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Best "style" playthrough of the god of war games?

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I was talking with a castlevania lords of shadow player about how both clos and gow were very underrated as technical action games. I came to realize during that conversation that there was no playthrough of any of the gow games that's like "here's how the game could be played at a top level". I am aware of the countless no upgrade, pain runs, but since your moveset is so limited in those runs it doesn't show the potential of the combat system.

When I say "style" I am also not referring to a combo mad, since those barely represent the game and are always done with infinite magic and only one enemy with perfect editing to hide the attempts. Basically, does anyone here know of a run of any of the god of war games that shows the higher potential of the game?



Speedruns tend to show this alot. For instance this run by Calibur:

In God of War the true mechanics are shown in how efficient they play. While you can see that a little with a trained eye in PAIN+ runs and the like, I agree that a lot of other mechanics will be absent in those situations.



In GoW, the moveset does not contribute much to the potential of the combat system. Let's start with GoW I. You have T, and s t for a launch set up. Afterwards, you can use (what I think to be the most OP attack in the game) OH. This alone can loop wraiths, gorgons, and legionnaires. Minotaurs can't be looped like this, however you can repeatedly OS (air) them if in the proper position. With proper timing, Satyrs (most capable enemy type) can be relaunched and harpoon'd.

Now the specials that you get for the blades are the most varied (and useful) in the series. A launcher that lifts kratos in the air simultaneously with the enemy, an evading flip launcher (really good), a spinning attack, a forward AoE ground slam, and a wide concentric AoE ground slam. Artemis already has most specials by default and they chain together really well. You'll have fun with this weapon, however, you don't have grabs. This is enough to make Artemis one of the lower ranking subweapons in the series, however, there is still some really good tech.

The AoE magic options don't change much with upgrades (and Zeus' fury isn't great unless there are enemies far out of range). But Medusa's gaze shines as your best option. Without instant freeze (first upgrade), you may need to line up the enemies in order to conserve mp.

Throughout the series, cyclone of chaos improves, as does l1+/\ (tartarus rage in most entries), however S (is inconsistent), and Athena's wrath always sucked. Also, GoW III didn't give us the combat grapple while freeing up l1+O (rampage of the furies in most entries). The subweapons peaked in GoW II (I know the psp spinoffs have the most OP subweapons, however there was only one per entry). This was because they all had unique specials. For example you couldn't evade, or launch enemies with T using the Barbarian Hammer. BH, however, had the best l1+/\ (unlocked by default), and in my opinion, the best l1+[] move in the series. GoW III's subweapons, though some were good (nemesis whip and cestus), gave us saturated specials and were tied to magic. The saving grace is the item system, which impelled me to start a 'No Weapons Run' (a style playthrough that you may be looking for).

The point is that you don't really need the rest of the moveset to have a stylish playthrough. Like Raeng said, speedrunners probably do this the best since they know what to upgrade first with their limited time and resources. If you're not into speedrunning (I know I'm not), then you can stil start with a NUR+ (keep in mind you still have access to magic, relics, and items).

I understand your concern. You can also try to make use of the bonus play feature, and main a weapon/magic that you like the most. Iirc, the only GoW games that do not have this feature are 1 (some emulator cheats work) and 3 (there's a glitch that you can use). A lot of the good ideas throughout the series could have culminated into the perfect entry, ending a lot of the common critiques toward the franchise. Sadly, that will never happen with Dad of Bore being one of the most successful 'games' of all time.



>C:LoS player
Better not be Franchise.

>don't mean cuhrayzee
The Sword of Damocles hasn't fallen yet.

>higher potential
What do you imagine this means? Just beating things efficiently? Surely not pure speed. Definitely not variety for its own sake, either. Really, you don't see too much of the potential without some restriction to how strong we can become. Higher settings are a must (and probably with other things weighing the player down).

>see less in PAIN+
A bit too restrictive (don't get to see some of the tools on display as a consequence). NUR+ tends to strike a sufficient balance to show the healthiest portion of what's going on (without getting ridiculous shit happening like MAX petrification spells used to BTFO certain encounters in seconds *charming in its own way*).

>infinities in GoW1
So many things just give it up without needing to put work in to keep that up (a few ask for just a bit more and the rare few escape that Hell). Breeders job at a snail's pace to it as their only real defense (while having the most pathetic wake-up of all time in exchange).

