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Mad Max

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1Mad Max  Empty Mad Max on Sun Jan 05, 2020 8:32 am


From the other topic:

*Quick notes*

>Counters are like Batman, but you have a normal parry and perfect parry. I'm not sure what perfect does yet.

>Counter timing is more strict than Batman. It doesn't cancel out of moves as easily as Batman's. If you're already throwing out an attack, enemies will be able to hit you.

>There is a dizzy state and if you have a shiv, you can instant kill an enemy in this state.

>Shotgun is an instant kill on every enemy I've come across so far. You can just blast them or if you've bought the upgrade, can do an execution move that scares enemies.

>Shiv and shotgun function sort of like gadgets, but with limited ammo. I actually like this as I really have to think before using it.

>The dodge roll briefly stuns enemies when you roll into them. Very useful.

>Got a shoulder ram move that can only be done after sprinting about 3 steps. Sends an enemy stumbling back. Need to find out if it leads to a wall hit or collision with other enemies.

>The basic melee string is continuous, and with an upgrade you can use a finisher by holding the attack button. It seems you can do this after ANY amount of hits; there is no special requirement as far as I know. Only issue is I've been hit out of these. The finishers are seemingly random. Could be a knee to the face or some kind of wrestling move. They also might be dependent upon enemy state buy I haven't been paying attention.

>I really like the car combat. Lots to say about this and I've had some great chases and battles so far.

Yeah you can do them whenever. They're pretty much heavy attacks. Some are quick like the knee or clothesline, but the grapple ones take longer and I've been hit out of them so you need to consider nearby enemies and what they're doing.

>shoulder ram
Tested and got a wall hit. Made the guy dizzy but not sure if that was from previous hits. Will look into that.

When you catch an attack, Max won't do hit back unless you immediately press the attack button, unlike Batman who will automatically do a move. If you don't input fast enough, the enemy will push you off, so there's a little more agency involved here.

>wall hit
Aside from the shoulder ram, if your punching a guy and he ends up with his back to a wall, Max will slam and hold them up against the wall and from here, you press attack continuously to punch them with the other hand. If you aren't quick enough, they'll shove you off like they do with the counters.

>basic striking
You can continuously punch until an enemy is dead or until you need to dodge of counter due to interference. It's not at all like in Batman where you must zip to other enemies. The combo counter is on a timer, so missing a hit won't reset it. Only taking too long or getting hit will do this.

You can also quick fire after throwing a gas bottle and detonate it in midair.

You can pick up these in the environment or dropped from enemies. Mechanics work the same as regular strikes. Weapons will break pretty fast but are quite strong. I got an upgrade to make them last longer. One thing I don't get is that you can't take weapons in the car. Max just discards them.

>enemy types
So far I've come across these guys that sway a lot, shield users, and some kind of grappler.

>car combat
Tons to say about this and really enjoying it. Will get round to posting about it at some point.

2Mad Max  Empty Re: Mad Max on Sun Jan 05, 2020 10:54 pm


*Car notes*

You start with the side ram which is done by pressing left or right with the attack button. You can knock an enemy car off course in addition to doing damage. I shoved one into a huge rock on the side of the road and it exploded. FUN.

Your other starting attack is just ramming front first into enemy cars. It seems you don't take damage, or if you do it's so minimal I haven't even noticed. But, if an enemy is coming head-on it becomes a 'head-on collision' where you will take damage, though this can be mitigated by upgrading the nose.

Later you can upgrade with weapons like side flamethrowers. There's other weapons like a rocket launcher but I have to progress through the story to unlock. These types have limited ammo.

By the way, those types of weapons aren't used by Max. He has this deformed hunchback riding in the back who fires stuff like this and the harpoon.

Speaking of that, the harpoon is fantastic. When you use it, it can auto target a part of car, but you have to have the part in sight. For example, if your aiming at the front windshield, you can pull the driver right out. So far I've pulled off armor and wheels, though you need to upgrade the harpoon to do this.

I have a sniper rifle but you can't use this while driving. You can stop and shoot cars, or park on a hill somewhere and pick off drivers to soften up a convoy, but generally it's used for taking out perimeter defenses of fortresses, namely enemy snipers.

Ammo is super limited. You only get it from looting bases or enemies but I have an upgrade that makes it more likely to get more.

What else?

Oh yeah, the shotgun while driving works like the harpoon where if you can target what's in sight like gas canisters, wheels, or the driver.

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3Mad Max  Empty Re: Mad Max on Mon Jan 06, 2020 8:07 am


A good friend of mine was very positive about this game. I haven't given it a shot yet, but it sounds very interesting! Good notes, I'll keep them in mind should I ever pick up the title!

