple students who took the fall for me. Their sacrifice won't soon be forgotten. Imagine having to play that trash on VH in even a NUR (not that you're familiar with the term). Bleh. McDonald really didn't know what he was doing (should have stuck to making funny noises). Would have been wiser to let Derek handle these matters (preferably with Eric backing him). Maybe then the good ideas in a bad situation could have shined through (rather than being ruined with an atrocious concept like RPG leveling gaps disabling hit properties, statuses, etc.). But that's a concern for those that had to play something that was no longer GoW. A bastardization through and through.

Except no one gives a shit about what you have to say, at all. You make money doing this? No? Then you haven't accomplished shit. Also, love how you didn't respond to if you still live at home. I knew you did from the autistic nature of your messages. Someone like you couldn't live alone. I can easily define a life. Real world accomplishments and goals outside of a virtual world. You're not a professional gamer making money so the two don't overlap. No you're just a pathetic man child who lives with his parents still and rest all of his accomplishments on a video game. I shudder to think about how ib ten years you'll still be acting superior about an old game and your poor parents have realized what a failure they did raising you.

Also funny you criticize me using God mode, when it's in your fucking name dumbass.

>does it for free
Hold your applause. I know, I know. I'm truly a giver. As AKheon and others put it, the "spirit of the community" (among other lofty titles).

>love how
You sure repeat yourself a lot. I'm still not seeing tactics for vanilla N Deck Hydra (even now).

>can easily define a life
You're certainly foolish enough to give a go. I'll give you that (actually a rare thing, I've found). Take that as you please.

>real world
You keep saying this as if everything isn't part of that very concept. Or did you wish to re-define (narrowing the scope) that term while you're at it?

>outside the virtual
Even something so simple as getting you good with GoW proper qualifies as that much. I'm affecting you in real time in this 'real world' you're going on about. Like so many before you (and to follow).

>it is all about money
You getting paid to contend with the truths put upon you today (or are you doing some charity work)?

>repeatedly missing the comma
How is this so difficult for you?

>rest all
Wrong tense.

>on a video game a
Just one? And just games? You wound me. I take great pride in getting mouthy students like yourself out of the muck (modeled into worthwhile contributors).

I don't follow.

Your job not involve using many words, then? It's fine to just have a total vocabulary in the low 100's?

>what a failure they did
This is all wrong. English is noted as the second hardest language, but if you were native it should be natural enough for you that this wouldn't be happening. What's the deal, boy? Why do you speak as if this is your second (or third) language? This shoddy performance is no good (like your GoW play, no doubt).

>it is my name
Is it? Was that the reference? I wonder. Are there other instances of the term in gaming that come to mind (maybe before your time to be fair)? But then there is another angle to consider. Would this issue of dubbing come up with only a singular entry? Makes you think (and that's a good thing).

NOTE: I'm to take it the Deck Hydra was never actually beaten. What of the fight before it with the harpies (and civilians)? What approach did you take there?

NOTE: Not sure why, but History does not show his PMs as "GodeModeeGod".  No matter.  I started this new tree as with the previous one.

Option Select (GMG):
The remaining inputs are square and triangle. The former is the 360 toss. Full collisions (though close enough and it'll be a unique value instead), ring-out and insta-kill the agent (don't recall instances like in GoW2 a downhill throw could see them land on their feet still alive). Triangle is the torso rip (just an instant kill). I believe this option denied EXP orbs in exchange for the quick kill. Think one entry or other did that. Don't typically pay much mind to EXP what with all the NUR and higher run work.

NOTE: These things said, which option would you be going with for the Undead Legionnaires in the first fight of the game?

NOTE: This is where I'm missing a message (and wrap things up with him).

Not sure what to go with, Pacemaker? I suppose it depends on the run conditions. Recall this was merely vanilla Normal. You could orb milk (if you take proper care) to get the most EXP out of the fight, but it might not be worth bothering, really. Sort of overkill to get lvl2 BoC early just for Hydra King. Your call. I'd recommend 360 toss. While full collisions are sort of meh here (10DMG), the ring-out and i-frames are dandy.

NOTE: And what of without grabs? What attacks might you be working with through dial-a-combo/strings? Ideally something more than just light whoring/square mashing.

~That should about do it

Last edited by GodModeGOD on Tue Nov 05, 2019 12:07 am; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : To get it right.)

