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God of War 2 general discussion

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1 God of War 2 general discussion on Fri Dec 08, 2017 10:10 am

I really like this one, the opening is epic, really good multi phase boss fight, Kratos yelling "I AM THE GOD OF WAR" when you use Poseidon's rage. This series in particular has always nailed large set piece bosses, especially compared to how Team Ninja handles it in Nioh.

I got all the way past the Theseus boss, good starter boss. Simple, well telegraphed attacks not too much going on and pretty predicable. Killed me once during his ranged phase with the minotaurs.

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2 Re: God of War 2 general discussion on Fri Dec 08, 2017 3:12 pm

God of War 2 really is this shining example of a game that for some how, just got blessed with insane creative luck and was a miracle. It just tends to hit all the right notes for me, great bosses, great enemies, fun engagements, nice puzzles - just overall a great time.

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3 Re: God of War 2 general discussion on Sat Dec 09, 2017 5:18 pm

Barbarian boss was cool, really neat how many phases he had. Lots of bosses in this and their all really good so far.

Perseus was neat, not often you fight an invisible boss, but you can see his footsteps and faint outline in the water. The window of opportunity the prompt gives you if really strict, you need to grab him immediately otherwise the prompt goes.

Also this ones kicking my arse, even regular enemy encounters are tough. I'm playing this on hard and will do the same for the rest, i played 1 on normal to acclimate to the gameplay.

Enemy variety is very high, and it has various mixes for encounters. I liked the fight with 2 sirens and 2 large Minotaurs. I like how many types of jobber mobs there are, like undead legionnaires of all kinds, goat men and weird midget goat guys at one point.

It's paced well too, you don't spend too much time in one area and backtracking is minimal. One level i really like is the one inside Atlas, really detailed innards sell me on being inside a titan.

I dig that purple spear weapon, it even has a stinger like move thats a follow up to a launcher for its s,s,t combo.

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4 Re: God of War 2 general discussion on Sun Dec 10, 2017 11:26 am

Got all the way past the Kraken then stopped. Gotta say all the block pushing and lever pulling ha gotten a bit dull. They do have a bunch of different variations of those puzzles which is nice. Some of the gimmick rooms gave me trouble, namely a room with lava waves that periodically come at you, you need to push a block to avoid the lava. All the spawning elite legionares plus the harpies gave me trouble. I used atlas ground quake or whatever to knock then back so I could finish the puzzle.

Gotta give the last spartan some cred, nice surprise boss who for being a human put up a hella of fight. How did they manage to get to where Kratos was BEFORE Kratos? With no devine weapons or magic to aid him?! Big up last spartan #remembergameplay.

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5 Re: God of War 2 general discussion on Mon Dec 11, 2017 12:17 pm

Beat it. Pretty good.

I had a lot of trouble during the section before Clotho boss, a bunch of hallways with green magic walls that appear and disappear with wave after wave of goons of all types. It seems kinda cheap throwing so many enemies in such a small space I could barely dodge most of the bigger enemies moves. The wave with 2 satrys and large minotaurs was a pain and so was the last wave with 2 Cyclopes. My tactic was to trap most enemies behind the barriers when they opened and closed again, I clipped the others through the barrier with plumes.

The dual fate sisters boss was cool, lots of different phases kept it interesting but not too challenging.

Zeus gave me some trouble during his human phase, until I realised that sometimes he does a long range unblockable palm thrust at the start of his combo if you counter throw his lighting back at him.

I got tired of pulling levers and pushing boxes, those animations I'd like to be shorter but I suppose that would break some of the puzzles.

Also why didn't Kratos go back in time to save his family? I suppose he's in denial and wants an excuse to kill all the gods, like he kills the last spartan by accident and immediately screams at the heavens calling Zeus's name.

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