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Gundam EXVS series

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1Gundam EXVS series Empty Gundam EXVS series on Sat Jun 13, 2020 11:17 am

zaa / Aaro

zaa / Aaro
As far as I know the Gundam Extreme Versus games have been the most popular arcade game in japan for many years. Not just for license reasons, they're solid gameplay wise with a lot of ties to action games, fighting games etc. The series is fairly unknown as the games never got released outside japan until the PS4 game in 2017. and as any mecha games tend to be unpopular in general despite their quality (though gundam is as big a license boost as you can get)

Main reason for this thread: There's an open beta of the next console release starting next weekend which is Maxi Boost ON. The game is free to play for everyone every saturday, only missing customization options. So it's the best chance to try this series out for free.

I was never into the anime series but looked into it after playing these games first, saw some high level play and it looked interesting.
Gundam Versus on PS4 was a pretty good game. I meant to play it while waiting for another release but ended up spending waay more time with it than expected.

It's primarily a multiplayer game but I think these betas might include the single player modes which are pretty fun too. The betas is gameplay wise identical to the full game, so you just get access to it for free for a limited time until release. You can even spend that time figuring out how each suit/character works in training mode and do single player mission mode to get the basics down instead of hopping in online modes.

I'd say it's worth a shot if you have any interest in action & fighting games that mix long and close range combat. Or if you're into any mech games that are more about action than simulation (pretty much all of them). There are some obvious similarities to games like zone of the enders, virtual-on. The skill ceiling is high and characters range widely from more to less technical. Lots of animation cancelling, meter & ammo management, constant focus on smart positioning etc.

As the games are super popular in japan arcade setting and mechanically pretty good they're also extremely competitive like fighting games so that's a thing. Not as much outside there but it does show in how it's played and balanced.
Some of JP community is actually surprisingly toxic with hating on cheesy characters and angry comments on weak players lol

Playing the PS4 Gundam Versus at first I was sorta afraid single characters are dumbed down and simple to pick up since the moveset size is small (coming from a 1v1 game like virtual-on 2 where you have 200+ moves similar to VF/Tekken), but the movement and teamwork etc. make up for this enough so it's fine. Same in other games in the series. That game got some flak but in general it played faster and more execution heavy than MBON.

In MBON this tank is a pretty amazing example of a unique character requiring a lot of skill to do well, and there are plenty of other interesting ones.

Personally in Gundam Versus PS4 I gravitated towards some weirder technical ranged suits & there was a surprisingly healthy and competitive EU scene so it was a fun time. North American playerbase is much larger as well. Should be similar & even better for MBON players as the PS4 port seems to have a lot of quality of life features.

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I was always blown away by how huge Gundam arcade games were (and that Final Fantasy fighting game) in Japanese and Taiwanese arcades when I went to visit the inlaws. Rows upon rows. Never could get into them though, granted I had some issues communicating with those players and ended up just sticking to SF.

Gameplay you linked looks absolutely phenomenal though. Seeing lots of advanced stuff off the bat, but mostly love the emphasis on mobility and raw action. You mentioned ZoE and I get what you mean.

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I played one of the really old ones on PS2.

No idea of the names but I really liked this black Gundam that could transform into a bird. It had this boomerang move that went in a straight line at the enemy and back. I used to sidestep to mess with the opponent when it was coming back. You could jump it but what if that's what I wanted? Definitely had a lot of cool stuff to it but I didn't play it much.

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zaa / Aaro

zaa / Aaro
I've ran into a couple players who still really like some of those older games. For at least one of them the gameplay DNA carried into later games. I think this was rengou vs ZAFT or something?

The Maxi Boost ON open access got extended to cover this weeks sunday, since bandai namco messed up some preorder arrangement. That's a win for any players haha.

People have been making a bunch of new tutorials for these games recently, I noticed a neat collaboration between JP veterans and australian players:

I haven't really found a character that super clicked with me in MBON, closest is zabanya maybe. Silly amount of characters to try out in any case.. definitely some fun ones.

Thinking of giving EX-S a shot over the weekend, overlooked it during the last beta somehow. I usually play rear guard and this mech has a nice moveset with snipes and a cool deployed reflection shot gimmick.

edit: PS+ also not required for the early access sessions, nice

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