58The Vent Club - Page 2 Empty Re: The Vent Club on Tue Nov 05, 2019 7:38 pm


I've never seen the word 'autistic' used so many times in my life, and I work with autistic clients.

Also, Shabby so damn butthurt over that Bayo beatdown that he's following 5hadows all over the board with schoolyard insults. You REALLY triggered that boy didn't you?

59The Vent Club - Page 2 Empty Re: The Vent Club on Tue Nov 05, 2019 8:21 pm


>GMG reddit arc
Needs to be animated asap.

It's only a matter of time before he starts getting infractions and then he'll have to dial back his autistic rage, been a while since I had so much easy salt(last one was D3rpil I believe).

60The Vent Club - Page 2 Empty Re: The Vent Club on Tue Nov 05, 2019 8:25 pm


If you want salt, there's plenty to openly mine on the Nioh2 boards. So many "this game is unfair", "impossible", "did they remove iframes from the dodge", "feral is pointless" and all other such comments. I had to take a break, couldn't handle it anymore. People are also asking for nerfs (already) from some of the overpowered stuff like this:

61The Vent Club - Page 2 Empty Re: The Vent Club on Tue Nov 05, 2019 9:11 pm


Took a glance at that dump and nope.

62The Vent Club - Page 2 Empty Re: The Vent Club on Wed Nov 06, 2019 12:51 am


In other news: Shabby still spamming @s at me thinking I actually read mentions on gfaqs.

63The Vent Club - Page 2 Empty Re: The Vent Club on Wed Nov 06, 2019 2:00 am


Let it be known that I'm just that good.

Edit: higher quality image.

64The Vent Club - Page 2 Empty Re: The Vent Club on Wed Nov 06, 2019 4:08 am


You drove him to account suicide HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Damn, those Bayo facts really triggered him huh?

65The Vent Club - Page 2 Empty Re: The Vent Club on Wed Nov 06, 2019 4:26 am


Shadow: >animated
He certainly didn't take well to my generous offer though I don't know how entertaining this particular fool's tale is (I'm more fond of some of my exploits with the /dbs/ "Chads").  That he was already looking for a comfort session at that pathetic sub-board after such a mild, private exchange is odd to me (as much as him taking that conversation elsewhere).

>such easy salt
The slightest push and he went ballistic, I see.  I knew them for "low-hanging fruit" (as another said).  Best I go very easy on them so as to avoid bringing the whole board upon myself (reports galore that will stick as mods tend not to like my way of doing things).  Kept light with approaches those vermin are more accustomed to (accusing Shabbos Goy of being an alt of all the people he is talking to, alluding to the nickname of Bubbles while mocking his sensitivity about it *actually calling him by it would definitely get me hit*, trashing DMC *in particular 'cuhrayzee' casuals and scrubs*, etc.).  Can't be going Full GMG if I still want to keep this account (until I finish up my plate with GoW recordings *could be a long while still before I even have to tools to start with GoW:A's list*).  Best I just troll /a/ for the time being (and YT makes me pull punches hard with wording, but I'm otherwise able to pull whatever stunt I like).

If I wasn't such a lazy cunt, I might have edited this appropriately to incorporate the image you offered up.

Harvey: >autistic
Just one of those terms certain types are taken with (and rarely use correctly).  Like casuals and scrubs (using terms meant for themselves).  If it wasn't such a pain in the ass to reformat, I would have re-read the conversation myself.  I know he repeated himself a fair bit (these types really don't want to talk shop *rarely even on non-gameplay matters once they are found to be full of it even on a front such as story*).

NOTE: I'm always sickened by people who make excuses for Kratos, pretend he did something noble to redeem himself in GoWIII, his 'revenge' was deserved, etc.  Then there are those who can't understand why I would enjoy the game even if I feel Kratos is wrong and does terrible things (like they cannot process I just like using my avatar to be awful in fun ways while learning a neat system *that his behavior matches my antics is just cute, not terribly important for immersion, which is worthless here*).  Why do they lie to themselves about these MCs?  It is like Goku fans who love their (non-canon, head canon) idea of him (as with Funi Goku), but not the real thing.  Irksome (and well worth riding their asses from side of the Earth, through the center and out the other and back).

