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Capcom's salesnumbers

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Pretty interesting! Here is the list of all the best selling games that got a Platinum edition from Capcom (needs 1 million sales or more). As you can see, going mainstream helps i.e. MH:W, RE:5 RE:6. Lovely to see SFII still dominate the charts on SNES. Cool to see that RE2 still beat RE2make in sales as well.

[th][/th][th]Release[/th][th]Title[/th][th]Platform[/th][th]Million units[/th][th]1[/th][th]2[/th][th]3[/th][th]4[/th][th]5[/th][th]6[/th][th]7[/th][th]8[/th][th]9[/th][th]10[/th][th]11[/th][th]12[/th][th]13[/th][th]14[/th][th]15[/th][th]16[/th][th]17[/th][th]18[/th][th]19[/th][th]20[/th][th]21[/th][th]22[/th][th]23[/th][th]24[/th][th]25[/th][th]26[/th][th]27[/th][th]28[/th][th]29[/th][th]30[/th][th]31[/th][th]32[/th][th]33[/th][th]34[/th][th]35[/th][th]36[/th][th]37[/th][th]38[/th][th]39[/th][th]40[/th][th]41[/th][th]42[/th][th]43[/th][th]44[/th][th]45[/th][th]46[/th][th]47[/th][th]48[/th][th]49[/th][th]50[/th][th]51[/th][th]52[/th][th]53[/th][th]54[/th][th]55[/th][th]56[/th][th]57[/th][th]58[/th][th]59[/th][th]60[/th][th]61[/th][th]62[/th][th]63[/th][th]64[/th][th]65[/th][th]66[/th][th]67[/th][th]68[/th][th]69[/th][th]70[/th][th]71[/th][th]72[/th][th]73[/th][th]74[/th][th]75[/th][th]76[/th][th]77[/th][th]78[/th][th]79[/th][th]80[/th][th]81[/th][th]82[/th][th]83[/th][th]84[/th][th]85[/th][th]86[/th][th]87[/th][th]88[/th][th]89[/th]
Jan 2018Monster Hunter: WorldPS4, Xbox One, PC, DL12.4
Mar 2009Resident Evil 5PS3, Xbox 360, DL7.5
Oct 2012Resident Evil 6PS3, Xbox 360, DL7.3
Jan 2017RESIDENT EVIL 7 biohazardPS4, Xbox One, PC, DL6.4
Jun 1992Street Fighter IISNES6.3
Jan 1998Resident Evil 2PS4.96
Dec 2010Monster Hunter Freedom 3PSP, DL4.9
Nov 2015Monster Hunter X (Cross)3DS, DL4.3
Oct 2014Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate3DS, DL4.2
Jan 2019Resident Evil 2PS4, Xbox One, PC, DL4.2
Sep 2013Monster Hunter 43DS, DL4.1
Jul 1993Street Fighter II TurboSNES4.1
Mar 2008Monster Hunter Freedom UnitePSP, DL3.8
Sep 1999Resident Evil 3 NemesisPS3.5
Feb 2009Street Fighter IVPS3, Xbox 360, DL3.4
Feb 2016Street Fighter VPS4, PC, DL3.1
Sep 2010Dead Rising 2PS3, Xbox 360, PC, DL3.1
Mar 2017Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross)3DS, NSW/DL3.1
Jan 2008Devil May Cry 4PS3, Xbox 360, DL3.0
Mar 1996Resident EvilPS2.75
Nov 2013Dead Rising 3Xbox One, DL2.6
Dec 2011Monster Hunter 3 (Tri) G3DS, DL2.6
Mar 2012Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon CityPS3, Xbox 360, DL2.5
Jan 2013DmC Devil May CryPS3, Xbox 360, DL2.4
Mar 2015Resident Evil Revelations 2PS3, PS4, Xbox 360,  
Xbox One, PC, DL
Feb 2007Monster Hunter Freedom 2PSP2.4
Nov 2014Resident Evil (HD Remastered)PS3, DL2.4
