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Devil May Cry V: Official Trailer and information

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I'm not sure how they even do it, if they just speed up the game by 20% hardcoded, it could mean some pretty serious issues if the game is coded around frame-rate (a common practice). But honestly not a clue. We all saw what happened when MGR:R ran at 140fps instead of 60.

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I'm pretty happy with Nero for the most part, although I thought he would be getting a brand new sword at the very least. The Devil Breaker system is interesting, but I feel like it doesn't work well for DMC. Having a part of your moveset become temporarily non-operational would probably work better for Ninja Gaiden (Ninpo for instance) where you're not trying to pull off wacky combos. At the same time, the combo potential of his devil arms isn't really there anyway, you kind of just press a button and see the enemies take damage. Maybe we'll get a power up later on that gets rid of the problem entirely, but I have a feeling they wouldn't have gone through all the effort of making this new system if you could just ignore it later. Anyway I'm not too broken up about it. The game is looking great thus far, and it's very obvious that the team is super passionate about what they're doing.

As for Turbo Mode, it will really blow if it's not on the console versions. PC should be a surefire bet, but the consoles are a little iffy. To be fair, having TM in a demo isn't really a priority, so I wouldn't worry about that right now. If I can't play it on PS4 I'll be really disappointed. Hopefully someone asks about that soon.

One other thing, I believe the demo was on Easy, so it's impossible to see what the enemy encounters are going to be like. I would hope they're better than the demo though, because those enemies looked pretty braindead.

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Also, having it take place after DMC2 is a lot more intriguing than I thought it would be. I'm excited to see how they'll handle Dante's coin flipping antics haha

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The DB system feels very out of place I agree, especially since (at least in the demo build from what I know) you can only switch when they are broken. Not only does this force exploration (not that bad) but also makes it kind of weird. I would've thought it would work like styles (use the d-pad to switch). Could be wrong and that it does work like that.

For the Turbo Mode, my biggest nightmare is that it will be exclusive to the PS4Pro and X1X.

> Demo set to easy
That would explain a lot. Should hope the game kicks major ass on DMD. One of my biggest fears is that DMC will slowly turn into Dynasty Warriors with a slightly better combo/combat system. I saw a lot of combo-players note that they wanted enemies to not move / attack when you are mid-combo and stuff like that, which is a shame since those type of players are flown over to give feedback.

> coinflip
Like with DMC4 I am afraid they'll just ignore continuity. DMC1 Dante was much more mature (granted he had a lot more emo things to worry about) and classical badass compared to the (albeit hilariously fun) WOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO YEAH Dante teenager from DMC3. Yet suddenly in DMC4 he's a kid again. So I think they'll just handwave it. Might make a joke like them as a group not being able to make a decision and Lady noting "why don't you flip a coin" to which Dante looks in the camera and says "not in a million years". Haha!

NOTE: those million years Donte noted passed really fast.

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Not a fan of contextual moves. Doesn't make it bad, but I'd rather each move have its own command. What if I want to do the standing version on a downed or juggled enemy?

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Well one good note about the DB, you can actually switch those on the fly in the main game. They just had it turned off for the demo. In addition, at Nico's van you can choose the order you want the DB to be in whenever you use them in combat, which is nice. This certainly alleviates some of the issues I had with it, but I still think the concept is a little iffy.

Regarding Turbo Mode, someone asked Matt Walker, and he basically just laughed and said that he's been hearing the requests, and he said to pay attention in the future for more info. If I had to guess, the announcement will probably be that it's exclusive to the beefed up consoles and PC. Hope that's not the case, but I have a feeling there is going to be a catch.

As for the hand-waving, that's probably what they'll do. I've always considered DMC1 to be Kamiya's DMC universe (pretty sure Kamiya also shares this opinion), DMC2 is... DMC2, and DMC 3+4+5 is Itsuno's universe. The events of DMC 1+2 still take place in Itsuno's version, but it may not have happened the same way you experienced it in the games. Think of it like Tim Burton's version of Batman vs Christopher Nolan's. Same characters, same events take place, but with very different styles. Both are Batman, but they are in separate universes.

