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So I've added a Patreon to the site. As noted on the page, nothing will change and no content will be limited to Patreons or whatever. The only bonus you can get is a look into drafts of articles. The money will be used to pay for site and forum improvements down the line like ditching Forumotion for a propper BB forum. I won't use the money myself for games/warhammer/comics/food or whatever, I have my job for that. So if you want to help improve the site/forum, feel free to donate what you can to the page! Otherwise, no harm done! Cheers! If you have any questions let me know!

You can find the page here:

Here's what it says on the page:

What does this Patreon mean?

To be frank:
I don't consider Stinger Magazine a job, it's a passion. My day job is more than capable of maintaining me and my family, but money to spend towards Stinger is slim. The Patreon is to allow Stinger to grow beyond what my own budget allows.

Where will the money go?

  • Towards the improvement of the Forum, i.e. looking to transfer it away from the terrible Forumotion system and into a propper Wordpress forum with integration to the main site etc.
  • A better shop;
  • Site maintenance and technical improvements;
  • To pay people to interview them (sadly, this is sometimes unavoidable);
  • Paying guest-writers to write about games with me that I'm not well versed in;

What can I expect for my money?

  • Every tier gets access to draft versions of all articles in production;
  • Your name (if you wish) on the about page under the 'supporters' tab;

What will remain the same then?

  • I will reject free copies of games from developers/publishers;
  • I won’t accept any other freebies or invitations to events;
  • I won’t do sponsored content;
  • Articles won't be tied to stretch goals;
  • I'll continue to pay hosting and my editors by myself, I feel that's more than fair since I've always done that;
  • Articles are done when they are done, there is no schedule. The quality of the articles is the most important part for me;
  • I won't lock talking to me behind a paywall. I love talking shop, so hit me up on twitter/reddit/stinger/whatever;

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