Jul 1999Dino CrisisPS2.4
Feb 2010Resident Evil 5: Gold EditionPS3, Xbox 360, DL2.3
Dec 2005Resident Evil 4PS22.3
Feb 2011Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two WorldsPS3, Xbox 3602.2
Jan 2016Resident Evil 0: HD RemasterPS3, PS4, Xbox One, PC, DL2.2
Aug 2001Devil May CryPS22.16
Mar 2002Onimusha 2: Samurai’s DestinyPS22.1
Apr 2013Dragon’s Dogma: Dark ArisenPS3, Xbox 360, DL2.1
Mar 2019Devil May Cry 5PS48Xbox One, PC, DL2.1
Jan 2001Onimusha: WarlordsPS22.02
May 2007Resident Evil 4 Wii editionWii, DL2.0
May 2010Lost Planet 2PS3, Xbox 360, DL2.0
Jun 1994Super Street Fighter IISNES2.0
Aug 2009Monster Hunter TriWii1.9
Apr 2010Super Street Fighter IVPS3, Xbox 360, DL1.9
May 2013Resident Evil RevelationsPS3, Xbox 360, Wii U,
Aug 2006Dead RisingXbox 360, DL1.8
Mar 2012Street Fighter X TekkenPS3, Xbox 360, DL1.8
Mar 2016Resident Evil 6PS4, Xbox One, DL1.7
Jan 2003Devil May Cry 2PS21.7
Sep 1993Street Fighter II’ Special Champion EditionMD1.65
Jun 1986Ghosts’n GoblinsNES1.64
Dec 2006Lost Planet Extreme ConditionXbox 360, DL1.6
Jan 2005Resident Evil 4GC1.6
Feb 2004Onimusha 3: Demon SiegePS21.52
Dec 1988Mega Man 2NES1.51
Dec 1990Final FightSNES1.48
Dec 2003Resident Evil OutbreakPS21.45
Oct 2010Dead Rising 2 Off The RecordPS3, Xbox 360, DL1.4
Aug 2016Resident Evil 4PS4, Xbox One, DL1.4
Jul 2009Marvel vs. Capcom 2:
New Age Of Heroes
DL (PS3, Xbox 360)1.4
Jun 2016Resident Evil 5PS4, Xbox One, DL1.4
Mar 2001Resident Evil Code: Veronica XPS21.4
Mar 2002Resident EvilGC1.35
Dec 2003Mega Man Battle Network 4GBA1.35
May 2012Dragon’s DogmaPS3, Xbox 3601.3
Aug 2014Ultra Street Fighter IVPS3, Xbox 360, PC, DL1.3
Dec 2005Monster Hunter FreedomPSP, DL1.3
Nov 2007Resident Evil: The Umbrella ChroniclesWii1.3
Feb 2011Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition3DS, DL1.3
Feb 2005Devil May Cry 3PS21.3
Nov 2002Resident Evil 0GC1.25
Jun 2013Remember MePS3, Xbox 360, PC, DL1.2
Sep 2000Dino Crisis 2PS1.2
Nov 2011Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3PS3, Xbox 360, DL1.2
Nov 2013DuckTales: RemasteredPS3, Xbox 360, Wii U, DL1.2
Mar 2012Devil May Cry HD CollectionPS3, Xbox 360, DL1.2
Aug 1998Resident Evil Director’s Cut Dual ShockPS1.2
Dec 1993Mega Man XSNES1.16
Feb 2000Resident Evil Code: VeronicaDC1.14
Sep 1986CommandoNES1.14
Sep 1997Resident Evil Director’s CutPS1.13
Jun 2009Bionic CommandoPS3, Xbox 360, PC, DL1.1
Jun 2011Super Street Fighter IV Arcade EditionPS3, Xbox 360, DL1.1
Aug 2015Mega Man Legacy CollectionPS4, Xbox One, DL1.1
Oct 1991Super Ghouls’n GhostsSNES1.09
Sep 1990Mega Man 3NES1.08
May 1993Final Fight 2SNES1.03
Dec 2016Dead Rising 4Xbox One, PC, DL1.0
Dec 1998Street Fighter Alpha 3PS1.0
Feb 2006Devil May Cry 3 Special EditionPS21.0

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