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NGS2: Enemy Tactics

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Sent these to a friend a long time ago, figured I'd drop them here. Some solid stuff inside!


S = square
X = cross button
T = triangle
O = circle
OLUT = on landing ultimate technique (press and hold T just after you land)
i.frame attacks = a move that grants invincibilty (such as the 360T of the Blades of the Archfiend)
Reviving: always try to do a jump + shuryiken while reviving. This way, while you land, you'll revive instead of throwing a shuriken. You can literally just jump and mash O this way.



Triple slash:
Starts with a salto (is an antiair also, so don't jump), then two slashes.

Quad slash:
Starts with a slash, then two slashes, does a 180degrees turn and ends with a kick.
This one can be tricky since your memory thinks it's a 3 hit attack whereas it's a 4 hitter.

Does a flip backwards. If you're close enough he'll jump forward instantly for a slash. Don't punish.

Stands still and growls. Heals himself. Is open to attack.

Slow grab, both arms in the sky:
He'll hold both his arms in the sky and try to insta-kill grab you. Any dash direction will do, the hitbox is broken on this thing.

Sideways grab:
He'll lean backwards a bit with one arm ready to grab. Dash + jump away from him to avoid this grab if you're close by, since this grab has more range then your dash does.


He's generally open for attack after the Triple slash, attacking him then will stun him. After the slow grab he'll take damage but won't stagger, so use a safe move that gives you time to escape.

How to punish:
Dragon Sword: ?
Vigorian Flail: ?
Enma's Fang: ?
Lunar Staff: ?
Dual Katana: ?
Kusari Gama: Just windpath ( S+X ) into TST after every attack, great damage. Easy kill
Scythe: 360T loops him. Poor bastard.
Tonfa: You can use the T counter against his slashes and follow up with a Heavenly Justice (HJ for short, the dash you can do after a Tonfa move) into T. This is 100% safe and deals good damage. >TT is also a great move with the HJ used afterwards to escape. The most optimal punish is using the Tonfa with STSSSST; this move puts you in the air and will make all his punishes whiff if timed correctly.



Triple attack:
He'll do a triple strike, sometimes switching it up with the last one being a sideways grab slash instead of a poke. Use Counter-attack on the first one, if you fail dash away a.s.a.p.

Insanely fast. Be ready for this. The range on this is godlike so don't feel safe, ever.

Only when out of range.

Simply jump away.

He'll do (usually two) airpounds. Just dash aside. There's a small opening in these that allows for a single hit, but be careful.

Weapons of choice:
Enma's Fang: T counter his jab then follow up with an uncharged OLUT for about 25% damage.
Tonfa: >T is safe against his air pound. Only use >TT if he's done the second one since it can leave you open FOR the second one if you do it against the first one (confusion galore).

Note: The rest of these bosses are all written with the Blades of the Archfiend (BOTA) in mind, ignoring all other weapons.



Double lightning:
He'll jump into the air and fire two rays of lightning. These can't be blocked and are hard to dodge. Best way to avoid these is using a Ninpo or timing I.frame attacks very carefully.

Air grab:
He'll hover in the air for a bit and try to grab you, this is an instakill so beware. The beginners error most (me included..) make (made) is to dodge the second he jumps up into the air. Don't do this. The timing for the dodge is tricky at first.
When he's in the air, he'll do a small dash backwards before flying towards you. Dodge the second he does that small backwards dash (you'll know what I'm talking about when you see it).
If he's in super-mode he'll do three instead of 1.

Normal grab:
easy to avoid, you can also neutral jump to avoid this move.

Ground pound:
Easy to avoid. Either dash away, block (deals chipdamage) or neutral jump to avoid this.

triple attack:
he'll use this a ton if you're in range. learn the timing for this. He's very open to punishment after the last attack.

powered quad attack:
If he's powered up, he'll use this move instead of the triple. He's still punishable but the last move counts as a grab and is pretty darn fast. Be carefull.

Lightningballs of doom:
These can be hell, and heaven. He'll raise one hand into the air, and then another forming balls of lightning in the sky.
If you're close, simply 360T to avoid these. If you're REALLY close you can actually not be hit by them and get a free TTTT in his face.
If you're at range, jump + dash to avoid or 360T

He'll start spinning in a tornado like fashion granting him full invincibility against Ninpo's and certain other moves.
To avoid, simply use a 360T at the correct time. It takes some practice, but you'll do it on instinct lateron. You have to practice this a bit.

