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Letting my girlfriend play Ninja Gaiden Black

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1Letting my girlfriend play Ninja Gaiden Black Empty Letting my girlfriend play Ninja Gaiden Black on Sun Jan 28, 2018 10:08 am


No footage, sorry. But have to say it was pretty...interesting. We've been playing a lot of Tales of Symphonia together which she adores, but I'd been playing Ninja Gaiden Black in between and she got curious. So we booted it up and...I'm even more impressed with how the game works now.

Few things to note:

  • the game is pretty easy on Normal, she managed to get by with just XXX spam most of the time;
  • the controls are pretty easy to figure out, even for her. She was even doing some UT's at the end, and wall attacks;
  • the game gives you a lot of breathing room at the start. If you fail a wallrun it will not send you down a lot, and you won't die by falling. It showers you with healing items and directions, the level design is clear in where you should go an the level loops around very nicely. Things like traps taught her fast to mind her surroundings too.

She played until just before Murai and wanted to quit because it was a bit too stressful for her, mostly because it was solo, but she did enjoy it she said.

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