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Transformers (Tataki/Call of the Future)

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"Transformers. Have you ever heard of them? Some know them well. Others, perhaps, are hearing of them for the first time."

So this is a Japan only Transformers action game based on Generation 1. It's a beat 'em up though you can still use guns, however, they are powered by energon and limited in use. Oh and all the bots are martial artists.



It looks pretty chaotic and mashy, and has some MAJOR flaws, but I really like this game and it has some good mechanics to it.

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I can't really judge it by its looks looks so weird haha. Not sure if I'm interested in that (the Transformers IP never really hit me that hard). Weird that it's Japan only since Transformers was pretty big in EU and USA. Any idea why this happened?

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Gabriel Phelan Lucas

Gabriel Phelan Lucas
Das a ps2 game for sure, the best era for action games, had the most experimentation before everything became so standard.

I'm only invested in the '86 movie, watched that to death as a kid, so plats transformers game was a dream game for me.

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the Transformers IP never really hit me that hard
In my ideal world, that's a crime. I can let you go if you start playing Chaos Legion in earnest.

Weird that it's Japan only since Transformers was pretty big in EU and USA. Any idea why this happened?
No idea. Strangely, it's fully voiced in English, and the menus are all English too though I think there's an option to change text to Japanese. The voice acting is so bad it's actually awesome and I love listening to it. I've had some good laughs at some of the weird shit they say.

This is one of those games where it's got a lot of good aspects, and is totally playable, but has glaring issues as well. I'll talk about movement a bit first.

The movement is the true definition of 'clunky'. I often see that word misused by people who simply didn't get, or sucked ass at using a game's controls, but in this TF game it's 100% clunky. You will need to put in genuine effort just to move around basically, though it becomes easier once you learn the mechanics in general.

The basic movement, that is, walking or running, is very slow and it gives this feel that you're running on a sheet of ice, in that you aren't gaining much forward momentum. It feels like each step is less than an actual step. There's this one stage where these wind turbine things push you back making this whole issue worse. You'll be trying to hit someone and be missing because every time you release the stick you start sliding back. There's no reason to ever walk; you will always be running.

In robot form, there is a 180 turn but it's super slow and enemies chase you down. There is a way around this which I'll describe later.

You can transform any time, but the movement is so bad. They can barely turn so you will often just hit a wall and grind it until you turn around. There is a command that lets you face an enemy, but for some reason it doesn't work with certain vehicles.

Some have flying forms and they go a bit faster than land vehicles. You can't actually fly away though, so they function almost like cars. You can alter the altitude to an extent and get slightly above enemy height, but not completely out of range of their attacks.

You have an energon meter for special attacks and using guns. You gain meter from picking up energon (blue orb) from defeated enemies, or attacking. There are also energon cubes (small pink cubes) that scatter everywhere and are a huge pain to collect because they'll vanish while you're fighting. I've noticed that there is a very small degree of magnetism on them but only when you get really close.

There's another meter known as the 'Spark Combo Gauge'. Did you see the button mash scene where Prime delivered a series of rapid punches and kicks? If you have meter you can do that. You just mash either kick or punch, or a combination of both. You can also do this with an ally if they have meter, but there is no way to tell what they have so it just happens sometimes.

You have a punch and kick button. You can just keep pressing either and they'll do repeated attacks of 2-3 different strikes. If you've played Street of Rage, it's kind of like that, where you press the button and they do a series of light strikes ending with a heavy one. Seems kicks are slightly faster and have more range.

If you add in a direction input, either up or down, you can do what I'm going to call 'power attacks'. These are harder hitting attacks that have properties like launch, knockdown, or send an enemy flying. In the video, you can see Prime do a kick directly upwards and launch an enemy, and also a spinning kick that wipes out anything in front of him.

That spinning kick is the BEST attack in the whole game. I've confirmed it has brief i-frames, absolutely wipes out a group in front and to the side of you, and causes the knockback that sends them all flying. Better yet, this knockback state causes them to collide with other enemies. I use it constantly.

Each bot has the same commands and a lot of them have the exact same moves. Like you'll come across others that have that spin kick, or some kind of power punch so there's not huge variety between a lot of them, but there is some variety to be found here, mainly in the special moves they have.

Special moves require energon, which is dropped by defeated enemies. You'll see Prime use his energon axe in the video. If you're in vehicle form, you can do different special, like Prime's trailer opens up and that thing inside shoots in every direction. You are invincible while doing these.

Some have unique properties, though the only one I can think of is how Megatron and Galvatron fire a huge energy shot from their arm cannons. It's super powerful, but hurts your allies too, and they are always in the way. No other special in the game does this, so I think they just wanted to show what dicks Megatron/Galvatron are. Totally accurate.

There are running and jumping attacks. Jumping has no point in this game that I can see. There's no platforming or air combos, and you can barely leave the ground. Still it's there and you can do stuff like a jump kick. Haven't looked into it much.

You can block, and I think only certain special moves can break it. There might chip damage but I can't remember. When you get hit on block, it makes you slide back a little. Kinda annoying.

There are grabs. I can't remember if you can grab a standing enemy, but you can certainly grab them if they're down. You can then throw them into other enemies. You might be able to grab blocking enemies and vice versa, but I never use grabs much.

There is a 360 explosion move. Every bot has this and it requires only a small amount of energon. If you can't turn fast enough or have too many enemies on you, this is what you want to use. Super useful throughout the whole game. This is what I was talking about in relation to the 180 turn; it gives you some breathing room to reposition.