Roy: >nerf PvE
Fuck these idiots.  Even as Sloth, infinite GS builds, etc. were in Nioh 1, they shouldn't have gotten nerfed like they were (especially the former).  Instead, just make it take much more investment, much higher gear (with new DLCs), etc. to get in the same place (seems a-okay for end game, just a bit questionable to be that potent with little investment *leaving little of the game to experience while not in God Mode as enemies just feebly meander towards you*).  Having the fucking DLC just shit all over Sloth didn't tickle me, either.  While I wasn't in favor of abusing it in the first go at foes (or as a crutch), I didn't want the option removed completely.  It is like asking government for things (or just giving them the ability in the first place, really).  Unwise.

66The Vent Club - Page 2 Empty Re: The Vent Club on Wed Nov 06, 2019 8:24 am


NOTE: I renamed this topic "the vent club". I tend to be hesitant about trashtalking other players (with my life's goal being politing myself into their hearts), but I also sometimes want to let off some steam. So this topic is for that.

One thing I do always wonder, you would get so much more results if you'd ease up in the first two posts. The cold silent shiv they get in the form of 20.000 words tends to not go over well with these vulnerable egos as you've (no doubt) noticed. Think you could convert a lot more people to the glory of God of War if you'd ease up at first. Freeza also didn't use 100% on Goku the second they met. What's this I heard about Vegeta being undefeated against Goku though?

What happened over there? I saw a slew of deleted posts and Dennis and his new friend quickly starting to trashtalk each other. They eat their own it seems.

It is disgusting, especially considering we've lived this exact thing before with Nioh 1. Alpha and Beta get released, we play it and love it, but the majority - since it is a major release - dislike it for being too difficult. Cue the feedback-form whose general reception seemed to include "make it easier" and "more loot".

Sloth was absolutely fine as it was, and even if it wasn't, who cares? Let people have fun.

But the same goes for basically the community. Tons of talk about lack of i.frames (incorrect), that it doesn't reward exploration like Bloodborne ('muh pellets') or that the game doesn't reward going all out. The constant comparison to Souls drives me up the wall, especially 'how it did slow methodical better'. This is why Ninja Gaiden died.

67The Vent Club - Page 2 Empty Re: The Vent Club on Wed Nov 06, 2019 12:34 pm


>other players
Then you're quite safe. These scum are casuals and/or scrubs (at best).

>always wonder
I'm a troll, too (if you recall *and this may sound familiar*):

NOTE: Ultimately, I don't need thin-skinned bitches among "the vets". My priorities aren't strictly to gain more GoW players (or even high level ones).

>what's all this
Is that to say you need a REMINDER?

AT's will - 3-0, when?:
The Vent Club - Page 2 1547909587517

68The Vent Club - Page 2 Empty Re: The Vent Club on Sat Dec 28, 2019 10:17 pm


I would rather this topic to be the Gamefaqs Stupid topic.

Question: Why are DMC fans so scared?

69The Vent Club - Page 2 Empty Re: The Vent Club on Sat Dec 28, 2019 11:34 pm


>why are DMC fans so scared

Their series is easy and doesn’t prepare them for difficult games or discussions.

70The Vent Club - Page 2 Empty Re: The Vent Club on Sat Dec 28, 2019 11:45 pm


It's really the abundance of OP items that make DMC so easy. Something GOW avoids by having none, and something Ninja Gaiden avoids by incorporating them+ into the difficulty.

71The Vent Club - Page 2 Empty Re: The Vent Club on Sun Dec 29, 2019 1:00 am



72The Vent Club - Page 2 Empty Re: The Vent Club on Mon Dec 30, 2019 1:56 am


You know a frothing at the mouth DMC fanboy hasn't played anything else or is mechanically blind when:

I think it would make more sense for DMC to change things up if more other series were doing what it did and offering the same kind of gameplay

if DMC had more to learn from other action titles, but we're still in a situation where other action titles should be learning from DMC rather than other other way around.

Yes, someone actually said this.

"Hack and Slash" is too broad since that includes games that emphasise efficiency rather than style and spectacle
This is what I was getting at in that 'stylish action topic' we have here. My view is that 'style' doesn't truly exist. If it means 'looking cool', number of hits or how long it's been before the sandbag hits the ground, is irrelevant. Efficient kills can look as cool as it gets.

people were still finding new tech in DMC4 5,6 years after release. thats comparable to a fighting game.
Two points here, equally absurd.

