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Interesting analysis about DMCV's development

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Of course, the title is a bit of a bait-title, but the content is very well done. Recommend giving it a watch.



I don't know, sounded like a lot of nonsense or just stuff I don't care for.



>stuff I don't care for
He touches mainly in regards of artistic directions which I don't think it's a big deal either but I agree that they're objectively bad choices and how DMC hasn't felt like DMC for a long time, he's not alone in that regard.

Some of the points he makes were obvious even before DMC5 was ever conceived such as Itsuno not wanting to be working on DMC, wanting to send Dante off for good, the character personality being really inconsistent throughout the games, etc. Most of us already sort of realize it at one point or another that the series was lost to the Cuhhhhraizy crowd and that a masterpiece such as DMC1 or 3 is just not really going to happen, in my case the most hype I've been about DMC5 was during the first batch of leaks during the end of 2017, even when the game was officially announced I had to actually rewatch the trailer because it took me some time to realize that was DMC5 and not DmC2.

I think some of the points worth noting are.

>Itsuno wanted to make DmC2 instead of DMC5
This is the worst of them all, though we don't know if he's just saying that for PR or he really feels that way(we all know he'd rather finish the remaining 40% of Dragon's Dogma instead of working on these 2 series), it's obvious the game takes so much from DmC in attempt to combine the two fanbases and maximize their profits and I agree it hurts the identity of the series, the photorealistic nonsense, the soundtrack polluted by all these mainstream-ish musicians, it just feels off.

>Good devs won't do great works under these corporations.
>Capcom plays too safe
I agree to this as well, I've always been vocal about how I enjoy smaller dev companies and specially indie games because it allows the devs to work more freely and achieve better results because they're able to take risks.

I haven't really paid attention to the development process but what is the deal with the guy? I could be wrong but at most from what I've seen he just looks like he was basically put there to be a guy hyping the cuhraizy crowd.

>Last Jedi bashing
Never gets old.



Basically what 5Does noted. The guy makes some good points hidden along some sludge of bad opinions or weird statements (Trish and Lady being "deep woman"? What?).

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