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Strider 2014

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1Strider 2014 Empty Strider 2014 on Wed Sep 27, 2017 10:48 pm

Gabriel Phelan Lucas

Gabriel Phelan Lucas
It's on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

I thought it's pretty good, I've beat it 3 times, this time I played the PS4 version since it was super cheap. Gameplay represents strider very well, it's fast and fluid and they clearly put a lot of care into hiryu's animations, he even has his mvc launcher move though it's not very useful haha. The metroid level design suits strider and doesn't feel forced, the high mobility makes it a blast running from one end of the map to the other. The various cypher types, kunai types, dash types and slide moves are a great addition, it's fun darting and slicing through hallways of goons as you effortlessly use all these powers in conjunction.
I really like the magnetic(sends shockwaves out like strider 2 super mode does) and reflect cypher(deflects enemy fire, can be timed for perfect parry) coupled with the magnetic and reflect dash types are fun to mess around with, end game your pretty much unstoppable which makes collecting secrets a breeze.

I beat it on hard twice and it's not very challenging, that might be due to the overpowered moves and options the player has as the eagle option is super powerful, coupled with how fast your meter refills bosses tend to melt and pose little threat. Bosses are pretty easy anyway as their attacks are pretty simple and they leave large openings for attacks. I'd like a harder mode and maybe an NG+ to mess around with.

I appreciate the various collectible items like other strider costume colours which have there own character info for those striders(including strider Hien rival boss in strider 2), along with extra challenge maps to unlock like running and combat trials. One nit pick I have is that the iconic cypher shwing sound is replaced with a generic but serviceable sound, which bugs me as they remixed strider NES OST and included various other remixed sounds, it would have been better if they used it for charged swings or when you enter super mode for added fan service.

It's nice to see strider get his own game again, funny as this reboot and strider 2 are both reboots, I'd expect the next entry to be out in maybe 15-20 years given their current release schedule for strider haha.

There are a few strider likes if your interested. Canon Dancer/Osman was made by the strider 1 team(same director), it's my favourite strider type next to strider2.

2Strider 2014 Empty Re: Strider 2014 on Tue Apr 28, 2020 8:47 pm


Just wanted to bump this and give a plug for this game. Strider is probably one of my favorite games of the past decade and I have replayed it multiple times. I think it is greatly under-appreciated and it was tragic that Capcom did not do another one with the same developer.

If you want a great 2D action/Metroidvania game that has a great feel to the combat, pick this up!

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It's a really fun game, though I would've prefered it to be more lineair. That said, fantastic presentation, OST and combat all-round. A good package. Honestly wish Capcom would do more of these types of 'light' titles.

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