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Path of Neo

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1Path of Neo Empty Path of Neo on Sun Nov 24, 2019 9:01 pm


Still had this one lying around but never got around to it, managed to snag a new PS2 for cheap and dove into it for a few hours. Honestly, it isn't half bad. The camera and shooting controls are...possessed. I cannot give it another term. It's like a demon just takes it over once you start shooting and the camera needs an exorsism. The combat is pretty interesting though, lots of grabs, grab combos, launchers, cool meter management, guns are cool, you can dodge bullets, wallrun - all while doing some Matrix stuff and playing scenes that take place in the movie or fit well in it. So far, pretty good!

What took me aback the most was the difficulty select. You're given a really, really quick tutorial and thrown into a fight. The longer you last, the higher the difficulties you unlock. Pretty interesting.

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