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One Piece: World Seeker

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1One Piece: World Seeker Empty One Piece: World Seeker on Mon Dec 18, 2017 2:15 pm


Not a fan of the anime or manga, but this looks pretty good. Combat looks fun as do the methods of transportation and movement.

2One Piece: World Seeker Empty Re: One Piece: World Seeker on Tue Dec 19, 2017 9:17 am

Gabriel Phelan Lucas

Gabriel Phelan Lucas
I don't know nuttin about One Peice either, but this looks neat, stretchy arms are a bit creepy but I dig it. At least it's not another musou.

3One Piece: World Seeker Empty Re: One Piece: World Seeker on Wed Dec 20, 2017 4:48 am


I watched a little of it. His powers are weird but basically you're looking at a DBZ character. He has many more abilities than just stretching, and some really insane stuff further into the series. Looks kind of 'musou-ish' so far, but we'll see. Definitely keeping my eye on it.

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4One Piece: World Seeker Empty Re: One Piece: World Seeker on Fri Dec 22, 2017 11:32 am


Curious to see if it will be a good action title, or mindless Mosou-ish style - at least the platforming mechanics are grabbing my interest.

5One Piece: World Seeker Empty Re: One Piece: World Seeker on Fri Dec 22, 2017 12:44 pm

Gabriel Phelan Lucas

Gabriel Phelan Lucas
They've already made one piece musou so I'd hope not. Also their are other one piece action games around, one a few years ago looked decent.

6One Piece: World Seeker Empty Re: One Piece: World Seeker on Sat Dec 23, 2017 2:42 am


The fight scenes in the anime are absolutely bizarre and awesome.

I honestly don't think this will be anywhere near as good as those. Most anime action games, sadly, are extremely shallow. If the right studio got hold of it though...

7One Piece: World Seeker Empty Re: One Piece: World Seeker on Tue Oct 08, 2019 5:39 am


Did anyone end up getting into this?

8One Piece: World Seeker Empty Re: One Piece: World Seeker on Sun Jan 12, 2020 3:08 am


I'm currently looking into this but can't find any real info on the mechanics.

9One Piece: World Seeker Empty Re: One Piece: World Seeker on Mon Jan 13, 2020 10:24 am


Finally found some quality videos. The titles say they're combo videos, but they seem more to be a collection of tech and cool ways to move about. Problem is I can't say for sure exactly what's going on but I have noticed a few interesting things and these videos have moved this up to 'buy' status.

Note: The first two videos are of Luffy, the third is Zoro and the fourth is Sanji I think. Not familiar with this series. Zoro and Sanji are DLC chapters.

10One Piece: World Seeker Empty Re: One Piece: World Seeker on Mon Jan 13, 2020 11:02 am


Game still looks pretty darn interesting to me, but I never got into the subject material so I can't really comment too much on it.

11One Piece: World Seeker Empty Re: One Piece: World Seeker on Mon Jan 13, 2020 11:07 am


Cancel tech.

That guy I said I thought was Sanji is actually Sabo. There's another DLC character too.

12One Piece: World Seeker Empty Re: One Piece: World Seeker on Mon Jan 13, 2020 10:59 pm


I've ordered the game here and it should arrive this afternoon sometime.

Note: From what I've read, they removed the hot springs DLC mission from the US version. Every other version is safe. Why is the US scared?

Sign up here to get it. It expires 14/03/2022 so no rush.

13One Piece: World Seeker Empty Re: One Piece: World Seeker on Tue Jan 14, 2020 6:58 pm


Got it. Will probably wait until the weekend to play it then I'll post some impressions.

14One Piece: World Seeker Empty Re: One Piece: World Seeker on Fri Jan 17, 2020 8:53 am


*Quick notes*

>Movement is kind of clunky like Batman. You can sprint but if you turn too sharply Luffy will slide to a stop.

>Grappling is just like Batman's grapple hook but faster. I know there's al upgrade to boost into the air and glide too.

>Basic melee is the type I'm not a huge fan of. You have a basic string but every time you start it, it will alternate between a few different starters and strings.

>There is a direction system where if someone is behind you, pressing back + attack will make Luffy kick behind him. Found a cool technique with this that could prove super useful. Will describe later.

>There are stealth attacks.

>Jump is pretty low but you can wall jump.

>Dodging is like an instant teleport dash. Luffy vanishes then appears a little ahead of where the direction you dodged. It's like Otogi.

>Dodging doesn't cancel your attacks. You have to let the attack come out and go through its hit frames.

I'm still in the tutorial now. I know there's blocking and skill trees but it's revealing them incrementally.

15One Piece: World Seeker Empty Re: One Piece: World Seeker on Fri Jan 17, 2020 9:03 pm


Progressed and learned how to block. You have to switch modes by pressing down on the d-pad. They're basically light and heavy mode.