Easy to avoid. He'll dash forward but not too fast so you can dodge. Remeber to hold the block button while dodging so that if you screw up with dodging, you'll atleast block. If he's in super-mode he'll do three instead of 1.

The general strategy with Alexei is to get in close, and stay close. If he get's range between you and him you're pretty much done for.
Luckily he starts of every fight with a dash towards you, be gratefull!
After a missed normal grab or triple attack, do a TTTT for decent damage and follow it up with a >S to get in close again. After the other attacks you can get in a quick >T(hold) for decent damage.


His most used move. You'll love it. It's slow and very punishable. Dodge it and punish with a TTTT.

triple attack:
starts with two slashes, ends with a fiery kick.
Block the two slashes (the second one will guard break) and dodge the fiery kick. You can then do two things. Do a normal S which he sometimes blocks or do another dash to get behind him and do a >T(hold). Both don't always work, but you can experiment!

double attack into grab:
same as above, but instead of the fiery kick he'll cancel into a grab. This is VERY scary since it's not really sure on when he'll use this. Be carefull.

the hell itself. At range, simply dodge them with some jumps and dashes. But a close range, you have to take risks.
There are two options:
- you dash backwards to dodge the first one, then dash left into jump into dash right. It's a hard pattern and doesn't always work, but it's there.
- do a dash left (to dodge the first fireball) into a windpath into flying swallow. He'll instantly block this attack (stopping the fireballs) and start a uppercut into fiery kick combo (most of the time, sometimes he'll just block).

he'll hold up both hands in the sky, and do a fiery wave. Hard to dodge, especially online. Best way to dodge this is a well timed 360T.

A godsend. This laser is slow and deadly, but mostly slow. When he does this move, dodge to his side and do the following combo:
>T(hold)TTTTTTTTTTT (no idea how many t's, untill the combo is over atleast;p)
This will deal insane damage.

He'll fly around. Simply run in circles so you're buffering the 360. Then press T when he flies further up to land on you. You'll get a nice 360T in his face damaging him. If he lands with his back towards you, you can TTTT afterwards for some nice extra damage.


Yeah. I hate her. Everyone does.

The basic gest of this fight is to simply get in close and spam 360T abusing the i.frames. Some simple tips.

Bloodsuck: don't dash-jump. Just dash. You can block some hits if necessary without giving her health, and jumping has a small chance of actually getting hit. So just keep dashing to the left or right while holding the blockbutton in.

Aura of pain:
Only done when in the air. She'll hold her hands in the air and scream HAWWWH.
Instantly start dodge-jumping. She'll do three against the same person.

Her grabs are all very fast, and you shouldn't get close unless you need to (to do 360T damage).
A nice tibit about her grabs, if she grabs your partner she'll always throw them at a 180degree angle of how she grabbed them (behind her) So when your partner gets grabbed, stand behind Bethy to get ready to revive!

Quad claw:
She'll do four strikes with her claws, the last one being an block breaker and sending you flying.

triple tail:
impossible to punish. She'll do three attacks with her tail and dash out, tonfa style. Simply block into dash every strike.

She'll lean backwards a bit and dash forward. You react with a backdash, which will get you close to her (she usually lands behind you, so you use the backdash to get close).
Wait for a bit afterwards and start spining the control stick. Then press T to get a nice 360T into her face.

The best way to learn this boss...fight her. Go into Chapter Challengemode, go to chapter17 (not 9(?)) and fight her over and over again with the BOTA's.
You need to learn the timing and what to do against what attacks. Knowing is half the battle, musclememory is the other half.
Don't get frustrated. She'll randomly get i.frames for no reason other then to annoy you, so don't rush in. Plan ahead.

Fiend Genshin:

To be honest, I forgot about this boss in my earlier writeup. And to be honest again, you can't explain this boss. He's so random that he'll make you cry in agony the first 30 times you fight him. Tonfas >T >T >TT HJaway (a break being between the >T's) works nice against him for great damage, but knowing when to attack him can be a problem. Every time you attack him there's about a 50% chance he'll dodge into the sky and either do an airslash or a fire-kunai. He'll even do this sometimes after he misses a grab. So you're never safe.
Again, practise this boss, there are no real tips to give against him. I know him by heart now having killed him with the freakn Vigorian Flails, but months ago I could barely touch him with the Tonfa's. Practice!

One small bit of advice though. When he's under 50% hp, his grab speed will increase with about 500% (it goes from mega slow to undodgable). So when he does that sword twirl while standin still, indicating he's about to grab, get the hell out of there.

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