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1GoW III NGR+/NUR+ Empty GoW III NGR+/NUR+ on Wed Dec 02, 2020 8:46 pm


Run conditions-

NGR+: No grabs.
-No OS (air or in platforming)
-No OH
-No CG
-No brutal kills unless required to progress (Hades Cerberus, Chimera, boss QTEs)
-No rides unless required to progress (Cerberus mongrel in the underworld and Cyclops berserker in Olympia)
Note: Mandatory rides will only be used for the objective (burning Peirithous and breaking the shields guarding Helios). The enemies will not be harmed by any direct attacks of the ride.
-No reversals (QTE breakouts). Some enemy grabs such as Sentry piles will go on until you die, while others will just damage Kratos. The overall strategy is to avoid all enemy grabs as best as possible.
Note: There are forced reversals (some required to progress).
1. Hades soul snatch at the start of the boss fight (all other soul snatches will result in death)
2. Skorpius grab at the start of the boss fight (if the stupid swipe doesn't kill you, then all other grabs will result in death)
3. Medusa first encounter (this grab does not kill Kratos but I still reversed it because I refuse to be cucked).

NUR+: No weapon upgrades or meter extensions.

Just beat Hades. I will have the videos up shortly.

2GoW III NGR+/NUR+ Empty Re: GoW III NGR+/NUR+ on Wed Dec 02, 2020 9:12 pm


>No OS
Not even false OS, so be careful about this. Should be less of problem as one won't just throw them out for laughs among foes you can't use it on (obviously not the same level of bother as Returns).

>No CG
Like with OS, the exception would be for forced Queen use where you aren't even expected to avoid the easy way (using CG). Save that for BoA PAIN+. No need to put yourself through that now.

>only forced exceptions
As you say, those that HAVE to die that require grabs to get beyond HP thresholds. Times you really want to use "O", but just aren't allowed may get spicy (as with the cyclops box not having mounting *and even more chipping*).

>no mounting unless forced
Yes, first time with Mongrel and Berserker are the only times you have to get on and do something. I don't necessarily think you absolutely need to avoid so much as harming others, but that would be the honorable way to go about it. The game expects you to use them, but doesn't force it to progress. I leave it to your discretion, but as we've discussed, you can avoid damaging anyone (and ought to strive for that). I think Mongrel is the easier case as you may just run up to and burp on the bramble before getting the OS kill. If that is mistaken, then just nearly kill it by firing at nothing before going for the goal (same logic for the one-eyed wonder).

NOTE: Do take care with spreading damage VERY evenly (for double Bronze Talos damage kill) in Box 1 and quickly killing off the Mongrel (if possible, otherwise you will just have to keep well clear while trying for provocation *if even a thing here* and kicking away hounds until alone to finish the job). I forget if the next x2 Talos only spawns upon mounting or if it is on a timer (likely the latter). Might have to rush to take out the Cerberus, too. Could be rough. I don't recall thinking too much of it post-run, so maybe it isn't that bad.

>no non-required reversals that damage foes
Right. Among these cases (those that deal damage to escape) that land on you must be allowed to finish for their FULL damage on you (if they land). If that grab happens to be deadly to just ignore, that is how it goes (save yourself some time and restart). Two cases you can reverse without harming the foe come to mind readily. Hades Phase 1 grabs (unlikely you'll even see this 'Soul Snatch' given the probable tactics you'll employ during the fight) and Skorpius (starts the fight with it *unavoidable*). Again, you can reverse, just not if it harms the foe. Not always easy to know (without testing). Let me make it easier and tell you these two don't harm the boss (and thus don't violate my rulings). If you wish to hold to a higher standard, that is your call.

>refuse to be cucked
Understandable (and I concur with saying no to the Simp Life). Fairly sure I didn't allow her a free pass with this forced case, either.

>Hades down
>vids soon
Noted. Having to take FULL damage from grabs can make them more deadly on paper, but most are so easily avoided...and their damage doesn't scale, so taking the full brunt only helps them to measure up to a normal hit, really.

3GoW III NGR+/NUR+ Empty Re: GoW III NGR+/NUR+ on Thu Dec 03, 2020 5:18 am


Part 1:

4GoW III NGR+/NUR+ Empty Re: GoW III NGR+/NUR+ on Thu Dec 03, 2020 6:12 am


I was at the ready. Just checking to see if you had responded.

5GoW III NGR+/NUR+ Empty Re: GoW III NGR+/NUR+ on Thu Dec 03, 2020 2:07 pm


part 2:

"Like with OS, the exception would be for forced Queen"

Like I said before, not going to make the same mistake twice.