Light is what you start in. You can dodge and have faster attacks. Movement speed like running is faster too.

Heavy mode is slower but more powerful attacks, slower movement, and dodge changes to block.

Blocking is weird in this game. It uses some rarely seen mechanics such as being able to move while blocking. Seems you don't take any damage when blocking but the description said something about a limit. I was too busy trying to play and didn't read it properly.

Blocking can't cancel your moves sadly. There are a lot of ranged enemies and almost always with melee enemies. Not being able to cancel is really hurting right now. Some moves in the skill tree could help though so I'll wait until I have everything before making a final judgement.

The game is open world but I'm not sure how big. Seems I'm on an island but unexplored areas are shrouded in fog.

I've done some exploring and came across tougher enemies that could kill me instantly but they weren't immune to any of my attacks.

There seems to be an emphasis on stealth and takedowns. A lot of the skill tree facilitates this. Feels weird because I've seen a little of OP and they're like DBZ characters. What's with the stealth?

It's real basic too like just slowly coming up behind them. Dumb thing is the takedown isn't silent and anyone close is alerted.

There are ranged attacks. Looks like he's using Jet Pistol which shoots a shock wave I think. Never really understood what he was doing with that move. You go into this over-the-shoulder aiming mode. Headshots are critical hits.

You have a scan mode like AC and Batman. Seems there are some special actions you can take but I haven't learned any yet. The mode has a time limit, which makes sense as I believe some of the abilities you get during it are pretty strong.

There's this one upgrade, that I believe is the strangest and worst upgrade I've ever seen. So when you open a treasure chest, you have to hold triangle. An icon appears and a ring fills around it. When full, the chest will open.

There's no animation or anything. Luffy just stands there. The aforementioned upgrade makes it faster to open chests. What? What the hell is the point?

In fact what is with this mechanic in these open world games? Most of the AAA ones have an animation, but you still have to hold button down and wait. Why? It's a pointless waste of time.

Back to enemies, there are so many shooters. I'm unable to deal with crowds without being hit. Hopefully upgrades solve this but I get the feeling it's encouraging the player to thin the crowd through takedowns or ranged attacks.

Items are sparklies found all over the place. These are materials that can be crafted into equipment. I'm hoping for more than just stat raising stuff but I'm not optimistic.

16One Piece: World Seeker Empty Re: One Piece: World Seeker on Sat Jan 18, 2020 9:10 pm


Perfect dodge and block slow down time Bayo style.
There's also an ability where you can slow time whenever as long as you have meter in observation mode (the Assassin's Creed scan mode I talked about earlier).

It would seem these might be the only way to deal with multiple enemies due to lack of cancels.

Since you can't cancel, the use of perfect dodge and block will be defensive since you would have to wait for an attack THEN do what you can within the slowed time.

I got a useful upgrade that allows you to grapple to enemies as if they were a grapple point. You can instantly close distance and it has an upgrade that adds an attack.

These enemies and structure are pissing me off. Gunners and snipers are everywhere and snipers can shoot you out of the air instantly. The game encourages you to take them all out but that sucks and is boring.

I'm actually avoiding melee now and using ranged as much as possible but that's on a meter do you can't do it continuously.

You know something's wrong when you start avoiding combat. But I'll wait until I have all upgrades and finish it. I actually didn't like Knack 2 or Lollipop Chainsaw the first time I played them but they both became favorites.

17One Piece: World Seeker Empty Re: One Piece: World Seeker on Sun Jan 19, 2020 9:35 am


Fought a group of 4 hovering robots. They could fire machine guns, drop time bombs and had two dash attacks: a straight punch along the ground, and a diving attack from the air.

It was a complete impossibility to attack with normal attacks. They are slow, even the fast mode string, and you can't cancel moves at all.

I survived by constantly sprinting until they attacked, then used the Bayo dodge to get in some quick hits, only commiting to the dash attack or the first two hits of the fast string and a ranged attack here and there.

I used the time slow ability when I had meter but you only get like 3 seconds. Whenever I had tension (super meter) I used the Red Hawk super.

Absolutely awful combat to be honest. What's worse is these robots are immune to the grapple which could have been super cool and useful.

With no way to cancel, combat is waiting to do a perfect guard/dodge and doing what damage you can.

I haven't unlocked everything yet and there are some moves for hitting multiple enemies, but it's a huge problem if you can't survive without them.

So far this game doesn't even have the 1% the depth of Knack 2. Will still max everything and see how it all ends up. There's the DLC character chapters too and they look like they play differently.

Just did the spa DLC. Why on earth was this removed from the US version? You briefly meet the female characters in the spa, and they're wearing two piece swimsuits. Is this offensive over there? The characters are barely dressed normally so the swimwear wasn't even much of a jump.

