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1GoW III NBR/NUR+ Empty GoW III NBR/NUR+ on Sun Oct 11, 2020 10:08 pm


No blocks. No upgrades. No extensions.

Youtube copyrighted a chunk of the video for some reason

2GoW III NBR/NUR+ Empty Re: GoW III NBR/NUR+ on Tue Oct 20, 2020 4:07 am


Apologies. New topic meant I wouldn't get notification. I'll set it to do so and put this into my History for going over. Amusingly, watching some random casual makes me think I was overcomplicating the handling of one move during the Poseidon fight (triple stab) and how to evade (and punish) it. They ignorantly stood and blocked in the face of the unblockable, but were not getting hit owed to where they were standing (seems to be a sweet spot *not sure if you can attack from there safe the whole time, but I know it will be as the first stab finishes given my experience with another approach*). Part of why I do so much reviewing, evaluations, testing, etc. One can learn things from surprising sources.

This actually NBR or NBR+? I suppose I'll find out before long. The difference being NBR is just about block and air block. It doesn't restrict parries (so perfect timing gets a pass *though you can hardly prove you did that right in some cases, so avoid those as with air blocking*). NBR+ is likely what you did (taking the button off the table). Mind you, you can block as an input, but not block an attack (the mechanic). This means the posture is fine so long as you're not guarding from something (damage, petrification, etc.). As usual, exceptions exist to be sure.

NOTE: Here I was wondering what I would do next with having caught up with both Cimi and Muna's runwork (GoW:A) and hearing nothing more from Tai, Lithius and others (Bick is horsing around with GoWIII, too *in a thrice repeated PAIN+ likely with minimal improvements to tactics*). My time off is fast approaching, so I'll be able to evaluate soon. Only trouble I'm seeing is that you only have one part up (30m). That won't take me long at all to blow through. Might have to busy myself seeing what speedrunners have been doing.

3GoW III NBR/NUR+ Empty Re: GoW III NBR/NUR+ on Tue Oct 20, 2020 5:11 pm


It is NBR+. I suggest you wait until early next week before reviewing the run.

Yes, only part 1 is up but I am just by Hades at this point and should have good progress at the end of the week.

4GoW III NBR/NUR+ Empty Re: GoW III NBR/NUR+ on Wed Oct 21, 2020 2:38 am


>suggest next week
>updated to Hades by weekend
Noted. I have some other matters to attend (AKheon, SBK, Hotel and another), so I'll just knock this out now (get my feet back into the GoWIII waters *been heavily focused on GoW:A*). Just a pity I have none of my notes for any NBR+ (or NGR+) NUR+ other than GoW:A. I'll just wing it based on what I know and old notes from other runs.

As you'll find, precious few sections really feel all that different in a NBR+ (just the ones people tend to be comfortable with and/or strongly encouraged to use that option for *obviously*). Entries with less ways around the loss tend to suffer more than those with something like tricking (though not having Argo's Return hurts quite a lot for speeding along the killing of riff-raff). One fight that I always remember as standing out in this run type was Charon (CoO).

With NGR+, it will mean less in entries where the grab gets more and more nerfed (for the most part you'll suffer less as you progress in order of release). Mostly. Getting grabbed is part of the condition, so if your reversal (whether you do it or not) deals even damage (much less killing them) you lose. A consideration for another time. You can imagine it would be annoying to lose your option to BR spam in a NUR or higher. The rules are somewhat forgiving at times. It isn't like the grab of Skorpius during the fight will DQ you for reversing it (not forced to lose to take more damage, either) as he isn't dealt any harm. The crap design of the fight finally pays off in our favor (like how GoW:A denying ground t1 a bounce during rage allowed it to be used in PAIN+ with meter full).

NOTE: Solutions aren't always hard to find nor difficult to pull off, but they do help to change how you play for a different playthrough experience by and large (reason enough to do the run in each entry even before getting the occasional challenge to best *while potentially learning some new approaches*).

5GoW III NBR/NUR+ Empty Re: GoW III NBR/NUR+ on Mon Oct 26, 2020 11:23 pm


Parts 2-4 are up.

>Casual breaks Poseidon fight

They always have the best luck.

"As you'll find, precious few sections really feel all that different in a NBR+"

The approach for boss fights changes quite a bit. I had to keep Hades at the center of the arena or else he would have wrecked me.

6GoW III NBR/NUR+ Empty Re: GoW III NBR/NUR+ on Tue Oct 27, 2020 3:54 pm


>2-4 are up
I went over Part 2, but will have to wait until I wake to do 3 and 4.

>best luck
Bumbling into things and with no recognition.

>keep Hades in the center
One wonders why when you don't have to stick to melee (can just pepper his candy ass with the bow). I wonder if the flanks will get worked this time for wall bits.

7GoW III NBR/NUR+ Empty Re: GoW III NBR/NUR+ on Wed Oct 28, 2020 9:46 pm


Part 5:

Part 6:

Hermes notes:

Only got smacked once.

CoH multi-hit on curse is a big advantage over the blades in this fight. Nothing special here since his attacks couldn't be blocked anyways.

Hercules notes:

Kind of the same thing here. I was screwing around a bit until the S3 because this fight is the same as a NUR+. No damage taken except from a sentry.

The bronze talons fight in the next part will be interesting.

8GoW III NBR/NUR+ Empty Re: GoW III NBR/NUR+ on Wed Oct 28, 2020 10:00 pm


>5 and 6 up
Noted. Done with Part 3 (going on about CoH a bit slowed me down). On to Part 4.

>got smacked once
He'll do that if you get too close.

>can't block him anyways
Just so.

>Curse multi-hit
I fancy the lingering aspect of it (as my recommendation suggests).

>got jacked by a Sentry
Taking it a little too easy, were you?

Talos. Interesting? Well, the x2 bout is just a matter of suffering the chip however you feel best using your resources from the boundary. Shall you lure one beyond it for cheap 1v1 as it retreats without the option of attack or will you just unload magic and RoS (tanking) to take advantage of replenishment? The next is just a victim of drowning waiting to happen. Got those dense bones. A tale as old as time. No sharks to clean up the mess this time.

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