1 - If you find tech years later.
2 - Comparing to a fighting game.

You can find tech years later in every game in existence. Hell, I found some small stuff in CL this year, 14 years later. They always use this but don't consider that it's not exclusive to DMC. It's actually irrelevant.

Comparing to fighting games, omg.
Sure, there are some similarities like juggles and cancels, but DMC lacks all kinds of stuff that actually make fighters deep like hit levels, counter hits, throws and match ups.

Shit, match ups alone. I played Tekken series and SC2 for years and was damn good, and can tell you than any attack can mean something completely different depending on who you're fighting, what they're doing, on counter hit, distance. Shit, I could go on for years.

Does Chaos Legion have the depth of a fighting game? Since Ryu was brought up, we'll use SF.

*Fewer moves with more use.
*Jump in attacks, even being able to 'cross up'.
*Counters hits that work exactly the same way as fighters.
*Can juggle.

They would scream no, of course, because they're blinded by combo madness. What about Virtua Fighter, which doesn't have extensive juggles?

CL and GH are actually closer to fighters than DMC.

Nier Automata has an extremely simple combat engine, almost to the point you could call it button mashing
On normal, you can get by to a degree mashing. You know what other game you can do this in? DMCV. Both have simple systems at their base before you start doing actual combos with weapon switching.

>hit stun decay/damage scaling
those elements aren't there to add depth. theyre specifically balancing mechanics to make for a fair player vs player experience
This is true, but lets not pretend (as DMC fanboys usually do) that's all there is to these. In Tekken, you can't juggle forever, so you need to consider what moves to use, what properties like bound or knockback. Shortening or lengthening a combo taking into account the distance to a wall to get the wall hit, resets, etc.

find crazy new ways to express themselves using the combat engine
Which usually results in the fanboys telling you you're playing it wrong or Lucifer sucks.

there are also people who will play something like GoW and find the lack of options to be unbearable after a while.
This happens when you don't even know what the options are but act like you do.

From our boy 5hadows
Oh god, this is why you can't take DMC fans seriously, you just look at surface level gimmicks and think that's all there is to it.
They're STILL doing this with CL, but then V comes along and suddenly that's ok despite being a shadow of better summoner mechanics.

Just saw you did mention all that fighting game stuff as I'm going through quoting. I noticed they didn't actually address any of it.

In the end none of the above changes the fact that DMC offers something unique and distinctly its own and gaming would be poorer if it were to shed the things that make it special in the name of "innovation" or to copy a more successful genre.
This is the same guy who said "if DMC had more to learn from other action titles, but we're still in a situation where other action titles should be learning from DMC rather than other other way around."

in DMC you can play for thousands of hours and still find things online you are not remotely capable of doing.
Completely untrue. Most people who bother can do anything they see online, or come up with it themselves. I was doing weird stuff with Lucifer before any videos of ping pong combos came out.

what do we call that? depth. the game with the higher skill ceiling has more depth, mechanically. that's not something you can argue.
Every now and then, we come across something so egregiously stupid, that we can't generate a proper response. Mechanically blind.

What if there was a game with just one attack, and it was harder to do then anything in DMC. Would it then be qualified as having more depth than DMC?

if enemies are too powerful and aggressive then then that puts a dampener on the kind of combos you can do
Sometimes they say something that makes sense.
Too bad they stop at the combo part and not consider the actual fight and the massive depth that arises from it when enemies are actually invested in killing you. Knack 2 has better enemies, and thus, a better combat engagement, than DMC.

Certainly it would be nice if higher difficulties made enemies more aggressive and maybe gave them new attacks rather than just turning them all into damage sponges.
Wait, you mean like all these other action games with better enemies?
Same guy, again, who said "if DMC had more to learn from other action titles, but we're still in a situation where other action titles should be learning from DMC rather than other other way around."

DMCV literally redefined the genre
Anyone know how it did this?

*Dante more or less the same as in 4 (worse if you ask fans due to inertia and guard fly nonsense).
*Nero needs ammo and grabs are still ass.
*V is inferior to a game from 15 years ago.

Am I missing something?

Why am I posting this here? Because I'm not interested in further discussion with mechanically blind fanboys anymore. I mean, look at the dumb shit they say. You can't talk with these people.

Note: The above is written by someone who loves the DMC series.

