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God of War 2 general discussion

Gabriel Phelan Lucas
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51God of War 2 general discussion  - Page 2 Empty Re: God of War 2 general discussion Tue Oct 01, 2019 4:52 pm



Thanks! After failing for over an hour, here’s what I did:

As soon as the translator started running, I rolled over to the first priest and grabbed him to stop him from spawning his first enemy. Stood behind the translator and kicked both dogs into the priest and killed him(I stood behind the translator because the enemies never seemed to go in front of him, so I didn’t have to worry about hitting him with a collision). I went over to the left to lure a couple remaining enemies away from the translator and did an AQ to hit priest #2 and the surrounding enemies. Quickly did rage+hammer triangle string to kill priest #2(the other enemies were stunned). As soon as he was down I went back to translator and fired off another AQ to kill the weakened enemies. From here I just stood nearby and used the fleece to absorb incoming attacks and block enemies away from the translator. I did this until two fresh dogs were in grabbing distance and punted them both at priest #3 for the kill. From here I just activated my remaining rage and killed the last two enemies. I only had a pixel of health because in between priest #2 and 3 I got surrounded.

Good times. Can’t wait to finish this up.

52God of War 2 general discussion  - Page 2 Empty Re: God of War 2 general discussion Wed Oct 02, 2019 2:10 pm



Beat the Cerberus/Juggernaut battle. Used collisions to take care of the first wave of Cerberus(cerberi?), rotating through the pups so they don’t grow. In the second wave I used rage for a quick hammer triangle string on the Cerberus, and then took care of the pup. From here I used one AQ and slowed the juggernauts and Cerberus with Euryale and then back into more hammer strings to kill the Cerberus. I was low on health so I lured the juggernauts to the right of the arena and waited for them to both taunt before opening the health chest. From here I just took care of the juggernauts normally. Not as bad as I was expecting.

53God of War 2 general discussion  - Page 2 Empty Re: God of War 2 general discussion Mon Oct 07, 2019 4:23 pm



NUR is done. Not as bad I was anticipating, translator was tough as was the endurance run, but other than that I didn’t have much trouble. Not having upgrades really made me appreciate the spear, stuff like might of the king, and false grabs. Just an all-around phenomenal game. Will probably do another run before Death Stranding drops. Will get into GoW1 at some point soon.

54God of War 2 general discussion  - Page 2 Empty Re: God of War 2 general discussion Mon Oct 07, 2019 9:47 pm



Good notes man, especially regarding translator. Sorry, I have been away for a bit and am now catching up on comments haha! Ironically the Translator fight isn't one I'm too afraid off in the future, it is the Barbarian fight for some reason. Always, no matter what, that fight rubs me the wrong way.

Always fantastic to see another soul get deep into God of War, the classics. It's sad that they got shoved to the side but it really shows that western developers can at times really do it, if only by accident.

Did you talk to SBK at all about your run? I'm sure he'd be thrilled. Though I can understand if you're not getting into that, it can be quite a typing adventure haha!

Out of all the God of War games you've played, which do you like the most so far?

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The barbarian fight is also troublesome for me. My biggest gripe with the game is its boss fights honestly, some of them just have a lot of health and are dull to get through(like Perseus).

SBK and I have been talking on the Death Stranding board and he’s given me a lot of tips and showed me some good videos. He also gave me a lot of insight about GoW3 as well, very knowledgeable guy. As far as being a typing adventure, I don’t even type as much as him but it takes me forever to respond because I’m not used to going so in depth like that haha.

GoW2 is my favorite just for its combat and nice platforming/puzzle sections. I’ve always loved the first game but haven’t given it the attention of 2. As for 3, I think it’s an awesome game but some changes to the combat put me off compared to the first two, the severely nerfed collision damage sucks some fun out of the game to me. Battering Ram is great though.

56God of War 2 general discussion  - Page 2 Empty Re: God of War 2 general discussion Thu May 12, 2022 6:50 pm

Phoenix Wright

Phoenix Wright

Started playing this. I see that you start with max extensions and some specials from the Blades (of Athena), no doubt I'll lose them later. Also, can you not redirect OH in this title? I thought 3 was the one that disallowed this.

57God of War 2 general discussion  - Page 2 Empty Re: God of War 2 general discussion Sun May 15, 2022 9:28 pm



>'godly' Blades of Athena
To note it, the blades deal the same DMG as their lvl1 counterpart post-prologue. Had it been actual lvl5 BoA, the multiplier would would triple DMG output.

Don't bother with them. They are not useful AT ALL (not even sequence breaking potential like the GOAT **GoW1**).

>OH redirection removed
One of the reasons why I prefer GoW1. At least GoWIII brought it back FOR 1 FUCKING ENEMY (Hades fiend). Ain't that something?