>most varied and useful
>GoW1 BoC
AA isn't quite a 360 launcher, but it is an auto-rise. Not all that potent. Has some merit for CotG10 and sequence breaking. AO is about in the same boat as the air option for a potential bounce (rare). CoC is pretty bad on the ground, but more workable in the air (dedicated animation really hurts it along with lacking DMG for the risk with low hit properties *no extension this time*). Rising Helios is pretty crap for similar reasons. Falling Helios seems like it does the job of air CoC better (can hit above and below us to an extent). No extension in this entry. Like AO, not OP in this entry. LotF is the oddball. A charge move for the weapon. Done without the charge it is a small AoE with meh DMG. Fully charged and it is a large AoE with a strong hit property (knockback) and good DMG. Having an exploit for the air version to insta-full charge helps (not so much the bug with super slow recovery).

If going beyond just the face button (block specials), it becomes more true to be sure. Evading special overriding the jump canceled evades is no big loss (decent gain with a mini-pursue off a bounce). MoH isn't quite all it should be in terms of DMG (even with landing a multi-hit version of the ender) or hit properties (at least it can knockback), I feel. Still, the means to have or bypass the flourish is cute (optionally chaining from it into t3, as well). Hermes Stomp is a bit whatever in combat (rarely would you use that to offensively get out of the sky quickly as it doesn't have strong hit properties or do notable damage *would be nice if height factored*). Hermes Rush is a good get-in attack chaining into quick t1 (don't think it lead to quick T) aside from being superior for rapid movement. Unlocking the follow-up (Thrust) feels underwhelming, but it is less for the damage and more for the option to extend into s6 or t0 (or quick T). Fury is total shit (doesn't even orb milk or build crazy RP to make-up for being what it is).

Hades Reverse is tied into the weapon, which can be counted in its favor. No i-frames, but you can cancel pretty well into and out of these enders (s6 and t0). Just be aware you can't do it more than two times in a row (without pause). Think the counter just won't come out. Balancing of Normals is its own thing (stronger here *though no double hits for heavy enders*). RotG isn't as usable as RotT nor does it offer as much 'armor'. It matches it in most other regards. The matter of DMG is where they most differ. There are scenarios where RotG would be weaker (1.0 modifier being doubled is just 2.0, but a 1.0 moved to MAX via lvl2 RotT skips to 3.0 *were it in GoW1, it would be 4.0 with BoC*), but generally the doubling being Power % based means trouble for the enemy (can take said x4 to x8). Unique moves about match this output change though a little iffy (and bugged). TotF covers a healthy portion of the screen. Shields get to eat shit (not so much when Artemis does it, but that's another story) by way of bypass (not breaking, sadly). No weird stuff like Inferno, but the MAX ability (AB) for infinite MP during the super state is really something...provided you've got the other tools to compliment it.

NOTE: Not really sure you can count OH as part of it. If you did, OH redirect would be unique to it. No alt.OH, sadly.

More than I care to say with this one right now. While tied for my favorites (SoD), it is also tied for the worst (CoH). Tech is what gives it a leg to stand-on. I've discussed before how it might have been improved.

>don't change much
PR probably shouldn't have started with more than the ground AoE. Upgrading to air coverage (into the heavens *and depths*) would have been sufficient for lvl2 along with slightly more DMG and blast radius. lvl3 is probably where the full extent gets unleashed (mashing for more hits, more DMG and more coverage).

Need to have a good understanding of enemies, RES, openings, cost, build-up, shake-off, break-out time, etc. An advanced spell for expert players to be sure. Invalid for some foes entirely (not just bosses) hurts the appeal. Working to get multiple foes at once is great for efficiency, but asking a lot without boundaries, taunts, etc. on a spell that doesn't let you move while using it (or air use anything other than Flash *seems weird they felt GR couldn't be cheaper on the ground for the risk in exchange letting us use the safer air version at a price...perhaps with the same insta-drop trick as LotF*). Pretty sure the GR of this entry didn't hit high into the sky (like the visual implies). Doesn't have GB, but that move was crap anyway. Stare is at its most efficient in this entry. Being able to stack Stare while firing off Flashes is a nice boon, too.

>CoO improves
Each time? The ground version got a slightly better execution in GoWII (BoA). Don't think CoO changed it. GoWIII took it to its peak (BoE gives it a 'lvl2' version). GoS downgrades it. GoW:A makes it a fire element special (thus it is super gimped against any non-elemental move by comparison).