73The Vent Club - Page 2 Empty Re: The Vent Club on Sun Jan 05, 2020 6:22 am



No one even knows what stylish means. Just COMBOCOMBOCOMBO.

74The Vent Club - Page 2 Empty Re: The Vent Club on Sun Jan 05, 2020 8:45 am


I remember you mentioning how people were forcing combos with various games and whatnot.

This, my guy, is a whole new level of forcing combos into action games.

Just what the fuck am I looking at? These have to be some of the worst looking combos I've ever seen in an action game, this isn't stylish, or over-the-top at all. Even worse than those old videos of people using Shurikens to juggle in Ninja Gaiden.

Someone said in the comments "Everyone's playing Souls, and GBG over here is playing Jedi May Cry" or some shit like that. My god, if you want to play Devil May Cry, play Devil May Cry. Not every action game is about combos, for Christ's sake.

I know that this is a super petty thing to get frustrated over, and I'm normally a guy that advocates for just letting people play the game as they enjoy it. But this whole trend of "Every action game must have combos in some way" is just bugging me to no end.

75The Vent Club - Page 2 Empty Re: The Vent Club on Sun Jan 05, 2020 1:29 pm


C-Rank This is another "combo video" from the same guy playing Dad of War. People like flashy moves against defenceless enemies, it's my only explanation.

76The Vent Club - Page 2 Empty Re: The Vent Club on Sun Jan 05, 2020 3:46 pm


I know exactly which videos those are and I haven't even clicked them haha! I'm not against players doing stylish things in games that aren't built around it, play whatever way you want. There are efficient DMC4 videos too.

That said seeing them used as an argument as "see, this is how you play this game, it has depth" is a bit of a "what..." from me.

77The Vent Club - Page 2 Empty Re: The Vent Club on Sun Jan 05, 2020 9:01 pm


6000 hours on God of War4? Why? HOW?!
I don't know if i'll ever play that game, I have a curiosity. The constant slow mo, the RPG stats changing things like enmiy hit reactions, and the non stop cutscenes make me wanna puke.

He actually has a LVL 1 GMGOW run going on his channel, it is hilarious.
I highly recommend skipping around to some bosses. He is learning how shit this game is at it's core.

78The Vent Club - Page 2 Empty Re: The Vent Club on Sun Jan 05, 2020 9:33 pm


You want braindamage:

This topic would require me to make 50 posts just to cover all the insanity.

> 6000 hours on GoW4
The guy is a die-hard fan, guess he really likes the cutscenes. Note, that's probably not possible. The game came out less two years ago, and a year is 8700 hours. Either he played nearly 3+ hours per day 365 days a year, or that's just a lie.

> LVL1 GMG run
Also did that and it isn't fun. SBK did it too. Really doesn't show the game in a good light (not that it had any good lights to begin with).

I do joke a tad, the game has good elements. Hell, if it wasn't wearing the God of War title I'd have enjoyed it more I think and the intro is solid with some cool combat mechanics I'd love to see again - just ditch the pointless walking, death of a franchise and RPG mechanics please.

79The Vent Club - Page 2 Empty Re: The Vent Club on Sun Jan 05, 2020 9:33 pm


>That said seeing them used as an argument as "see, this is how you play this game, it has depth" is a bit of a "what..." from me.

That's the problem right there.
They think the only mechanic that defines depth is one of combos or looking 'cool'. It's a bad game if it doesn't have combos.

They don't understand other types of combat mechanics.

>People like flashy moves against defenceless enemies

Yeah, DMC fanboys especially are terrified of anything that hits back.

80The Vent Club - Page 2 Empty Re: The Vent Club on Sun Jan 05, 2020 9:58 pm


God of War 2018 is definitely a game that has potential, and I don't mind the weapons, and their attacks.

To add to things that could stand changing:

- Close-up camera during combat, please only do this when I'm executing someone, or outside of combat
- With the removal of this closeup camera, do something with the Down D-Pad, maybe a third weapon.
- Option to attack with the Square and Triangle buttons, while still keeping the light and heavy throws on the shoulder buttons (That was the one thing that stopped me from using classic controls)
- PLEASE let me launch enemies other than Draugr
- Make the dodge more something like the Caestus/Nemesis Whip Dodge from God of War 3, fast, and covers distance

81The Vent Club - Page 2 Empty Re: The Vent Club on Tue Jan 07, 2020 8:28 am


Combos are a fun concept, seeing what's possible in terms of chains and also under the hood. I'd still really like to see a game made around them in the single player world, but I doubt it would happen. I mean propper, so juggledecay, meter management, possibly character tagging, supports, just a full on single player MarvelVS if you will.

