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Guard glitch

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1Guard glitch Empty Guard glitch on Wed Jan 03, 2018 9:02 pm


Some enemy attacks can break Ryu guard while he's blocking. When his guard is broken, you can cancel the broken guard status into a special dodge, which have more i-frames than the normal one. This is a pretty well known mechanic amongst NG players of all levels. Guard glitch, instead, is a rather obscure technique which is not explained in the game tutorials, and is rumored to actually be a glitch. When you get guard broken, release the guard button and then hold it again, Ryu will still remain in the broken guard animation, but his guard is actually reset, so he can block again. The guard can be reset as many time the player want, he just has to release and then hold the block button any time his guard gets broken.

I tested this technique in NG2, NGS2 and NG3RE. I've heard that it can be executed in all NG games included the very first one, though as I said I've only heard about it and never tested it in the other games in the series.

Guard glitch is really useful for learning patterns from bosses or medium sized enemies, or simply to guard against attacks without moving, if needed, giving you more tactical freedom. You can choose if you want to reset your guard or do the special dodge according to the context. This technique is also used to perform the Elizabeth loop.

Very personal, useless note: I prefere calling this technique "guard reset".

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Is there a video by any chance? You described it well so I get what it does, but it's hard to visualize, though that might be more due to barely having touched the game.

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Gabriel Phelan Lucas

Gabriel Phelan Lucas
That's super useful cheers.

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@Birdman wrote:Is there a video by any chance?
In this video, at 3:58, you can see this in action. The video is NOT mine:

The player who explained this technique to me is Fiend Busa. He is a really good player and a very nice and friendly person. If you want to subscribe o his youtube channel I think you do a good thing Smile

Fiend Busa channel:

I'm happy this post is useful for you guys.

5Guard glitch Empty Re: Guard glitch on Thu Jan 04, 2018 12:12 am


Solid content. Subscribed.

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I remember reading about this years ago and trying it out. In terms of execution and animation it all looks like it was intended, but in terms of actual gameplay it really feels like a glitch kind of like the directional-jump (pressing forward+jump while landing for faster movement). Feels more like both are a happy accident of the game's mechanics than anything else, especially since just how good Guard Reset (I remember it being Guard Break Cancel in the NGS2 days) is. Enemies like Fiend Genshin, Eli, Doku and all other foes that rely on guard breaks for openings can barely touch you now.

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