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I dont get why they can't just say if there's a turbo mode or not. I don't care if they want to add it or not, but I don't want to start playing this and get used to it then they release a faster version. This happened to me with DMC4.

I don't like these contextual moves. it's seems they don't want anything to even look like the old games, or any older action game where you juggle something about you while still facing directly ahead.

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The biggest problem I have with the customizable Devil Breakers, from a mechanical (ha) point of view, is that they can open up a whole can of balancing worms. DMC3 tried to avoid this with Dante's gear having mostly stat advantages as opposed to just hard advantages (which of course, were still there, but not as prevalent). But considering how powerful some of these seem to be I wonder if it won't slowly turn into "If you want easy Platinum Shiny SSSSSSSSS-rank Special-rank, save Breaker-X for Boss-Y". I don't really care about that either, since it does still give Nero that feeling of customization he lacked compared to papa-Dante in DMC4, but I dunno, something doesn't sit right with it.

Shameless pug aside, I did an analysis about weapon-switching as one of the first real articles.

One of the conclusions I drew there was that, while the system DMC3 used (menu swapping for a tactical edge) was great, it didn't really fit the series and its goal. DMC4 - while I don't like the system perse - did nail the system that fit its style of gameplay best (also massive nostalgia to making that article haha, since I was still unemployed then so plenty of time to work my ass off haha). I feel that Nero's new style fits him, and DMC in general, as long as you can always have all of them with you: which I don't think you can. And that's where the downside of the system lies for me, and that they can 'break'.

It also opens a huge can of worms in the sense that it can invite grinding, leveling systems, RPG systems, microtransactions and more. But if done right, it really could make this feel like a sequel instead of a fancy expansion pack to Nero's gameplay.

> Turbo Mode
I'm afraid of the super-console exclusive too. No way in hell I'm selling my PT-PS4. Could also be a pre-order exclusive or DLC you can get early by buying the 150 buck collectors edition.

> Kamiya Universe
I know exactly what you mean. I have this with my favorite comicbook series (Doom Patrol), eventually another writer took over and while cool, it is very different and I just consider it an alternate take. I can't imagine Kamiya's young Dante being as he is in DMC3.

> Spoilers
Note that there isn't really a spoiler-rule here. But you can use spoiler tags to share information that people wouldn't want to see. A lot of the first chapter and early gameplay of REmake2 have been leaked, even showcasing V's face, the identity of the person who stole Nero's arm, the 'powerlevel' of DMC5's main villain and more. Feel free to post them, just use spoiler tags.

Cutscenes revealing the villain and some more:

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Turbo Mode
I'm assuming they don't want to announce it yet because they're still trying to optimize it for consoles, so they don't want to say "Yeah it's in the game" only to find that they can't get it to run without sacrificing a bunch of other stuff. Also, it may just be a marketing thing. I'm far from a marketing expert, but from their perspective it may be better to announce it at a specific date to build hype.

Have you played any of the actual Silent Hill games? I forget. I liked PT, but it's more of a haunted house simulator rather than having anything to do with SH. I understand that it was intentionally trying to mislead people, but I was never convinced it would have been a good SH game. Especially because I don't remember Kojima ever really showing much reverence for the old series in interviews; it just seemed like he wanted to make a horror game with his celebrity buddies, and wanted to use SH as it was already an established franchise. It would have been interesting though, not denying that.

Since I'm on this topic, I heard the Zone of the Enders: Second Runner remaster is pretty well done, so I'm kind of hoping Konami remasters Silent Hill 1-4 again, to make up for that shitfest of a remaster from 2012. Then let the series die. Seriously, it was over when Team Silent was disbanded. The horse fell asleep when they left, then western devs beat it to death, then Konami kept beating the horse it until there was nothing left to beat anymore. No offense to Metal Gear fans, but Silent Hill endured way more than they did. At least they got like 8 great games.