Regarding God of War, completely agree on those points. Though I would also still argue in favour of the return of grabs and removal of cooldowns (already popularized in GoW:A). I'm a big fan of the axe and its potential, but a lot more was possible especially with more core mechanics surrounding it. Same regarding Arteus.

Also one dude PM'd me on Gfaqs, apparently I'm known as "you know who" in some DMC discords? This is hilarious!

82The Vent Club - Page 2 Empty Re: The Vent Club on Tue Jan 07, 2020 8:52 am


What do you mean?

83The Vent Club - Page 2 Empty Re: The Vent Club on Tue Jan 07, 2020 9:46 am


Dunno, apparently there's some Discord channels for DMC that don't like me haha! Guy was a low-karma account, just sent me that while calling me some bad words. Probably just a troll. I think it was the "DMC has light and heavy attacks" guy.

84The Vent Club - Page 2 Empty Re: The Vent Club on Tue Jan 07, 2020 7:15 pm


Cowardly DMC fanboys runnin' scared.

85The Vent Club - Page 2 Empty Re: The Vent Club on Wed Jan 08, 2020 12:26 am


Not that we needed any more evidence, but this topic really goes to show how mechanically blind the DMC fanboy is.

>Believing that looking cool is dependent on combos.
>Believing efficiency focused gameplay is running around OHKing everything and becomes boring.

Omg, these guys are special. They think that's all that goes into it. Being mechanically blind, they have no concept of setting things up or multiple enemies. I guess they wouldn't have to, considering the enemies in their special game aren't invested in your death.

86The Vent Club - Page 2 Empty Re: The Vent Club on Fri Jan 10, 2020 4:15 am


Holy fucking christ.

That Cvit video is drawing so many idiots in the comments, it's not even funny.

This dude rants in the comments about how supposedly artificial Ninja Gaiden's difficulty is.

"- Off screen attacks without any audio to warn you.
- Unreactable attacks and grabs that you can only predict and you only have a 50/50 (most of the time much less than 50%) chance of avoiding because of...
- Absolute dogshit arcade fighting games levels of input reading.
- So many strings that you can't use because you are constantly getting interrupted so you have to lower your gameplay to I-frames moves.

Get your head out of your ass, see the bigger picture, and quit being a pseudo analyst."

87The Vent Club - Page 2 Empty Re: The Vent Club on Fri Jan 10, 2020 4:31 am


People say all kinds of weird stuff to justify sucking hard ass.

When I first played NG2 and got destroyed, like nothing you've ever seen, I was constantly analyzing and identifying why it was happening. This is a terrifying concept to some.

I've never cared for this in games. Attacks have warnings simply because they have animations. If you can't see them, audio cues might be nice but if you know your enemies you'll know what they can do and keep tabs on them. Seems like they want some kind of action/DDR hybrid.

Peddling one's own limits as universal fact.

They have range you must be in in order for them to connect. You have all the knowledge you need right there.

88The Vent Club - Page 2 Empty Re: The Vent Club on Fri Jan 10, 2020 6:15 pm


> off screen attacks
Arrows fired have a bow-string sound that has a very high pitch, easy to hear. RPGs have their launcher sound. That aside, look around you: if you're getting jumped that's completely on you for leaving an open flank.

> unreactable attacks / grabs
> 50/50 setups
Either pressure the foe to the point that this option doesn't occure, or just don't get into the situation. You can get yourself into unwinnable situations in this game for absolute sure. If you do an Izuna drop and there's a wounded foe nearby, he will grab you with his OHKO grab in your recovery. A good player will note "ah, shouldn't have Izuna'd", a bad player will note "fucking bullshit game".

> input reading
With a massive delay might I add. IS ninjas are coded to go for grabs when you block, but to trigger this you need to block for a solid 4 seconds. It isn't as much input reading as "if you do X, the enemy does Y".

Input reading is Seth doing a 1.frame perfect EX-Shoryuken when you're doing an attack.

> cannot use all the strings
Have I found it at last? Is this the moment I can for once actually say "git gud"?