>as does heavy special
I could probably agree to TR being better than the original RH (not by much). FH is still probably the wiser tool (though it is neat to on-landing explode with air TR *another case where drop distance should have counted for something*). Can't recall CoO doing anything with it. GoWIII made it much more usable (ignoring the BoA version *ground TR got buffed for what level it is, but not enough to compete with what t2 offers*) and created nonsense like air TR blenders on large crowds/big boys. Neat. GoS had some other shit, I think. Don't really remember it, frankly. GoW:A had a ton of other shit, but all elementals on that input (even with utility, they suffered for a bad oversight in scaling).

>S is inconsistent
Often not great. GoW1 had a good college try. GoWII downgraded it into a set-up for a run (attempt to make-up for losing R1 that obviously falls short). CoO...slapped? Don't think there was much to it. GoWIII had some crappy flourish into a RotT light ender callback (not strong enough nor did it allow a branch into heavy or a bypass of the flailing). GoS got the ender of RotF as a ranged poke notable for the most cost efficient way to plant bombs, so the utility can be respected (though T was great for that and offered a launch *launching was not always good in that one thanks to certain hit reactions...especially with Keres Wraiths*). GoW:A made the ground version okay (another CoC), but the air version (AO) is very strong (and chains well into the air held heavy *rare, too*). Air held moves aren't common let alone without the block. A light version no less.

>always sucked
Sadly, true. The recovery is too long for such an unsafe and slow evade attack. It needed to come out FAST if only for a single shockwave (slower if charged for multiple would have been fine *they need to ALL be able to hit, however*). DMG probably would have been more interesting if NOT Power % tied. The bounce on it means little without being able to capitalize. Attacking through obstructions is done better by other things. Losing evade into quick t1 or quick T wasn't worth it.

>peaked in GoWII
For an overall consideration, that's probably true.

>best heavy special
Even with CC making it safer, I disagree. Good to go through cover, bounce things and ranged chip certainly. PS wasn't that outranged, gave the much more valuable knockback (for OP collisions), ignored Power % (a boon in many cases), came out faster, was more air ready, etc. The main advantage of MotK is just for sequence breaking (IJ). DR competes through having good Power % and non-Power % at a decent speed with superior range. Not being able to direct downward/upward hurts just a little (unlike the case with PS). PS was also a default.

>best light special in the series
What? Again, even with CC (and only talking about the ground) that is quite the statement. It isn't even like the final hit becomes the Homerun it ought to have been for all the dial-up (spin2win). The dps isn't there (compared to heavy normal spam). Won't even keep most foes behaved. Compared to other subs in the series using L1+s, let's see what we've got. The shitty slap of SoD ain't much even when MAX'd to Alter, sadly (not a fully realized move). Probably still beats BH with good use of an exploit for multi-altering. BoO's thrust special is dogshit (it clearly loses). Should have impaled the target and drained them (exploding their body on kill) if not allowing the option to toss the impaled at others (when small enough). Could have been our combat heal option. Artemis obviously just has another spin2win (doesn't require pausing to access its cancel, at least). Cestus has knockback (and can rapidly damage Onyx for more utility) to help its case on yet another spin move (otherwise lacking). CoH sucks (as is often the case, sadly). NW does an auto-rise 360 AoE launcher, which is a pretty decent tool. AoS L+s is just a 'Million Stab' that benefits from a built-in cancel (for the ground version). Not great for dps, but cute. Doesn't block while attacking, so not all it could be (no extension for a hard thrust to knockback, either *not even mashing for even more stabs*). If allowing for the other light special (R+s) you get infinite use projectile. No hit properties is a blessing in this entry. Sufficiently strong in its role to compete. GoZ gets the big punch. Simple, but the damage and hit properties...

>saturated specials
Meaning what? I definitely felt it was a waste to have weapon swap/switch types.

>tied to spells
This hurt (especially when it came time for multi-cast type spells *TB, heads, etc.*).

>Cestus was good
It was okay (carried by how Onyx was treated). Rather unremarkable. The CG was way too bugged (and rarely in a good way). Limited growth didn't do much for me. Having a Power % spell was cute, but knocking things into the air (if light) where most of the follow-up would miss isn't my favorite thing. At least we were invincible during this (would have to be WAY stronger if that weren't so).

They had difficulty with the 'complex' spells that casuals wasted MP on in their limited efforts, so nerfed versions with an infinitely regenerating unique unit was devised. While a cute idea, I really wish it didn't rule out spell versions entirely.

>lacking BP
GoW lacks it, but PS2 version has cheats that bypass that (GoWII also has this, but has NG+ as well). GoWIII does indeed require a bug for it.

>culmination of ideas
As you say, it never came to be.