How do I use the tag? I'm kind of bad with stuff like that.

Anyway I saw the leak, nothing too big was revealed or anything. I'm not sure why V's face is such a big deal for Capcom, he doesn't look like anyone in particular. I heard someone say he looks like 90's Glenn Danzig, which is actually a very apt comparision lol

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> Turbo
I'm pretty sure it will at least be in the super-consoles or PS5/XboxTwo version of DMC5:SE (because let's be honest, it will happen). For the current systems I'm not sure since the game already seems to be pushing the bounderies and I'm very curious if it will have a stable 60fps on regular systems or go the Bayonetta route.
In terms of marketing, best to keep the spirit alive, so announce things in chunks. Look no further than the infamous Smash Bros Brawl Dojo to see how marketing is done.

> PT
I never played a single SH game outside of 1 and 2 (for like 10 minutes each). I went into them expecting an Resident Evil like game, didn't get that, and switched it off. I was young and foolish then, I know I should give them a go some time. PT though at least had some interesting ideas and it was pretty cool for a 'demo tease'. Announcing a new game via a teaser game is pretty ingenious. I think what you say is on the mark though, just a fancy game but not SH.

> ZoE2
SHHHHH Birdman might hear you and harass me again to play it.

> SH remasters
I heard they had to torrent the iso's since they lost the original files, great stuff.

> Spoilers
There's an icon of a document with a yellow warning triangle. Can put things in that.

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ZoE2 when?

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So how about that hurricane huh?

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Have to note, the DMC reddit really is tiring me out. Last 4 pages are all memes, shitposts and more.

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Frame rate
If the game doesn't have a completely stable FPS on base consoles, the fanbase will riot, just like when DmC ran at 30 FPS. They've also said that one of the biggest priorities is making a beautiful game, with silky smooth gameplay, so I'm sure it will be fine.

Silent Hill
Birdman will harass you about ZoE2, and I will harass you about Silent Hill 1-3! YAY! What a time for you to be alive lol Seriously though, ya gotta play them. The best of SH is better than any other horror series for me. On the other hand... the worst of SH is worse than most other horror games.

The Remaster would have turned out great if they used an ISO actually. That's what Bluepoint does with their remasters. They take a retail copy of the game, make an ISO, and create a functioning PC port of the game, then they go through the process of remastering. Why do they do that? To ensure that their version is the EXACT same experience as the original.

This is the short version of what Konami did:
-Hire an unknown developer with no experience in remastering
-Devs ask for source code
-Konami doesn't have the original source code because they're idiots
-Konami gives them a BETA build of Silent Hill 2-3 (not 1, because it's a PS1 game, and not 4, because "some people didn't like that one")
-Devs proceed to make a remaster of BETA builds, while failing to fix 75% of the issues
-Konami also decides to rerecord the voices because they don't feel like paying the original actors, and the guy in charge thought the old voices were dated, messing with other peoples' vison
-Shitfest occurs
-OG voice actor Guy Cihi, who is a business man, takes Konami to court for unpaid royalties, claiming that there was never a contract for reused performances, which means he, and the other actors are owed money
-He turns out to be 100% correct, but signs his performance away for the sake of the fans, as well as the old SH2 voice actors
-Konami apparently couldn't locate the actress of Heather in SH3, so they decide to not use the original voices at all (fan locates her immediately afterwards, and she's upset that she wasn't contacted)
-HD collection gets released to shit scores with over 9000 glitches, and legions of pissed off fans
-Konami promises a patch, then proceeds to only give one for PS3 players
-Patch fixes virtually nothing
-Konami kills SH completely in the subsequent years
-Fans forever play the PS2 and PC versions, with eternal scorn towards Konami

Want to hear more about the whole fiasco? Here's a 2 hour long video detailing every fucking thing in detail, along with all the voice actor drama:

EDIT: You should probably wait until you play the games before watching this. Lots of spoilers.