4Mad Max  Empty Re: Mad Max on Mon Jan 06, 2020 10:16 am


Got quite a few more upgrades.

Spike wheels that grind against enemy cars. Low damage but continuous.

Booster ram which is when you attach the harpoon to the back bumper of the enemy car then hit boost. You pull them in while boosting forward. Does high damage.

Got more upgrades for Max like punch and parry strength. Also passive stuff like getting more resources when looting. Upgraded the ammo belt as well as the shotgun and sniper rifle clips.

5Mad Max  Empty Re: Mad Max on Mon Jan 06, 2020 9:24 pm


The open world elements will probably put some people off.

There are scavenger locations which range from small camps to larger installations. Most are occupied by enemies. Some are pretty cool like I found this one that was a shipping container sticking out of the ground. Wenger down and found a small underground area that looked like it had been burrowed out.

Another was in an old boat. The two lower decks were submerged in sand.

These locations have scrap, fuel and sometimes a water source. Some also have key parts needed to upgrade fortress facilities so they're well worth seeking out.

Some bad aspects would be scarecrow towers and minefields. The towers are just intimidation tools of rival factions and tearing them down lowers the threat level of a region.

Minefields are another way to lower threat. The annoying thing is you have to bring the mutant guy's buggy and dog. The dog detects mines but I don't see why it can't just jump in Max's car.

Scattered sniper towers are easily dealt with by sniping or tearing down their tower. Oh yeah, the harpoon can do this. It can pull down gates, towers and other stuff. Similar to the Batmobile in Arkham Knight.

There are death races where you race with a provided vehicle under conditions.

I think there's some more stuff. Will check later.

6Mad Max  Empty Re: Mad Max on Tue Jan 07, 2020 5:28 am


How would you compare the combat to Arkham Knight, beyond it mainly being less sticky, and requiring more commitment? I know that they're in that same family, along with Shadow of Mordor, but how similar are they really?

7Mad Max  Empty Re: Mad Max on Tue Jan 07, 2020 6:03 am


I'm not too familiar with Mordor or Arkham Knight. I mainly played Asylum and City.

Max is very similar in its melee and needing to counter often. That flow is more or less the same so you'll adapt to combat pretty fast if you've played any Arkham game.

The little differences make it enough to not totally feel like you're playing just another Batman game, what with the shotgun stuff and how strikes work. I actually like Max's system better.

I just got a move that, if you perfect parry, Max will do something like an arm breaker and get a guaranteed stun. Got the reversal which is the same thing only if your opponent has a weapon, you'll take it.

8Mad Max  Empty Re: Mad Max on Wed Jan 08, 2020 2:00 am


More upgrades that open up an enemy to a shiv kill.

Forgot to mention fury mode. This is kind of like Batman's whatever mode when you get enough combo. Fury makes you way stronger and if you have the upgrades, some instant kills are available. Like I got this one where if an enemy is down and you're in fury, you'll do an instant kill move.

Weapons so far have been long stuff like spiked bats or some kind of sharp ended thing. Cool thing is they can hit multiple enemies. I've caught incoming enemies tons of times. If you really know the range and arcs you can position for this.

On enemies, one of the more interesting ones is this guy with two knives. He does an attack you have to dodge, where he runs toward you while wildly swinging his knives. What's cool is he can hit his friends and stun them. In fact any weapon wielding enemy can hit their buddies but this knife guy is great because he runs while doing it. I've had like 3 other enemies hit by this.

9Mad Max  Empty Re: Mad Max on Wed Jan 08, 2020 9:43 pm


Read a little about post-game and it sucks.

There are no difficulties or extra fun modes. I was hoping for a battle arena or destruction derby which would suit this game perfectly.

I suspect this might be a tough survival game if you don't upgrade. Right now I have so many upgrades that give me so many resources, I barely have to think about them.

I get 50% bonus water, extra bullets when looting, more life from food, less fuel consumed to the point where I haven't refueled in hours, and the stronghold refilling everything upon entry, and you can just fast travel there any time. The stat and combat/car upgrades are huge as well.

No upgrade could be fun. I probably wouldn't do all the side stuff again, just the main story missions. Will see how I feel when I finish my first playthrough.

10Mad Max  Empty Re: Mad Max on Sun Jan 12, 2020 8:38 pm


I gotta say, this world is way too big with too many regions and more collectibles popping up.

I've come across another stronghold that wants me to spend untold hours upgrading.

