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Youtube video idea, need some feedback

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1Youtube video idea, need some feedback Empty Youtube video idea, need some feedback Wed Oct 18, 2017 10:17 am



So I've been wanting to do a video series of Nioh to show the combat at a high level, but the whole 'one video at a time' thing isn't really working.

So I had an idea, but it's a bit rough around the edges so if anyone here has some feedback, please! confused 

  • Each video will showcase one region of Nioh, only the interesting fights. I'll cut them together to make a nice whole video of cool fights with some nice combat music.
  • I'll only use underpowered weapons and stat-less gear, to make the fights last a bit longer.

Now I'm a bit unsure about weapon usage. Do I use one weapon? Do I constantly switch between them? I have no clue to be honest. Do I make one video per region per weapon (so that' 7 videos per region (oh god that idea gives me editing nightmares)).

I think I already solved the problem just by typing this out haha.

So eh. Yeah. If anyone has requests or recommendations please, go for it. But the question I think I solved just by typing hahahaha. Sometimes it helps to just write things down I guess.

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Hard to say. If your goal is to show Nioh's combat at high level, then that will remain a constant no matter what weapon you use.

Do you mean just showing extremely good play, or is this also going to be a mechanics showcase?

Either way, I don't doubt there will be comments on why you aren't using different weapons. But again, high level is high level.

And what was the answer anyway?

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Pointless rambling on my part haha. I will just use whichever weapons I have when I feel like it so I can sort of make a nice little montage out of it.

Reason I add the handicap of weapons is that, without it, I'll probably kill most enemies in one or two hits which isn't what we want now do we haha.



A really cool idea. I'm a bit jealous about it actually, since I wanted to do something similar in the past but I've always been extremely lazy about learning how to record and edit videos. I'm looking forward to your videos, Royta.

What I really wanted to disproove of all the complaints I've heard about Nioh combat system, was the fact it wasn't designed for you to fight multiple enemies at one time in full melee. So I wanted to showcase some specific fights, some with multiple human enemies, some with multiple yokai, and add voice commentary explaining the strategies about how you can handle the crowds without being tremendously cautious. I also wanted to make a tutorial about flux and how to use it in combat. I mean, I don't consider myself a great Nioh player, and I'm terrible at bossfights, but I actually think most people can't really play the game at all, and I think I was decent at fighting crowds of specific enemies, so I could do some good video content that wasn't about making your kunai hurt more than a greataxe XD

I'm happy that someone is trying to showcase the potential of the game and how you are supposed to play, so again I'm looking forward to your content, Royta!

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