My basement got flooded because of this hurricane. Such a pain in the ass. Had to have the wood burner on in 80 degree weather to clear it all out.

DMC Reddit
Yep, it's just like I said right? I stopped going there entirely.

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Don't change the subject. Though I'd rather you play other stuff first than ZoE2.

Get out of that shithole.

Harassing Roy to play stuff
While this guy needs to get with the program, me playing NG might be closer than he thinks.

I've actually completely removed a ton of games from my backlog. These mainly were ones too long, too open, or have some kind of RPG grinding element, keeping only games that are shorter with high replayability and scores.

That's not to say I'll never play Nier or others like that again, they're just not a priority anymore. I won't be buying any games like this for a while. So I'm not going to bother with Spiderman. Sold Shadow of TR. Also uninstalled a ton of shit.

Right now I want to get the max scores in Knack 2, then I've got a small list of titles to master, NG being one of them. Just need to take a careful look and figure out the order.

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> framerate
We'll see. Granted Capcom has always been a frame-rate wizard, DMC4 still makes me question if they made some strange pact with Mundus. The graphical fedelity and framerate of that game is out of this world for the year it released in. DMC looks almost as good - if not better - than Daddy Snore despite having double the framerate.

Don't underestimate the shilling though. People are putting Itsuno and the series on such a high pedastul nowadays I wouldn't put it past them to defend 25 fps. But I doubt that will happen. I wonder if Turbo Mode, if it does make it in, allows for a customizer. Like imagine just saying "okay make the game run at 300% speed" or something insane like that (of course lower textures as a result).

> gaming harassement
I am honestly losing track on which games I'm being forced to play. Enfin, here's my gaming calendar for the next half year. Enjoy. What are the titles I SHOULD play? My backlog list is here: (I even gave commenting rights :D, I'm such a swell dude).

September: Yakuza Kiwami 2 / NG2 BotA only
October: Yakuza Kiwami 2 / Fist of the Northstar / NG2 Scythe only
November: Fist of the Northstar / NG2 Claws only
December: Smash / Fist of the Northstar (?) / NG2 DS only
January: Resident Evil Remake 2
February: Resident Evil Remake 2
March: Resident Evil Remake 2

I might get Sekiro and DMC5 on launch, or neither, or one of them, not sure yet. Really digging NG2 so far, not tired of it yet. REmake2 will eat my days away. Cannot wait for that one. Might dive back into NGB soon too.

> the best SH
I'll be honest that SH1 won't be happening unless it aged really well. Like I can stomach OoT and RE2, but that's about the end of it. I'm really bad at handeling that era of 3d games.

> how to remaster a game
WONDERFUL. Jesus christ on a stick, that sounds horrible. I'll put the videos on my to-watch list. I (sadly) already know plenty of spoilers.

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Haha I have a similar list of priorities and what I want to do in them.

You know I'm going to say El Shaddai. Just give it a quick jam and see how you feel about it.

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Some observations.

*Gauntlets look like they have unique dodges. He does a side step and what appears to be a ducking weave, but that also looks it could be part of that move.

*Bike looks to function exactly like I through. Melee attacks into bike transformation similar to TF:D vehicle attacks. I;m guessing Dante will single bike moves too.

*Notice in the first part where the bike gameplay is shown and he's swinging it at that demon. When the first hit connects and the wheel is spinning on the enemy, purple energy begins charging and the headlight grows brighter, then transforms. Could this be an indicator of when you can switch or stay in melee mode?

There's an idea floating around that each weapon can transform or have an alternate mode, something like Bloodborne's weapons.

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Tons of good things, also tons of bad. The new weapons look glorious, I even spotted a nice little duck and weave in there with the new Balrog weapon. Fighting bosses and having them turn into weapons (the bike) is cool too. Loved seeing the old cast return though some look...better than others (poor Trish looks like a coke-whore).

That said, there's plenty of things that worry me now even more than before. Level design, enemies and more all seem very 'samey' and the over emphasis already on DLC isn't pleasing. I know it is Capcom, but it just won't jibe with me.

