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Apparently this new game made by Cygames and Platinum Games. Cygames isn't that well known yet, only having made a few games, and are mostly known for sponsoring big names in e-sports like Daigo Umehara from Street Fighter and Darkstalkers fame.

City and combat gameplay:

Announcement gameplay gameplay:

So far it looks pretty interesting, a form of team based combat while you control the main protagonist action-style. Think Dragon Age: Origins but with an action combat system. If you want you can also play co-op. Looking at the animations and flow of the combat, I'm getting a small feeling they repurposed part of the fighting system of Scalebound here. Wouldn't surprise me. Other than that there are - sadly - returning RPG elements like stats, levels, gear and more. Game is a Playstation 4 exclusive and runs at 60fps.

More info from:
“When playing single-player, the other three characters are controlled by AI. There is also four-person multiplayer.”

“Since we developed the non-graphics parts side by side [with the graphics], I wonder if we will be able to see the goal in a little while.”

“Since we cannot compromise on graphics, Cygames and CyDesignation staff are being stationed at Platinum Games.”

The latest issue of Weekly Famitsu also has a few other tidbits from a developer interview:

The team has reached a point where it can say it feels good about the basic actions.
New information beyond this past weekend’s Granblue Fantasy Fes 2017 is still a little while ahead.
The graphics will improve even further.
The goal is to make a game in which players can enjoy “situations” where the course changes from one to the next, as well as enjoy “multiplayer.”

Should be noted that the original game was a phone game (which Cygames focuses on usually) that heavily featured micro-transactions. Here's hoping that doesn't see a return here.


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Gabriel Phelan Lucas

Gabriel Phelan Lucas
I suspected PG would be going down the RPG salt mines sooner or later, none too surprised at all by this. Scalebound reuse seems strong with this one, good that we can get something out of the remnants, PG knows how to cut corners like pros(Megaton uses Armstrong headbutt QTE animation).

Can't say I'm interested in this, aesthetic doesn't do anything for me and the combat doesn't look too special or engaging to me either. Plus I loathe RPG bilge in mah twirly spiny action games, or any action for that matter. Sorry if I'm being cynical, it's great that PG is doing well, just don't want to see more RPG paste out of them, Automata is completely fucked for replay value because of its level issue(you can't change your level unless you buy the DLC and beat an arena for an item that delevels you, this requires copious amounts of grinding for level and chips to beat the last arena challenge).

Is it coop based? Online I'd imagine.

I hope they announce another game I'm interested in, since Bayo 3 is only for Switch I won't be getting it until probably after the next console generation drops.

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I have zero interest at the moment. Will keep an eye on it though. If it allows you to switch characters, that would be nice.

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