Even in this case, I'm sure the other subweapons can CG onto the Queen harpy, but I'll still just jump n grab.

All the spawned enemies just disappeared after burning Peirithous.

"and I concur with saying no to the Simp Life"

Why of course. That is for Nu-GoW players.

"I was at the ready. Just checking to see if you had responded."

Sorry uploads gave me issues and pissed me tf off. I should've had everything uploaded yesterday. Anyways, I'm on Olympia. Any tips for that?

6GoW III NGR+/NUR+ Empty Re: GoW III NGR+/NUR+ on Thu Dec 03, 2020 2:47 pm



7GoW III NGR+/NUR+ Empty Re: GoW III NGR+/NUR+ on Thu Dec 03, 2020 9:29 pm


>Olympia update

-Block again allows for mass ROs adjacent to where the battle starts (same spot as No Weapons Run) with the Bow and Hades T. First part, no problem.
-Centaur part: This bastard keeps charging after slowing down. Before I thought it was a rare occurrence but he actually does this consistently. I'm trying to avoid getting grabbed in this run so you can see how much of an issue that this is.
-Mob clearing: I looked through your previous comments and you said that I can get ROs on the ramp. The problem is leading them to it. I did get it once but I just attributed that to RNG.

1. Bait Centaur charge to isolate mob.
2. Burn mobs away from intended spot.
3. RO
ROs aren't as easy on the ramp as they are on a flat boundary.

Centaur continued:
A tanky beast. Spamming sentries may be the way to go, however I want some MP saved up for the Chimera fight.

I got through the fight once on a test run. Still think I could do better. Other than that, I should be good until the Labyrinth fight with the minos trying to break the chain. Could be difficult taking them on without the Mongrel to ride.

8GoW III NGR+/NUR+ Empty Re: GoW III NGR+/NUR+ on Thu Dec 03, 2020 10:48 pm


>won't make the same mistake twice
Ah, so you'll be saving some 'unique' suffering for the appropriate run(s), then?

>just jump n' grab
That's the BoA way. All weapons other than it have a CG to work to this end. That's just part of the run's flavor.

>just disappear
It just works.

>Nu-GoW players
"You have to let femen win!" - Reddit

NOTE: No wonder Valkyrie seem impossible for them. I wonder if those kids know about VH PAIN+ Persephone S2. Or VH PAIN+ ToA W1 (the girls are back in town).

>upload issues
Been having internet problems myself (more so than the PC showing its age). Possibly to do with area construction and tower interference regarding the new home.

>more parts

>Part 3
You know this is the first time I've caught YT not notifying me of a video in my subscriptions? Been hearing about it for years, but hadn't seen it for sure until now. What an honor.

>Olympia issue
That being? Gate? Centaur? Berserker?

>previous strat employed
As I suspected (at this juncture, anyway). Maybe some boundary abuse to make up for lack of RO for the Centaur. Perhaps just getting it alone with slow Inferno chip while they group as you're at the boundary (doesn't much sound like what you would want to do *I'd sooner expect camera abuse and avoiding Centaur while going for more RO until horsey is alone*).

>keeps chaining charges
Yeah, he does that a lot. Making him run into walls can help with that (before getting him off-screen). Good thing the rally call to shockwaves from Legionnaires isn't an unblockable. Would be a shame to have that annoyance at the same time (only have to play pretend to that degree during NBR and higher).

>ROs on the ramp
Did I? On the rail and at the gap for centaur (but that is with reversal). You know the options for the others. I think there are invisible walls for the rails on the ramp. No, the ramp is just a place to exploit for potshots or luring things beyond the boundary (best done with the centaur's charge putting it deep into a leash point *where you can mostly get free hits in on it*).

>MP dump Sentries
Would only really be practical in the thick of them. Not really like you need the MP for Chimera. That is basically just a NUR+ (and you haven't really tried my strats for Lion or Goat *Snake is something most figure out quickly* if I remember right). If you're going to dump MP, it may make more sense to just focus on the Centaur itself (speeding things along). If not setting-up the ramp, just drop AoS (or if being more efficient, you would use Mongrel after it crashes into a wall so it can't block). Refill should let you close the deal. Of course, the ramp just makes it easier to go wild on the thing. Could then save MP to dump on the horde (to speed that along rather than doing more RO as before *your call*).

9GoW III NGR+/NUR+ Empty Re: GoW III NGR+/NUR+ on Fri Dec 04, 2020 12:30 am


"Ah, so you'll be saving some 'unique' suffering for the appropriate run(s), then?"