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For some reason, I feel style switching won't be in. He didn't seem to show anything in the trailer. You see trickster teleport, and a few other style specific things, but didn't show him actually switch? I could've missed something. It could be more akin to Bayonetta, who doesn't have styles but has tons of abilities at once.

Notice the shotgun shot after dodging? No janky animation and looked like an actual move, and maybe it was, but it looked more like this 'no animation cancelling' thing.

That high speed level of cancelling and switching just can't work if you want to keep all these smooth transitions into other actions. Same goes for turbo mode. I feel like Itsuno might be focusing too much on the visuals.

I don't mind so long as it's replaced with another good mechanic.

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I'm hearing conflicting notes. Some say your style is linked to the last action you took, so if you dodge you'll be in Trickster, if you shoot you're in GunSlinger, if you attack you're in Sword Master. So you don't really have to do manual swapping.
Other notes (and apparently some leaks?) note that he's simply DMC4 Dante with the bike instead of Lucifer.

We'll have to wait and see for a bit. He should be playable at TGS so we'll get some footage soon.

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That would completely limit the system though. What if I don't want to be in Trickster after dodging?

I'd go with DMC4 Dante or a setup closer to Bayonetta.

I saw a post of someone saying they've seen a video with the HUD and actually showing style switching, but I haven't found anything of the sort.

Do those dodges are part of the move or a new set of dodging mechanics when you equip Balrog? We see a sidestep and ducking/weaving. Instantly brings GH to mind.

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Pretty sure that guy was just talking nonsence, there is no footage around yet.

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Yeah I figured it was just another desperate attention seeker.

Hopefully we'll see some V gameplay soon. I want to know if I'm getting my spiritual CL game lol.

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Saw most of the gameplay, going to be extremely brutal for a second: I expected more, but I think we'll get that later.
So far the game seems extremely asset-reuse happy, hiding it behind the veil of 'fanservice' and 'we're in hell, all the foes are here'. Dante didn't get a new Dance Maccabre unlike before, most of his animations are the same, the bike seems extremely cool but its default moveset gives me flashbacks to Bayonetta 2's chainsaws (in a bad way) and the largest emphasis seems to be his cloth and hair physics.

That said there's a lot of hints at there being more to come, with 4 weapon slots in both guns and devil arms, customizability, buyable attacks and so forth. We've only seen the pure basics. His animations also look fantastic, especially the shotgun. But I had hoped they'd try to up it that one level further compared to DMC4 Dante just as he had upped his game from DMC3 Dante.

Then there's the microtransactional stuff that's not too bright. Yes it is optional and the game probably isn't scaled back to promote it's purchase, but it still doesn't sit right with me that they'd include it. It's a bad practice to take money from players just so that a CEO can buy his fiftheenth car. Just add cheatcodes if you want "players that don't have time to get an edge".

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How do Bayo's chainsaws work?

The bike's wheel grinding could be optional by holding the button down, which I think is the better option.

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Bayonetta's Chainsaws are just a slashing weapon, but if you hold down the button you 'grind' for more damage, the weapon was absolutely braindead in the sense that you just held it down always since enemies in that series aren't that agressive and the damage was huge. Can see the same problem arrising here.

Still, the Bike looks really fun. Just wish it'd be a tad more original than a slow chainsaw weapon. The SwordMaster moves seem a LOT more interesting.

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One thing I want to add to this btw, is that his styles are again the same. DMC3 saw him have 4 main styles with two unlockables that added a unique flavor. DMC4 saw the original four return with little worthwhile additions (mostly nerfs sadly) with one new style that was more a miniature reworked Vergil moveset (very basic though).

Now this game sees him (so far) only having four styles again and they are again the basic ones. Would've loved to see Dante go that 'next' step again in this part too. Really showcase his power and development since DMC2 lore-wise.

NOTE: Sorry if I'm being a tad too critical towards the game, I'm gonna buy it for sure and love it, but I really had hoped for more.

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