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Challenge run planning/ideas

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1Challenge run planning/ideas Empty Challenge run planning/ideas on Thu Oct 04, 2018 1:15 am


I was going to add this stuff to the other topic on challenge runs but that topic deals strictly with runs you've done before and how they changed the game. This topic will serve to post any challenge runs you plan to do, or just any ideas you have.

I'll start with some CL stuff which has quite a few options. I already listed 'no upgrade' and 'no legion power up' in the other topic but I need to redo those and take proper notes for walkthroughs. I'll list the rules and purpose behind each run, because of how many there are and the reasoning behind them. You don't have to have a purpose though.

-Can be done on normal or hard.
-Side B must be completed.
-Japanese or English versions allowed, but are separate categories. Some things might not be possible in both versions.

No upgrade
-No upgrading for Sieg or legions.
-You CAN get Thanatos, because that requires collecting all the pieces, but cannot upgrade so it will be stuck in Baby form. However, its assist can still briefly slow down time. This will be necessary for certain parts of the run.

Purpose: Pretty standard challenge run stuff. Simply raises the difficulty.

No summon/Legions May Cry
-Upgrades and assist allowed, so you can get all the legion bonus stats and moves.

Purpose: "If you love DMC, you'll...probably still hate CL."

No summon or assist
-There may be exceptions if progress becomes impossible.

Purpose: "But some people have the power to summon and enslave monsters called "Chaos Legion", at the sacrifice of wandering souls.."

Victor hates legions and their users. Wouldn't want to upset the him further.

Summon only
-Can only do damage with summoned legions.
-Can use disband to dodge attacks.

Purpose: Tactical summoning.

Single legion runs
-Use 1 legion for the entire game.
-Exceptions if progress becomes impossible.
-Can use Thanato but due to the way his forms upgrade, you'll only be able to use Baby form (starting form).

Purpose: Put each legion to the ultimate test.

Legions always summoned/All out brawl
-No disband. Legions must always be on the field.
-If destroyed, can use soul recovery.

Purpose: It's what Ono would have wanted.

I could probably add + versions to most of these, but will do so after I've confirmed every run here is even possible.

Arcia runs
Not many options for Arcia, so no need to describe any purpose.

No upgrade
-Simple. She only has stat and special bullet upgrades.

Guns only
-Special bullet allowed.

*Guns hurt anything so it's easily possible, but say goodbye to your fingers.

Kick only
-Kicks don't have dodge or jump cancel.
-Can link into Lie Down and use ground rolls but do not shoot.
-Kicks hurt most things, so their shouldn't be any issue with progression. If not, just pull out guns for that one purpose.

Special bullet only/Theory only
I seriously doubt this is possible, and is just an idea for now. You don't get enough bullets early game so if something doesn't die you're screwed. Maybe if you found enough recovery items and only went for targets it could be remotely possible but even then I doubt it.

With max stats it's probably far more possible, as you'll have high attack power and many bullets. Years ago I made this video showing how you could hit target generators with Energy Bullet. As you can see, the bullet travels insanely far. Arcia also has double jump from the start which is why many of these are possible.

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2Challenge run planning/ideas Empty Re: Challenge run planning/ideas on Thu Oct 04, 2018 5:45 am


Lollipop Chainsaw

To be done on Very Hard.

No upgrade
-Can't buy moves or stats.
-Can buy healing or Nick Tickets.

No upgrade+
-Can't use shop.
-No healing.
-Can't use Nick Tickets (including continues).

Chainsaw only
-Can only use the chainsaw.
-Upgrades allowed.

*So no Nick Tickets or any form of attack that is not the chainsaw. Also, no using that behind chainsaw attack because it requires Leapfrog to activate. You also won't be able to use any special move that requires non-chainsaw attacks as the start of the string.

No chainsaw+
-Same but no upgrading.

Non-chainsaw only
-No chainsaw attacks whatsoever.
-Upgrades allowed.

*This leaves you with a lot of tools for dizzying zombies like dropkick, butt attack, and leapfrog plus extensions, but damage will be much lower and no way to insta-kill. You can use Nick Tickets now though.

Non-chainsaw only+
Same but no upgrading.

3Challenge run planning/ideas Empty Re: Challenge run planning/ideas on Fri Oct 12, 2018 9:58 am


My biggest run plans so far are, considering time:

Ninja Gaiden 2
Claws Only Run (Minimal UT/Items/Ninpo/Overpowered Move Spam)
Scythe Only Run (Minimal UT/Items/Ninpo/Overpowered Move Spam)

Fist of the NorthStar
NER+ (No extension run, so allow new moves etc but no upgrading HP and no Burst usage (DT) or items and gear)

By that time REmake2 will probably be out so I'll leave my other run plans until that time.

In terms of general run plans of what I want to do. There's so much, I'll try to keep it brief. I used to have a much bigger list but honestly gave up since I know I'm settling down and some runs will just take me too long. I always would want to at least get back into Killer is Dead, The Evil Within and Viewtiful Joe properly.

Ninja Gaiden Black
Single Weapon Runs (Minimal UT/Items/Ninpo/Overpowered Move Spam)
No Save Run Per Chapter
Original LifeBar Run

Ninja Gaiden 2
Single Weapon Runs (Minimal UT/Items/Ninpo/Overpowered Move Spam)
No Save Run Per Chapter
Original LifeBar Run

God of War 2

God of War 3

The Evil Within 2
Classic Knife Only (doubt I'll do this)
True Survivor Classic Mode Challenge

Yakuza Zero
NER+ (only buy new moves, no items)


Laser Canon Only
HighScore Run attempt

4Challenge run planning/ideas Empty Re: Challenge run planning/ideas on Fri Oct 12, 2018 12:47 pm


I was about to ask you about Killer is Dead. What are your ideas?

No upgrading I guess, but anything else?
I know the PC version has a mode where you can only kill with that blood meter kill right? Totally forgot the names of anything in this game. I think we discussed it ages ago.

I'll have to stick to PS3 since I cant play the PC version but feel free to add any ideas. They dont have to be something you're personally planning to do, just any good ideas for future reference for anyone.

5Challenge run planning/ideas Empty Re: Challenge run planning/ideas on Fri Oct 12, 2018 1:35 pm


I already did a NUR way back when, as well as a AAA run. I really want to dive back into the game to give it a propper StingerMagazine article.

The difficulty was called Nightmare I believe. I actually own the PC version (no clue as to why). When I have my new PC I'll check it out.

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