No point in enduring any needless frustration. Air OS just had me grabbing the air and falling to my death, so I just made that an exception (not like it's a combat scenario).

"You know this is the first time I've caught YT not notifying me of a video in my subscriptions?"

Weren't notifications automatic with subscriptions some years ago? Regardless, YT can build profiles on people as I have heard. It could result in any number of deliberate issues.

"What an honor"

"No wonder Valkyrie seem impossible for them."

Think you're on to something there. I've seen some showings of the Valkyries being pretty easy in comparison to the other bosses in the game (not that I pay much attention to such comparisons as the bosses overall were incredibly mediocre).

Best believe that Kratos will be a lot more respectful to women in the next game.

"I wonder if those kids know about VH PAIN+ Persephone S2. Or VH PAIN+ ToA W1"

I've actually yet to even do NURs for those entries (overlooked them for the main trilogy). CoH/GoS should be after BoA/Cestus PAIN+. Just need a way to record them. Ascension may not happen as my Ps3s are no longer working.

"That being?"

I've gotten through it now. The main issue wasn't so much getting through it, but the fight dragging on excessively. Such was the problem with the Berserker, which I had to redo (so you'll notice a cut before the mob in the hallway).

"and you haven't really tried my strats for Lion or Goat *Snake is something most figure out quickly* if I remember right"

I don't recall you mentioning that (or if it is unique to this part). The Olympia section is uploading right now, but this may be my last shot at such strategy (if it proves to be more efficient). I can do a redux of the Chimera fight since it was a bit lackluster.


10GoW III NGR+/NUR+ Empty Re: GoW III NGR+/NUR+ on Fri Dec 04, 2020 1:59 am


>opted out of the suffering
Well, just so long as you endure it during bits that have combat (for the fun of forcing you to learn the OS hitbox *not whiffing*). So, one place in the entire game.

I misspoke. That is in reference to the 'bell', which I don't use. I meant it wasn't in my Subscription feed (I came across it by other means).

>build profiles
Of course. Social media isn't far removed from social networking. Ad revenue is part of the process. Selling your data is important business. They're owned by Google, who just lives for it. I wonder if the small connection to Facebook means 'Centra' is active here, too.

>that subject matter

>respectful to women
He already was in Nu-GoW1.

>GoW:A SoL
Such is its pitiful existence. All my runners there have gone dark on me.

>excessive run-on
Right, right. Don't want to make it look like the fight is just dragging out (meandering aimlessly).

>recall mention
Same as I do each time. Talk of punishing charge **into melee** with t0/t3 and same just after triple fireball finishes. Goat's procedure is one most easily understood from my latest explanation to Bick (during his newest PAIN+) where he opted to work the camera for t3 chip.

>last shot
Probably not. BoA PAIN+ can basically do the same thing.

11GoW III NGR+/NUR+ Empty Re: GoW III NGR+/NUR+ on Fri Dec 04, 2020 6:19 pm


"Yas Queen"

Kamakura! Kamakura!

"He already was in Nu-GoW1."

-Kratos gets You are NOT the father'd in the next game and still takes care of BOI.
-Fights Thor (or some random Norse god over custody)
-Fey is still alive and sides with BD
-Kratos gets killed fighting over Atreus while causing Ragnarok
Journos: "Kratos is such a great Father, he'd destroy the world (again) for his son."

12GoW III NGR+/NUR+ Empty Re: GoW III NGR+/NUR+ on Sat Dec 05, 2020 1:28 am


>not the father
Made the mistake of seeking a paternity test in Nu-France, I see. Time to go to jail, Soytos. Also, BOI becomes GURL (male).

>fights for custody
In court.

>sides against her former husband
She was cheating on him anyway. Turns out Ares is back as the spirit of war and he's her bull now.

>gets killed
Suicides accidentaly by auto-erotic asphyxiation while thinking about Ares with his wife (while envisioning his old one and daughter). His display is so shameful nobody even feels like ending the world.

>destroy the world again
This time he plunges it into an unending state of do-nothing degeneracy. A fate worse than death. Their very souls and legacies ruined by some ashy coomer. His revenge complete.

13GoW III NGR+/NUR+ Empty Re: GoW III NGR+/NUR+ on Sat Dec 05, 2020 11:09 pm


Next parts:


-They could not be rung out without CG.
-Led them to the bridge (took ~2 minutes) by baiting burrows.
-Interestingly, the third wraith followed. He got the same treatment as the former two.

"Turns out Ares is back"

Ah, so that's why Athena is here as well. That snake. Always causing family issues.