This mission involves Luffy being sent to the island to get spa water 4 times. Hideous quest. Everytime you arrive you have to search for an empty bottle which is just one of the random items laying about, because this buffoon is too stupid to bring one despite knowing what he's going there for.

Each time you enter the spa a different character will be there. For the final visit they'll all be there. In the last two visits you can fight one of them who seems to be villain so you're missing out on more than just fanservice.

They could have easily released this and just made the steam obscure the characters or something. Similar things have been done.

18One Piece: World Seeker Empty Re: One Piece: World Seeker on Mon Jan 20, 2020 11:18 am


I'm quitting this. The crap gameplay and retarded design decisions are just too much. Some notes on why.

>Stealth shit

Stealth takedown based gameplay and not even good. Takedowns from above and below, as well as when in heavy mode (yeah they wouldn't even give it the basic one), are all upgrades. 3 upgrades to perform a basic action. Fuck off.

I actually constantly got caught and wondered why my takedown in heavy didn't work because I just couldn't conceive that such a basic action would be locked for something as simple as heavy attacks.

There is a multi takedown move and the aura conceal upgrade which makes you harder to spot (which is funny because they still see me across the map somehow) further promoting stealth usage to thin the group.

Alert one you alert them all and have no chance of winning due to lack of cancels and terrible recovery on moves. Gunners and snipers EVERYWHERE.

There is also an upgrade to hide in barrels and walk around in them just like MGS.

No canceling means you're screwed against multiple enemies. Even on normal many have armor and high damage. Gunners everywhere and the second you stop moving you get shot.

Canceling would have made this game pretty good. I can't understand why it's missing. Ranged attacks have meter that recharges, blocking is limited, attacks in general are slow, even in fast mode, any powerful move requires observation or focus mode which is powered by another meter. Were there not enough restrictions???

Perfect dodge and block work, but you barely get any time and the only way is to wait for attacks to activate time slow. In those videos I posted, it might look cool, but I've learned that the situations in that video were set up with single enemies and always waiting to initiate a perfect dodge or block. Against multiple you'll be decimated.

Max upgrades and powerful equipment would mitigate damage but not stop the mechanical issues. Speaking of, making bosses and tough enemies immune to grabbing is bullshit. Were there not already enough limitations?

Treasure box opening speed is a joke upgrade but worse is Zoro DLC. Got sick of Luffy so I loaded Zoro in the hopes of finding something akin to Jetstream Sam. Maybe Zoro would be different? Oh he was different alright.

No dodge. WTF? Super swordsman so badass that dual katanas were not enough so he started carrying a third in his mouth, cannot do the basics.

He can only block but to be fair, he can transition way faster than Luffy, and instead of the stretchy arm pull towards enemies, he simply dashes at them and it causes a hit, which Luffy needed an upgrade to do. It also has built in time slow when you time it with the enemy's attack so it's like if Luffy perfect dodged toward an enemy.

But none of this makes a better experience because you're still bound by the same shitty core mechanics. Zoro has no good traversal either.

And get this. If you thought the box opening speed was the most retarded upgrade, then think again. I get this message telling me that Zoro is basically a dipshit that doesn't read maps. So to reflect this in-game, the map is all pixelated and blurry like a Sega Master System game. But there's an upgrade to make the map normal! Can you top that?

>abhorrent side quests
The worse fetch quests and runaround you will ever see. Absolute garbage shit ass. Some have you run into bosses and these characters are all really cool and weird but the shit gameplay ruins them.

Trash. Get plans, make boring stat boosters.

Overall someone wanted to make an open world, stealth One Piece game and it just doesn't work. Very small things would've made it good.

Uninstalled and will give Unlimited World Red a try tomorrow and start a new topic.

19One Piece: World Seeker Empty Re: One Piece: World Seeker on Mon Jan 20, 2020 9:05 pm


Played a bit of Red and it's trash. Same problem as WS with no cancelling. Instead if you want to dodge or block, a reaction command will appear.

It's actually a remaster of a Vita game yet is still better than big, modern open world WS. No surprise there. A lot of things in Red are better to me, but overall the problems make it an absolute drag to play.

Do not play either of these. I've made the sacrifice so you don't have to. Do not let my suffering be for nothing.

20One Piece: World Seeker Empty Re: One Piece: World Seeker on Mon Jan 20, 2020 11:05 pm


The idea of a One Piece stealth game is fucking bizarre.

21One Piece: World Seeker Empty Re: One Piece: World Seeker on Mon Jan 20, 2020 11:18 pm


Yeah. Even with my limited knowledge of the series I know there's no way any of these characters need to use stealth. It would be like a DBZ stealth game where Goku is super slow and can be hurt by normal humans.

They give an explanation that all the enemies have something called Prism Bullets. Maybe something from the series? They still fire like regular guns though so the bullets don't mean shit to me. It was just an excuse to give everyone guns and force stealth.

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