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Project Zer......FATAL FRAME

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1Project Zer......FATAL FRAME Empty Project Zer......FATAL FRAME on Thu Apr 12, 2018 3:32 am

Gabriel Phelan Lucas

Gabriel Phelan Lucas
Project Fatal?....Dead to Rights? Fatal Frame...yeh the last one...

Survival Horror game released in 2001 Japan(2002 overseas) about shooting spooky ghosts with a spooky camera.

So in just installing this now on PS3, let’s see how this goes.

Birdman, would you kindly give me a general mechanics breakdown, I’m aware of some camera stuff like shutter chance and fatal frames but not in detail. Apparently 1 has a 180 degree turn move, something it’s sequels lack.

2Project Zer......FATAL FRAME Empty Re: Project Zer......FATAL FRAME on Thu Apr 12, 2018 8:37 am


The first game is pretty simple. There are no combos, just single shots.

The first game only has Zero Shot for those critical hits. They changed this to Fatal Frame in sequels.

You want to learn when a ghost's ZS window is. It's generally while it's attacking at a specific point, though there are exceptions. ZS will blast the ghost away and cancel its attack, doing insane damage and netting you big points. You will see the circle go orange when they're doing something that you can ZS.

Other attributes are close and core shots. Close just means the closer you are, the more damage you do, and core is when you have the camera reticle aimed at the circle you'll see on the ghost. These give you more points (and a little more damage I think).

Normal shots don't stop a ghost from attacking, so they might as well have super armor, but they do freeze them for a second.

The 180 turn can only be done in viewfinder mode. It's not hugely useful and was never in the JP version. It was actually added later to the western releases. You press triangle in viewfinder mode to do it I think. Been ages since I played an English version.

Most ghosts will grab you and you need to mash something to break free. There is an escape but the timing is super tight. I believe you press X just as they grab you, but just don't let them do it. On normal it's not a big deal, but on Nightmare say goodbye to the majority of your health.

That's all I can think of for now. If you come across anything else let me know.

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3Project Zer......FATAL FRAME Empty Re: Project Zer......FATAL FRAME on Thu Apr 12, 2018 12:36 pm

Gabriel Phelan Lucas

Gabriel Phelan Lucas
Beat Night 1 and stopped, pretty good so far, runs well, controls well(with preset D or E I’m using, no custom controls which I’ll never condone) combat is fun and atmosphere is superb.

English voice acting is hilarious at times, so stiff and monotone it lightens the otherwise excessively oppressive atmosphere. I like it but I’d like a Japanese audio option too.

Not too sure what ghosts are enemies or bosses at times, I suppose I’ll know from random encounter duplicates. So far enemies haven’t been too difficult, mostly me fumbling with the controls, learning each ghosts patterns and timing shots. I’ve noticed there is a sort of delay between firing and the picture registering as a hit. As sometimes I’ll get an orange ring shot and before the picture is shown I get hit by the ghost.

I love the explosion of feedback you get from zero shots, to some I’d imagine all those numbers and words would be IMMERSION ANNIHILATING, but I love my arcade abstractions so it’s all pretty charming, especially since it’s only during viewfinder mode to juxtapose the minimal hud during 3rd person. Wacky ghost photo shoots, man Frank West would destroy these ghosts with his sick photography skills!

The combat is fairly intuitive and simple, I did notice I was able to escape grabs avoiding damage, not sure what button I hit or the timing but I’ve done it a few times. Otherwise enemies often deal massive damage with grabs on the default setting.

You have basic upgrades to the cameras charge speed, range and max value for the charge symbols I think.

As well as purchasing bonus attributes, looks like you can only equip 1 at a time but I’ve only bought 1. These cost 1 spirit stone per use and are listed as(written a bit more vague in game but the below guide makes them more clear):

*Pressure-Pushes a ghost away from you.

*Slow-Slows down the ghosts movement.

*See-disables a ghosts invisibility(I got this 1, haven’t used it but seems useful as shots can’t be charged and ghosts can’t be captured when they are invisible).

*Paralyse-Ghost is unable to move.

*Search-Camera will track the ghost for you.

I’ve been reading this:

super useful but I’m only reading parts I’ve beaten.

Ammo hasn’t been an issue so far, the regular type-17 film can be replenished up to 30 shots infinitely from save points, which is nice as you need to use ammo to shoot key items and hidden/wandering ghosts.

As I’ve noted before, I’m not scared by horror games, I play them for gameplay, horror aesthetics and atmosphere. In this case it’s very engrossing, footsteps are loud and distinct suiting each surface they play for(wooden floor, grass, stone) and many areas have haunting wailings of unseen ghosts. A lot of detail in the general ambience, many areas have sounds unique to that area, and each ghost so far has its own theme.

In terms of the ghosts designs, some are just normal doods, some are goofy and others are actually creepy(the long arm guy and what I assume to be the final boss kiriei rope maiden or something, she has a bunch of deformed ghosts fused onto her back and the screen goes full grayscale). I got attacked by a floating head and that gave me a laugh. The clusters of desembodied hands are more disturbing than anything else so far, don’t like the idea of dozens of floating hands groping me.

I like how they have distorted voices, sounds like they are talking through a radio filter. The audio is super useful for indicating what direction the ghost is coming from, it sounds like the music helps with this too, very impressive sound design so far.

4Project Zer......FATAL FRAME Empty Re: Project Zer......FATAL FRAME on Thu Apr 12, 2018 9:01 pm


Not too sure what ghosts are enemies or bosses at times,
Yeah that's pretty much how you'll know. Every ghost has a story and usually gets introduced via cut-scene making them seem more big and bad than they actually are.

As sometimes I’ll get an orange ring shot and before the picture is shown I get hit by the ghost.
Sounds like the ghost got to you just before you fired a shot and got priority. I've had that happen a few times.

Bonus attributes
It might be due to speedrunning this for so long, but I never got much use out of these. That doesn't mean they're useless though. I just found Zero Shots are so much better than everything else.

Some are incredibly useful in the challenge modes from what I remember.

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