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The Abyss without clearning modifiers

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1The Abyss without clearning modifiers Empty The Abyss without clearning modifiers Tue Oct 17, 2017 8:34 am



So in Nioh there is a new mechanic called "the Abyss" in which you clear floor by floor of bosses. Each floor has one boss with a set of modifiers tied to him. These can range from not too special (your ki regenerates slower) to annoying (yokai pools spawn constantly) to downright insanity (he has allies to help him out, you cannot use items etc). Now you can remove these modifiers by beating a randomized stage, but so far I've tried to avoid this and just beat the bosses with the modifiers active.

I've tried to share this with Gamefaqs and Reddit but both are pretty less than pleased about someone doing this for whatever reason. "Stop being so boring, man up and remove the debuffs" and "or you can just use X to kill them in one hit...?". It can get a bit depressing at times haha. I'm currently stuck at floor 108 where I have to face two of the harder bosses at the same time, while each hit of theirs paralyzes me (so if I survive, I'll die anyway), their attacks deal 20% damage through my block, there are unremovable yokai pools everywhere (reduced ki regeneration when you're in them) and they have skeleton soldiers with ranged weapons that spawn every ten seconds (max of 2 on screen). So it is...hard haha!

Here are some examples of previous fights:

Maria (is she hits you your movement speed is slowed by 50%, you are always on fire, ranged weapons don't work, there are zones of fire)

Tachibana (removes all buffs when he hits you, attacks through block, reinforcements, yokai pools)

It's really nice that Team Ninja added these optional challenges, and it's a darn shame nobody is doing them as they are really just upright, no holds bared pain in your ass. Love it!



"Stop being so boring, man up and remove the debuffs" and "or you can just use X to kill them in one hit...?".

Sounds like the usual jealous trolls who act like games mean nothing to them, but in actuality games mean EVERYTHING to them, and seeing someone do something awesome or challenging personally offends them.

I've seen it all over the years. I've been abused for daring to speedrun, doing no damage, or any sort of challenge run. Even for daring to speak on depth in a game has somehow warranted all manner of insults.

Even when not getting directly insulted, you'll get those types that only post to try and downplay what you've done, or just come to let you know how they aren't into that sort of thing. Why even bother posting then?

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Yeah it can get really tiring, the whole idea and concept behind it all. Can't learn how to play the game, others might feel threatened. What's worse is the constant "I found this exploit" or "revealing the new build" topics where people try to be important, but instead quote old tech just to get some views. It's not about the views, I really wish people would get that. It's about pride, honor and most of all: enjoyment, at least for me, to have a collection of videos where you can display your knowledge and skill at a game is the fun. To share your fun and challenge, while seeing others rise to the same challenge.

This one really took some work btw. Around 4 hours of attempts. Really a mess of a fight. Glad it's over haha! Really happy with my situational awareness and dodging around 0.55.

4The Abyss without clearning modifiers Empty Re: The Abyss without clearning modifiers Wed Oct 18, 2017 11:35 am

Gabriel Phelan Lucas

Gabriel Phelan Lucas

This Abyss mode is great, some neat boss combinations are always appreciated, something I wish all action games had, especially vanquish. I'd love to play it but all those spreadsheets and grinding are migraine inducing. Like 50 menus dedicated to numbers upon numbers that utterly bury the real game changing skill/ability trees.

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