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Project Warlock

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1Project Warlock Empty Project Warlock on Sun Jun 28, 2020 7:43 pm


This is FPS that is similar to Doom and animation wise Blood(that's how I feel). Developed by Buckshot Software(this is their only game so far) and Published by Crunching Koalas. First released on PC on October 18, 2018. Released on PS4 on June 9, 2020. Released on Switch on June 11, 2020. Released on Xbox One on June 12, 2020. On PSN it costs $15.

I plan beating and sharing info along with Malicious. If I remember right, there are 38 weapons total. The weapons are placed in their dedicated Weapon Wheel although you can turn it off. You are a Warlock so not only you can use guns, you can also use magic. You can use melee weapons as well. There are also secrets like Doom or Serious Sam! You can upgrade as well!

PS4 Controls:

L2: Use Magic
L1/R1: Weapon Wheel Alt: L1: Previous Weapon Category R1: Next Weapon Category
Left D-Pad: Previous Spell Right D-Pad: Next Spell Left Stick: Move Right Stick: Aim
Triangle: Change Weapon
Square: Always Run or Run Toggle
Circle: Back
X: Interaction

Anyway this is pretty fun so far. Ask me any question you have and I will answer it the best I can. A few things to say though. 1) Check the options before playing. 2) While you can turn off the wheel, you can’t change your controls. 3) When you see a platform ready for use, make sure you are done with that room before you use that platform! The first true level of the game, I turned on the platform and I got off of it. I was stuck in that level until I restarted it.

2Project Warlock Empty Re: Project Warlock on Mon Jun 29, 2020 2:23 pm


How’s the difficulty? I’m always down to try an old school FPS.

3Project Warlock Empty Re: Project Warlock on Mon Jun 29, 2020 8:05 pm


As my new tradition I sometimes go for easiest to hardest. I'm new at it now but I found it somewhat challenging on Casual. However, there are four difficulty settings you can pick from the get go.

Casual: Casual Mode. Unlimited lives, no progress loss.

Standard: Standard Difficulty. You start with 3 Lives. Additional lives can be found. Game Over once you reach 0 lives.

Hard: Hard Mode. You start with 3 lives. Additional lives can be found. Fast monsters, double damage received. Game over once you reach 0 lives.

Hardcore:Hardcore Mode. Single life, fast monsters, double damage received. Progress resets upon death.

Oh yeah, I also don't think that there is any armor at all. You can't manually save either.

4Project Warlock Empty Re: Project Warlock on Wed Jul 01, 2020 2:53 am


Just a few things to say.

-As long as you are careful, I don't think you would have much trouble on Casual. I say this because the enemies are becoming pretty aggressive I feel. There are still enemies you can get in one hit here and there but there are more tougher enemies. There are shield enemies and red demons. Not to mention the undead melee monsters. I don't know the names of them yet.

- When you die, you start with to the beginning of the level you are on. I'm unsure if there are any changes with the higher settings but you start with max health and magic. The ammo stays the same as it is.

-I mentioned secrets. Not only are there secrets you can find by pressing X but there are secrets where you you have to destroy walls.

-I hope I am wrong on this but you can't dual wield magic and weapons.

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