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List of high level play channels per game

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1List of high level play channels per game Empty List of high level play channels per game Mon Oct 07, 2019 10:28 pm



Made this post originally for a user on Twitter, thought I'd share here. There's a lot still missing, may or may not update it eventually! We'll see :)

Enfin, here's the list! Hope someone finds it useful!


Shinobier ( One of the oldest runners on the series. Discovered and played out a lot of researched tech. Among the few to beat PAIN+ Clones in the world, the hardest challenge among the community.

Wulf2k9 ( Overal solid player in the series.

BigVee ( Easily the most 'sagely' of the community, knows everything and has done tremendous works digitizing run layouts in notes. Very hard to converse with, but when you get used to the way he talks there's not a soul on the world to have a higher level discussion with. Pretty easy to say 99% of all GoW related tech comes from him. Well respected.

TazOne1 ( Has done very good challenge runs across the series. Also dabled in other games but GoW really is his achievement.

BickBenedict ( Far from a godlike player, but an extremely accesible guidemaker (retired iirc). Not as skilled as any on this list, but in a sense that makes him very enjoyable to watch and his tactics often accesible to newer players. Great for scratching the surface if you cannot catch the nuances of the above. Lots of other notes and runs were sadly lost when the GoW3forums went offline.


옹발이 ( Fantastic player, high emphasis on debuffs in his gameplan as well as other challenge runs i.e. mikiri only. Very optimal player.

SBK91 ( Good friend of mine, and a very optimal player. We always call him "Bigvee-lite". While mostly a GoW/KH player, his Sekiro footage is notable. Great footage of "PREY" as well if you're into that sort of thing.


Kagerasimaru ( Die hard fan of Team Ninja, mostly their recent Nioh. Very technical player, not a fan of RPG elements and prefers low level/low item runs.

Rayneasd ( First player to clear Abyss on a challenge run, dedication of a madman.


Iconoclast ( Overall great player, you'll see him linked a few times more. Has a good run of Devil's Third on Hard Score Attack.

Raeng ( Hey it's me! Devil's Third didn't have a lot of runners sadly. Did a melee-only run but that was off-camera.


Raeng (hey me again Only one in the world with a Shotgun-Only run and a 0% Cover run completed on God Hard. Current record holder of least deaths in a single segment God Hard run (7 deaths). Zaarock ( Fantastic player, good speedrunner too.

MoluJPN ( Rarely uploads, but owner of the almost legendary Vanquish speedrun of Challenge 6, arguably the hardest map in the game. While dated in tactics currently (Vnichiro crushed his time), a lot of the current tech comes from this sole video. Most currently consider me the top Vanquish player, but honestly this video is just so good I'd rather people praise him.


No videos sadly, lots of great players and notes available (Note, MrStarkiller is BigVee. You can see what I mean with difficult to read at times).


Bullseyestrider ( My personal favourite player across games. Very efficient playstyle.


n472a ( Jokes aside, he puts some good effort into his DMC2 footage. Lots of nuances and abuse of mechanics shown. He's quite good at the rest of the series too.

Javelina Devil (
Fantastic tech regarding DMC2.


Raeng ( Holder of a few world-only challenge runs, which I don't think will be beaten anytime soon considering how dumb they were. Especially the noted Way of the Blade (see link). Most are re-uploads as previous channel got too many flags. Also did a challenge S-rank run which isn't really a challenge run, more a bible of notes.

_Vergil_ ( Great challenge runner from Japan. Reuploaded by TKMO from Bilibili. Also has his own channel ( TKMO is worth diving into as well, lots of good re-uploads from Chinese and Japanese players.

TazOne1 ( Big Boss run, very interesting set of ideas and well executed. Mostly focusses on no-kill runs.


JTB ( Arguably the 'dad' of Ninja Gaiden. Been there since 2004 and hasn't stopped playing since. Most advanced tactics come from him, tons of great guides, frequent streamer too. If you want to learn NGB this is the place, nothing but respect for the man.

BigAl ( The second 'dad' of the franchise. High Score player mostly, going for Karma Runs in NGB.

GodFatherDictator ( Player very much focused on No Damage runs. Patience of a saint.

TimmyGun ( Challenge runner mostly, fantastic player honestly.