"Suicides accidentaly by auto-erotic asphyxiation"

No respawns this time either. However, the death is not complete without a costume (sadly there's just armor).

14GoW III NGR+/NUR+ Empty Re: GoW III NGR+/NUR+ on Sun Dec 06, 2020 4:47 am


>no RO without CG
Yes, not in that first fight, anyway. Just a terrible shame.

>led to the bridge
I don't recall them going that far up the ramp. You're saying these Wraiths were still protected from RO even in a spot okay with it in the next encounter?

>somehow...Ares returned
Well, he is the source of clones and has demonstrated Darkside force powers (folding people in half with his mind and such).

>just armor
Got any appropriate gimp pieces?


15GoW III NGR+/NUR+ Empty Re: GoW III NGR+/NUR+ on Tue Dec 15, 2020 2:55 am



Boss notes:
Fight completely changes without access to BR and piles being a DQ.

The stage 2 sentries which were relegated to ammo in previous runs are now a serious threat

-Inferno and curse spam groups
-Isolate Hercules while preventing the sentries from surrounding you
-P2 Hercules takes more of a beating compared to P1, so I used AoS twice just to speed it up

Final stage I got grabbed. Interestingly I didn't dodge the bear hug because I thought that it was a phase transition. You could imagine the confusion when I saw that it was a grab.

I'm on Cronos now. Next part will be up soon.

16GoW III NGR+/NUR+ Empty Re: GoW III NGR+/NUR+ on Tue Dec 15, 2020 3:23 am


part 9:

17GoW III NGR+/NUR+ Empty Re: GoW III NGR+/NUR+ on Wed Dec 16, 2020 5:26 pm


>changes completely
Well, the BR part certainly forces you to give up the obvious answer. Having to give a shit about the grabs (in the case of mass grabs you auto-lose *I forget if the single grab doesn't just time out or allow zero damage reversal*) is certainly a factor.

>thought it was a transition
It is for this reason I always try to evade (if I'm wrong, my controls just fail and I get caught by the transition as intended).

Shouldn't take long to mop that loser up. Whips soon. Ready for the Cyclops Box? Skorpius? Labyrinth? Zeus? Not too far away now.

18GoW III NGR+/NUR+ Empty Re: GoW III NGR+/NUR+ on Fri Dec 25, 2020 2:55 am



Next parts:

Your comment under the Hercules video is not showing for some reason

19GoW III NGR+/NUR+ Empty Re: GoW III NGR+/NUR+ on Fri Dec 25, 2020 3:33 pm


>new parts

>not showing
I can see it. They suddenly including shadow banned comments on YT? *checks* At the very least, that is what it looks like. Not sure what terms they took issue with. Later comments are still around.

2:57 Bunch of damn nobodies. As much discussed, can't fall back on BR spam with the chumps this time. Surely not going to dump on them. Not yet, at least. Maybe to speed along S2. Likewise, RoS won't factor so soon. Probably just going to be doing Curse and/or Inferno for S1.

3:02 About what one would expect.

4:04 With S2, it is pretty much a certainty to be more of the same, but trying to catch him with Curse while he is stuck in an animation (attacking or rallying). Avoiding the grabs of the mob in this run will at least feel a little more threatening (even if their ability to catch you isn't all that much greater).

4:07 Thinning out nicely. Not looking to let him accost you with a full hand, then?

4:17 Not comfortable with them coming in from off-screen, I see.

4:29 Got the range down.

4:42 Narrow escape.

5:34 Started annoying you enough to dump some MP (speeding along this process). I don't think RoS is ruled out for S5, but why would you want it, really? Maybe in S3, then? Hasten it a bit. Perhaps a bit dangerous in S4 as it isn't grab immune (risky even for blowing him down quick). I suppose it should be fine so long as you mind that you're not tanking the wrong moves. Still, if you're just going to thin the hoard and target the Jerk for big single hits (so he doesn't block the rest), Mongrel is probably your best bet for MP efficiency.

5:50 These sissies act like being on fire is any excuse to break ranks.

5:55 Just about took your chin, Raiden.

6:04 Oh lawd, dey comin'.

7:26 That one took a bit.

7:48 So you do recall the discussion. Then what about that last resource (RP)?

7:52 At least he isn't instantly blocking after the first hit (or Curse would be super trash against him).

8:00 That he can parry the lingering effect as if you were still in contact with him was an amusing sight during my own focus testing.

8:25 Just slathering him in obscenity. Nice.

