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How and when did your get into action games and games in general?

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Gabriel Phelan Lucas

Gabriel Phelan Lucas

I had a copy of dmc1 as a kid, I would buy n rent games from my local stores n rent from block buster(r.i.p), I based them off their packaging art n back of box info.

A friend had an Xbox so he played ninja gaiden sometimes.

I didn't really know of developers making games just the games I played n some franchises that had games of them I had.(dragon ball z budokai tenkaiichi 2)

I remember buying viewtiful Joe as a kid for ps2, and renting vanquish had no clue same team made them both, wasn't aware of platinum until about 2013 with mgr, now I know more about games n who makes them.

I used to go to arcades with my dad, one was above a swimming centre near my grandads, it had metal slug 2 I loved it so much so he knew I loved arcade games n he emulated a bunch for me. I'd play them when I went over to his. All sorts of games too, neo geo, nes/snes, genesis/megadrive, I think even some ps1 games too.



Games in general? Arcades when I was like 7, and action games early PS2.

Before PS2, I had PS1 but there weren't many action games available. I played a fair amount of horror though. Silent Hill, Parasite Eve 2, RE series. Had never heard of Rising Zan at the time. Played a bit of fighting games and FF too.

It wasn't until DMC and Onimusha on PS2 that I seriously got into action games. We were quite poor back then and never got new games so I had to play Oni and DMC for a few years along with Chaos Legion.

Back then we didn't have internet or even a computer so at first I didn't even know speedrunning was a thing and would make up challenges because I had nothing else to play.



I got into games around the age of 4. A friend of mine had pretty wealthy parents that spoiled their children and he had a SNES with Jurassic Park 2 and Super Mario World. I used to play at his house near daily which was great. I got my own Gameboy and SNES when I was 6-7 I believe (not at the same time). I was immediately hooked playing mostly Platformers. Later when we got a PC I delved into RTS games like Red Alert and shooters like Medal of Honor. It wasn't until I bought my Gamecube that I started experimenting with other games.

I developed a knack for Handicap Running because I didn't have a lot of money for games and from 1992 until 2001 didn't have a new console having skipped the N64. So I played the same games for years, even when I had my Gamecube for which I bought like one game a year. I remember doing all kinds of runs on my games. A habbit that stuck with me for a long time.

It took a long time for me to settle into the genre though. I loved Prince of Persia: Warrior Within's combat which I played over and over. Sometimes I finished the game nearly 3 times per weekend. Later-on on the PS3 I bought Bayonetta and later Vanquish, loved both. A friend, seeing me get the Platinum on Vanquish, said I should try Platinuming Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 - and the rest is history. I loved it, got the platinum and started playing other games like DMC and older Ninja Gaiden games. Then Metal Gear Rising hit and...I was hooked.

Gabriel Phelan Lucas

Gabriel Phelan Lucas

Yeh I didn't buy games much I had what was from my dad, had a ps1, ps2, gameboy advance n an SP version. Another friend had just about all systems I'd go to his a lot also, showed of re4 n umbrella chronicles for wii also. Got a 360 about 2009, had ninja blade n left for dead 2 as first games for it. Got a PS3 in 2013 I remember being hyped for getting god hand psn version. Then a PS4 pro early this yr.

Funny renting games isn't as much of a thing now, games can be bought so cheap at places it's no point renting them. Replay value was more so for kids since they might not get many games so kids would get as much out of one game as they could.

Prince of Persia n warrior within I had. Dmc1 was the first action game that I played I think, I never beat it but I got too nightmare1 so that's impressive for a kid.
I bought the hd collection yrs back n got my arsed kicked by dmc1, kids can be decent at games if u let them, just play the game without hand holding like now. Scared me a bunch, dmc1 has the best atmosphere/location imo. Temenigru was a bit bland for its interiors for most part, demon world was coo tho.

I had onimusha1-2 also they spooked me like dmc. Had a few ps1 platformers like croc n crash bandicoot trilogy as well as medievil n a beat em up I can't recall its name, had fat boy slim for the ost.

Bunch of other games I can't recall.

Oh I remember demo disks too, lots of them,Man we really r old haha.



We're not old, I'm 28 haha and you're only just 20. But we're out of synch. I can feel it more and more, but most of all I felt it around a year ago. A good friend of mine is a few years older than me and has kids. I invited them over for dinner and they brought the kids, one of the kids was old enough so I gave him my gameboy to play with while we talked. 

He swipped across the screen and said "it doesn't work". When I explained him it had buttons and that A made you jump he looked at me in disbelief. That's when I knew how my parents felt when I was "surfing" and "downloading".

@Gabriel, so your dads a gamer then? You ever play together?

And fuck yeah I miss demo discs. Or just demos in general.



We almost have the same backstory Roy.

Gabriel's post is reminding me of a few PS1 action titles I'd forgotten about. Soukaigi, Speed Power Gunbike, Kagero series, Medievil 1&2, Nightmare Creatures, C12 Final Resistance.

Medievil is still great. The atmosphere is amazing and I was completely enchanted by when I was younger, like 14 I think. Even today, it hasn't lost any of it's charm. I remember back then some parts used to freak me out.

I played RPGs, as for some reason there were a ton of them in the PS1 days, but I tended to like the action RPG ones more. Star Ocean 2, Dew Prism (Threads of fate). I wouldn't touch those types now though.

He swipped across the screen and said "it doesn't work". When I explained him it had buttons and that A made you jump he looked at me in disbelief.

Disgusting. Absolutely DISGUSTING.

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Gabriel Phelan Lucas

Gabriel Phelan Lucas

Dem kids man, we grew up with perspective with games, now it's all iPads n shit. Kids r supposed to just figure games out, that's what I did with games, mash buttons n stuff happens that's a start.

Hey at least transformers devastation is around to show kids the original G1 transformers n what a legit action game is.

Kids don't know about cartridges. I'd culture my kids about games, but I don't have them or want to haha.

We cultural fossils, mentally old.

My dad plays games yeh, he got god of war 2 n he beat that I think he was hyped for it, he pretty cool like that.
we been playing games together again since about 2014, we started with sega mega drive/genesis collection that had beat em ups like streets of rage trilogy, did halo series last yr, recently beat PS4 re5-6 n r doing Rayman legends.

Oh we did edf2017 n 2025 last yr. We playing the PS4 version of 2025, just called edf 4.1.

Medievil does hold up yeh, that's some good game design right their.



I started when I was five at least when I played Pocket Fighter. I grew up playing games form late PS1 to early PS2/Gamecube with a somewhat protective family. I can play up to Teen but even then that was limited. I grew older and then I could play an M rated games but I mostly stuck to one.

Then I got a PS Vita so I can do crossplay(as that was the reason I got one in the first place). Eventually I was looking at the Bios in Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale and I took an interest in the franchises. I bought Dynasty Warriors Next and I remembered the DS one. I eventually played it and I was hooked. Even though it took me some time as I was building my old collection and learning my mistakes as a kid.



Mario came with Nintendo. Duck Hunt, too. The latter made me very, very angry (Lightgun doesn't work well and the dog mocks your pain, but you can't kill him).

GoW. It is also what got me serious enough to begin seeking mastery.

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