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1Minecraft Empty Minecraft on Wed Nov 20, 2019 6:48 pm


Because why the hell not?

Anyway, the game on vanilla is just pretty alright. I mean, it's still fun, without a doubt, but the game's real strength is how insanely moddable it is. Sadly, not many mods for making the base combat mechanics much better, but there are a LOT of mods for new weapons, magic systems, new enemies, new dimensions, new materials... So I'll take what I can get. And what I can get is pretty great.

I personally play the game on 1.12.2, and you know, mod the everliving fuck out of it. Here are some of the mods I have off the top of my head.
- Quark (Must have)
- Xaero's Minimap (Highly recommend)
- Damage Indicators (Highly recommend)
- Just Enough Items (Must have)
- No Recipe Conflicts (Must have)
- Worley's Caves (Must have)
- Better Combat Rebirth (Highly recommended)
- Grappling Hook
- Reforged
- Dungeon DQ
- Aether 2
- Twilight Forest

Probably gonna add some more stuff in later.

This isn't a game that you play for combat, although it can be pretty fun with a bunch of mods. It's really mainly a game about exploring, gathering shit, and making stuff. And it does that really well. My personal favourite mod of all time is Chocolate Quest, but that's not out for 1.12.2, unfortunately. Some modders are trying to port it over though, and it's definitely one that I'll get as soon as it's out.

If you were to ask me what Game of the Decade was, I'd answer Minecraft in a heartbeat. While it's definitely not my favourite game, but there's no underestimating how insanely huge it was, how it influenced other games, and how it's still relevant today.

2Minecraft Empty Re: Minecraft on Wed Nov 20, 2019 9:03 pm


A colleague of mine is absolutely addicted to this game on a level I cannot even comprehend. I've never played it, only seen the typical screenshots and that's it. I remember when it was just this 'underground' indie game that a few Youtubers talked about, and suddenly out of nowhere it was huge. Any users here play it?

3Minecraft Empty Re: Minecraft on Fri Jul 31, 2020 9:45 am


And after faffing around for about 2 months straight, playing video games a hell of a lot less than I used to (Exception being Nioh)... It all comes back to Minecraft, because of course it does. Grew up with this damn game.

So, here are just some of the mods I have installed.

- Battle Towers
- Better Caves
- Better Combat
- Better Nether
- BetweenLands
- Chocolate Quest Repoured
- Damage Indicators
- Dungeons2
- End Reborn
- Extra Bows
- Extra Golems
- Grapple Mod
- Ido
- Just Enough Items
- Lucky Blocks
- Mob Dismemberment (Not the Ninja Gaiden 2 kind, sadly)
- Reforged
- Twilight Forest

Been playing this rather obsessively for the past few days. I'll talk about a few of the mods.

Battle Towers is, in concept, a pretty neat mod. Basically, there's a large tower with a whole bunch of enemy spawners on each floor with some loot. And at the top, there's a boss, who's guarding the chest full of the best loot. Interesting thing about the boss is that he uses a lot of explosive attacks, meaning that he can actually wreck all of the treasure in the chest. Meaning that you have to try and keep his position in mind to a basic degree. And when you kill him, the tower is destroyed, meaning that you have to grab whatever you can from the chest quickly. Sadly though, this mod got boring really fast, because the towers are fucking everywhere. And I do mean, everywhere. These things are just way too common, and as a result, you just end up not being interested in doing them. Eventually, I just gave up, and started using an item that lets you scale up vertical surfaces to get to the top of the tower, and then I'd just take the loot, and run.

Said item happens to be from Chocolate Quest Repoured, a mod based around adding new dungeons, and bosses. From what I've seen so far (Because I haven't explored Twilight Forest, this other dimension yet), this has by far the most interesting enemy design out of any mod I've seen in Minecraft so far, though that's a fairly low bar to clear. Dungeons all have these humanoid enemies that have armour that falls off as you keep hitting them (Allowing you to deal more damage), and will try to run away and heal themselves if they're low on health. Along with the standard array of ranged, and melee enemies. I've only fought about 2 bosses in this mod; The Xiraxis, who summons in slimes to jump back into him so they can regenerate him, and the Pirate Captain. He has a gun that can light you on fire, and can also turn invisible. You can still see his knife, but it can still be a bit freaky when he disappears, and it's dark out. All the dungeons are as neat as I remember; So far, I've seen pirate ships, a sky ship, a palace, and a few different castles.

Last one for the day; Reforged. This adds in a whole bunch of weapons, but the most notable is the boomerang. You throw it at an enemy, and then it comes back to you. If it hits you, it's right back in your inventory so you can chuck it again, but if not, you have to pick it up manually. But what really makes it fun is the fact that it actually passes through enemies. So if you're in a long, and narrow place, you can absolutely destroy hordes of enemies by loading up your inventory with boomerangs, and chucking them all at the crowd. Not to mention it can also hit enemies on the way back. It doesn't work so well in small areas though, since if it hits a wall, then you have to run over, and pick it up yourself.

I should once again emphasize that despite me mostly talking about enemies in this post, this still isn't something you should play for combat, even when modded. And it should also go without saying that with so many mods for so many things, balance is essentially non-existent here. But y'know what? That's part of the fun, if you ask me.

I'll talk in more detail about the mods later. I'm still not super far into the game.

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