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Mega Man series.

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1Mega Man series. Empty Mega Man series. on Thu Nov 14, 2019 8:47 pm

Phoenix Wright

Phoenix Wright
What is everyone's opinion on the Mega Man series in general? I'm talking about:

-Classic Mega Man
-Mega Man X
-Mega Man Zero
-Mega Man ZX
-Mega Man Legends
-Mega Man Battle Network
-Mega Man Star Force

I'm a fan of every series I've played so far. Haven't played X7-8, Zero 3-4, ZX, and Star Force. I can't remember which game I played first; Legends 2, or Mega Man 5, but I got into the series many years later.

My favorite series is the Classic one, but depending on my mood, I might prefer the X series instead. My favorite game from the Classic series would be 9. Some good bosses, great weapons, cool platforming and stage gimmicks, and good difficulty. At first I liked 10 better, but that was because 9 was so hard for me the first time I tried it, to the point I considered it cheap. But after giving it another try, I realized that once you get the hang of it, the game has a great flow.

Haven't played Zero 1-2 enough times to have a solid opinion about them, but I remember having trouble with Zero 1 because of its lives system. I had fun with Zero 2, though.

The Legends games are good if you want to chill and play a simple game. Everyone talks about how bad Legends 1's controls were, but I got used to them when I got to Kattlelox Island for the first time (and, if you read everything I said up until this point, you'd know that I played Legends 2 before playing Legends 1). If they ever make Legends 3, I only ask that they fix two issues I have with both games: Give Volnutt the ability to use more than 1 sub-weapon at a time (this is Mega Man, after all! One thing I like about the series in general is how you can experiment with the weapons, but in a game where you can only use one at a time... It kinda kills the incentive to test them all, especially if you find one you find comfortable using for the rest of the game).
Also, make better enemies/bosses. Anyone who played the games knows that most enemies and bosses can be trivialized by circle-strafing.

As for the BN series, I like them because, to me, its battle system is unique. Never played a game like it. Coming up with certain combinations of chips that can destroy a boss in less than 30 seconds (or 10 seconds, if you're good enough) can be fun. Sure, it can get stale after a while, but fortunately there are a number of ways to do that, instead of just a single chip combination being able to pull that off.

2Mega Man series. Empty Re: Mega Man series. on Thu Aug 06, 2020 2:12 pm


Digging up an old post, sorry!

Man, Mega of my favorite series of all time, no doubt.

Classic Mega Man:

This is one of my bread and butter game series. I grew up playing Mega Man 1, 2 & 3 for the NES as a kid. I got to play 4,5,6,7,8 years later...and 9 many years after that (I still have not played 10!) I own practically every US iteration of these games and compilations on many different platforms. The music...I will never forget, it is phenomenal. It's one of those feel good play-through games that I can complete entirely on a single plane ride. I love that. The design is excellent as you can truly choose your own adventure path. Do you want the easy path where each enemy destroys the boss in 2-3 hits? ... or would you rather really show the boss you're better than him with the basic p buster? Side note, I enjoyed the game boy mashups of these games as well.

Mega Man X:

Holy moly, thank you for taking an existing design and adding some new awesomeness spins to it. The upgraded visuals were excellent (and still are!) and the music was still fantastic. Added the Introduction levels, more equipment upgrades in addition to weapon and utility upgrades from the originals, good stuff! I still have, sadly, only played through Mega Man X, X2, X3 and none of the PS versions. I do have all the rest through the PS2 versions as day haha.

Mega Man Zero:

I've still only played the first one, though I have the whole series and the new compilation. This game was haaaard when I played it. I died a lot until I farmed upgrades. I did like the RPG spin they put on this game with the random lucky based drops. Felt like Castlevania...but in typical Mega Man style.

Mega Man ZX:

I've only played the first one and I loved it! It was like an advanced Mega Man Zero and played this one all the way through. Would play it again...still have not played Advent...

I have not played Legends Sad

I played the first Battle Network game for about 8 straight hours one day and never played it again afterwards. It did seem fun, though.

Mega Man Star Force is still the biggest mystery to me as I've never tried you recommend?

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