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Origin of the S-Rank video

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1Origin of the S-Rank video Empty Origin of the S-Rank video on Mon Oct 30, 2017 4:58 am


Almost sounds like a reassurance video.

2Origin of the S-Rank video Empty Re: Origin of the S-Rank video on Mon Oct 30, 2017 6:34 am

Gabriel Phelan Lucas

Gabriel Phelan Lucas
He sort of rambled until about 3mins in about competition or something? Bit lame, I didn't really learn anything, and according to this comment the origins aren't actually to do with what was stated:"Actually, S Rank came from S Class, which stands for Special Class. It was first adopted in 1972 by Mercedes Benz and is now commonly used both by games and vehicles as a way to grade something that goes above and beyond what is commonly referred to as exceptional. A Led Zeppelin ticket from Japan? You are unnecessarily reaching for straws here." by Vicerex.

3Origin of the S-Rank video Empty Re: Origin of the S-Rank video on Mon Oct 30, 2017 8:05 am


I looked in it for a second but honestly he's really reaching yeah, also seems extremely desperate for views with that clickbait'y thumbnail of busty Dantette. It is a fun topic though, with some fun concequences (why have rankings, why not just a number? Why a letter etc?).

Matthewmythosis had a great DMC1 video, lasted nearly two hours, but he went into great depth and also covered this point very nicely:

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Ok but what about the purpose of this video?

He seems to want to downplay rankings, and the competition thing made no sense because these are single player games and it's not until you speedrun that you're really in serious competition, and even then, it's still friendly and runners learn a lot from each other, always sharing their discoveries. I know this as fact, having been in the speedrunning scene for years.

What's this crap about 'escaping the real world'?

The comparison between speedrunning and skilled gameplay/rankings is odd too. Speedrunners rarely pick up a game for the sole purpose of glitching it to death. It's usually a game they know well and have done everything within it before trying to run it.

No one considers glitching to be comparable to getting ranks. I don't think I've heard that anywhere, EVER.

His comment, "Getting a good rating in a video game kind of betrays the point of video games". Like, WTF? I wonder what all that money, time and hard work poured in by the developers on gameplay mechanics was for then? You don't have to get the best ranks, you can play however you want, no one's stopping you.

For millions of players, things such as rankings are the main fun. This is a reassurance video for sure. Something happened to this guy and he wants to downplay skilled gameplay and rankings. Why make a video that's supposed to be about the origin of a gameplay mechanic, be really little more than trying to tell people why this mechanic doesn't matter?

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