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Stories: The Path of Destinies

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1 Stories: The Path of Destinies on Wed Jan 03, 2018 3:47 pm

Pretty small action title that could. The mechanics are incredibly simple, you have an attack which is 4 hits and can have 4 elements, a grab, a parry, dash, grapplehook, throw and a few other minor abilities. The combat is fast, and the game is really short but rewards replaying it. You can constantly make choices like a choose-your-own-adventure novel and at the end you'll get the chance to play again with your upgrades intact to retry and find new paths. Some lead to completely new missions or twists on old ones.

Combat was really addicting for what it offered, and the visual style is really pleasing.

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2 Re: Stories: The Path of Destinies on Wed Jan 03, 2018 9:43 pm

I saw that vid a while ago, looks real neat.

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