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Shadow of Morder

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1Shadow of Morder  Empty Shadow of Morder on Fri Jan 10, 2020 11:16 am


So far I'm quite liking it. The combat is very similar to Batman, far more than Mad Max I'd say.

Like you have this move where you punch them in the face and zap them with wraith power causing a stun, exactly like cape stun. From there you can do a rapid sword combo exactly like pummel, and can even parry and go back to the stunned enemy to continue.

There's grabbing, though right now I'm not sure if it's more limited than AC2, or just different.

Orcs take freakin' ages to die from normal sword attacks and parries don't do much more than deflect or redirect the enemy and send them stumbling away. They do seem to always put the enemy on the ground for a downed execution, but those, like Batman, take a bit longer to pull off. If you're in a group there's more than half a chance you'll have to cancel with a parry.

I'll add notes about the grabbing later. Haven't really put it to the test yet.

The real draw here is the Nemesis system and mind control shit you can do. Not sure how advanced it gets but so far if I mind read certain orcs, I can get location, strength and weakness info. Still figuring stuff out.

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2Shadow of Morder  Empty Re: Shadow of Morder on Fri Jan 10, 2020 8:32 pm


*Quick grab notes*

>You can grab from any angle and Talion will position behind them with his knife to their throat. They don't seem to be able to break out.

>Some captains must be weakened first. Some are immune.

>While holding them you can repeatedly stab them in the back, drain them for wraith power, interrogate (which becomes a cinematic thing then you enter their mind and get info) and throw.

>There doesn't seem to be any instant kill move yet.

>You can move around slowly using the hostage as a shield.

>You can release which will throw them, sending them stumbling then falling to the ground. From here you can do a ground execution.

>Doesn't seem to have wall hits but you can throw them off things like cliffs.

3Shadow of Morder  Empty Re: Shadow of Morder on Sat Jan 11, 2020 6:46 am


Can confirm you can throw enemies into others and it stuns them briefly.

Just got the poison ability. If I had known it was a story mission unlock, I would have rushed to this point.

Orc camps and strongholds have barrels of grog around. You put poison in these and when they drink, they'll be poisoned and begin attacking others, though I've seen a few die instantly.

If they see you doing it they won't touch those barrels. Not sure if this state ends or how to reset it.

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