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Arslan: The Warrior's of Legend

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1Arslan: The Warrior's of Legend Empty Arslan: The Warrior's of Legend on Sun May 12, 2019 11:18 am


This is the Arslan Musou game.

Bought it a few hours ago. It's forcing me to change characters a lot which is annoying.

Got to play as one of the bow characters, Elam. He's the bow type I don't like. Most of the attacks in his string are him jumping and firing arrows at the ground in front of him. His later inputs are good, but from a distance you have to waste time going through the crap ones.

I've found a way to fix this to a degree. His first attack is a triple arrow shot. If you delay the input, you can avoid going into the next attack where he shoots the ground. You can do this over and over. It's not slow, but it's slightly slower than going into the next attack.

It has really good range, like far mid I'd say. Arrows can miss due to the left and right one's angles but usually it's fine as you're mostly dealing with crowds.

One annoying thing is with every shot, he hops forward a little. Stupid. Why would an archer do this?
His T attack mitigates this though. It's really good and does two things at once. When you press T, he instantly back flips WHILE charging, then releases a triple arrow, same as the first hit of the normal combo, upon landing. This backflip goes back quite far and is fantastic for creating space and can be used as a dodge.

His Musou attack sucks. He just jumps and rains down energy arrows in an area just below and on front. Utter crap unless you're close.

The second interesting character is some painter guy and I already forgot his name. He throws magic paint or something. Looks like energy waves. His T attacks send out large waves and leave paint marks on the ground. When you use you R1 move (every character has a special move that uses a little meter) he does a back step spin and throws out multiple vertical waves of paint. This causes the paint on the ground to explode in an elemental attack. I'm not sure how, but you can change the color of his paint to use different elements. He started with purple which is poison I think, then at some point it become blue which causes water explosions. No idea how it changed.

The third character I'm playing just now, Gieve, isn't bad. He has a guitar of some kind and a sword. His S,S,T sends out two orbs to either side of him that slowly float forward then vanish after about 10 seconds. You can summon more, but after about 3 sets the first will probably have vanished.

What's cool about this orbs is that they mimic some of his other T attack. S,S,S,T he sends out a blue projectile orb from his guitar. If you have any orbs out, they will also fire this projectile. For his T attack, his sits down and strums twice, causing a 360 sound wave around himself. The orbs will copy this too.

His jumping T is an downward blue orb that is also copied by the green orbs. It doesn't have the range of the ground one, but you could get many more blue shots out of the green orbs like this.

That's all for now. I'm just rushing to get the other bow character.

2Arslan: The Warrior's of Legend Empty Re: Arslan: The Warrior's of Legend on Sun May 12, 2019 11:44 pm


Got Farangis, the second bow user.

Way better than Elam. Her combo fires all straight ahead and doesn't move forward much. Her S,S,S,T is a spread power shot, and her Musou is a huge triple energy arrow shot.

Some other ability is kicking in where her arrows get energy on them but not sure what causes it yet.

She has a problem on any surface that isn't flat because her shots can't aim up or down.

I haven't talked about skill cards yet. You can equip 3 and they all have various abilities on them. The higher the rank, the better the card. Seems very similar to Berserk's accessories.

3Arslan: The Warrior's of Legend Empty Re: Arslan: The Warrior's of Legend on Wed May 15, 2019 9:23 am


I'm not sure I like this game that much. Still early days though.

This is how bosses work and I'm not a fan.

Bosses have a layer of super armor you MUST break before you can touch their life bar. a transparent barrier appears like a force field when you strike them. They don't take hit stun though some attacks push them back a little but not actually stop their attacks.

They stop and do these stupid 7 second charge up attacks and all you do is move behind them and attack while they do their stupid move in the direction you were standing ages ago.

When you break the barrier, they get dizzy. I'm not entirely sure if it's on a timer or based on how much damage you inflict, but the barrier soon comes back, even MID JUGGLE.

It's so dumb. Because the barrier just comes back, there's no point in doing anything other than the most powerful attack you have or just the basic string. Then you go back to super armor mode.

4Arslan: The Warrior's of Legend Empty Re: Arslan: The Warrior's of Legend on Tue Sep 24, 2019 1:27 am


Another on the 'never touching again' pile.

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