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1Gaming Youtubers Empty Gaming Youtubers on Mon Apr 22, 2019 5:18 pm


Thought I'd make a topic, in the future I'll point people to this one if it goes too off topic elsewhere. Anywhooooo! I just watched about half of The Gaming Brit's DMCV 'review' and I kinda like it so far. He's insanely biased by at least he is up front with it. His "please just let me gush about this because this is exactly what I wanted" disclaimer made a lot of good for me. He's still not the analyst he'd like to be, it is just a long summation of what's in the game and how cool it is, but there's a lot of passion and I enjoy it.

What are you guys watching right now?

2Gaming Youtubers Empty Re: Gaming Youtubers on Mon Apr 22, 2019 9:59 pm


Currently no one right now technically. I do have a number of Gaming Youtubers on my subscription.

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Such as? :)

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I don't have a single one I really follow. I just look up whatever game I'm interested in or want to learn about then see what comes up. I do have subscriptions to YouTubers like this but they rarely post anything of interest.

The one I was ranting about in the NG2 section regarding Knack 2, I came across while just randomly clicking videos like Top 10 PS4 RPGs. That guy's video was about the top 5 best and worst games on PS4. I've seen some of his other videos on game I was researching. He isn't always awful but that doesn't excuse the content.

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George Salonikh for the Metal Gear Series.

MrGSTAR321 for Horror, Fighting, and other games.

Doom Visions and Zero Master for Doom

I also like to go to other channels for information and or walkthroughs like World Of Longplays and Larry Bundy Jr.

6Gaming Youtubers Empty Re: Gaming Youtubers on Wed Nov 06, 2019 11:13 am


What gaming YT channels am I watching 'right now'? Was watching Civvie11 go over various titles (mostly shooters), but Postal just bored me to tears. Started watching another fellow doing a "Blood" playthrough (highest setting, 100% secrets, etc. *for a decent showing*). Spooky has some FGC content I might look into. Will probably watch more of LobosJr trying Augur of Darkness (DaS2 mod) though it quickly became clear almost no changes were made to enemies and items. Mostly just placement of foes (with some new invaders), but also some altered levels (not so much with subtraction, but addition like walls blocking certain paths to force a particular route or entirely new routes to another location *but those have mostly been pointless fluff and are rare thus far*). There is quite a lot I sift through (while piling up the History list as a 'watch later').

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