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2Demon's Souls Remake Topic Empty Re: Demon's Souls Remake Topic Sun Sep 20, 2020 10:42 pm



And so it begins. I'm quite surprised at how the Souls series went from niche IP to Sony using it to sell their machine. Bloodborne was *the* killer app at the time to promote the PS4 and now it seems Demon's Souls is just that as well. The game never had a scythe so at least it is a new moveset (I would hope, and not just Dark Souls Scythe imported in), but this, its bland cover-art, and honestly quite...soulless visuals (sorry), really makes it feel like a AAA-milked game.

Really wonder how they will handle it's more obscure features. From what I saw from the gameplay trailer (which I still fear might be made more beautiful ala Dark Souls II at the time), it really felt like Kiwami 1. Meaning, it's just the old game with new visuals and cooler kill animations. Blocks, slices, dodges - it was all the original PS3 stuff. Which made it so weird to look at haha.

So yeah, since they keep that, really wonder how they'll deal with something like World or Soul tendency which would require a tutorial the size of a Kojima script to detail properly.

What's your guys opinion on the game so far? It launches pretty soon which is interesting.

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I don't know it's weird. Demon's Souls was never the "New and Shiny" if you know what I mean. It was weird, experimental, obscure and, at times, a bit broken. I remember when rumors of a DeS remaster were floating about I got excited. Not a lot people got to experience it due to it's PS3 exclusivity. So to have DeS put back up with new servers and a revitalized online scene; that, to me, would've been ideal.
But this remake? I don't know. This "Top of the Line", "New and Shiny" DeS is to me a contradiction to the charm and purpose of the original. I personally have a hard time imagining the unique, obscure mechanics of DeS not undergoing extreme streamlining, if not outright removed. And without them what would be the purpose of bringing DeS back?
The demand for a more streamlined souls experience has already been met with the likes of Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3. No one go's back to DeS looking for that sort of experience. They go back to see what started everything, cracks and ugliness and all.
To me, the promise of bringing DeS to new faces will go unfulfilled (a problem further compounded by remake's PS5 exclusivity).

That is pretty much everything I have to say on the matter. When I inevitably play it, I will try to look at it as it's own game. But right now I have a hard time seeing it's existence as anything but a cynical one.

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Think you hit the nail on the head with it being experimental. They really just did "whatever" in that game and some of that worked, some of that didn't, but it was all charm. You just know stuff like Dragon God and Storm King are probably going to change somehow. Maybe even Maiden Astrae.

Think if they'd just did a 4k Remaster or w/e you call modern re-releases and called it a day it would've been fine. Because I do agree it should reach more audiences. But even now it is stuck on a single system. Even its listing as a PC title was a mistake sadly.

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Demon's souls and Dark souls are close to perfect games IMO. In a lot of ways Demon's is the closest thing to a modern King's Field, when they made it they were fresh off King's Field and Shadow Tower ps2. So just love the little nods to the old games everywhere.

6Demon's Souls Remake Topic Empty Re: Demon's Souls Remake Topic Fri Nov 13, 2020 10:30 pm



So the Demon's Souls Remaster (not Remake, as originally promised) is here. So far the new additions seem to be:

- Reaper Scythe (Pre-order DLC)
- Two new armour sets (Pre-order DLC)
- Ability to respec
- Mirror Mode (called Fractured)
- A few new other armour sets, weapons and rings, mostly mob related i.e. Blue Eye Knight set. These are dropped by said mob.
- a 'gift' at the start like in Dark Souls. The items on it are terrible however, with only one worthwhile option (a ring that boost drop-chances).
- Photo mode. This sounds like a novelty, but it allows you to actually pause the game.
- Graphical filters.
- Ability to turn off invasions from the menu using passwords (this is pretty weird for me, as it snaps the game's online system in half).

Most strangely is that they removed the gender option. You just make a character and that's it, they can look male / female of course. I assumed this was done to allow the orginally gender-exclusive items to be used by everyone, but there are item sets that are exclusive to 'body types' now.

In terms of actual changes:
- Dupe Glitch seems to have been removed
- Some naming conventions are changed, i.e. Sticky White Stuff is gone;
- If your carry weight is maxed out, you will instead send the item to Thomas, which is pretty handy.
- None of the regular animations are changed, the only things regarding animations that were updated are the totally new counter and backstab animations for some of the weapons. These can get pretty wild and lengthy and honestly seem a bit out of place.
- there's a new soundtrack that replaces the old.

Anyone picked it up so far?

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Some weeks ago I did a SL1 run in the original game and I obtained the Platinum which is pretty easy to gain. I played DeS several years ago, near the release date, but I missed some tendency events and the (in)famous pure bladestone. So I decided to do a little challenge and try my luck and... I got that stone on my first farming attempt, I don't know what to say haha. Shocked
DeS is still a good game, but its atmosphere and weird mechanics are extremely important because the combat is now pretty simple and uninteresting even if you only compare it to later Souls.
I've seen some footage of the remake and it seems a bastardized DeS with a Doom-esque aesthetics. Not my cup of tea, I'd say.

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