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Been playing this more and more, on NG+ now and there's some solid meat to the game, but I really...really wish weapon-arts weren't limited to weapons. I'd like more options to explore. Some moves are also way more busted than others. But I like how creative they got with them within the confines of the combat system.

Like in Sekiro most arts felt either bad or good, with little in between and most were just "fancy attack". But here we for example have a spin move that starts with a sidestep, and a running slash, or a jumpback and then slash-slash and even a just-frame move (hold button and let go during a specific flash for massive bonus damage). Lot's of cool stuff here. Some moves have more built in mobility, or a lot of hits allowing for more stacks of debuffs on the enemy.

That said the elemental and stats systems get (massively) in the way. NG+ seems designed around them, with you stacking debuffs to limit enemy potential/recovery and it's a bit annoying. It also makes you play way more sloppy (at least in my case) with less experimentation and more " okay so just parry and keep my debuffs stacked". Since each debuff lowers their resistance to the other one, you can quite easily get them absolutely stacked in a short time too. Your damage might be low, but with all debuffs active even bosses die pretty fast.

So yeah, I love the game, it's really fun, but also wish a lot of its RPG aspects were gone.

Been toying more with the jump also and you can do some fun stuff with it, but not enough that it's notes worthy haha.

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