For now I'll focus on story and side missions as these both give important upgrades.

The whole purpose of this games seems to be to get to Gastown which requires a tougher car. Every mission so far has really been about doing that.

The rest is busywork. The many scavenger locations usually have enemies and scrap so I go for those now and then.

Will see how I feel post game.

11Mad Max  Empty Re: Mad Max on Tue Jan 14, 2020 3:29 am


Some notes on things I don't like.

*When you find a new car, you have to drive it back to a stronghold to add it to your collection. For some reason fast travel isn't allowed in this case.

*Same for taking out the buggy and dog for mine dismantling. I have to drive to the site in this piece of shit. I'm not saying I hate the driving aspect of MM, I just don't think they should apply this restriction just so I have to drive a shit car.

*Each area has a big camp with a 'boss' and so far it's been the same type; a big guy with a huge mace who you can't attack head on. You need to dodge when he charges at you then attack during the opening. He can get dizzy and be shivved but it doesn't kill him.

The only changes are after the first camp, there were flame throwers in the arena that would flick on and off, creating temporary flame walls.

You can make him charge into those which will cause him to bounce off in a burn state.  From here I hit him back into the flames, then shot him back in again. He died but it looked like a guaranteed loop.

In each fight he'll have different enemy types helping him which do mix things up a bit. The execution at the end is always the same.

*Too many strongholds now. I've just come across a third one that has yet another huge list of upgrades that will have you travelling the huge map to find special components. One of these was enough.

The good.

Wasteland missions (sidequests) have had a few good ones. One notable mission had me find this sewer tunnel in the side of a mountain. Had to get in another way and open from the inside then actually drive the car in and navigate these tight tunnels. Eventually came into a subway with trashed carriages everywhere and had to actually drive through one. Got clear and followed the tracks until I found the goal; an somewhat good condition carriage that I had to push out of the tunnel with the car and off a broken bridge. Some guy had asked this because it was quality metal. Had to fight some weird enemies with gas masks and red glowing eyes. It was actually kind of creepy.

12Mad Max  Empty Re: Mad Max on Thu Jan 16, 2020 8:42 pm


Looks like there are only 4 strongholds.

Did a cool story mission where I had to drive out to this completely desert area. There was an huge buried airport and I had to take the car down there.

I don't like the way you break shields. You attack then press X to do this shield breaking attack where Max kicks them in the leg then does like 3 heavy right hand punches to the shield. I've had to do this up to 3 times per enemy.

Enemies stop attacking when you do this move, probably because it takes so long. Otherwise you have to dodge and get behind them. Haven't tested which is faster. Breaking would be easier though.

I've found some small tech. When fighting those camp 'bosses', if you aim your shotgun the guy will go red and run straight at you. You can pretty much control him with this. I guess the devs wanted to stop you just shooting him constantly by having him run at you too fast to recover from a shot, but what actually happens is you just tap the aim button and that's all it takes to trigger him.

You can then position yourself in front of flame streams and get him to run into them for free.

13Mad Max  Empty Re: Mad Max on Fri Jan 17, 2020 1:26 am


I just found a somewhat hidden move called Jawbreaker. I knew it existed because when you do it, it will show the word beside the combo meter but never really paid attention to it.

I've been doing it by accident now and then. It happens when you do the heavy punch by holding square, while an enemy is running towards you to attack. Time it right and the punch will connect with slow mo and dizzy the enemy.

It basically works like a fighting game counter because you have to do it as they are launching their attack.

Like all attacks, you can do it in any direction so you can catch guys coming up behind. Not sure if it works on enemies with weapons yet

14Mad Max  Empty Re: Mad Max on Thu Jan 23, 2020 10:51 am


Finished the story and side missions. No intention of clearing this cluttered map of worthless collectibles or trophies requiring you to do the most pointless shit.

Needed an arena mode for both melee and car or some difficulty modes. While I did die a few times, nothing was really hard at all, and the bosses are all the same heavy type.

After getting all the upgrades it really felt like the aim was to get openings for instant kills with shivs.

Decent game if you strip away the open world bullshit. I doubt I'll ever play this again though.

15Mad Max  Empty Re: Mad Max on Fri Jan 24, 2020 6:02 am


Another thing I don't like is the threat level. Each region has one, up to level 5 and goes down whenever you wreck a tower or take over a fort. What this does is severely limit enemy cars in that area, thus seriously lowering combat encounters.

Enemies on foot are only found at loot locations littering the map or camps/forts and never come back.

One thing really disappointing is that there are no huge war rigs like you see in the movies.

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