I am being a bit meaner than usual since...well this is my home-turf. And the guy can't even react to it. Face to face I'd be nicer. But fuck me.

89The Vent Club - Page 2 Empty Re: The Vent Club on Fri Jan 10, 2020 6:36 pm


Is Cvit another gamingbrit? A self-proclaimed action game master who wants every game to be DMC and hates challenge?

90The Vent Club - Page 2 Empty Re: The Vent Club on Fri Jan 10, 2020 7:48 pm


>meaner than usual
They deserve it.

91The Vent Club - Page 2 Empty Re: The Vent Club on Fri Jan 10, 2020 9:39 pm


Hey, if the template makes money... Gamingbrit is pretty dead to me currently anyways. His last video was more in his old style but you can really hear the groan of 'I do it for the cash' through most of his words. Sad, he really was one of my favourites.

92The Vent Club - Page 2 Empty Re: The Vent Club on Fri Jan 10, 2020 10:10 pm


Agreed, his videos are also pretty devoid of good analysis’ as well. It’s sad that the cuhrayzee fans are all that seem to have decent followings on YT. At least matthew’s VJ video was great.

93The Vent Club - Page 2 Empty Re: The Vent Club on Sat Jan 11, 2020 9:07 pm



Is this the video you guys were talking about? Looks like Beme is laying some bait.

I've seen this one before and it's just another DMC dummy who shouldn't be talking.

94The Vent Club - Page 2 Empty Re: The Vent Club on Sat Jan 11, 2020 9:12 pm


Eeeeeeeyup. That's the one.

I liked Cvit's Persona 5 review, and his Berserk review, but when it comes to action games... He falls under the disturbingly large category of "DMC fan that thinks NG needs a lock-on and on-the-fly weapon switching".

DMC is to action games what Corsair is to keyboards. Rabid fanbase that thinks that everything about is the highest quality possible (In the case of Corsair, it's happens to be the aluminium top plate, and the fact that they use Cherry switches), and general refusal to accept any problems with it (Once again for Corsair, it's the mediocre build quality for price, and the fact that the switches aren't "the top of the top quality"), or any alternatives.

95The Vent Club - Page 2 Empty Re: The Vent Club on Mon Jan 20, 2020 2:18 am


GamingBrit did a games to look forward to in 2020. Proceeds to wank off DMC5 for like 10 minutes. Haha this guy is a joke.

Last edited by hedfone on Mon Jan 20, 2020 3:05 am; edited 1 time in total

96The Vent Club - Page 2 Empty Re: The Vent Club on Mon Jan 20, 2020 2:30 am


That video is just terrible. Talks about DMC5, then does damage control on some of his videos, finishes it out with ramblings about RE. Alright then.

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Damn. That was one massive load of shit he just talked.

Talked more about DMC5's visuals than gameplay.

So worried about what he's said in the past how about stop talking trash?

Focusing on Monsoon omg who gives a FUCK just play the damn GAME.

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In TGBS's video "The Real Games to Anticipate in 2020" (Which, may I add, is easily one of his worst videos by far, he just rambles about DMC 5 for 5 or 6 minutes straight, and then rambles about video essays for another 3 or 4 minutes. Absolutely incomprehensible.), there was this comment thread where someone said "It really bothers me when people tell me they thought DMC 5 wasn't that great of an action game".

The replies are about what you'd expect. You know, "Old God of War bad" or "Ninja Gaiden bad". This clip from Yahtzee will never not be relevant.

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As long as it is fair critism and love, I don't mind. Just please god have these people do basic research and play those and other games. I really enjoyed DMCV was just another DMC4 with some added stuff - it didn't nearly push the genre further and if Astral Chain had come out a bit sooner the V-parts would've really been torn to pieces.

Won't be watching that TGBS video then sadly. Last years was pretty fun as was his E3 video. God I'm going to have to sit through him hating on Metroid Prime 4 in the future won't I?

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Omega ZX

Omega ZX
As a guy who actually thinks that DMC 5 is one of the best in the genre, bashing other games to prove my opinion is just stupid. It's not even a comparison, it's just randomly throwing around other titles for the sake of it. And yes, I don't like DMC's fanbase either, there are lots of elitists who think that their opinion is absolute and anyone who disagrees is a casual. Funnily enough, this is a behavior that I see with both actual casual gamers (the ones who only care about recent western AAA titles, you know) and hardcore wannabes.

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