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NGS2 - Dagra Dai

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Here is an advanced method of defeating Dagra Dai on Master Ninja difficulty using the Blade of the Archfiend (BOTA). Objectively this is one of the worst boss encounters in the game due to the amount of spam.

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I'm not sure the method works still, but I always try to use a mixture of the Claws/Scythe. XX>XYYY when he's in the air with the Claws always wrecks him. It is really great to see him get fought up close for real. I am curious just how 'valid' this method is since he can just no-sell so often or get stuck in summoning loops. Intersting usage of the Phoenixes. Do you could the lightning strikes?

Agree that this is arguably the worst boss in the game and maybe even the series. He does though really feel like an arcade style boss. Tons of random things, long drawn out fights. You almost expect the game to ask you to insert another coin after losing.

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