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God of War 3 general discussion

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1God of War 3 general discussion  Empty God of War 3 general discussion on Tue Dec 12, 2017 7:22 am

Gabriel Phelan Lucas

Gabriel Phelan Lucas
I love this one disproportionately so far, like waaay more than the first two.

>Technical stuff
Only technical hiccup so far is that during one part of the intro sequence with Gaia where some of her textures glitche out, really blatant and should have been patched by now. No audio issues or crashes so far, hope its a solid port. To note, this game has no fulscreen option, I've set my TV to 16:9 so it fills most of the screen, don't know why as I'm sure the PS3 copy is full screen and the HD releases are also.

>Art design
I love the aesthetic, really detailed and vivid, creature designs are the best so far, really went nuts with the 7gen tech. This game is gorgeous to play, here and see. This game shows how great art and animation go father than raw technical power, this game looks far better than God of [REDACTED].

Combat is really slick, animations are much snappier and look and feel the best, grappling got a massive upgrade now with long range grabs from ground to ground, ground to air, air to ground and air to air. I see complaints that GoW isn't as complex as DMC and such but this shits nuts. I wonder if they took some tips from Nero after Nero clearly had notes on Kratos before GoW3 dropped.

I appreciate how distinct your moves are in each game so far, some moves got changed or removed from 1 to 2 and 3 has a mostly new move set.

I love the Claws of Hades variant of the blades of chaos/Athena/exile/whatever, I never used the other weapons much as a adore the chains for their versatility, great speed, range and damage with wispy eloquent animations for each swing. Claws of Hades grab move spawns homing souls that swarm around mobs, and its magic move is a fucken Legion Summon of your choosing, but you have to unlock other monsters, not sure how but likely just killing that enemy awards their soul for summon.

Bosses are great so far, Poseidon and his Hippocampi is one of the best bosses ever, if not the best intro boss the series has had. Love his design, it's super cool to see a Hippocampus(fucken giant crab clawed water horse scorpion) as it's a rare creature to appear in games, let alone fiction. I'm a big fan of water powers, that element doesn't get the respect it deserves so mah boii Poseidon, dah God of The Sea, is reppin' H2O hard.

Hades was a sick multi phase knockout brawl, so many damn phases too that guy. My favourite being his first where he mimics Kratos' chain moves;and the tug of war phase where both your chains are tangled and you slash at each other while avoiding his attacks whilst moving away from the cavern between you. To top that off you literally rip his soul out of his body into your own.

Gameplay man, The Gameplay. Iz Real


2God of War 3 general discussion  Empty Re: God of War 3 general discussion on Mon Apr 16, 2018 9:19 am


Picked up the Remastered Edition this weekend (digital even) because I wanted something to play while waiting for Yakuza 6 and I felt like some God of War. Really like the game! I am playing so much better than before, using the combat to my advantage. I ram enemies into each other for bonus damage, and use the mooks to damage the bigger foes while using the Combat Grapple (L1+O) to ring out other heavy hitters.

I will admit to sticking to the Blades too much in this game, but honestly it is just such a good weapon here I can't help but adore it.

3God of War 3 general discussion  Empty Re: God of War 3 general discussion on Mon Apr 16, 2018 9:23 am


I really need to learn this stuff for GoW1.

4God of War 3 general discussion  Empty Re: God of War 3 general discussion on Mon Apr 16, 2018 10:30 am


God of War 1's options are a bit more limited since you have less tools to play with, but I can give some notes here:

- use s,t (or air-t, or regular t) to launch an enemy. Jump up and press O. This gets them stuck in a loop as the air grab slams them into the ground, only to launch them again. Allows for an infinite.

- grab enemies without grab immunity and press square to use them as a projectile

- use s,t - o (small delay) to Harpoon (called OH) a foe. This attack grabs an airborn enemy and slams him into the ground. This deals splash damage to everything it touches. You can redirect this slam in mid air to a maximum of 180 degrees. You can use this to slam him into buddies, or of cliffs for an instant kill. This is especially useful against Minotaurs and other heavy hitters.

- launch heavies with T (hold) after they've done certain moves or are idle. You can them air grab infinite them until they die or slam them into their friends. You can also use OH to throw them off cliffs or into their friends. Really useful.

- you can use Artemis to ring out pretty much every enemy, even past invisible barriers preventing ring outs. Example:

- Medusa is really useful, allowing for instant kills of even the strongest foes. Bonus points if you can get it in during a juggle. A frozen foe that falls dies instantly. Example from GoW2:

- Grabbing the Lightningbolt or Medusa's Head acts as a cancel, allowing for some combo creativity.

- Grabbing the Artemis Blade has full i.frames, allowing for some high offensive play in situations you'd otherwise have to dodge roll away, example:

- Push Block is a thing. If you press block and hold a direction, you can change the distance you are pushed back. Allows for keeping up the pressure against moves that would normally push you far away (mostly useful against Ares). (compare 41:14 and 41:18 and 41:22)

Example of air grab use (11:15):

Example of OH use (14m17s) (also good example at around 15:00):

God of War 1 sadly has a lot of invisible walls that later entries removed. Some moves like the Homerun (as showed in the Artemis Blade video) allow you to throw enemies over them for an instantkill though.

5God of War 3 general discussion  Empty Re: God of War 3 general discussion on Sat Feb 23, 2019 12:53 am


First GOW for me. I'm glad I got this on sale!

6God of War 3 general discussion  Empty Re: God of War 3 general discussion on Sun May 19, 2019 6:13 am


I'm really loving the Hades boss battle.

7God of War 3 general discussion  Empty Re: God of War 3 general discussion on Sun May 19, 2019 8:58 am


Enjoy it man! Hades is pretty fun, though annoying on higher settings imo. How you liking it so far?


I really like it!


Good to hear man! Where are you now?


I just killed Helios.

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