Just beating things efficiently?

Something that isn't easy to focus on when fully powered.

Definitely not variety for its own sake, either.

Strange how people in the action community associate this with depth.

Give us a bunch of options to toy around with, but don't let those options be easy to master, yet difficult to utilize. How else will we wow  casuals with combo videos.

Really, you don't see too much of the potential without some restriction to how strong we can become. Higher settings are a must (and probably with other things weighing the player down).

Why of course. _____ only runs are appreciated in other games, why not GoW? We just have to accept the fact that the win conditions are created by the developers, not us. There are no trophies for going beyond that.

So many things just give it up without needing to put work in to keep that up

I'm a bit forgiving of this. It would seem weird for an enemy to stick to the ground after being launched and slammed back to earth (though that is still the case for some enemies in III but I like how minos get their horns stuck). It would take the sequels for us to get unique animations such as pulling a gorgon in and slapping it back, or turning and slamming a serpent to the other side.

>GoW I Notes

I'm just gonna copy some of these for when I continue GoW I.

Don't think CoO changed it.

You are correct (played it a few months ago). You're more mobile during the attack though.

GoWIII had some crappy flourish into a RotT light ender callback

This version is useless; only point is to be flashy, and even with that it doesn't do a good job.

The recovery is too long for such an unsafe and slow evade attack. It needed to come out FAST if only for a single shockwave

No surprise that Ascension changed it. On that note, have you noticed that the evading attacks in that entry have slightly different inputs? You have to hold one of the face buttons until after the roll's recovery frames. It took me a couple chapters to figure out how to do it.

BoO's thrust special is dogshit (it clearly loses).

I was not impressed with BoO's specials in general. Almost made me like III's 3-attack mode better. Almost. L1+O was only useful for when I had to upgrade it in the combat arena. You can't do much else with it iirc.

NW does an auto-rise 360 AoE launcher, which is a pretty decent tool.

It is but I feel like we would have gotten something different had they kept Icarus after BoE.

Meaning what?

I should've been more specific. l1+s for BoE, CoH, and NC seems to similar for my liking compared to the other subweapons in the series. Though CGs for NC and CoH are unique (not as good as it should be), NW CG is just a slightly faster version of BoE's.

They had difficulty with the 'complex' spells that casuals wasted MP on in their limited efforts

The logic that they've used: if casuals don't use it properly, then throw it away for the next entry (while forgetting that most of them struggle just playing on Hard).



>when fully powered
If you know the values, dps, etc., it can be narrowed down to an extent. Still troublesome when troubled by too many options.

>how people
Cuhrayzee kids, anyway.

>devs have to ordain and bless runs
Some children actually think as such.

>would seem weird
Bouncing a little (if the ground doesn't give) is fine. The extent they go back up is enough to enable another OH or air OS. Just effortless on too many foes.

>Ascension changed it
I can't even recall what they did. CoO (and maybe GoS) had better versions. Still didn't regain evade into quick T and quick t1 (not that the latter is an option in GoS for having Nu-Bravery).

>in general
DS milking for EXP is cute along with juggling, but doing ZERO DMG hurts along with drawing in no other orb types nor stopping any kind of attack. Doesn't even have higher hit properties (making it somewhat reliable to stop mooks getting in on us). DA is the stab. DR is the laser. It is fantastic (heavy specials tend to be for subs of GoWII *which are the ones that also get the only air use slot*). Fairly quick, a direct hit attack (benefiting from Power %) with a projectile ignoring Power % with a high base (though it does not grow from lvl1, so lvl2 PS matches it and lvl3 surpasses it). More range, but cannot vertically adjust. Both pierce, but DR (like its nerfed self off normals *AotG*) won't go through barriers from a distance. Much easier to lock Zeus down with than PS thanks to superior zoning. Both have knockback for collisions, lock, RO, etc. Just slightly slower than PS for rapid use (and timing with CC has to take into account that the laser disappears the moment you use this trick). Think it causes hit count to go up even with just the projectile (unlike PS *outside certain circumstances*).

>3 attack mode
Artemis talk with square, triangle and circle for swinging (except circle is X in this case). Doesn't quite all chain together. No R1, either. Can't even jump. No specials. No magic. RoS was pretty questionable (very unwieldy, too).

>something different
Maybe so. It is, in essence, just IA. Not like Tirades apply to it.

>dev logic
The same logic (pandering to casuals) that led to all GoWIII subs becoming variations of a chain weapon (made no difference with them *just ignored until forced as with when Onyx was present*).

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