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1Fun Tier Meta Empty Fun Tier Meta on Mon Jan 06, 2020 3:42 am


Thread for discussing and ordering what you find the most fun to do in this game, such as rating user-made modes/challenges. Also applies to rating various setups and complicated combos and/or pseudo-combos you can pull off.

Zero Items Run
Time Attack
Style Run
One Try Meta

Low Health Run - Survive the game at 100 HP
No Upgrade Run (Items allowed)
Co-Op Run
Score Attack
Attack Item Type Run
Single Legion Run (Except in areas where a particular Legion is required to advance)
Blaster Only Run

No Upgrade Item Hoarding Run

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2Fun Tier Meta Empty Re: Fun Tier Meta on Mon Jan 06, 2020 7:58 am


Finish a No Upgrade Run a while back on Normal, a lot of fun though some of the later fights get really ridiculous. Generally speaking items will see you through most encounters, here's one example of items just wrecking shit:

I'm in doubt if a NUR is possible on PT Ultimate thanks to the Akira bossfight and the clones - their guns hit like a truck on PT Ultimate sadly and stunlock vervantly. Maybe with certain barrier setups it can be done, but they have a truckload of HP as well. Those were the fights that gave me a world of hurt (and Noah Prime of course).

I think single legion-runs will be interesting, it is on my list considering how it will force you to not constantly rely on "lol just 360sync with the axe".

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