Note: In GoWII, you can do something know as 'deep' t0/t3. Before I continue, lets go over DMG values. VH lvl1 BoA t0 is 4.5 while t3 is 9. If you hit an enemy with said moves at VERY CLOSE range, you will deal double DMG (you'll also see that the hits counted for 2 on the combo counter). This makes t0 jump to 9 and t3 to 18.

Note2: Unlike Rage of the Gods, Rage of the Titans doesn't boost Power% (allowing you to exceed limits). It merely nerfs enemy Power% (or armor% **same thing**) and boosts weapons' level to mid (lvl3 for BoA and lvl2 for subs) at lvl1 (upon getting it by turning Prometheus into bearded barbecue until the Kraken). Lvl2 RotT (Kraken until the end of the game) boost weapons to MAX (lvl5 for BoA and lvl3 for subs). Collisions are nerfed by it (given how enemy Power% is reduced). Collision DMG nerf is the same as the DMG reduction% that follows.

DMG reduction:
Lvl1 RotT: 50% DMG taken
Lvl2 RotT: 25% DMG taken

58God of War 2 general discussion  - Page 2 Empty Re: God of War 2 general discussion Tue May 17, 2022 10:55 pm

Phoenix Wright

Phoenix Wright

>'maxed out' BoA deals the same damage as Lv 1 BoA
Odd, but then again, that explains why low level foes took relatively long to kill with Lv 5 BoA.

>don't bother with the specials
Have I seen every special from the Blades in the prologue? If so, is it worth upgrading other stuff besides the Blades?

>prefer GoW1
I have heard a select few people claiming that, despite GoW2 being mechanically better, they still prefer GoW1 over it. Haven't beaten the game to comment, but I do agree that being able to redirect OH was a pretty great mechanic. Already miss it.

>GoWIII allowed to redirect OH against a single enemy
Oof. I'd probably have preferred to not have it at all if they took that route.

>deal double damage with t0/t3 at close range
Interesting. Thanks for sharing this.

>RotT nerfs Enemy Power%
>meaning that it also nerfs collisions
Good thing that you can deactivate it at will, at least.

>boosts weapons to specific rates depending on RotT's level
Does this only affect stats, or can you use moves that you have yet to unlock?

>nerfing collisions to either 1/2 or 1/4 of their full power depending on RotT's level
But why... oh well, like I said, at least you can deactivate it at will.

59God of War 2 general discussion  - Page 2 Empty Re: God of War 2 general discussion Sat Jun 04, 2022 11:57 pm



>does it only boost stats, or can you use moves you have yet to unlock
It only boost your DMG. I pretty sure we've already gone over this in a comment tree (this reply is hella late, so I can't remember). Temporary unlocks for specials wouldn't be anything substantial (they cause they are TRASH). Only the autistic combo mad kids would be happy about this.

Here's what I'd like to see:
-Rampage of the Furies is replaced by Lance of the Furies which will be buffed as hell (quick double tap for the fast version is still a thing). I'm taking 'just release' for even more DMG and setting fuckers on fire (which would spread to any enemies they came in contact with). It would be unlocked at Lvl4.

-Cyclone of Chaos would come out SUPER FAST and hit for double it's current value upon unlocking it. It would also guard break with the final hit (which would also knock foes back and deal half colissions). Give it better RP build-up, too. Unlocked at Lvl2.

-Hyperion Charge would also come out faster. Can hold down S to prolong the Charge and increase the damage of both the ram and the launcher (definitely not Apollo's Ascension). Fixed RP gain from environment kills/regular kills from this move (something around 10-15 to make it worthwhile even when you've unlocked spirit). Unlocked at Lvl3.

-Tartarus Rage hits for double the damage of spirit and can go for deep hits. You'd input t for every slam and you would be able to move decently fast while one or two of the blades are on the ground (while being able to cancel it at any time with a block or TB/EH cancel). Held third t input for a charged final slam that deals double the uncharged version's DMG and is more damaging towards armored/heavyweight enemies (like the juggernauts or the Hades Minotaurs). Unlocked at Lvl5.

60God of War 2 general discussion  - Page 2 Empty Re: God of War 2 general discussion Wed Jun 08, 2022 7:00 pm

Phoenix Wright

Phoenix Wright

>only boosts DMG

>went over this
If we did, I'm afraid I don't remember. But I'll be sure to not forget about it.

>unlocking specials wouldn't mean much owed to them being trash
Makes sense.

>ideas to improve the specials
Agree with all of this. Wonder if mods could help to make these a reality. Also, if Lance of the Furies will come back, should we get Valor/Plume as choices to counter melee attacks with the Fleece?

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