Kazama Jin ( His videos are everywhere and nowhere, really have to look for them. Fantastic player cannot say much else! Archive Challenge is an optional part of the game that's extremely brutal and often part of personal challenge runs to become a better player. Otherwise there's this list: Also can note NW (chinese player) as great for his no-damage run as well as runners like Balbaid (karma run:, unwaryrince, sneh and many others.


Itagaki ( Lots of reuploaded Sigma runs from before it was shut down.


Raeng ( Most focused on No-Ninpo runs without abuse of overpowered tech like OLUT. Above video is the only non-abuse Staircase video, arguably the hardest part of the game. I still want to redo it on the Xbox One X because of the frame-rate. Other notable content is this one: Rest is in streams.

Iconoclast ( Arguably the run that triggered a lot of people to pick up the game again under a new light and master it more fully. Very mobile player, stylish as well.

Gigue ( Retired player, easily the most talented in the games as a whole. Quickly found out how the playstyle worked while others were still struggling from the jump between Black to II.


ShowR ( In my opinion the best overall Ninja Gaiden player across the franchise, but that's a controversial opinion. His Razor's Edge footage is unrivaled though.

SoundDreamer ( Personally not a fan, but well respected. Lots of world record runs in Razor's Edge thanks to his absolutely bonkers patience. Some of his fights last over 40 minutes, where one mistake equals a redo. Very good channel for 'safe' tactics in games.


BullseyeStrider ( Very technical player as noted before, his Shinobi run is next to perfect.


Zeixpe ( Fantastic player overal, core understanding of the gameplay mechanics and AI. A joy to watch.


Miduki ( The only player with somewhat decent footage online. The meta has already evolved way beyond what's on display here but it is still a good watch.


Louis Chou ( Fantastic player, also has a lot of other runs on other games. Only known recording of a Oni-rank being gotten in the game.


Saur ( Never dove in deep into W101 myself, but I know Saur was a bit time name in it. Same goes for Transformers Devastation which is also worth a look. Great guy too, very open for discussion but got really tired of the toxic community surrounding it all and how 'not open' players were for other types of games.


EDF ( Top of the leaderboards, very hard man to beat in his perfect scores. Only managed to snag the number 7 spot which we originally shared due to hackers. But his later tactics destroyed mine, fantastic to watch. Very optimal play. Lots of little nuances in his play too that many players don't see that build to his score i.e. dealing less damage through certain cancels to keep foes alive longer.

In general SBK91 and BullseyeStrider are fantastic channels for tactics regarding quick victorys in challenge run scenarios. Bullseye also has a fantastic Zone of the Enders 2 run iirc.

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Great post! Loads of enjoyable high level play to check out here.

Have you ever checked out Javelina Devil's channel for DMC2 gameplay? Other than the player you've recommended above, definitely the best i've seen. She (I believe I've seen people refer to her as a woman in the comments) has a great video on lots of obscure tech that was completely new to me.



I feel like it should be in that Youtube topic but oh well. Vman mostly does NRS fighting games. He does things like Arcade mode and other stuff on the hardest difficulty. FrameRater is more of a reviewer as you can see but he does play and try out consoles and emulation. But I am more interested in his Serious Sam videos. :) Already posted MrGstar321 but here is Ninja Gaiden 2 mission mode 13.



I renamed the topic, the idea was more of high-level play per game. I like MrGSTAR, but I wouldn't call him the creme-de-la-creme of NGII yet (no offense intended).



Oh sorry then. I thought it would be high-level considering that it was on the hardest difficulty. So I am going to attempt one more time. I thought that this was very cool.



>high level play channels
>Bick for GoW
I wonder about that. Even Shin is pushing it with a lot of his offerings (like with his presence in NG, he often gets by on trash tactics). I'd have to really think on making any recommendations of my own (especially with so many deleted videos/accounts wiping history).



About Bick, note the description. He still outperforms nearly every other channel though in terms of quality content. When he doesn't delete said content that is.



>still outperforms the trash alternatives
What a sorry state we're left in after so many got deleted. Tragic. At least, for English speakers. Most of the scene I'm seeing these days is Spanish (I'm not going to humor bastardizations of it with their specific brand of that).

>when he doesn't delete
He should have listened to teacher properly (or he wouldn't end up like he did). To beg for advice, beg for views, beg for evaluation and ignore them all is to provoke my ire (even before deleting the time spent humoring him).

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