You have guns and can draw them by holding R1. Each shot consumes energon, so you can't just stand there firing forever. Enemies don't seem to have this limit and are super annoying. I think this is the only time I seriously used the sidestep, to dodge their shots while moving closer. In close range combat, there's usually too many enemies for the sidestep to be effective, and the spinning kick or other moves can just blast them away.

What's cool is that you can also run while shooting, or if stationary, you can step to the left or right slowly all while locked on.

There is also a counter attack, Onimusha style. Pressing an attack button just before an attack connects will result in a flash and you bot will do some kind of attack and blast the enemy away. Enemies can do this to you too, though they don't seem to do it that much. I don't know if the AI actually sets it up or if it just happens that they're attacking as you are and it triggers their counter. Actually that's worth looking into when I have time.

This is fast becoming the longest post ever and there's a still a bit I want to explain.

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I'll read the description tomorrow, but you have to keep in mind I didn't watch Transformers growing up (born in 1989) because it wasn't on TV. I recall it being on TV for a few weeks before it vanished, never to return. The first time I really saw Transformers that I remember was the Michael Bay movie, which was so-so for me. We did get Beast Wars season 1 though, which was amazing. We must've watched that for years on end, they just kept on repeating that one season haha. Great show!

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About allies; You get to choose two AI partners before a stage. You also get to choose a starting position on this grid thing, which determines their position when starting a stage.

It has three lines: front, middle, and back row. So if you put yourself in the middle row, and your two partners in the front row, they'll simply be standing a few steps ahead when you start.

This doesn't seem to affect anything other than enemies will focus on the closest so you can hang back, or if you have your allies at the back, they tend to start shooting before running in.

Once things get close and everyone's brawling, they don't return to those positions. I think they only return when it loads the next part of the stage. I'm not sure if back row allies start shooting because of the set positions or simply because they start with more distance between themselves and the enemy, and will do this any time they find themselves at such distance. I've seen them shoot from range before so that might be all that determines it.

As for the story, it's not taken from any existing media that I know of. It features time travel I think, because you have stuff like Megatron and Galvatron at the same time. It's cool because it's like a dream match free-for-all with all your favorites. Another cool addition is different things happen on the second play-through, and also depending on which side you chose.

I found the Decepticon story harder; they seem to throw more at you. An example is the first stage. No matter which side, the stage ends with a boss fight outside the Autobots crashed ship. If you're playing as the Decepticons, the ship shoots homing missiles and they are annoying as hell, but for the Autobot side, there are none. Makes sense I guess. I still need to play through both sides a second time.

There are upgrades. Just basic stats and not very high, and you can power up your guns. That's what those small energon cubes are for. You never get enough to upgrade every bot though and I don't recall an NG+.

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Oh shit it's happening again.

Whenever I talk about these old games they get stuck in my head. Just set up the PS2 and started playing this again, analyzing everything.

The moves where you press up or down plus punch or kick definitely have i-frames while starting up. I haven't tried all of them but it makes sense that they all have them. It seems transforming also has i-frames.

You CAN grab standing enemies, but I think the requirement is they must not be performing any action. Not 100% sure, but I think you can grab them out hit-stun, but it's hard to see with your teammates always going crazy on them.

I know you absolutely can't grab an enemy just as they start getting up; you can't do anything to them at that time.

There are a few types of hit states that I need to document. Going to do that now.

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Just fought the boss of stage 3 and was reminded how bullshit this game can be if things don't swing your way.

Every boss in this game is accompanied by regular enemies and when you defeat them more warp in. Not sure if they are infinite but I guess they are because I've trashed quite a few of them and they showed no signs of stopping. This is most likely to make it more fair on the boss, because you have two AI partners and against single enemies or bosses, they have no chance against even two of you.

Fighting Shockwave, the boss of stage 3, is an absolute nightmare. It's not because he's dangerous by himself, it's that he runs away and fires constant shots and special move blasts while his allies keep you occupied. Your allies don't know how to really block or avoid anything. They just keep attacking and get shot.

If they go down, you have zero chance of beating this boss. His allies will hold you in place while he constantly pins you down with shots. Even if you use the spinning kick with Prime and knock them all down, he will make sure you barely get near him before they get up and lock you down again.

The only way to deal with this boss effectively is to get around his allies while yours are fighting the others, get close and use a special or beat him down as much as possible before someone catches up, then maintain close range.

Another thing is if you get ganged up on, and aren't facing the opponents, it can be a pain to turn around. The 360 blast solves this most of the time, but if you have 3-4 enemies pummeling you, you won't be able to activate it until there's a window.

Also, this situation came up yesterday where I got knocked down, and then the enemy picked me up and threw me. Regular enemies have nearly all the same abilities you have, except for Spark combo, 360 blast and transforming (only bosses can transform). If they choose to grab you off the ground, there's nothing you can do.

The reason this grab situation was so bad, was because it happened near a wall so when he threw me I landed right there, and 2 other guys arrived. Worse, you get up facing away, because the camera is always behind you, so I had to get up INTO their attacks.

The game is really NOT designed for solo play. You need your allies to attract enemy aggro or you're in trouble. It's ok for regular enemies so long as you keep them generally in front of you, but in boss fights, if your allies go down, you're done. You'll have to use all your meter on special moves and 360 blasts. If the boss is a ranged one it's over.

The aim of the game is crowd control. You need to keep enemies in front of you and keep using moves that send them flying. If possible, grab and throw into others. Sadly, they didn't give you the tools to fight effectively solo.

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