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Ninja gaiden 2 general discussion.

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251Ninja gaiden 2 general discussion. - Page 6 Empty Re: Ninja gaiden 2 general discussion. on Sun Sep 20, 2020 5:41 pm


No problem! It's hard to find people to talk shop with about NGII so I'm always happy to discuss it!

> ghost train
His name is, ironically, Gigadeath. Nobody likes him. Me and some others were doing some pure data analysis if a single segment Master Ninja was possible and this boss was just one of the 'run killers'. He can just kill you outright, especially in base NGII where's an even more broken mess. The things he can do on Master Ninja are ridiculous haha.

> ranged emphasis
You'll learn how to counter this eventualy, but enemies like to wittle you down from afar before nuking you upclose.

> giant bosses
Nope, they were added in an effort to get more God of War fans iirc to play the games.

> dog with hand cutscene
I've looked around but, didn't see it o_O Could you find it? I have no clue what you're talking about!

> xbox one x
Might be wise to save for a Series X if you were thinking of entering the next-gen. Note that the Xbox One S, Xbox One Regular and Xbox Series S all cannot play NGII on max settings (god those names are annoying).

> changes
My biggest favourite one is just the hordes. In NGS2 it felt really controlled, but in NGII it is mayhem. You really feel like a master ninja if you survive some of the more bonkers fights.

252Ninja gaiden 2 general discussion. - Page 6 Empty Re: Ninja gaiden 2 general discussion. on Sun Sep 20, 2020 7:31 pm


> Gigadeath
lol can’t wait. Oh yah, he electrocutes when near, I don’t remember him doing that in NGS2.

> Dog with hand in mouth
When you first descend to the first actual village building next to a big bridge, there is a Muramasa shop. It’s very early in chapter 2. A cutscene plays with a dog walking around the building. Man, I hope I didn’t see this wrong lol.

> Dumb Xbox names
I agree here. Why did they think this was ok? I appreciate the delineation...and the Xbox One X hasn’t been available for awhile. The weird thing is I tried to buy one a few months back when the announced end of production, but I missed the boat. Will look into the new one a bit more. I do want to have Rare Replay one day, so I have more that one reason I suppose.

> Hordes
I can tell already. Most of the times, things are fine, but every once in awhile I get hit many times at I once and I’ve lost 75% of my health lol. It’s a different feeling than in NGS2, where it feels more well understood happened. I know there are less enemies at once usually...but the enemies seem dialed back in terms of group attack in NGS2. Much damage, but one one at a time will come at you. They do that here too, but it seems like sometimes all bets are off and they all take rapid attack turns. I have to play more to get a true sense of what’s happening though.

253Ninja gaiden 2 general discussion. - Page 6 Empty Re: Ninja gaiden 2 general discussion. on Sun Sep 20, 2020 7:57 pm


Ninja Gaiden Black used a pretty exploitable code for the enemy AI, in that one enemy would always be 'offensive' and one 'ranged' while the rest would circle you mostly. In 2 they made the limiter on that a lot higher, resulting in...basically a monsterous rush all around you. Enemies still don't all attack at once, but the genius little trick is that enemy agression is lowered if you attack and a ton of your regular attack combos have i.frames in them (like XXY), if even a little. It really pushes that hype.

> dog walking around the building cutscene
I'm...absolutely not having a single clue what you're talking about hahahahahah

> damage
One tip I got early on from an NGII vet was "NGII is about dying slower than your enemies, getting hurt is part of the fun". When you keep that in mind, the fun will only increase. You have a regenerating healthbar (for the most part), so that helps a lot!

254Ninja gaiden 2 general discussion. - Page 6 Empty Re: Ninja gaiden 2 general discussion. on Mon Sep 21, 2020 12:29 am


That makes sense! Sometimes I go a little defensive to get a counter...I find that fun to throw in there...that's probably when I get jumped lol.

> Dog/hand
Man, I wonder if it's only on Warrior mode haha. So it looked like a 'dead for a long time' hand in a zombie dog's like before you can even go to the first Muramasa shop in Chapter 2.
I found a link to it haha: It is super short, maybe that's why.

Good tip, I have found that I've almost died multiple times, but it's recoverable! Very fun, I like :)

255Ninja gaiden 2 general discussion. - Page 6 Empty Re: Ninja gaiden 2 general discussion. on Mon Sep 21, 2020 9:01 am


Wow, I really don't remember that cutscene. Sweet! Warrior Mode is a really long time ago for me, I don't think that scene is there on other settings.

I should add that I really like how you can sort of manipulate Essence drops, but not fully. I think if this game had the Doom Eternal route, i.e. doing this type of kill yields that type of orb, the game flow would be too set in stone. What do you think?

256Ninja gaiden 2 general discussion. - Page 6 Empty Re: Ninja gaiden 2 general discussion. on Mon Sep 21, 2020 5:52 pm


> Essence
You know, I did notice that blue essence seems to drop more often when I'm missing health, but not all the time. It's kind of fun to "hope" a blue essence drops, so I'm not sure I'd want to just automatically get one if I did something in a specific way. Part of the fun is "holding on" until the battle is complete or luckily finding a blue essence mid-battle. Heck even when they do drop, I sometimes think "I can make it through the rest of this battle before it disappears", so that I can extend my total HP bar afterwards. But when I try that in this game sometimes, more enemies appear just when I think it's over :) I know I'll start to learn how many enemies at each location will spawn, but right now I have no clue sometimes. Or you can scrap all of that and absorb it for an instant UT if that is your desire.

In short, I think I like it the way it is also!

But, now that you mention that you can sort of manipulate essence you mean you can make red/blue essence appear by _not_ killing with an ET, UT, or OT, or is there some other way to manipulate things?

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