9:10 Done with taking it slow now? You've got more Curse spam ahead (before gaining Cestus). Surprised you almost finish this bit and unleashed. *peeks* Ah, but he just blocks the spam. Hate to see it. Makes RoS really garbage to use while he still has Cestus. An argument for saving it for S4, but then you have a strong dps tool by then, so...Guess one just has to let up the pressure, get him to attack and trade effectively (for good use of meter). Tricky.

9:13 >parries BoO
>CoH comes out
Just like when you had the bow out before. How fun. Also, does this actually knock you out of the super state? Don't think I'd ever seen that. Anyway, why reactivate in response to that? This that bull-headed mentality again? At least air activate (so the attack does more). Catch him just as he finishes an attack (punishing before he can defend).

9:16 That's that. On to him rubbing the conditions in your face. No big deal to continue not letting him land the one-handed grab (we wanted no part of it in other runs, either). Sucks when you have to avoid the hug, too (not that it is super hard, but it gives him pressure and denies us an easy source of safe damage).

9:41 Clobbering time. I expect bow canceling to just lay into him.

9:52 Still think it is a shame we can't time a punch to break the debris (let alone send it back), can't shoot him enough to make him drop it on himself (perhaps for a brief opening to get free hits and maybe even imitate the pounding at the end), just directly attack the walls to deny him things to toss, etc.

9:56 Swiggity swooty.

10:03 Let that poor man's excuse for side hops intimidate you?

10:11 As good a time as any to make a pin cushion out of him.

11:02 Whoops. Got caught. At least it isn't instant death (just lets us go after a bit of damage **how good of him**).

NOTE: For fun, try posting it on your own video. See if it even shows up. Then again, it might have gotten flagged as spam, so I see it, but you have to approve for others to see it. Hard to say.

20GoW III NGR+/NUR+ Empty Re: GoW III NGR+/NUR+ on Fri Dec 25, 2020 7:31 pm


No need. I see your comment now.

21GoW III NGR+/NUR+ Empty Re: GoW III NGR+/NUR+ on Sat Dec 26, 2020 12:49 am


End of Labyrinth:

Edit: Caught by Siren shriek. The QTE doesn't do anything to the enemies.

22GoW III NGR+/NUR+ Empty Re: GoW III NGR+/NUR+ on Sat Dec 26, 2020 3:55 pm


>another part
In the cue.

Not a grab, per se.

>doesn't harm foes to shake-out

>can see the comment now

23GoW III NGR+/NUR+ Empty Re: GoW III NGR+/NUR+ on Sat Dec 26, 2020 10:20 pm


Just Zeus left:

Breeder P1:
-Just had to be aggressive. Got in its face and killed the dogs while doing damage.
-NW gets gold orbs which is useful for P3
1 Satyr P2:
-Just had to kill the Satyr first. Same strategy as the previous run, except no grabs
2 Satyrs P3:
-Used all my rage and magic. At this point, the Breeder should be almost finished (peppered it with some arrows and that was it)

2 Satyrs:
I apologize for the overuse of AB. I couldn't line them up properly for BoH. The problem with launching one Satyr with the other nearby is the possibility of getting tagged (which happened twice). Was very careful at the end.

24GoW III NGR+/NUR+ Empty Re: GoW III NGR+/NUR+ on Sun Dec 27, 2020 4:09 pm


>just Zeus
You'll likely be done before I get to binging. Been a tough weak with shitty people to handle.

>orbs for P3
Helps for that tanking dps option (RoS). Lacking the option to use HCWs is often an uncomfortable situation (as few practice the fight without it).

>accepted x3 Satyrs
Probably for the best. Rushdown HCB in P3 for a simple enough affair to wrap things up.

>arrows covering the gaps
I'd expect no less.

>possibility of getting tagged
Even more so without having upgraded moves for the whips nor even the option to CG (can help get you out of trouble). Sort of setting yourself up for a potential punish though perhaps air dash or air Hermes Rush could clear if you're quick.

25GoW III NGR+/NUR+ Empty Re: GoW III NGR+/NUR+ on Tue Dec 29, 2020 1:39 am



-NW heavy punishes
-NW [] when stuck in attack
-CoH Mongrel with an opening
-Got tagged once


-Aggressive p1
-NC pounding during charge-up
-Clone spawns weren't too bad

26GoW III NGR+/NUR+ Empty Re: GoW III NGR+/NUR+ on Tue Dec 29, 2020 7:47 pm


Just shy of caught up with your finished run.

>weren't too bad
Shouldn't be if you're just beating his ass during charge-ups. As for the rest, I'll see it in the video shortly.

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